John McCain funeral: Barack Obama FULL eulogy

  • Publicado el 31 ago 2018
  • Former President Barack Obama delivered a stirring eulogy honouring Senator John McCain on Saturday, touching on his 'longstanding admiration" for McCain and called on others to "follow his example."
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  • Viktor KULIJANIC
    Viktor KULIJANIC Hace un año +3892

    He may have lost the 2008 election, but he certainly didn’t lose his dignity. Rest in peace Mccain, thank you for your service.

    • Walken
      Walken Hace 2 días

      Nice logo you got there 🤦‍♂️

    • Alex the Hun
      Alex the Hun Hace 3 meses

      Filthy communist.

    • Doggo Willink
      Doggo Willink Hace un año

      Thanks communist guy?

    • Moia
      Moia Hace un año

      @mackdaddymojo Obama's father was born in Kenya so by your logic,Obama is not a good president

    • M. Wayne
      M. Wayne Hace un año

      In a landslide!

  • dannytheman1313
    dannytheman1313 Hace un año +5403

    Trump: insults McCain

    Arizona: We will remember this.

    • Roki Kalolo
      Roki Kalolo Hace 5 días

      🤣😂🤣 and they did I'll choose and vote for Sen John Maccain over Trump any day

    • dannytheman1313
      dannytheman1313 Hace 3 meses

      @Alex the Hun You do know if California were to break off from the US it would have the 6th richest economy in the world. Also most of the people you described were given one way bus tickets and shipped there from other states. It's not Cali's fault that Arkansas can't handle its junkies, bums, and parasites.

    • Alex the Hun
      Alex the Hun Hace 3 meses

      I hope Arizona ends up like California. A dump filled with bums, junkies and parasites.

    • Angel
      Angel Hace 4 meses

      @borntobewilder9 No, that is completely disgusting and disrespectful. What kind of person do you think you are?

    • Teri Wright
      Teri Wright Hace 5 meses

      @Sambath Venkatesan He was no hero! He created ISIS!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    MSFTS TRIO Hace un año +2259

    I gained all respect for John the day he defended Obama while running against him. You’re literally fighting for what could be the greatest achievement of your life yet you defend your opponent🥺❤️

    • R Thompson
      R Thompson Hace un año +2

      @Vansanglura I voted for obama to crush mccain in 2008 but when I saw that I felt guilty for all the horrible things some media members said about mccain in 2008. After that day I always respected him nd his family. Too bad they dont make em like they use to

    • xerox7142
      xerox7142 Hace un año +2

      Thats called honor. Something Trump has not, and will not ever have.

    • lzrnurse79
      lzrnurse79 Hace un año +3

      Yes! This should be one of those "pass it on" commercials we use to see few years ago.

    • VegasGirl35
      VegasGirl35 Hace un año +6

      That says a lot when you ask the man who defeated you in a Presidential election to give the eulogy at your funeral.

    • Hiren Arora
      Hiren Arora Hace un año +5

      That was class act on McCain! Made me really like him afterwards.

  • Bosola
    Bosola Hace un año +1749

    This is what a president looks like. This is what a leader looks like. This is what a decent human being looks like. It's not hard.

    • Gang Ching
      Gang Ching Hace un año

      And you aren’t any of those

    • John Mckenzie
      John Mckenzie Hace un año

      @R C At the McCain funeral? Of course not

    • sshaddict
      sshaddict Hace un año +2

      @RC, that was a good one. Thank you!! tRump is so full of lies & conspiracy theories that you can write an encyclopedia.

    • Davis Jackson
      Davis Jackson Hace un año +3

      I disagree. I actually think it's easy to be indecent. It's easy to a bad leader. It takes greatness to be decent, and to lead with grace. It takes strength to love the people you disagree with; that strength being something Obama and McCain had, and Trump does not.

    • ambria harris
      ambria harris Hace un año +3

      @Robert Owens you're better off educating yourself than speaking your divisive rhetoric. Express yourself and tell us why you made your statement instead of speaking propaganda talking points greatest hits. I'm listening

  • Jonathan Gray
    Jonathan Gray Hace un año +2357

    who is watching this in 2020 remembering what real statesmen are like?

    • Ess Vecan
      Ess Vecan Hace 4 meses

      Watching in Sep-2021

    • Blessed
      Blessed Hace 11 meses


    • Demetrius Robinson
      Demetrius Robinson Hace un año

      I miss The Senator What !

    • Michael Bryant
      Michael Bryant Hace un año +1

      He may have lost the 2008 election, but he certainly didn’t lose his dignity. Rest in peace Mccain, thank you for your service.

    • nnn - Ryk c.a.
      nnn - Ryk c.a. Hace un año

      @Green Intellectual yes my sis yes

  • Ricky Muse
    Ricky Muse Hace un año +488

    The look on Michelle Obama's face is priceless. The sheer and utter pride in those eyes for the man she loves is touching.

    • Bryan Hickernell
      Bryan Hickernell Hace un año +5

      Barack actually made a joke about her in his final White House correspondence dinner it was funny as hell

    • Humanity First
      Humanity First Hace un año +5

      @Nubbie Wubbie 🤣🤣🤣👍

    • Nubbie Wubbie
      Nubbie Wubbie Hace un año +33

      She must be a vampire because I swear she hasn't aged since '08...

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak Hace un año +361

    McCain was really really amazing

    • frigi frig
      frigi frig Hace un año +1

      Duudee again🤣

    • Allen Norman
      Allen Norman Hace un año

      He was executed for treason.

    • Jamie Lynch
      Jamie Lynch Hace un año +3

      He may have lost the 2008 election, but he certainly didn’t lose his dignity. Rest in peace Mccain, thank you for your service.

    • SouthBayJay
      SouthBayJay Hace un año +2

      @British Bashing Cooperation imagine being such a snowflake you have to respond to every comment

  • Sarah
    Sarah Hace un año +103

    The fact that he could make a widow, the children of the deceased, and other mourners laugh while giving a heartfelt eulogy speaks to his level of class and honesty

    • Phantomeagle.
      Phantomeagle. Hace 7 meses +2

      Especially when he said “John, not so much!” The face that both Cindy and their son had tells it all about that. “Yup , that’s him.”

  • K Chrome
    K Chrome Hace un año +3863

    Who is here after Joe Biden won the US Presidency? Tribute to John, the most decent Republican party nominee so far. What a sharp contrast he was from Donald Trump.

      NO OFFENCE Hace 6 meses +1

      I think a majority of the senate should be behind bars Joe Biden should be in hospital behind Bars

    • joi isler
      joi isler Hace 6 meses

      @NO OFFENCE I think somewhere along the line, politicians forgot that they are People serving the People (All the People), not just advancing their personal agendas.🙌🏾🙄

      NO OFFENCE Hace 6 meses +1

      What a sharp contrast to all politicians

    • joi isler
      joi isler Hace 7 meses

      Too bad McCain only had to use his little finger to have more class than The Donald. I can’t help but wonder what kind of standing we would have world wide if he were still here. Even if he was retired. (Don’t get me started on how many lives might have been saved during the Pandemic.) McCain loved both his country And it’s people. The world lost a Class Act, and a Great American (and I am a life-long Democrat; although I don’t hesitate to ”cross the aisle” if I think it is in our best interests as Citizens). Rip, sir.🕊Damn.😢

    • The One Man Who Beat You
      The One Man Who Beat You Hace 8 meses +1

      He represents what I think is lost these days: civil discourse, the two sides can't just have a respectful conversation anymore...

  • So Cool Rosie
    So Cool Rosie Hace un año +924

    I remember that Senator McCain told directly to a woman who hated former president Obama. "We disagree on many issues, but he is a decent man"

    • Joe Victor
      Joe Victor Hace un año +1

      @Jesse Dominguez That lady was exactly the type of person that Trump knew he could get onto his side. He could easily get those racist simple minded bigots by spewing the same filth that would come out of their mouths. And it worked. Twice.

    • Ash Carst
      Ash Carst Hace un año

      @Metallkopf it does but I get your point

    • Colin Hendry
      Colin Hendry Hace un año +4

      @Metallkopf "I think it’s extremely telling that McCain asked President Obama, someone he ran against to speak at his funeral, while Donald Trump was barred from the funeral" - the top comment with 7.7k upvotes...

    • Jesse Dominguez
      Jesse Dominguez Hace un año +4

      @OreoFuffMcduff that lady was crazy , but i love the way you could here her shocked that someone said he was a good person .. you can kind of hear here all like “ wha!?he isint”

    • Metallkopf
      Metallkopf Hace un año +8

      @Benjiii there's only so many variations of words to express the same sentiment. Using the same words does not imply plagiarism.

  • Veiotic
    Veiotic Hace un año +2711

    This is how presidents are supposed to act.

    • liligman
      liligman Hace un año +1

      you can see videos of McCain shutting down bigots and people saying things about his opponent Obama at his own rally - McCain was a man of tact, and it’s really telling if you look at the current GOP and Trump. This country has deteriorated because I realize now that those same bigots at McCain’s rallies saying ignorant things about Obama were waiting for a person like Trump to come along so they could feel recognized and have their hateful voices amplified.

      I hope we can return to a place in politics like this again, where you can have to ideologically different candidates who will still speak out against incorrect and hateful information about their opponent - not retweet it and stir the pot. it speaks volumes also that McCain wanted Obama to speak, and Trump to not be there

    • Paul Hennigan
      Paul Hennigan Hace un año

      Very well said.

    • Veiotic
      Veiotic Hace un año

      @Frank Sorry I respect Bush, I was referring to all present.

    • Frank Sorry
      Frank Sorry Hace un año

      Veiotic both of them. Even Big Bush is recognised for his humble transition in the interest of the people. Let’s all be cool.

    • BasedGod Strugglin'
      BasedGod Strugglin' Hace un año +1

      “This is a fake speech” -Trump, probably
      The man that is currently the president is the epitome of who I don’t want to be.

  • Diamond HD
    Diamond HD Hace un año +697

    I never voted for Obama and I never liked his policies. But he is a personally nice man and I respect him for this

    • Zac Francis
      Zac Francis Hace 6 meses

      666 likes, but I agree lol

    • Ryan Clarke
      Ryan Clarke Hace un año +3

      @Elias Ziad ROFLMFAO.

      No, no he doesn't. >_>

    • Henrik Høyrup
      Henrik Høyrup Hace un año +5

      @Diamond HD
      if you stood in front on Obama and said this: "I never voted for you and I never liked your policies. But you are a personally nice man and I respect you for this."
      ....I bet Obama would look straight in your eyes, nod gently 2-3 times and say "That's fair."

    • Luca Villaseñor
      Luca Villaseñor Hace un año +1

      @Elias Ziad you didn't get the memo huh?

      JIMMY WANG Hace un año

      Yes, the person first, policy second.

  • Matt
    Matt Hace un año +14288

    John OPENLY defended Obama even when they were going head to head with one another, he said Obama is a decent human being that I happened to have disagreements with. You don't see this in American politics anymore.

    • bLoWc16
      bLoWc16 Hace 6 meses

      @DoctorChained you don’t even know what is wrong about the “email scandal” the Bernie supporters doesn’t even realize that they fell for the GOP propaganda and helped trump get elected by parroting the “email scandal” which they don’t even know what it is about, nor if you ask them they’ll be able tell you why it’s a bad thing. They Republican Party have done a bit job ok here since 2012 and the the Bernie base parroted their sentiment because they couldn’t get over the fact that people didn’t want Bernie and his policies.

    • DoctorChained
      DoctorChained Hace 6 meses

      @bLoWc16 Bernie (stupidly, tbh) defended Hillary and the backlash of her email scandal. Yeah, he definitely doesn't hit below the belt.

    • Sai Addanki
      Sai Addanki Hace 7 meses

      @Reinaldo Perez well well well

    • Joshua Andino
      Joshua Andino Hace 10 meses

      Too bad we will never a friendship between a Democrat and Republican again... RIP McCain

    • Creole Lady
      Creole Lady Hace 10 meses

      @DJ Wally West
      Exactly, you couldn't have said it any better. 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ramsey Pacheco
    Ramsey Pacheco Hace un año +771

    this is what a real, respectable, intelligent, and legitimate president looks like.

    • Nik Morales
      Nik Morales Hace un año +12

      @Saharsh Talwar Its sick and pathetic what that man has done to our people, just brought out the hate and ignorance in people thinking its what America needed. Obama may not have had the best policies but damn I could listen to him speak forever, what a amazing man.

    • Saharsh Talwar
      Saharsh Talwar Hace un año +10

      How messed up is it that Trump and MAGA fans diss on McCain. He was the last good republican

  • Chris Hejduk
    Chris Hejduk Hace un año +2229

    How messed up is it that Trump and MAGA fans diss on McCain. He was the last good republican

  • Mardo 71
    Mardo 71 Hace un año +95

    I'm not American, but I could listen to Mr Obama for hours, Just seems so down to earth.

  • Madrine
    Madrine Hace un año +2159

    " I do not serve the Republican Party, I serve the people of Arizona."
    *I desperately want for Arizona to stay Blue! What a wonderful thing that would be: "McCain's Last Laugh"*

    • John Mckenzie
      John Mckenzie Hace un año

      @British Bashing Cooperation Not 75 % apparently
      49% lol

    • John Mckenzie
      John Mckenzie Hace un año

      @Araceli1959 Math...simple lol

    • John Mckenzie
      John Mckenzie Hace un año

      @Dillan Ponis you americans are hilarious, learn math

    • John Mckenzie
      John Mckenzie Hace un año

      @Dillan Ponis Lol learn math and your election system

    • John Mckenzie
      John Mckenzie Hace un año

      @Dillan Ponis You lack simple mathematical skills

  • QVillain
    QVillain Hace un año +6028

    I disagreed with Senator McCain on almost every stance he took, but I remember sitting there watching when he confronted the voter who said Obama was a Muslim and other outrageous claims and defended his opponent and I was shocked. He was a patriot, a statesman, and an incredible leader. President Obama was right, our country was made better thanks to John McCain’s leadership. RIP Senator. God speed.

    • Tom Lardner
      Tom Lardner Hace 11 meses

      John mccain, a very decent man in an indecent. If trump lives to a hundred, he will never be the man mccain. A husband a senator a father but a patriot, which trump will never be rip john

    • Erik Swanson
      Erik Swanson Hace un año

      Can you imagine if she had said this to Trump? Do you remember how in the final stretch of his losing campaign Trump always referred to Obama as Barak Hussein Obama because it sounded Muslim.

    • Rinaldi Maxine
      Rinaldi Maxine Hace un año

      Trump: insults McCain

      Arizona: We will remember this.

    • under the empty sky
      under the empty sky Hace un año

      @Matthew Bibby Yes, I know what separation of church and state is. And I’m not American either, I’m from Northern Europe where the government is much more secular than in the US.

    • Matthew Bibby
      Matthew Bibby Hace un año

      @under the empty sky Seperation of church and state - you’re absolutely correct, it was one of the fundamental policies of the founding fathers if i recall.

      ... I’m not even American lol, some of your guys would do well to read up on your political history and what the people you look up to so much truly wanted for the country... DEFINITELY not this intolerant, angry bickering mob where both sides can barely stand to look at one another, never mind speak civilly.

      Didn’t even much mind Trump at the beginning, but on reflection I think it’s pretty obvious that his brash nature stirred put he worst in Americans, and turned the politics into angry shouting matches where interrupting your opponent to get a demeaning word in before they can finish their point means more than policies. It was kinda funny, maybe even refreshing at first, but... Honestly from the way people speak now, I worry that your country is constantly teetering on the verge of civil war, where people not only dislike the policies of their politicians, but their neighbours and fellow countrymen for disagreeing, and that’s just sad to me.

  • GJTheLegend
    GJTheLegend Hace un año +530

    I miss the days when we had actually good presidential options, it didn’t come down to who we hated less, but who we agreed with more. RIP

    • Alexander Shelby
      Alexander Shelby Hace 10 meses

      @Pirate Lord buy you are thugs

    • dino radja
      dino radja Hace un año

      Bush kerry?

    • Nubbie Wubbie
      Nubbie Wubbie Hace un año

      Those days can still come again.

    • Pango
      Pango Hace un año

      @Pirate Lord He did mention ending systemic racism in his victory speech. Do you believe him? Would you give him a chance?

    • curvytangerine
      curvytangerine Hace un año

      @Will Bracken lol that choice says a lot.

  • Glenn Davey
    Glenn Davey Hace un año +217

    The video is 19 minutes and 55 seconds long. This man is the perfect orator, the Martin Luther King Jr of our time. Such an honor to live through his tenure.

    • d gronzega
      d gronzega Hace un año +1

      Agreed. When he was POTUS, even my republican coworkers admitted, he speaks well.

    • Dorothy Nelson
      Dorothy Nelson Hace un año +5

      Great Soul.

  • CJ Rodenberg
    CJ Rodenberg Hace un año +136

    Say what you might about Obama, the man is a phenomenal public speaker.

    • 3DG3
      3DG3 Hace un año +1

      Hell, he made a funeral get laughs.. that's a pretty big thing..

    • John Brown
      John Brown Hace un año +5

      i don't agree with obama's politics but he was one of the best speakers as a leader

    • pearlescent
      pearlescent Hace un año +9


  • J Lei
    J Lei Hace un año +123

    McCain was one of the few Republicas most democrats respect and will continue to respect. His views are different, but his respect for others and patriotism are what a real American represent.

  • C
    C Hace un año +2211

    Obama will go down in History as one of our greatest Presidents. His eloquence is inspiring.

    • nephyril
      nephyril Hace un año

      @Colin Murphy He had to sign one executive order after another just to accomplish what he did because the Republicans (Mitch, specifically) neutered everything he tried to do just to spite him.

    • 江泽民
      江泽民 Hace un año

      If we mean the person 100%, might be a bit questionable for presidency, but anyway he took over America midst crisis so

    • Fifa Dylan
      Fifa Dylan Hace un año

      @Jayson Huckaby he is not the greatest us president washigton is he literally is one of main people who is he reason this county exists

    • Jayson Huckaby
      Jayson Huckaby Hace un año

      FDR was the greatest president in US history... his many policies still affect every facet of American life today

    • Fifa Dylan
      Fifa Dylan Hace un año

      @C I look into policies and what they have done as the main thing cause sure they can be a nice caring loving person but then do nothing and millions of people lose jobs the economy is terrible and high amounts of murder and drug use and they won't go down as a good president the reason people like lincon and washigton are the best presidents is because washigton founded this country and lincon git rid of slavery not because they were nice

  • TheUsername217
    TheUsername217 Hace un año +5054

    Arizona just flipped to blue for Biden

    McCain had the last laugh

    • Joe Schmo
      Joe Schmo Hace 5 meses +1

      And 9 months later it was all due to voter fraud. Trump won AZ by a wide margin.

    • Selfish Capitalist
      Selfish Capitalist Hace 8 meses

      McCain was a Republican. He wouldn't have wanted Arizona to flip.

    • Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon
      Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon Hace 9 meses

      @Elias Ziad no?

    • Sungate
      Sungate Hace 10 meses

      @Guilain The Warriors Fox called it at that time, it was CNN who didn't call it.

    • AJ Villegas
      AJ Villegas Hace 10 meses

      @Elias Ziad still think so 😂

  • David Torres
    David Torres Hace un año +1340

    I hope McCain is looking down and laughing at what’s going on in this election. Arizona turning blue is his last laugh at trump.

    • Apurva Shanker
      Apurva Shanker Hace 8 meses

      @Tomas L
      He left an honourable man. Didn't puddle himself in mud over gaining racists and hateful extremists as voters. His political ideas and vision for economy may be debated, but his stance on honour and self respect is undisputedly iconic amongst the dirt bag of politics that exists in USA.

    • Tomas L
      Tomas L Hace 9 meses

      You have a point he had the opportunity to bash Obama in 2008 and turned it down kinda costing him the election

    • Static
      Static Hace 9 meses +1

      @Tomas L nah, hes not toxic enough to say that

    • Frank Sorry
      Frank Sorry Hace un año

      I think he’s far too passionate about his country to have a laugh just yet, but if we all do our part right now to get back on the right track, I’m sure we’ll get a laugh of of him soon enough. GBJM

    • Jayk Anderson
      Jayk Anderson Hace un año +1

      hell, he probably voted in 2020

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Hace un año +1863

    Donald Trump would never say this about any of his political opponents.

    • Ryan Witte Vloggs
      Ryan Witte Vloggs Hace 8 meses

      General Kenobi

    • Gang Ching
      Gang Ching Hace un año

      @Morten Nicolaisen Biden’s the one who can barely speak lmao😂😂

    • GDSkulll
      GDSkulll Hace un año +1


    • Good Night Owl
      Good Night Owl Hace un año

      I don't think anybody would give him a chance to.

    • sshaddict
      sshaddict Hace un año

      Heck, he wouldn’t know how to put a speech together!

  • AverageJoe
    AverageJoe Hace un año +28

    I disagreed with John McCain on several polices, but I whole heartily respect his sense of humility and honor. He was a shining example of what a good politician should be.

  • Onyx Tiger
    Onyx Tiger Hace un año +144

    As Republican as Arizona may be, they showed America that they would not take disrespect to one of it's people. Especially one who was a decroated war veteran. Thank you, Arizona for demonstrating loyalty to American values over partisanship of one's party. Thank You for being an example to us all.

  • the bird has been charged
    the bird has been charged Hace un año +20

    The fact that you can get me from another country to sit and watch a freaking eulogy about a man I only knew about thanks to Trump says everything there is to say about Obama. What a man.

    • Melissa Upton
      Melissa Upton Hace un año +2

      Imagine how most Americans have felt the last four years. We went from class and the sublime to classless and the ridiculous. Now we will welcome President-elect Joe Biden, a man of integrity and a life of public service. And VP-elect Kamala Harris has the education and public service experience to do more great things for the USA and the world. It's the first time in four years that many of us have taken a deep breath.

  • Victorious Angel
    Victorious Angel Hace un año +66

    This is how a president speak. I haven’t heard a proper speech in 4 years.

  • Rufus Bayne
    Rufus Bayne Hace un año +22

    I watched this again today because I needed to hear it. I needed to be reminded that there are still honorable people who care for one another and truly love their country.

  • Inuwoodx
    Inuwoodx Hace un año +2575

    To put this short: A man of honor honors a man of honor. That's what I saw here.

    • cashflownpv
      cashflownpv Hace un año +2

      Very well put

    • Dirk Bercks
      Dirk Bercks Hace un año +1

      Wow. Very well said. Thank you

    • LovelyP
      LovelyP Hace un año +1

      No lies being told. Thank you president Obama for you beautiful words thank you John McCain for your service

    • shamus248
      shamus248 Hace un año

      A war criminal honors another war criminal

    • 大鴉 Raven
      大鴉 Raven Hace un año +1


  • Ben Almagor
    Ben Almagor Hace un año +8

    Me personally, I voted for Obama, I voted for Biden, and I will always be a democrat. However, John McCain in the single republican that, more than any other, I have more respect for than I could ever put into words. I would 100% without any second guessing, vote for McCain over trump any day of the week. Rest In Peace John McCain, an incredible man who deserves to be remembered. As for Arizona, McCain really did get the last laugh.

  • james mattice
    james mattice Hace un año +35

    One man with self respect giving a eulogy to another man with self respect.

  • ?
    ? Hace un año +98

    (President) Obama seems to be holding back tears.. at times. is that just me?

    Still well spoken of course
    Honourable eulogy

  • Micah Gunn
    Micah Gunn Hace un año +8

    I come back to remind myself that there are still people who can love, like, or respect someone although they might be on opposite sides. That is something we don’t see anymore. R.I.P John McCain. A true American Patriot 🙏 God Bless. Respect to President Obama for the touching speech.

  • Gerald Holley
    Gerald Holley Hace un año +3106

    What a privilige John Mc Cain bestowed on President Obama in asking him to deliver his eulogy. He could have asked anyone including from his own party or the military but he chose President Barak Obama someone who seemingly he had very little in common except of course genuine patriotism and huge integrity. That says it all.

    • RiverwoodHood
      RiverwoodHood Hace un año

      beautifully said, Gerald. the ideas you expressed got my choked up. :)

    • Monica Moreira
      Monica Moreira Hace un año +1

      And President Obama is a brilliant speaker!

    • Josse Brodeur
      Josse Brodeur Hace un año +45

      Even though they ran against each other, the two of them shared an immense respect for the other. They disagreed on a lot of things, but they could see that the person they ran against was worth respecting.

    • Ramanathan Venkatakrishnan
      Ramanathan Venkatakrishnan Hace un año +34

      he asked george bush as well, and both gave tremendous eulogies. my dad who is a democrat voted republican in all state elections soley because of this amazing and inspirational human being. I only knew the gravitas of his excellence after his passing however I will continue to research the legacy and greatness of this man

    • crystal dragon
      crystal dragon Hace un año +68

      No surprise at all. both men with integrity and much love for America

  • Spencer
    Spencer Hace un año +4

    Coming back after two years and I realize how great John really was. While Obama and McCain didn’t agree on some things, they both respected each other and didn’t want to spread false information about the other. I remember watching a video where McCain defended Obama for the good job that he would do and I just admired that. To see opponents not act like enemies was very uplifting and inspiring to me. Both are such honourable men. You are and will be missed, John McCain. ❤️

  • Sirflappington
    Sirflappington Hace un año +35

    The respect I have for Obama and McCain cannot be measured. I fully believe that McCain would have done this country justice if he had become president in 2016, instead we got Trump. I grew up in a time where the presidential candidates were respectable, Trump gives me the feeling of "anyone but Trump and I'll be happy".

  • Ali Jaffery
    Ali Jaffery Hace un año +383

    I honestly wouldn’t have minded if John McCain was elected President in 2008.

    He was one of the few Republicans who weren’t ideagogues or bullies or xenophobes.

    • Ali Jaffery
      Ali Jaffery Hace un año +2

      @eoe123321 No one wants communism.

      If they aren’t racist or xenophobic, why did they pick Trump out of all the Republican contenders in 2016? And when Trump became the nominee, they should have voted third party in protest. (I voted for Jill Stein in 2016)

      Medicare4All, Student Loan Forgiveness, and the Green New Deal are not communism at all.

    • aznluvr7
      aznluvr7 Hace un año +4

      @Edith March Oh yeah, everyone had serious Bush and Republic fatigue at that time.

    • Edith March
      Edith March Hace un año

      yeah; but it was also after 8 years of a republican president.... of Bush.... and a crashing economy that tried out the trickle down method for the nth time and the US citizens prop strongly felt wasn't working...... so I wasn't surprised Obama won.

    • David Robbins
      David Robbins Hace un año +3

      Might have been for the best since Obama could have ran against Trump and certainly beat him. But who knows

    • aznluvr7
      aznluvr7 Hace un año

      Yeah was a tough choice for me in 2008.

  • rayson ortega
    rayson ortega Hace un año +419

    Senator McCain asked that trump not come to his funeral. That speaks volumes.

    • Alex Schalk
      Alex Schalk Hace un mes

      @MsJubjubbird As far as I read he banned Palin, i'm not sure about his whole staff

    • Winterfang
      Winterfang Hace un año

      Is crazy, he had Bush and Obama who he ran against make speeches but the leader of his party was not allowed

    • Lorents Hegdal
      Lorents Hegdal Hace un año

      @Clos MasMas ikr, this guy is plagiarising like Joe Biden💀

    • Clos MasMas
      Clos MasMas Hace un año +1

      @Lorents Hegdal The comment right above this is the exact same thing

    • Lorents Hegdal
      Lorents Hegdal Hace un año +3

      Literally copied another comment nice one

  • Liver Success
    Liver Success Hace un año +365

    I hated the 2008 election. I wanted both Obama and McCain to be President. They were both such admirable leaders in very different ways. This is a reminder that 2008 was a special election, and we may not see in our lifetime two candidates who respected each other more.

    • B20C0
      B20C0 Hace 9 meses

      Wasn't that Bret Weinstein's proposal? Cooperative presidency.

    • Nikhil Sahgal
      Nikhil Sahgal Hace 9 meses

      @Piotr D. Oh yeah for sure. I'm just saying in the context of republican candidates

    • Piotr D.
      Piotr D. Hace 9 meses

      @Nikhil Sahgal I'd say that you'd be better of without both Trump and Biden.

    • Name Last Name First
      Name Last Name First Hace un año

      Who did you prefer?

    • Boam
      Boam Hace un año +1

      that's how elections should be. how it was up until 2016

  • anddudewaslike
    anddudewaslike Hace un año +32

    It’s nice to see a ESclips comment section that hasn’t been overrun by hateful rhetoric. Being here is reflective of how our country once was, with a modicum of respect despite disagreements. This speech is an embodiment of that principle.

  • Sophia Cal
    Sophia Cal Hace un año +26

    I’ve watched this more than 10 times and I still come back to this when I need something to feel better. Today is one of those day as we anxiously wait for the final results!
    RIP John McCain, What a truly honorable man, Arizona did you well sir!!

    • Fazza Muhammad
      Fazza Muhammad Hace un año

      Greetings from the crown prince of Dubai and send me your email or Whatsapp number ok

  • Susan R
    Susan R Hace un año +22

    Obama and McCain did what they could to be decent public servants. At times, I disagreed with some of the policies of both Obama and McCain, but I always understood that they were doing what they could to be helpful to their constituents and those of us who live here in the U.S. We can try to follow the example of those who do try their best to do the right thing.

  • Manny
    Manny Hace 2 años +4412

    Love him, hate him, agree or disagree with his political ideologies, we have to admit one thing - he is one hell of an orator

    • Ian Anderson
      Ian Anderson Hace un año +1

      @L. B. Leave the supernatural out of this. Voting is all that is required.

    • Alicia Arneson
      Alicia Arneson Hace un año +1

      You have that right. Awesome speaker, awesome man

    • Carol Mcfadden
      Carol Mcfadden Hace un año

      Love Obama..the whole family were real deal..they all have a cohesiveness that makes for an excellent example of The First Family.

    • Prithviraj S
      Prithviraj S Hace un año

      You bet

    • Madeline Van Deven
      Madeline Van Deven Hace un año

      Kathleen Mitchell , you are truly blind to their deception! Do some research on these people, please.

  • PhokDaFreeWorld
    PhokDaFreeWorld Hace un año +28

    "I never saw John treat anyone differently because of their race, or religion, or gender." Take notes Trump. That's what a real American is despite different parties. McCain will always be 100x the better man you'll ever be in your lifetime.

  • swod1
    swod1 Hace un año +16

    To have one of your most intense competitors speak at your funeral speaks volumes that you were a man of integrity. RIP John.

    RALDS Hace un año +4

    A brilliant eulogy by Barack Obama to the great John McCain, a very distinguished military man and senator.

  • Roger J Mayer
    Roger J Mayer Hace un año +7

    Watching former Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama speak at John McCain funeral is so inspiring, helps me remember when our Presidents displayed civility, decorum, class and grace. That all stopped when "it" became President . While I may not have agreed with all of their decisions, I always had respect for them regardless of their political party.

  • Erik Schneider
    Erik Schneider Hace 9 meses +8

    You know you've done something right when everyone laughs on your funeral with tears in their eyes

  • Lumpus_
    Lumpus_ Hace un año +8

    To ask your former antagonist to speak at your funeral and this beautiful speech itself are moving reminders that there still is dignity and decency in the world.

  • Steven Barc
    Steven Barc Hace un año +5

    As a arizona native and serving active duty in the navy. I miss this man. John was everything I valued in a leader and as a man. I can only wish I live a life as valuable as john McCain.

  • Gibraltar British68
    Gibraltar British68 Hace un año +46

    It's September, 2020 and I had forgotten what a real President sounds like. Seems so long ago.

  • Condor
    Condor Hace un año +31

    John is smiling in heaven. His friend Joe is upholding his legacy! God Bless the McCain family, Arizona and the United States of America 🇺🇸

  • Jacob Davidson
    Jacob Davidson Hace un año +3

    This speech was a masterpiece

  • Chuck
    Chuck Hace un año +11

    That tear rolling down his face... Regardless of their differences, they loved and respected each other. This was such a loss, 2 years on and it's never been clearer how big it was.

  • Lundberg adena
    Lundberg adena Hace un año +4

    He may have lost the 2008 election, but he certainly didn’t lose his dignity. Rest in peace Mccain, thank you for your service.

  • James Damon
    James Damon Hace un año +674

    THIS is how you lead. THIS is how you speak of American heroes. Regardless of your political party.

    • V. Michelle
      V. Michelle Hace un año


    • Margaret McGroarty
      Margaret McGroarty Hace un año +3

      Totally agree with you diganty personified

    • Fifer McGee
      Fifer McGee Hace un año +4

      This is respect, professionalism, courageous leadership, need we say more?

    • Cathy Berry
      Cathy Berry Hace un año +11

      Yes, I totally agree! I used to have a bumper sticker "Never Thought I'd Miss Nixon"... I didn't agree with GW Bush in the past, but now I'd like to find one "Never Thought I'd Miss Bush". But now I'm afraid to put any political bumper sticker on my truck, for fear of being shot, or a road rage incident. Freedom of speech now is under scrupulation? We need to save our country from division & the deprivation that will be forthcoming without strong leadership for the common man who is suffering everyday. No race, nor hate division, we're all in this together!! AMEN! ✌✌

  • Maitrik Patel
    Maitrik Patel Hace un año +9

    I gained all respect for John the day he defended Obama while running against him. You’re literally fighting for what could be the greatest achievement of your life yet you defend your opponent🥺❤️

    • ThirdEngr
      ThirdEngr Hace un año

      Because Sen. McCain was an Officer and a Gentleman.

  • Zergflushing
    Zergflushing Hace un año +2

    In light of recent events I felt the need to watch this again and it is unbelievable how far many have fallen in the last 4 years. For republicans and democrats alike as well as citizens from all free nations worldwide, John McCain was the most courageous, genuine human being. A true warrior until the end. He will forever be held on the highest of pedestals for the man he was.

  • Your Grace _
    Your Grace _ Hace un año +8

    He was such a classy guy, wish we had more ppl like him in the senate.

  • Gold Guy
    Gold Guy Hace un año +3

    If this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, I don’t know what you’re doing.

  • Stew Artisan
    Stew Artisan Hace un año +9609

    I can see why Trump hates Barack. Barack is everything that Trump can never be. Respected, intelligent and loved

    • mansisity
      mansisity Hace 9 meses

      And Black

    • Christian Tate
      Christian Tate Hace 9 meses

      I doubt the people in Yemen would agree

    • borntobewilder9
      borntobewilder9 Hace un año

      @Patrick McCarthy Understood. But your reply says it all - "Google!" Google is deep state and will suppress the truth. Obama's got a cool billion going on, too. And it's not from speaking and book sales. Iran pays handsomely for $150 in cash on pallets. Very handsome. They can both burn in hell for selling out the USA.

    • Rick Kernell
      Rick Kernell Hace un año

      @borntobewilder9 It figures that trump would like for his lackeys' to think that. He doesn't have the balls...

    • borntobewilder9
      borntobewilder9 Hace un año

      @Carmen Sandiego You are a complete boob.

  • Sai UPSC
    Sai UPSC Hace un año +37

    Watching this after elections 2020. John McCain is smiling from above. Blessed to say he is my role model along with Lincoln 🎩

  • CB
    CB Hace un año +274

    “Some principals transcend party” - I wish people would understand this today

  • xpswebstar420
    xpswebstar420 Hace un año +2

    Hearing the words of President Obama again has led me to this realization. It is something I knew in my heart but did not know how to say until now.
    "When you stand up to bullies and defend the persecuted, when you come to aid of those who are suffering, you are in effect defending and coming to the aid of your country because that has been the goal of America since it was created."

  • Green Intellectual
    Green Intellectual Hace un año +5

    You can't help but to laugh and cry all at the same time. What a beautiful tribute.

    • Fazza Muhammad
      Fazza Muhammad Hace un año

      Greetings from the crown prince of Dubai and send me your email or Whatsapp number okay

  • Grace Smail
    Grace Smail Hace un año +4

    Obama will always have a place in my heart. A dignified noble soul who inspires us to rise to the heights of ourselves just by being in his presence.

    • Fazza Muhammad
      Fazza Muhammad Hace un año

      Greetings from the crown prince of Dubai and send me your email or Whatsapp number ok

  • Nery Asencio
    Nery Asencio Hace un año +7

    God bless John Mccain' s soul, one of the best politicians of our times. A good human being

  • Capt. CoCo
    Capt. CoCo Hace un año +5

    They were both matured gentlemen who stood together in principles and moral values. We should all learn this quality and make ourselves respected even after we're gone.
    RIP Legend!
    ~From India

  • Blue Skies Truth Radio
    Blue Skies Truth Radio Hace un año +3

    I enjoy listening to this man speak. ❤️ RIP John McCain, thank you for your service. 💐

  • Toshirozawa
    Toshirozawa Hace un año +65

    It's incredible to me how the US could have 8 years of this classy man, followed-up with 4 years with the barbarian that just got the boot out the door. Regardless of political belief, Joe is a return to class.

    • William Phillip
      William Phillip Hace un año

      Agreed, not sure if Joe is the real answer I think we could’ve done a lot better than him.

    • Melissa Upton
      Melissa Upton Hace un año +1


  • L J Sopjes
    L J Sopjes Hace un año +1

    This is the best eulogy I have ever heard: Touching, humorous, respectful.

  • Julia Goodheart
    Julia Goodheart Hace un año +2

    A truly beautiful human being!! Grateful for his presence in this world!😍

  • Hassan Elminshawy
    Hassan Elminshawy Hace un año +2

    Y’all already know who downvoted this speech. I miss this articulate, well-educated man who speaks so eloquently.

  • Bruce Berry
    Bruce Berry Hace 9 meses +2

    At this moment, I am so grateful to have access to this video, to hear this eulogy again, to remember what kind of person I should strive to be today because of his (McCain's) life and how he lived his. Thank you again John McCain, for every single moment of your life.

  • Tina Hailu
    Tina Hailu Hace un año +2

    He was a great senator with an outstanding performance .John was fighting for all the American people !I genuinely appreciate what he did for our country .Rest in power !You'll be missed ! Hope God gives his strength for his family and friends .May God continue bless & protect his family .Rest in peace for our hero John !!!

  • Abhilasha Rodrigo
    Abhilasha Rodrigo Hace un año +10

    RIP Senator John McCain. You will be missed.

  • mark D'Agostino
    mark D'Agostino Hace un año +3

    John McCain will always be remembered as a great man in both Democratic and Republican households. He was a gentleman and placed America before his own party.
    God Rest his soul.

  • United Flight 93
    United Flight 93 Hace un año +4408

    " I do not serve the Republican Party, I serve the people of Arizona."

    -Senator John McCain (R), Late of Arizona

    • calador
      calador Hace un año

      @Jason Bailey yup, I've never voted red but I think I'd have voted for him. He was special

      MARCVS LICINIVS CRASSVS Hace un año +2

      AZ remembered him in 2020

    • Dorothy Josefina
      Dorothy Josefina Hace un año +7

      And the people of Arizona have served him back by rejecting both Trump, the man who insulted him nonstop, and Martha McSally, who illegitimately took John's seat after he passed. I'm so proud of my state.

    • alyxskyler
      alyxskyler Hace un año

      Where did he say this? I’d like to watch the video/read the article

    • All I Wanted was a Cherry Pepsi
      All I Wanted was a Cherry Pepsi Hace un año

      MrArchie800 I serve the republican party and me only.*

  • Lolindir Surion
    Lolindir Surion Hace un año +3

    John McCain is missed. The senate really need him now. I'm not an US citizen, but I can sit afar and see that his voice is needed, now more than ever.

  • Hashir Najmi
    Hashir Najmi Hace un año +34

    I am completely unfamiliar with America's politics, but I do not see how anyone can stand against Obama not as his position as President but rather against his character

    • Xion Memoria
      Xion Memoria Hace un año +8

      George Bush Jr. was in a room full of children, reading to them, when he was informed of 9/11. He kept his cool to avoid scaring them and later checked back to apologize for having to leave early.

      Joe Biden visited a school that had suffered a shooting and was approached by the son of a victim. He stood there hugging that child for a long while, and then told him about his own experiences with loss.

      The Cheeto we elected in 2016 was an outlier. The vast majority of our presidents have been good men.

  • branchyapple
    branchyapple Hace un año +13

    I wished John was going for president in 2020. But I'm not an American citizen, and I never knew he died.
    It's so sad seeing a respectful man as John not alive anymore. Rest in peace John

  • kevku2010
    kevku2010 Hace un año +115

    About 70 million people need to watch this over and over again until it clicks.

    • d gronzega
      d gronzega Hace un año +5

      Sadly, for most of them, it will never click.

  • God N' Country
    God N' Country Hace un año +271

    John had a funeral filled with more dignitaries than most presidents EVER get. Regardless of politics, Senator McCain has made a remarkable impact on our country. May God rest his soul!!!

    • Cathy Berry
      Cathy Berry Hace un año +4

      I definitely agree with you! I'm a democratic from NH, but I voted for John McCain in our primaries, because I trusted him & believed in his honesty & values. I think he would have won the election if he had not chosen Palin. He regretted that later in life.
      He was an AMAZING MAN , A HERO, MENTOR, VETERAN, SURVIVOR, and will FOREVER be an INSPIRATION to all of us!! WE NEED MORE VOICES LIKE HIS during this time of our country's pain & division.
      Many tears! 😷😢🇺🇲🇺🇲

    • RevanofKorriban
      RevanofKorriban Hace un año

      There was one from Saudi Arabia. But that doesn't matter all that much, I suppose.

  • Dprince
    Dprince Hace un año +7

    McCain is a real hero, no wonder so many people including democrats respect and admire him.

  • mattPG
    mattPG Hace un año +19

    Here's hoping we can get back to this level of civility and human decency in our country. The last 4 years has felt like a bad dream... Fingers crossed we can move forward, instead of left or right.

    • christian emden
      christian emden Hace un año

      And that is all we can ask for civility. There is no problem with believing in different things, but with civil discourse there is a way for both sides to reflect about the others point.

  • Awesome Metal Bands Official

    Anyone who thumbs down this video should be completely ashamed of themselves..

  • Tom Word
    Tom Word Hace un año +2

    This is how everyone should be and the way we all should act. Huge respect

  • maryleejones
    maryleejones Hace un año +2

    This is the mark of a great democracy which with much sadness is lost in the uncivil meanness of the current administration. Sen. John McCain was and forever will be a true and honorable hero.

  • Nhlanzeko ninela
    Nhlanzeko ninela Hace un año +3

    As a black woman I wasn't really down with Obama, but this speech and the way he interacted with people while on office made me respect him a lot!
    I get it now!

  • Alexander Brucker
    Alexander Brucker Hace un año +2

    This is the DEFINITION of integrity. Compassion. And respect. I don’t care if you’re a republican or a democrat, the fact that these two men (because that’s who they are, men. True men), who disagreed on SO MANY issues, had respect for each other is a testament and an example of the true values of the American people. There is literally NOTHING more American than working together, and yes, disagreeing on issues. We became an independent nation because of our respect for each other, above all.

  • likebigg
    likebigg Hace un año +4

    When you looking for inspiration just watch this great speech and honour to a great man

  • pretty bullet
    pretty bullet Hace 2 años +1070

    It's so refreshing to once again hear a President who's coherent and speaks in complete sentences.

      KUUKAAY Y Hace un año

      @javi ruiz which he did last week lol
      You're dream came true

    • The Autumn Wind
      The Autumn Wind Hace un año +2

      @javi ruiz yeah 🥺

    • Plen122
      Plen122 Hace 2 años +20

      Gawd yes. 💯

  • Squid ward
    Squid ward Hace un año +3

    Its great to see how people valued one of the few great people we have of the republican party that we have in this day and age,they held a memorial for him.

  • Creamy Goodness
    Creamy Goodness Hace un año +2

    An exceedingly honorable man honoring another extraordinarily honorable man. I hope we as a country can once again become a place where we realize that we are all striving for the same goal; we want to make our country better with each passing day, but simply have differing views on how to get there. I have nothing but admiration and respect for both of these men.

  • speedeemee
    speedeemee Hace un año +47

    One of the finest Sons that America has ever produced.

  • Rob Ducker
    Rob Ducker Hace un año +1

    John McCain was a very accurate judge of character and even as a non american I can appreciate the respect and love shown to him not just as a patriot but as a decent human being. Obama's eulogy reflects that so accurately. I would also encourage viewers to see John McCain's speech in his Presidential Election concession to Obama - truly worth hearing in light of the likely absence of any such speech by Trump.

  • Pavan Santhanam
    Pavan Santhanam Hace un año +3173

    A republican senator inviting his counterpart to speak at his memorial service while he was still alive is a testament of the stature of the Man. Lets leave it at that. You will always be my President Mr.Obama. Respect!

    • Erik Rodriguez
      Erik Rodriguez Hace un año

      True words

    • Tania K
      Tania K Hace un año

      Patricia Kasprowski he probably could have a position with Biden though 🧐

    • Deborah King
      Deborah King Hace un año +2

      Mine too. I can't believe we went from excellence with President Obama to failure with TRUMP.

    • Netman Netman
      Netman Netman Hace un año

      Amen to that!

    • Shari Scott Reese
      Shari Scott Reese Hace un año