US, other nations react following NATO talks with Russia on situation in Ukraine

  • Publicado el 11 ene 2022
  • U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price said Wednesday “no one should be surprised if Russia spreads disinformation” after its talks with NATO members, including the U.S.

    He said the U.S. is comparing notes with its allies following the meeting to best determine how to continue dialogue regarding Ukraine.

    Speaking from Brussels where the talks were held, NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said it would be difficult to bridge differences between NATO and Russia, but the alliance was positive that they had been able to start a dialogue.

    There was, however, no breakthrough at the talks, which came two days after Russian and U.S. diplomats met in Geneva and reported no narrowing of their differences.

    U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said the U.S. remains ready to engage, but that Russia faces a “stark choice” between “de-escalation and diplomacy or confrontation and consequences.”

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Comentarios • 492

  • Luc Dallaire
    Luc Dallaire Hace 2 días

    She had to say "" they are a small country, still developing democracy "".

    That's exactly what russia doesn't want it. Democracy 🤣😅

  • Prison break
    Prison break Hace 8 días +4

    Wow Russia is so scared 🤣🤣🤣

  • logiczchance101
    logiczchance101 Hace 9 días +2

    we knew nothing will come out of it but wanted to prolong the inevitable. we knew this because we created the conditions for this given exact outcome in the first place. so obviously, that we would not backtrack away now that everything is set as it should be. just that we did not plan for it to happen so swiftly.

    • brothermitchlove
      brothermitchlove Hace 8 días

      Just like in Afghanistan..................It happened so swiftly.

  • nancy Dickson
    nancy Dickson Hace 4 días +31


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    • James Candason
      James Candason Hace 4 días

      Just what I needed to motivate myself for 2022,thanks a lot for this.

  • Edwin Alexander
    Edwin Alexander Hace 7 días

    When it comes to getting into agreements with USA only their terms and interests are forcefully to be agreed by the other party, dominating the meeting with their agenda is only they want, this is very unacceptable. This kind of imperialism should be stopped.

    • FreddysFrets
      FreddysFrets Hace 2 días

      It's called taking care of your own interests....just like anyone would and should do.

  • Yanina Kravets
    Yanina Kravets Hace 9 días +3

    it is not about Ukraine, it is about USA. NATO =USA and first missile fly here not Ukraine.

  • Tam Bui D.
    Tam Bui D. Hace 9 días +3

    NATO wants to be a USA chess to play with Russia.

  • Justin Longley
    Justin Longley Hace 9 días +4

    Can we turn away the “vaccinated” from hospitals since they are overwhelming them?

  • Tyson Boser
    Tyson Boser Hace 2 días

    The elites are going to get the “ games “ going.

  • logiczchance101
    logiczchance101 Hace 9 días +3

    like i've been saying it altogether...individually they are not capable to perform, together they fail miserably also. a sad state in condition.

  • Osei Bonsu
    Osei Bonsu Hace 3 días

    In this case NATO must be prepared stronger ever against Russia an help small county like Ukraine, in other to do this Will protect democracy as well an increase democracy through out the world, thank you

  • northstar10
    northstar10 Hace 9 días +3

    way to go windy ---keep up with the threats ----how did that work out for you when you met with china

    • John Smith
      John Smith Hace 6 días

      @VK RGFAN They hire the blitch because she's a jwe.

    • VK RGFAN
      VK RGFAN Hace 7 días

      I want to see that encounter. Which channel was that?

    • John Smith
      John Smith Hace 9 días +1

      Yes, sherman is way over her head! Being promoted from social worker to diplomat and showing her incompetence. She's part of the jwe assembly running and ruining america.

  • Aziz Araz
    Aziz Araz Hace 9 días +2

    Me listening to this thinking primary school kids 🤦‍♂️ just get it over and done with

  • Mrs. Natasha Ellwood
    Mrs. Natasha Ellwood Hace 4 días +4

    Since I'm unvaccinated does this mean I can't be drafted because I'm now considered a bio weapon

  • Knud Skoubo
    Knud Skoubo Hace 8 días +1

    They (USA) are a powerfull country. The facht that they feel threathened by (Iran)(Iraq)(Afghanistan)(Syria)(Libya)(North Korea). Its hard to understand quite frankly.

    • ksmi
      ksmi Hace 6 días

      The USA isn’t really threatened by those nations, the media just likes pretending they are threats. What they are is threats to our allies, like South Korea, Japan, democratic governments in the Middle East, etc., and threats to our defense platforms like airfields and overseas military bases. We consider war against these small countries not because they pose a real threat to us but because we are good friends with the countries around them, countries whose values we’d like to live on.

  • Rolly Ferrer
    Rolly Ferrer Hace 9 días +19

    Maybe Russia should put there's weapons again in cuba or make then alliance and other countries near US then let see how would you react.

    • MinaOlenElla
      MinaOlenElla Hace 5 días

      @moya kiska and Russian government is still in 19.century when colonials where made, imposing slavery/genocide, unlike the West.

    • moya kiska
      moya kiska Hace 8 días

      @Purple Haze
      Russia stealing land?
      The West taught them how;
      invading all continents on this planet imposing slavery/genocide.

    • moya kiska
      moya kiska Hace 8 días

      @Purple Haze lmao,israel says it doesn't have nukes..

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días +1

      @Maryna Malitskaya Ukraine elected a pro Eu and pro nato government at more than 70 %

    • Maryna Malitskaya
      Maryna Malitskaya Hace 8 días

      @YoYo YoYoYo who is illegitimate? And who is dictator? For me dictator is USA, very aggressive and stubborn. Destroyed so many countries, killed so many people.

  • FerrariClub2yourgarage Driver

    Ukraine is Russian territory that is rightfully theirs. Kiev is the old Russian capital since 400B.C.!!! Ukraine didn't exist prior to 1990's. It was created by Western influence in early 90's, they had no country flag either. The yellow and blue flag was chosen in 1990's. The symbol in the flag was designed then as well. This land was taken from Russia recently. Everyone in that area spoke Russian and now they speak Ukrainian and if you're Russian they'll torture and kill you. It is equal to taking NY state and naming it Ukraine. Than letting Russians put military bases there, driving all Americans out of NY with violence. Why Russia has an issue with NATO and USA creeping up to their door step. America didn't like Cuba to be Russian allies. How would any country react to military coup(Ukraine wanted to join Russia but USA created a coup to overthrow previous Ukrainian gov, to install one that favors USA). USA is the sneaky aggressor. This one sided story needs to stop. Russia is trying to defend itself and put some distance between itself and enemies. America is trying to start a conflict and is funding it since America actively participated in the overthrow of previous Ukrainian gov.

  • Kirti Ajmera
    Kirti Ajmera Hace 8 días

    Digital technology runned economy ..well air lines can't run with out digitalized

  • North 1
    North 1 Hace 5 días

    Russia gets one new missile and they are ready to invade a country or 2 lol

  • Hyena laughing matter
    Hyena laughing matter Hace 3 días +1

    USA keep your nose out of things!

  • - 007 -
    - 007 - Hace 9 días +2

    The compromise is simple: Ukraine can join NATO but NATO can not station military equipment/soldiers/installations in Ukraine. Both sides get what they want. Simple. Why grown diplomats can't figure this out is beyond me. 🤷‍♂️

    • ThW5
      ThW5 Hace 7 días

      Don't be stupid. If Ukraine joins NATO, their forces ARE NATO forces...

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      Because Russia refuse that Ukraine be part of nato

    • Kastrenzo
      Kastrenzo Hace 9 días


      the only scenario that works for both parties is Ukraine being a member of NATO and the Donbass being left as it is now, a no mans land buffer zone. If Russia decides to annex that zone, then they will have lost theif buffer

  • Vince Perocchio
    Vince Perocchio Hace 9 días +9


    I had hoped my kids could have lived in a world that countries don’t KILL countries…nope 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Live and let live 🤜🏼🤛🏼🤝🇨🇦

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días +1

      Fellow Canadian here : Canada has soldiers in eastern Europe we can't let a dictator live

    • Vince Perocchio
      Vince Perocchio Hace 9 días

      @- 007 - so naive 🤦🏻‍♂️ way bigger picture buddy🤨

    • Triniman40
      Triniman40 Hace 9 días

      @eidrah htarts and what about Cuba sovereignty when they had Russian missiles?? Didn’t Cuba deserve to choose for themselves as well??

    • eidrah htarts
      eidrah htarts Hace 9 días

      @- 007 - that’s not reasonable. Other countries that share borders with Russia can join whichever groups they want. You are suggesting Russia has the right to violate the sovereignty of nations, which isn’t reasonable. If Ukraine wants to join NATO they should be free to do that.

    • - 007 -
      - 007 - Hace 9 días +3

      How is it greed? Russia doesn't want NATO military sites on its borders. Seems reasonable. 🤷‍♂️

  • Vic toews
    Vic toews Hace 9 días +7

    Why Ukraine is America's fault as explained by an Honest American.

    • Daniel Arcadia
      Daniel Arcadia Hace 8 días

      Love the CIA N@zi coup ... first time in history all on secret voice tape ( lov ya vicky ) , video and paper trail ...all done in in real time 2014

    • Jorge Arreaza
      Jorge Arreaza Hace 8 días +1

      Gringo go home

  • Mircea Dragomir
    Mircea Dragomir Hace 7 días +1

    Russia is back in business!

  • Mike De paz
    Mike De paz Hace 8 días +8

    Why are they pushing russia against the wall? Why are they encircling russia in the first place ?! Leave russia alone and stop harrassing them !!!

    • MinaOlenElla
      MinaOlenElla Hace 5 días +1

      when Russia stops attacking their neigbours

  • Monkey Butt
    Monkey Butt Hace 7 días

    So America can't have military within 200 miles of their border in our own county.....right America??

  • logiczchance101
    logiczchance101 Hace 9 días +1

    we got it so handed to us by some cave dwellers but hey we will now pick our fight with a god just for fun

  • Muhamed Balboa
    Muhamed Balboa Hace 9 días +1

    So will there be war?

  • hot dog vendors forum
    hot dog vendors forum Hace 5 días

    We should be more friendly with Russia 2 nations together can do alot when are both nations going to get along. This issue has been going on for years.

    • Brett R
      Brett R Hace 2 días

      We were, the west had good relations with the Russian federation until Putin walked into the Kremlin, because he has some cold war grudge he can't get over

  • omar romero
    omar romero Hace 9 días

    🇺🇸🇺🇸 NATO

  • northstar10
    northstar10 Hace 9 días

    time for windy to be put out to pasture ---

  • Alexey Ivanov
    Alexey Ivanov Hace 8 días

    No one sees any problems, they say. But when everyone sees the strokes of falling warheads on their city, what will the words be worth? And what are their words worth now?

  • Gerrick säul
    Gerrick säul Hace 9 días +17

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    • Stewart D
      Stewart D Hace 2 días

      I trust my money with somebody in an office car and advertising on ESclips.

    • That Other Guy
      That Other Guy Hace 6 días

      This is terrifying. No one’s falling for this. 😬

    • Pete Drzewiecki
      Pete Drzewiecki Hace 6 días

      Bunch of turds 🤣

    • Random world
      Random world Hace 9 días +4

      Wow what a bunch of scammer haha

    • Melanie Thorne
      Melanie Thorne Hace 9 días

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  • logiczchance101
    logiczchance101 Hace 9 días

    the difference in approach is massively disproportionate: one side just talks and blabbers on while the other just acts and does what it needs to and must. the world is watching this and re-aligning itself accordingly - ie weakness vs power. the conditions are such that they have dimmed and taken the fight out of the many while projecting might unto a single one.

    • VK RGFAN
      VK RGFAN Hace 7 días

      The Americans choose to handle matters aggressively and disrespectfully.
      Ignorance and Narcissism is at its core of the US politicians. They will surely pay a heavy price for that.

  • Tuti Fruti
    Tuti Fruti Hace 9 días +2

    SOLUTION: (at least on Ukraine issue) - a REFERENDUM for Ukrainians to choose NATO, Russia OR neutrality of their military. No interference in the referendum from either Russia or NATO countries. Foreign observers from Latin America, Africa, Asia and any other country that has no stakes in the outcome.

    • brothermitchlove
      brothermitchlove Hace 8 días

      The west already ran off an elected president in Ukraine how can the vote be fair?

      THE ORACLE Hace 8 días

      In current conditions , Ukraine can not be included in Nato , because the country has an internal conflict and Nato's guidelines don't allow membership in such case. But apparently everybody is sidelining this , even news channels don't mention that.

  • Gary Gagnon
    Gary Gagnon Hace 2 días

    This is starting to look like, how Hitler got things started.

  • Senegoid
    Senegoid Hace 9 días +5

    Let us see what happens, these W🤡's should not poke a bear.

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      @moya kiska k

    • moya kiska
      moya kiska Hace 8 días

      @YoYo YoYoYo you seem to be the dictator with your persistent foolish comments

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      @asdf Ukraine elected a pro Eu and pro nato government at more than 70%

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      How can you defend an illegitimate dictator

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones Hace 4 días

    Liars they are UNITED STATES

  • Carmen Lajoie
    Carmen Lajoie Hace 5 días

    RT US with George Galloway can give u the rest of the story.

  • northstar10
    northstar10 Hace 9 días +39

    amazing how that state dept guy lies with such a straight face

  • Rigger Mortis FPV
    Rigger Mortis FPV Hace 8 días +13

    Imagine surrounding a nation with bases and then claiming they are the aggressive ones......

    • Ai
      Ai Hace 8 días

      Imagine build bases next to door step of many countries and then claiming they are aggressive ones……

  • Mohammed A
    Mohammed A Hace 8 días +6

    Russia performs drills on own land
    US: oh bad why they doing
    US: Engages in all sorts of live ammunition drills in their lands or out and illegal invasions?!
    US: All good nothing to see here?!

    • Aleksas
      Aleksas Hace 7 días

      Are you dumb? They're literally next to Ukraine's border, showing aggression, like they've done throughout history. This is serious.

  • Steve M
    Steve M Hace 9 días +2

    Russia is like the uncle from Napoleon Dynamite, stuck in its glory days of the cold war

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días +1

      @Harry Potter how can you defend an illegitimate dictator

    • Harry Potter
      Harry Potter Hace 9 días

      Nah Russia moved on long time ago, but USA has like 20 agencies due to its paranoia

  • Rayford Acord
    Rayford Acord Hace 7 días +20

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      John BD Hace 7 días

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  • Rama Lama
    Rama Lama Hace 8 días +7

    Man this is rich……this guy talking about “disinformation”…..and Biden is his leader…..priceless!!

  • Denis Cabana
    Denis Cabana Hace 9 días +2


    THE ORACLE Hace 9 días +9

    I don't see the problem . Nato does not accept countries that have an internal problem such as in Ukraine . As such Ukraine does not meet the conditions to join Nato anyway. At least as long as they don't solve the problems and fighting with the Russian seperatists , and I don't see a solution on this any time soon. So why is nobody talking about that ????

      THE ORACLE Hace 7 días

      @Gel Mir Another player is Turkey. They are in Nato , but purchased Russian anti missile systems made specific anti-US. As such they can not be trusted

    • Gel Mir
      Gel Mir Hace 8 días +1

      Ukraine is a mjor transit point for Russian gas pipeline to Europe, so it has a strategic long-term economic importance for Russia.
      Ukraine favoring EU means Russia will lose significant leverage in the European Energy Market.

      On the otherhand NATO, particularly the American Democrat leadership, is just being petty.
      Ukraine's flipping sides is NATO's retaliation against Russia for defending Al Assad against the Western attempt to oust him (just like what they did with Qaddafi in Libya).
      Russia acted out immediately securing Crimea (which holds a very important Russian Naval Port in the Blacksea) and some part of Eastern Ukraine.

      It's an embarassing turn of event for Obama (Biden was his VP back then), who before was humiliated by Al Assad (remember Obam';s Red Line policy in Syria?).
      Im pretty that NATO will once again return to Syria once they push Putin off-balance.

      Trump was the one who tried to prevent the US involvement in this largely European-Arab vs Russia-Syria geopolitical games involving oil and gas pipelines.

    • SGTbuildz Yt
      SGTbuildz Yt Hace 9 días +2

      Because people let emotions guide them, not logic, its all propaganda. Russia is just looking for an excuse to act like they want too

  • Here Be Rabbit
    Here Be Rabbit Hace 9 días


  • james wubbolt
    james wubbolt Hace 9 días +1

    What century is this?

    • M W
      M W Hace 8 días

      The century with the most intelligence and with Less Emotions... who cares about neighbours, lets Start a war in your Garden....

    • Dylan Johnson
      Dylan Johnson Hace 9 días


    • Purple Haze
      Purple Haze Hace 9 días

      11th and a half.

  • Surendra Mumgai
    Surendra Mumgai Hace 9 días +36

    Wendy Sherman finds it strange that powerful russia feels threatened by the weaker ukraine however it's Nato in ukraine that russia fears and not ukraine alone.

    • Surendra Mumgai
      Surendra Mumgai Hace 6 días

      @centureon2006 The maidan regime is the russophobic bunch that took over the ukraine after the violent overthrow of the democratically elected yanukovich govt in 2014( the election of yanukovich had been recognised by the EU ). The very first act of this maidan regime was to put a ban on the russian language ! Now what could be more russophobic than banning a language that virtually everyone in ukraine spoke or understood ??? The events in crimea were directly triggered by the anti russian hysteria unleashed by the maidan thugs who for some mysterious reason were hellbent on destroying the ukrainian nation ( the same nation that they claimed to love so much ) through acts that were incomprehensively stupid , when the maidan regime continued with its anti russia tirade inspite of the secession of crimea then that became the trigger for predominantly russian speaking eastern ukraine to revolt and so today we have a crisis that threatens to destroy ukraine completely and also threatens peace in europe bcoz of Nato support for the ukronazis who have threatened to retake east ukraine by force. U have said that crimea didn't vote for the pro russia block in 2012 but that was bcoz there was no maidan regime then and the govt in power ( yanukovich ) was not anti russian.

    • centureon2006
      centureon2006 Hace 6 días

      @Surendra Mumgai what do you mean under "maidan regime"? Please clarify, because that's just a cliche of russian propaganda without any ground (just quite stupid phrase, by the way stupidity is very typical for russian propaganda). As for the russian speakers, there are at least 50% in the Ukrainian army, and fight bravely against the invaders. And the most russophile party "russian block" managed to get 1.2% in the most russian speaking region (Crimea) in the 2012 parliament election (that was before maidan). It was the top result of russia lovers. Taking that into account, do you have any logical argument of your point of view?

    • Aleksandras Lisauskas
      Aleksandras Lisauskas Hace 6 días

      @Surendra Mumgai, I wish if ukrainian armed forces would be rearmed with modern weapons but sadly its not the case...

    • Surendra Mumgai
      Surendra Mumgai Hace 6 días

      @centureon2006 The tension with russia is all the fault of the maidan regime , u can't just ignore ur history with ur neighbours and go in a totally different direction ( unlike what the maidan regime did ) by unleashing extreme anti russian sentiments ignoring the fact that russia is a neighbor and there r a huge number of russian speakers in ukraine who don't feel the same about russia. And the hypocritical US has instigated the maidan regime against russia emphasizing the independence of ukraine but the same US will not allow any anti american regimes in its own neighbourhood and has embargoed cuba for 60 yrs bcoz it opposes american imperialism.

    • centureon2006
      centureon2006 Hace 6 días

      @Surendra Mumgai Of course, after russia had gathered 100 000 troops in combat readiness near Ukrainian border NATO started to help to the democratic state. And I guess you're agree that we have to express our gratitude to NATO and to the US for the aid in the defense from the russo-nazi regime.

  • Cuthbert Bracegirdle
    Cuthbert Bracegirdle Hace 9 días +1

    Average people could literally care less about this. Let the elites play their war games. How does it affect any of us?

    • Aleksas
      Aleksas Hace 7 días +1

      Because I live in Lithuania, if war breaks out, it'll surely effect all of us.

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      We can't let a dictator smash through European democracies

    • Triniman40
      Triniman40 Hace 9 días

      It’s important to all us because if these people start shooting their ICBMs at each other we will all suffer and die!! And I mean all of us will die!!!

  • Marigold Moon
    Marigold Moon Hace 9 días +8

    Get ready for WW3

    • Aleksas
      Aleksas Hace 7 días

      It's foken coming, and all because of these stupid old bags like putin and those china leaders. Can't they just foken mind their own business?

    • Purple Haze
      Purple Haze Hace 9 días

      @Triniman40 If Russia invades, they'll immediately be removed from the SWIFT system. That means no international commerce for Russia and less 80 billion dollars per year in the state banks. Unsustainable for them. Besides, Russia has the largest EURO reserves outside the EU. They can't afford Europe's economy to go down the tubes.

    • Triniman40
      Triniman40 Hace 9 días

      @Ty m yeah like sanctions?? That will damage the European and the US economy way to much.

    • Ty m
      Ty m Hace 9 días +2

      Doubtful. If Ukraine was a full NATO member, then I’d say yes. Europe and NATO aren’t going to go to hot war with Russia over Ukraine. They will find other ways to retaliate.

    • Dylan Johnson
      Dylan Johnson Hace 9 días +2

      Nah bro that’s not gonna happen in the next 10 years.

  • Nikolai Shmelev
    Nikolai Shmelev Hace 8 días +6

    4 ppl for pro-NATO position. 1 voice for pro-Russia position. A very fair and unbiased reporting.

    • Daniel Arcadia
      Daniel Arcadia Hace 8 días +1

      As of one hour ago ...Quote ... Russia sees 'no grounds' for more security talks with US, NATO ... can't blame them .... NATO a failure ,made up of ideological
      ding bats

  • D.H.S 👹 👊
    D.H.S 👹 👊 Hace 9 días +1


  • Feeney Patrick
    Feeney Patrick Hace 8 días

    Ohhhh woman that is rich coming from your mouth..God help us..pray.

  • CJ P
    CJ P Hace 9 días +8

    Politicians lie. It doesn't matter which country they're from.

    • davidbrennan5
      davidbrennan5 Hace 8 días

      @CJ P I talk to people in Ukraine and they don't want to be invaded.

    • CJ P
      CJ P Hace 8 días

      ​@davidbrennan5 don 't put words in my mouth. I never said such things. My statements, politicians lie and how do you know Russia isn't in the right. Doesn't the US send military to all parts of the world? So what makes Russia doing it wrong, yet the US and its allies doing it right? We know squat and should accept that we don't know squat. I don't think it's wise to take sides in a matter I know absolutely nothing about.

    • davidbrennan5
      davidbrennan5 Hace 8 días

      @CJ P So you think Putin's tanks at the Ukraine border are because he fears NATO? He has an agenda and wants to invade. He is making moves because Biden is weak., not everything Putin says is a lie but some of it is, the same thing goes for Biden or the leader of China. Lots of smoke and mirrors with all three of those counties they play all sorts of games.

    • CJ P
      CJ P Hace 8 días

      @davidbrennan5 For all we know Russia could be in the right in this case. Note the language in this video. When someone says "you're lying" it prevents you from saying "no.. you're lying" and be credible when you say so. Because English and Russian are different languages, both Russia and the USA can accuse the other of lying in their native languages and still be credible to their own people.

    • davidbrennan5
      davidbrennan5 Hace 9 días +2

      True but communists don't exactly have a great track record in general. If you disagree with them they make you disappear in the middle of the night.

  • omicron delta
    omicron delta Hace 9 días +4

    MeAnWhIlE iN kAzAkHsTaN........

    • Daniel Berube
      Daniel Berube Hace 9 días

      Government mandates went too far and the people had enough!

  • Don Purdon
    Don Purdon Hace 9 días +1

    Global News. WHO OWNS YOU?

  • miakmo
    miakmo Hace 9 días


  • Seferino
    Seferino Hace 9 días +5

    What else can you expect from Russia .

    • Hair
      Hair Hace 8 días

      @Purple Haze crimea belongs to russia you need history lessons stop eating western propaganda

    • Purple Haze
      Purple Haze Hace 8 días

      @Hair Clearly, NATO should have not been dissolved, as the current situation is Ukraine shows. Also, the bully is Russia, who has occupied lands in different sovereign countries. As for what happened in Belgrade, well, look it was an historical mistake IMO and NATO should actually compensate Serbia for it.

    • Hair
      Hair Hace 8 días

      @Purple Haze care to explain why nato killed 2000 Serbians 20 years ago

    • Hair
      Hair Hace 8 días

      @Purple Haze currently nato is bullying russia

    • Hair
      Hair Hace 8 días

      @Purple Haze then nato should have been dissolved in1991

  • Krys Swietlicki
    Krys Swietlicki Hace 8 días +1

    Transparency!!!! It is a simple solution.Building the trust of citizens on both sides of the border.
    How?..... Live broadcasting as a first condition for further negotiations!!!!

    • Robert Cox
      Robert Cox Hace 8 días

      Imagine!!! Negotiating in PUBLIC!!!!!! What a concept!!!!!!

  • Murmaider X
    Murmaider X Hace 2 días

    don't care/not my problem.

  • Jorge Arreaza
    Jorge Arreaza Hace 8 días +1

    Gringo go home

  • Rafa Soto
    Rafa Soto Hace 9 días

    You people are going to be responsible for all nukes going off.

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Hace 9 días +5

    Russia has seen Hitler, this lady cant scare a big Russian bear

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      @Ismail Fakri where did you get that 40 millions . you dont seem very good with numbers

    • Ismail Fakri
      Ismail Fakri Hace 8 días

      @YoYo YoYoYo Biden is illegitimate and installed puppet..

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      @Ismail Fakri you're wrong check your stat

    • Ismail Fakri
      Ismail Fakri Hace 8 días

      @YoYo YoYoYo he didn't even 40 millions votes.. He is not more popular than Obama

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      @moya kiska I don't like him but he won 81,283,098 votes, or 51.3 percent of the votes cast.

  • W. S.
    W. S. Hace 9 días +18

    NATO lied to me and sent me to Afghanistan…… I’m with Putin on this one

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      @Rag2018 can't wait to dig a trench with you my fellow Canadian on the eastern front

    • Rag2018
      Rag2018 Hace 8 días

      @YoYo YoYoYoyeah u have given a great argument so far. in the end i believe ur system of electoral democracy where two parties working for special interests and the military industrial complex dictate every policy. and all the western countries r going downhill lol.
      ur belief in this superiority allows u to interfere in other countries not realizing the countries r indifferent stages of development with various complex issues.
      keep doing that and i am sire war will come to our doors here too while u r shopping at a mall like the only the thing u know how to do

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      @Rag2018 "Russia is more democratic than US" LMFAO
      It's very condescending of you thinking you are the only one who knows history ! You think you are a genius for knowing that ? Just watch the untold american history on netflix and you will know all that.

    • Rag2018
      Rag2018 Hace 8 días

      @YoYo YoYoYo once again u r that since western media keepanrepeating that. watch him being challenged on youtube. he jist 4 hr presser from media from all over the world. Russia is more democratic than US. all u gotta do is go on ESclips and see russian journalists challenging him live on tv.
      if western media is so free, why are westerners so easily fooled into invading countries? why are they not aware of the 80 plous governments that US has overthrown post ww2? why is there no debate on teh impacts of imf world bank policies on the third world? why r they not aware that US has over 750 military bases around the world and spend more on military than next dozen countries combined

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      @Rag2018 I'm not saying Putin is a bad leader in fact he is very good he is better than Biden and Trudeau combined but he is still an authoritarian whom you can't mess with. In Canada and USA we can talk about how much we hate Trudeau and Biden. In Russia you cannot. As for your statement that eastern Europe was better with Russia than with the eu I really doubt that.

  • juleous camper
    juleous camper Hace 9 días +1

    I don't want to hear crap from Russia or nato, what is the truth and whats the problem is this over Crimea?

    • northstar10
      northstar10 Hace 8 días

      @Purple Haze its the haze doing that to you

    • Purple Haze
      Purple Haze Hace 9 días

      @northstar10 Seems to me you are projecting, fella.

    • northstar10
      northstar10 Hace 9 días +1

      @Purple Haze you chose the correct name --haze ---perhaps you should see the world a little differently unimpeded by a propagandized haze

    • Purple Haze
      Purple Haze Hace 9 días

      @moya kiska Well, at least you are honest about Russia's intentions. That's something.

    • Purple Haze
      Purple Haze Hace 9 días

      @First Name Let's hear your version of the facts, then.

  • van le
    van le Hace 9 días

    tks so much nato for supporting freedom, n peace, democracy n prosperity throughout the World.
    buddha taught people to love each other...don't harm each other..
    i am very worried for World
    we know that
    working with putin is not easy at all, very be strong n flexible n wise in dealing with russia...
    remember all the citizens in this World must have responsbility to protect peace n stability throughout the World.

    putin, shoigu n larvrov...pls stop war at any are making the World dangerous n destructive..we all love peace n we never want war...the humankind has been too miserable to covid are not allowed to carry out war that can kill millions of people, n millions of people will be miserable....due to your selfishness n ambition n are very see only russia threatens to attack others, noone dare to attack russia...your sins will be terrible under hell after death but you dont know.
    all the citizens in the World have responsbility to protect peace n stability throughout the World.
    russia already attacked georgia, occupied abkhazia n osesstia, crimea , donestk n lugansk...not enough...they want more n more..
    we all should pray the buddha, god, bodhisattva, deities n rescue the protect humankind from war..n punish those who create war n bring misery n deaths to the humankind.
    namo amitabha buddha.
    namo avalokites Vara....pls bless us..

  • Felix G
    Felix G Hace 6 días

    listen to

  • George Spindler
    George Spindler Hace 2 días

    CBC turned off comments

  • Daniel Service
    Daniel Service Hace 9 días +11

    No one should take NATO's word so easily for we know what they are capable of just from past and current events.

  • Ahmad Maulana
    Ahmad Maulana Hace 9 días +3

    Bring Back The Russian Empire

    • Brett R
      Brett R Hace 8 días

      Tsarist Russia was backwards

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      Only someone named Ahmad could say something so stupid

  • Don Hughesman
    Don Hughesman Hace 9 días +9

    Ukraine isnt part of Nato

    • Purple Haze
      Purple Haze Hace 9 días

      @Don Hughesman Says the people of Ukraine you plank.

    • Don Hughesman
      Don Hughesman Hace 9 días +1

      @Purple Haze says Goebbels news

    • Steve M
      Steve M Hace 9 días


    • Purple Haze
      Purple Haze Hace 9 días +5

      But they want to be.

  • Timothy Dudin
    Timothy Dudin Hace 6 días

    who za fak nate stoltenburger? boolsheeter

  • vivek anand
    vivek anand Hace 5 días

    Nti nti website

  • vivek anand
    vivek anand Hace 8 días +3

    if russian military force in russian border is threat to Ukraine,

    then the nato expansion in ukraine is also a threat with their missiles

    • vivek anand
      vivek anand Hace 5 días

      Nti nti nti website

    • vivek anand
      vivek anand Hace 5 días

      Deleting the fact to be spoken

    • MinaOlenElla
      MinaOlenElla Hace 5 días

      @vivek anand "read the newspapers" why Are you lying?

    • vivek anand
      vivek anand Hace 5 días

      @MinaOlenElla The U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is currently modernizing the non-strategic warheads deployed in European NATO countries. NNSA is refurbishing and replacing components of the aging B-61-3 and B-61-4 warheads, converting them into the updated B61-12 model. Under NNSA’s B61-12 Life Extension Plan, the updated warheads will enter full production in 2020 and be deployed by 2024.

    • vivek anand
      vivek anand Hace 5 días

      @MinaOlenEllaThen what about iraq, Vietnamese , Russians attacked Georgia because of USA intervention which cost many live. Crimea had a referendum so Russians never attacked Crimea people , if they are attacked by Russians then their will revolut

  • Kyle Hines
    Kyle Hines Hace 9 días +11

    NATO needs to start showing flexibility and a willingness to work things out.

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      @moya kiska Biden won 81,283,098 votes, or 51.3 percent of the votes cast.

    • moya kiska
      moya kiska Hace 8 días

      @YoYo YoYoYo
      Your leader is kleptocrat..

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      @Don Purdon ok but Ukraine elected a pro nato and pro Eu leader at more than 70%

    • Don Purdon
      Don Purdon Hace 8 días

      @YoYo YoYoYo Putin is a great leader NATO is a criminal organization

    • YoYo YoYoYo
      YoYo YoYoYo Hace 8 días

      @Rag2018 Putin is an illegitimate dictator

  • Hai Domo
    Hai Domo Hace 9 días +42

    Treating Russia like a criminal and playing the role of international police is not diplomacy. It's Russia territory not at U.S. doorstep.

    • VK RGFAN
      VK RGFAN Hace 7 días

      @Shelley Of course you are a Bot. You aren’t smart enough to reply with any productive argument.

    • Purple Haze
      Purple Haze Hace 8 días

      @moya kiska Bumpkin being the major one.

    • Alan B
      Alan B Hace 8 días +1

      @Purple Haze Stealing land? Let me remind you that America is illegally occupying a part of Syria...yes, illegally!!!!

    • moya kiska
      moya kiska Hace 8 días +1

      @Purple Haze
      i speak many languages punk..

    • Purple Haze
      Purple Haze Hace 8 días

      @moya kiska You speak English but sound like bumpkin.