COVID-19: Vaccination rates stall for Canadian kids aged 5 to 11

  • Publicado el 12 ene 2022
  • Provinces are working to immunize younger Canadians against COVID-19, but vaccination rates are slowing among children aged five to 11.
    In the United States, where more than 8.6 million does have been administered to kids five to 11, data reveals side effects are exceedingly rare.
    Yet, In Canada, just over 45 per cent of children in that age group have received their first dose, while just two per cent of five to 11-year-olds have both shots. Jamie Mauracher explains why some parents are hesitating.
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Comentarios • 0

  • Saac
    Saac Hace 10 meses +66

    Why can't these people simply respect the decision of some parents to leave their child unvaxed

  • robb spencer
    robb spencer Hace 10 meses +91

    I have to saybi am super impressed with the comments in this group. Keep fighting. They are coming for our kids. Defend them at any cost!!!!

    • Eric Dubois
      Eric Dubois Hace 10 meses +1

      @Nothing2See stay with us and never give up hope.
      Every voice is needed in our chorus of dissent!

    • ziggy marley
      ziggy marley Hace 10 meses +1

      @Nothing2See stay strong brother, we love you

    • Nothing2See
      Nothing2See Hace 10 meses +2

      I have no kids or family left and I’m about to run out of money so I don’t think my death will even be noticed, I’ll hang a sign on my neck after hanging reading: “Do not resuscitate” (One last joke). And below that it will say I do not have covid keep that test away from my corpse.

  • Adam Pottie
    Adam Pottie Hace 10 meses +35

    It’s about time parents are finally waking up. News has to stop posting this stuff. All those doctors need to be put in jail

  • noir manoir
    noir manoir Hace 10 meses +72

    If you don't know for sure the long term effects of vaccination but know for sure that your child is likely to not be affected healthwise in any serious manner by corona viruses, why take an unknown risk by vaccinating your child?

  • Sam
    Sam Hace 10 meses +26

    Parents care about their kids and aren’t willing to turn them into a test subject.

  • Fringe Minority
    Fringe Minority Hace 10 meses +16

    Finally some positive news. I applaud the parents that love their children and pass on this nonsense

  • SandyMC
    SandyMC Hace 10 meses +135

    God help the children because nobody else will! save the children!

  • Alex YouTube
    Alex YouTube Hace 10 meses +56

    Sometimes i wonder whats going on through some parents heads togive thier children this new to the market shot. My 9 year old daughter is immuncomprimised battle cancer and she recently had omicron. she has sailed through it with minor symptoms. ive seen her have colds before her diagnosis that had worse symptoms. it is completely unnecessary and your only taking unnecessary risks giving your children this.

  • daisyloo
    daisyloo Hace 10 meses +38

    Who in their right mind would do this to their child? Humans are STUPID sheep.

    • Esteban Slavidastic
      Esteban Slavidastic Hace 10 meses +5

      @BAD EGG Productions hahaha I hope that’s a joke.
      Racist? What precisely did he say that was racist?

  • Robyn
    Robyn Hace 10 meses +9

    I can’t believe anyone would offer up their children for this experiment. 😳

  • Abba YAH'S daughter🔥
    Abba YAH'S daughter🔥 Hace 10 meses +25

    Ask for a product insert at your pharmacy like you get with every other drug you won't get one.

  • Danielle Furois
    Danielle Furois Hace 10 meses +120

    Can everyone here please convince at least 1 person to NOT get the booster.

    • Drwzer
      Drwzer Hace 10 meses

      @Seth lol, ok this has been fun, but I work for a living and am off on a business trip to sunny California so I can’t waste what’s left of my mental acuity discussing nonsense with the fringes of society. Good luck with your important “research”.

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans Hace 10 meses

      There is no vaccine, and it's not a booster...

    • powerslide000
      powerslide000 Hace 10 meses

      @Super Smash Clips I would in a second but it seems that Canada is restricting us from leaving.

    • Drwzer
      Drwzer Hace 10 meses

      @Seth literally, you are listening to me, and I really really appreciate that!👍🤣. I’ll let you be now, I’m sure you’re quite busy with your flat earth, or demon juice research.

    • shadesofgray
      shadesofgray Hace 10 meses

      @Valeriya Varnavskaya efficient?

  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones Hace 10 meses +52

    Still waiting for Public Health Canada to say what the benefits are and what the costs are. They simply said "the benefits outweigh the costs" without giving any more information. From the international experts I've listened to, they paint a different picture for this age group.
    Lol at them showing that doctor for 5 seconds saying "if they are severe enough to be hospitalized they have a risk of severe outcome." then cutting him off. If I get struck by lighting 3 times in a row, then I will be toast. Let's see the case to hospitalization ratio for children. Then let's see long term studies without underreporting of adverse effects from the V. That is the only way to justify any medical treatment for any given group.
    And then they say "shot or not omicron is changing the landscape" then play a clip of a doctor not mentioning children and just in general saying the V is good. How is that relevant to children?.

    • Ray Steel
      Ray Steel Hace 10 meses

      How is it relevant to anyone who is healthy?

    • D Hokanson
      D Hokanson Hace 10 meses +2

      The only benefit is the nazi vaccine pass and that’s really the only goal and concern here. It ain’t for anyone’s health and safety.

  • Chon Connor
    Chon Connor Hace 10 meses +19

    People are not keen on poisoning their kids overall. Stop these insane measures against all Canadians, its looking more and more like imposing deliberate harm for abusive motivations.

  • harryisawesome0420
    harryisawesome0420 Hace 10 meses +105

    Glad to hear some common sense is being held, children are at almost no risk

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans Hace 10 meses +1

      The jabs don't prevent infection, so they are not vaccines. God have Mercy on the souls that injected innocent children...

    • powerslide000
      powerslide000 Hace 10 meses +1

      Nobody is!

    • Zek Plan
      Zek Plan Hace 10 meses +1

      Can we apply it now lol

  • Joel Richard
    Joel Richard Hace 10 meses +23

    Glad to hear that they should kept there rat 🐀 poison to them self

  • Political Foolishness
    Political Foolishness Hace 10 meses +436

    Every parent that avoided vaccinating their kids is a hero.

    • LiplessEagle
      LiplessEagle Hace 10 meses

      @powerslide000 yeah that dude disappeared lol

    • G.T.O. Momma
      G.T.O. Momma Hace 10 meses +3

      @Bill Quigley6 👈EMPTY SOCK towing the MSM line. We see you 🤖🤡

    • powerslide000
      powerslide000 Hace 10 meses

      @LiplessEagle Probably G&R forever new handle

    • powerslide000
      powerslide000 Hace 10 meses


    • powerslide000
      powerslide000 Hace 10 meses +3

      @Bill Quigley6 You are very welcomed to try and take my boy. You will find out very quickly who is a loser!

  • Cartoonishly Inept
    Cartoonishly Inept Hace 10 meses +346

    Any parent that gives their kids a vaccine for which there are no long term safety studies done, for a disease that has statistically zero risk to that age group and they have almost certainly already attained natural immunity, is a terrible parent.

    • Cartoonishly Inept
      Cartoonishly Inept Hace 10 meses

      @Super Smash Clips _"Canada doesn’t want anti vaxxers"_
      I'm fully vaccinated, but thanks for guessing.
      Just because I'm good at math, doesn't mean I'm an antivaxxer.

    • Super Smash Clips
      Super Smash Clips Hace 10 meses +1

      Canada doesn’t want anti vaxxers please move to Texas.

    • Robyn
      Robyn Hace 10 meses

      @Veer G no they are uneducated, the last 100+ years of statistics are clear on all quackcines, but most don’t care to read into the studies.

    • Off Grid Living
      Off Grid Living Hace 10 meses

      @Esteban Slavidastic What’s not true? Is this not accurate? On April 26, 1954, the Salk polio vaccine field trials, involving 1.8 million children, begin at the Franklin Sherman Elementary School in McLean, Virginia. Children in the United States, Canada and Finland participated in the trials, which used for the first time the now-standard double-blind method, whereby neither the patient nor attending doctor knew if the inoculation was the vaccine or a placebo.
      One year later, on April 12, 1955, researchers announced the vaccine was safe and effective

    • Off Grid Living
      Off Grid Living Hace 10 meses +1

      @CanuckTrucker Bear I’m not a doctor but unless every google source is fake: On April 26, 1954, the Salk polio vaccine field trials, involving 1.8 million children, begin at the Franklin Sherman Elementary School in McLean, Virginia. Children in the United States, Canada and Finland participated in the trials, which used for the first time the now-standard double-blind method, whereby neither the patient nor attending doctor knew if the inoculation was the vaccine or a placebo.
      One year later, on April 12, 1955, researchers announced the vaccine was safe and effective

  • Mr. Vain
    Mr. Vain Hace 10 meses +11

    That's good news. Parents please dont sacrifice your children to big pharma.

  • Korky
    Korky Hace 10 meses +93

    I love my children so they won’t be injecting that concoction that doesn’t stop or prevent anything.

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans Hace 10 meses +2

      The chemical Jab stops chil dren's hearts from beating... it prevents them from growing up.

    • Mark Nicoll
      Mark Nicoll Hace 10 meses +2

      They haven’t finished the trials. Double blind studies haven’t been done.

    • Rios Girl98
      Rios Girl98 Hace 10 meses +3

      @Super Smash Clips You welcome Jihadists with open arms in Canada but not Anti vaxxxers?!
      No wonder Canadians are the at the butt of so many jokes.

    • Super Smash Clips
      Super Smash Clips Hace 10 meses

      Canada doesn’t want anti vaxxers please move to Texas.

    • Rios Girl98
      Rios Girl98 Hace 10 meses +12

      Not only that but it's actually killing kids for real. How many will it disable for life too?
      Unfortunately some parents are using their children as shields in this war ☹

  • G
    G Hace 10 meses +17

    Thank God!! not all parents are hypnotized by the propaganda

  • Hiro Fox
    Hiro Fox Hace 10 meses +18

    So do their hearts if they get the shots.

  • J
    J Hace 10 meses +12

    Good!!!! Well you forgot to mention that eating proper healthy diets along with making sure your vitamin D levels aren’t low, having proper sleep habits and watching your weight have a huge impact on hospitalization. Vastly people with previous issues or unhealthy lifestyles are ending up in the hospitals. Once they are there if caught early enough monoclonal antibodies are having success in treating people who get sick. I think it’s irresponsible to give children this shot and I’m sure some day lawsuits are coming.

  • Locked in with Lovebirds
    Locked in with Lovebirds Hace 10 meses +12

    People have woken up. You better get on the right side quick media. You caused this destruction.

  • TayBos
    TayBos Hace 10 meses +4

    Every single healthy "kid" (i.e. person 19 and under) is at *ZERO* risk from "COVID."

  • Colette Oman
    Colette Oman Hace 10 meses +9

    That because its dangerous to kids - and useless

  • R C
    R C Hace 10 meses +14

    Good. There's no data that supports this being required.

  • O.A.B.
    O.A.B. Hace 10 meses +4

    It’s not about health…shame on parents and global news for perpetuating this madness.

  • H.S. Slasher
    H.S. Slasher Hace 10 meses +8

    Please don’t poison your kids. Soccer players are dropping like flies right now!

  • Carmen Doyle
    Carmen Doyle Hace 10 meses +18

    No point for the kids

  • Northern HillBilly
    Northern HillBilly Hace 10 meses +6

    i wonder if ontario will get defibrillators in schools like in nova scotia because we want to keep the kids safe from heart attacks

  • TayBos
    TayBos Hace 10 meses +4

    Parents are "hesitating" because they're *FINALLY WAKING UP!!!*

  • Renegade
    Renegade Hace 10 meses +7

    Leave The Kids Alone

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson Hace 10 meses +4

    kids are at zero risk so that begs the question...since when is it up to children to protect the adults?

  • Colelolol23
    Colelolol23 Hace 10 meses +4

    This is just sad. How far weve fallen.

  • Paddy Nelson
    Paddy Nelson Hace 10 meses +77

    No safety concerns,eh? As reported by you, the Main Stream Media? Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? So you are saying it is 100% risk free? You will be held accountable for that.

    • A b
      A b Hace 10 meses +2

      There is a group keeping a list and record of all these names that have been lying to us.

    • Freedom Convoy!
      Freedom Convoy! Hace 10 meses +3

      @Matthew Johnson Oh I know! Just don't get why people doesn't see how political the vaccine is!

    • Matthew Johnson
      Matthew Johnson Hace 10 meses +6

      @Freedom Convoy! Pfizer makes 35 billion in profit every year pushing vaccines!

    • Freedom Convoy!
      Freedom Convoy! Hace 10 meses +14

      Nobody can sue the vaccine company though! You accept that as soon as you get the vaccine, remember? Lol What a scary joke.

  • johnnycroat
    johnnycroat Hace 10 meses +20

    are side effects always immediate? don't you need a significant amount of time to study any effects of vaccines? Heck even Environmental studies take more then a few weeks or months

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans Hace 10 meses

      If by 'immediate', you mean 10 - to - 15 years down the line, why then yes, most of the ''side effects'' will be known by 2040, it takes time for cancers to grown and spread...

    • Nothing2See
      Nothing2See Hace 10 meses +2

      @johnnycroat The cancer rates in the SV40 recipients were much higher than average but they couldn’t prove it was the Vacseen that caused it because it was 10-20 years after they had received it.

    • johnnycroat
      johnnycroat Hace 10 meses +6

      @Nothing2See the scary part we would never hear the cancer was attributed to the vaccine

    • Nothing2See
      Nothing2See Hace 10 meses +3

      If the side effects (cancer) don’t show up for 10+ years the people affected cant sue even if these vaccines weren’t exempt, look up SV40, doesn’t even matter though cause these ones are approved for use under the EUA (emergency use act).

    • Alex
      Alex Hace 10 meses +3

      Give them around 50 years

  • Drops O Sense
    Drops O Sense Hace 10 meses +4

    Like adults the biggest percentage would need to be forced through punishment. Nuremberg trials are required.

  • DKI Research
    DKI Research Hace 10 meses +47

    yeah, heart attacks and strokes in 5 to 11 isnt cool bro

  • T-Bone Steak
    T-Bone Steak Hace 10 meses +3

    “The science is clear, vaccination is the best option we have”. Are we watching two different movies?

  • Pureblood
    Pureblood Hace 10 meses +2


  • Karen Boyd
    Karen Boyd Hace 10 meses +9

    These devils have come for the teenager, the pre teen,the children,the babes and finally if they have their way the unborn!

  • Jay Beaton
    Jay Beaton Hace 10 meses +2

    Keep up the good work.

  • Jonathan Gould
    Jonathan Gould Hace 10 meses +7

    Their desperation is growing rapidly. 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣

  • Bottom Rung
    Bottom Rung Hace 10 meses +5

    Maybe get Ford and Tory to say their grandkids have gotten all the shots. That would help sell... but I doubt they did.

  • Nothing2See
    Nothing2See Hace 10 meses +4

    “They’re all in this together”

  • zsolt karner
    zsolt karner Hace 10 meses +8

    Side effects are extremely rare ? Where you get the info from ? LMAO ! Check again !!!!

  • Johnny Shanksalot
    Johnny Shanksalot Hace 10 meses +34

    According to Newsweek (11/01/22 headline by Katherine Fung) :
    'Almost half of Ontario COVID hospitalizations are 'incidental', admitted for other reasons.'
    The video above represents our new global fascist regime's single greatest crime. History will remember these innocents, thanks for recording that evidence for the trials to come.

    • Brandon Stickney
      Brandon Stickney Hace 10 meses

      It's not fascism you're thinking of, today's modern government and the nazis actually have nothing in common. Think more J*wish communism, just find all the major figureheads at the top of covid. Example, look at Pfizer's elite.

    • Cartoonishly Inept
      Cartoonishly Inept Hace 10 meses

      Anyone interested should look at the Alberta virus tracker data. They are the only place in the world I've seen that actually publish the data on comorbidities. As of now, ~73% of the people who have died in Alberta had at least three pre-existing conditions.

    • D Hokanson
      D Hokanson Hace 10 meses +2

      It’s been speculated, since the start with good evidence, that the death toll is exaggerated by around 50% too. They’ve been telling huge lies since Early 2020.

  • Alias
    Alias Hace 10 meses +7

    Because giving children medicine to protect 80 year olds is twisted beyond words.

    • Alias
      Alias Hace 10 meses

      @50 Ducks In A Hot Tub hey, i love your stuff, hope the ducks are well

    • 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub
      50 Ducks In A Hot Tub Hace 10 meses +1

      *Experimental Medicine*

  • wallbanger
    wallbanger Hace 10 meses +5

    Luckily omicron and schools will get these kids antibodies

  • Miy Sadochok
    Miy Sadochok Hace 10 meses +5

    Current jabs do not protect from omicron. They were designed to work against delta variant only.

    • Robert Alan
      Robert Alan Hace 10 meses +2

      They were designed to make big pharma investors billionaires

    • Tessa Bain
      Tessa Bain Hace 10 meses

      Alpha and beta, actually.
      That's why there was some evidence that delta actually avoided it a bit too.

  • Inspire Media
    Inspire Media Hace 10 meses +1

    I identify as 7 year old and would like Canada to respect my rights not to get the vaccine.

  • logiczchance101
    logiczchance101 Hace 10 meses

    can we just get this moving along already so to then introduce the next big one? this is becoming kind of an old news. we need something slick and hip and with the 2022 times. let's go for bigger and better this time too. shock and awe them minds and hearts

  • Kswitch265
    Kswitch265 Hace 10 meses +3

    Canada a funding member of the UN part of 18 other countries that formed the commission of human rights to create the blueprint for the universal charter of basic human rights in 1947. It's purpose? To guarantee the rights to every individual, EVERYWHERE.
    RIP human rights 1947-2022

  • Jay Silva
    Jay Silva Hace 10 meses +3

    Rare side effects my behind. Thousands of children are getting the side effects. Who are these people fooling?

  • JayBe Faulky
    JayBe Faulky Hace 10 meses

    1:33 *finally arriving at the truth I see* and maybe now this issue of 'honesty reluctance' might finally be addressed (not)

  • Sandy239 b
    Sandy239 b Hace 10 meses +2

    Keep fighting the good fight 🇨🇦!

  • A5
    A5 Hace 10 meses

    Just let them wash or sanitize their hands or let them isolate. It's all what it takes for the kids to remain healthy.

  • Andrew McArthur
    Andrew McArthur Hace 10 meses +3

    For over a year they told us that kids don't get covid

  • Shawn B
    Shawn B Hace 10 meses +92

    You will NEVER get this garbage in me or my kids.

  • Nicnicnicolas89
    Nicnicnicolas89 Hace 10 meses +4

    This video is child abuse. Crimes against humanity deserve capital punishment.

  • Dangerously Stupid
    Dangerously Stupid Hace 10 meses

    Best news I've heard in a while

  • Informally Hip
    Informally Hip Hace 10 meses +23


  • Tim Timtoo
    Tim Timtoo Hace 10 meses +2

    Never. Many lids are being hurt by this. Avoid at all cost.

  • Oxana Pak
    Oxana Pak Hace 10 meses

    Awesome news!

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Hace 10 meses +24


    • Derek Woodford
      Derek Woodford Hace 10 meses

      @Cartoonishly Inept Good point.

    • Cartoonishly Inept
      Cartoonishly Inept Hace 10 meses +1

      @Derek Woodford The dislikes are meaningless now even if you can see the numbers. Many people (like me), just never downvote videos anymore. All you are doing is feeding their awful algorithms with no return. Stop dancing for your tech oligarch masters.

    • Couch
      Couch Hace 10 meses +3

      2.9 million subscribers, generally only thousands of views, and more often higher dislikes than likes. I'm starting to think we are all wasting our time watching these propaganda videos and being outraged by their obvious narrative.

    • Vancouver ViKinG
      Vancouver ViKinG Hace 10 meses +5

      Wow liberal is a mental disorder

    • Matthew Johnson
      Matthew Johnson Hace 10 meses +5

      @Derek Woodford We all know the real numbers, the dislikes are always larger!

  • Lina Vas
    Lina Vas Hace 10 meses

    Thisis lamentable… leave our kids alone!!

  • Ironmaiden84
    Ironmaiden84 Hace 10 meses +4

    Living a heathy lifestyle is the best option to covid. At which point we will get at sometime.

  • Carlos Fasano
    Carlos Fasano Hace 10 meses +3

    Leave the kids alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!°°°°°°°°

  • Mr Bovine Joni
    Mr Bovine Joni Hace 10 meses

    Good. At least some parents still have some sense in them.

  • J. A
    J. A Hace 10 meses +10

    They're going to be offering people 4th doses soon.
    I tell ya, I got suckered on the first 2. Not getting anymore.

    • J. A
      J. A Hace 10 meses +1

      @St1ch3s No actually I'm pro vax. But coercing people into take 3-4 doses or more of a vaccine that doesn't work too well is beyond stupid.
      Its like... if a house is on fire and the firefighters keep adding more water but the fire is only growing larger.

    • St1ch3s
      St1ch3s Hace 10 meses +1

      Yes there is a lot of people who feel this way now! Welcome to begin called a anti-vaxxer!
      It’s a fun group lol

    • Nothing2See
      Nothing2See Hace 10 meses +1

      First look I had at your comment I read offering as offing and was like “Seems like it”

  • Pura Vida
    Pura Vida Hace 10 meses

    I will fight and die before my kids get this

  • Vancouver ViKinG
    Vancouver ViKinG Hace 10 meses +23

    Child abuse!!!!

  • Tammy Despain
    Tammy Despain Hace 10 meses +7


  • dvs1
    dvs1 Hace 10 meses +2

    politicians and those MSM experts should be in jail...

  • 3D AL
    3D AL Hace 10 meses +9

    lol we have some you dont

  • Brian J. Wood
    Brian J. Wood Hace 10 meses

    Finally a bit of good news. Leave the kids alone.

  • Mat Gaudet
    Mat Gaudet Hace 10 meses +35

    Finally some good news!

  • Pura Vida
    Pura Vida Hace 10 meses

    Wonderful, kids do not need this, in fact, it is much higher risk than covid

  • garry leonhardt
    garry leonhardt Hace 10 meses +1

    The still unapproved JABS are criminal, the approved one isn't available ANYWHERE.
    The lies continue

  • Gavin Lawson
    Gavin Lawson Hace 10 meses +6

    thanks for the censorship global...

  • Jaymz Scratchin
    Jaymz Scratchin Hace 10 meses

    My son is 13 and got it a month after his second dose,if we weren’t coerced into getting it we wouldn’t have.what a waste of time

  • Stephen Cantrel
    Stephen Cantrel Hace 10 meses +3

    Don't do it is my motto.

  • Nessa
    Nessa Hace 10 meses +8

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CanonFodder
    CanonFodder Hace 10 meses

    🎶🎵...Welcome back, my the show that NEVER ends...we're so glad you could attend...step inside...step inside...🎶🎵 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Harry Virdi
    Harry Virdi Hace 10 meses +13

    37,000 Dislikes.

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle Hace 10 meses +1

    Your weakening you kids natural immune system but if it makes you feel better do it then

  • DaeXeaD
    DaeXeaD Hace 10 meses +9

    Dr. Tedros called vaccinating children scandalous.

    • DaeXeaD
      DaeXeaD Hace 10 meses

      @Drwzer - We know as a fact that denial is an underlying mental state. The dummies guide to pandemic management is to vaccinate the high risk population and allow the high resistant community to build up herd immunity. You are find WHO pressers with Dr Tedros because you are not capable of finding the WHO presser.
      He gets his information from SAGE,, and it is guaranteed you have no idea who they are.

    • DaeXeaD
      DaeXeaD Hace 10 meses

      @Drwzer - He used "scandalous" in his speech. Your assumption is wrong, and your denial is apparent.

    • Drwzer
      Drwzer Hace 10 meses

      @DaeXeaD we’ll just assume reading and comprehension is an ongoing problem for you. Tedros questioned the ethics of boosting older children before vulnerable people have had their first shots in countries with minimal access to vaccines so far. Perhaps purchasing ‘the dummies guide to google’ might be beneficial for you although it won’t help the comprehension part.

    • Cartoonishly Inept
      Cartoonishly Inept Hace 10 meses

      Tedros is the same guy who frantically tried to hide the fact that the virus even existed at the start of the pandemic to protect the CCP. As well as completely ignoring the warnings from Singapore in 2019 that we know now were 100% accurate. If he says kids should not be taking them, that actually makes me suspicious about whether my kids _should_ take them after all.
      The only person I trust less than Tedros at this point as a medical "expert," is "The Science" Fauci.

    • DaeXeaD
      DaeXeaD Hace 10 meses

      @Drwzer - Lol, Dr Tedros exists and he said this during a presser.
      He also said: "No country can boost its way out of COVID pandemic, It will lengthen the pandemic."

  • Ray Steel
    Ray Steel Hace 10 meses +5

    2 deaths under the age of 19 in 2 years. What else needs to be known?

    • Nimo
      Nimo Hace 10 meses

      Recently in Austrian aswell.

    • Freedom Convoy!
      Freedom Convoy! Hace 10 meses +1

      @Seth oh I see

    • Freedom Convoy!
      Freedom Convoy! Hace 10 meses +2

      @Seth Well my girlfriend kid got kid ney fail ure right after getting it, she is sev en and now need medi cation to sur vive for the rest of her life.

    • Freedom Convoy!
      Freedom Convoy! Hace 10 meses +1

      @Seth Google 13 y/o boy from Michigan... heart issue cdc is "investigating"

    • Freedom Convoy!
      Freedom Convoy! Hace 10 meses +1

      Another 13 y/o last week

    MAGA OFFENSIVE Hace 10 meses +2

    In the old days we would have chickenpox parties.

  • mike marshall
    mike marshall Hace 10 meses +3

    UNSUBSCRIBE to all mainstream media.This will at least send a message

  • Jason Rolling
    Jason Rolling Hace 7 meses

    Dont mess with our children. Thats the breaking point for us parents.

  • garry leonhardt
    garry leonhardt Hace 10 meses +2

    have the receipts

  • LiplessEagle
    LiplessEagle Hace 10 meses +3

    Good, kids are 0 risk

  • Flexing 4
    Flexing 4 Hace 10 meses

    Its a risk you shouldent take.

  • Mikey Richard
    Mikey Richard Hace 10 meses +4

    Need more coercion

  • chiefdreamerwizard
    chiefdreamerwizard Hace 10 meses

    the release of the “Investigation Report on COVID-19 Transmission ” of the Milk Tea Alliance

  • Youmadtho?
    Youmadtho? Hace 10 meses

    Jesus I wonder why?

  • R S
    R S Hace 10 meses +6


  • Positive Mindsets
    Positive Mindsets Hace 8 meses +1

    Brain fogs are the side affect of the current mRNA. Do you want that affect your kids?