Data still available to monitor COVID-19 trends despite lack of PCR testing in Alberta | FULL

  • Publicado el 12 ene 2022
  • Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw is reassuring Albertan's that despite a lack of PCR testing in the province they are still monitoring the data from other sources to show trends in COVID-19 transmissions.
    Speaking during a COVID-19 update on Thursday, Dr. Hinshaw said the acute care admission data and wastewater data can still show community trends.
    The continued rise of the Omicron variant has lead to a high demand for PCR testing that forced the Alberta government to restrict access because the system has been pushed beyond capacity according to Premier Jason Kenney.
    Kenney stated that although at-home rapid test delivery has been delayed he is hoping to get them to Albertans later this month, although he could not give a precise date.
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  • Annie Couillard
    Annie Couillard Hace 10 meses +13

    Dr Hinshaw... why is there 3/4 fully vaccinated in the hospitals?
    Why would anyone want a booster seeing those results?

  • Public Commentor
    Public Commentor Hace 10 meses +26

    Criminals and traitors.

  • Anh-Tu Phuc-Hoang
    Anh-Tu Phuc-Hoang Hace 10 meses +2

    If Alberta was where my parents chose when we first came to canada, rather than ontario, id be a respected dr in the community by now. I firmly believe that. Canadas not equal .

  • HistoricSteamTV
    HistoricSteamTV Hace 10 meses +17

    It used to be forbidden to advertise for profit drugs on TV in Canada. Smoke and drink all you want though.

    • End of Days
      End of Days Hace 10 meses +1

      Dont forget breathing the air or drinking water the government allowed to be polluted to this point.

    • Josh Brown
      Josh Brown Hace 10 meses

      I think it still is.

  • John Boy
    John Boy Hace 10 meses +7

    My friend got a booster and he's sicker than me

  • Mr Chips
    Mr Chips Hace 10 meses +6

    From vax bux to freedom tax. Well...
    ... that escalated quickly.

  • Howard Peter Blatchford
    Howard Peter Blatchford Hace 10 meses +6

    To those in I.T. - Stay frosty and watch for those IOC'S. Things are heating up and expect all our systems to get attacked, regardless of industry.
    Again: Stay Frosty.
    The extremist propaganda will pick up hardcore.

  • logiczchance101
    logiczchance101 Hace 10 meses +1

    can we just get this moving along already so to then introduce the next big one? this is becoming kind of an old news. we need something slick and hip and with the 2022 times. let's go for bigger and better this time too. shock and awe them minds and hearts.

  • I'm not your buddy, guy!
    I'm not your buddy, guy! Hace 10 meses +32


    • Art Vandelay
      Art Vandelay Hace 10 meses

      @Rick Mars Please do feel free to share your facts. You should not be afraid to to provide evidence for what you claim.

    • Art Vandelay
      Art Vandelay Hace 10 meses

      @FortyFirst Millennial Don’t Fall for the ‘VAERS Scare’ Tactic. Anti-vaxxers show how a precious vaccine adverse event reporting database can be used to scare the public.
      The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or VAERS is being misused by anti-vaxxers to terrify the public. It’s a shame because VAERS plays a vital role in detecting important but rare reactions caused by vaccines. The weaponization of VAERS by anti-vaccine activists serves as a reminder that having access to more information does not always lead to better decisions. Information needs to be correctly interpreted to guide us in the right direction.
      VAERS is an American reporting system to keep track of unfavourable or unintended events that take place after vaccination, like a fever or a rash, and that may (or may not) have been caused by the vaccine.
      -Anti-vaxxers routinely publicize reports from VAERS as if they are proof that a vaccine is causing clear harm
      -On its own, VAERS cannot be used to conclude anything, but it can tip off experts that a particular safety signal might be real and deserves to be further studied." McGill University website.

    • FortyFirst Millennial
      FortyFirst Millennial Hace 10 meses

      @Art Vandelay those were cause by the vaccine, obvious troll.

    • Rick Mars
      Rick Mars Hace 10 meses

      @Jack Sprat Don't feed the troll, Jack. That shill just copies and pastes the same 💩 everywhere. Facts, stats and data mean nothing to the loser.

    • Art Vandelay
      Art Vandelay Hace 10 meses

      @Jack Sprat Still an unrelated issue.

  • Joshua Ihama
    Joshua Ihama Hace 10 meses +34

    Their lies are fading.
    Canada,your country used to be loved by people and the best place to visit but now,
    People are scared to even mention the name Canada.

  • Online Identity
    Online Identity Hace 10 meses

    You can still get a test if you lie about your symptoms. The testing facility is almost completely empty..

  • TayBos
    TayBos Hace 10 meses

    report from Friday: "all Omicron patients in Edmundston's hospital have been admitted for other reasons"
    These were still counted as "COVID hospitalizations."
    Report from last Dec. 11 :"Another person between the ages of 30 and 39 in the Moncton region who had COVID-19 also died, Public Health said in a release Saturday. The release said the person died of "non COVID-19 related reasons;" however, the death has been included in the total number of COVID-19 deaths in the province, which is 140."

  • Marcel Hannotte
    Marcel Hannotte Hace 10 meses +10

    can we just give the guy on the right a raise instead of increasing funds for unvaccinated people in the ICU? I truly believe increasing funding for the sign language guy will accomplish a whole lot more, especially since Alberta's voice isn't very loud in the Federal Government.

    • Kajzer Soze
      Kajzer Soze Hace 10 meses +4

      At my hospital in ICU.... 17 fully vaccinated, 5 not vaccinated. I wonder where they get their numbers.

    • boghopper
      boghopper Hace 10 meses

      ever wonder if the signer is actually translating?

  • omicron delta
    omicron delta Hace 10 meses +7

    the vast majority of new cases are kids under 12 which you just started vaccinating

    • Keith Rodgers
      Keith Rodgers Hace 10 meses +1

      yep thats why he is NOT declaring the real numbers for school infections, he knows whats coming and when those kids go home guess what the parents will get infected if they have only 2 shots.

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem Hace 10 meses +2

    close your eyes once more and once more believe that they all still believe in you

  • Shanny Bikdik
    Shanny Bikdik Hace 10 meses +2

    How many of those 62000 are in ICU currently?

  • pamela rouse
    pamela rouse Hace 10 meses

    Its important to try helping all people's, all of us helping each other, everywhere our fellow Canadians.
    Prince Rupert you are all going to enjoy this especially if you believe in our Community!😄
    Our Fedreal goverment, Trudeau speaks of and demands division and is also producing hatred with his words to the people of Canada. I am not a racist nor am I a misogynist or an extremist, and for my goverment to single me out like that as a person of hatred against others, pressures our kids and says get vaccinated, singles them out, speaks to them as if he can overstep the boundaries of parents, yes this happened live! Trudeau is causing division in families as well as the people's of Canada. The mental health of people's of all ages, the suicide rate, addictions, its worse than alarming this isolation for everyone! Listen to EU address the leaders of the world.
    We are a community compromised of this right now. Canada is compromised of this right know!!
    Prince Rupert lets show the world we can change this and still be respectful for the love of our community and each other.
    It is okay to ask questions now.
    Let's show each other and supporting fellow Canadains, for the record once again who we are as a community knit together of courage and of possibility.
    We, together as a community owe it our families and kids and all those we love dearly to MAKE SURE, without a doubt, we have the facts before we make any more descions and take any more of these shots!!
    We can' t plead ignorance anymore, sure in the beginning it was based on a true fear we all had, but it's been 2 years.
    This is our community 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 shots, or what the Goverment calls boosters now and says he has millions in storage? Trudeau said that!! Come on, this is Prince Rupert, it's about being informed together, not fear anymore, and it effects all of us.
    As a community we owe it to each other to make the right choices for what we do next for all of us here. Let's ask questions, let's be informed, millions of people around the world who are people for choice as well, aren't monsters just because they are being denied their basic fundamental rights, and are put in a position to stand up for themselves just to work and feed their families or provide! Neither are those of us here that are asking questions and are for choice to. Who also only ask for the same fundamental rights to provide for our families.
    Listen we all care for each other, at least I hope we do.
    It's what I believe for all of us in our community. I accept your choice as well as mine, being demoralized stripped of my integrity and dignity and intelligence!! I do not feel that way about any of you. I will not support Trudea he has lost his moral compass he speaks AT people not for people!!
    I hear there is a mass vaccine clinic coming again to the Civic Centre and I implore all of you as my community that I care about, no matter what you choose, and what I choose, let us just support each other, let's just be informed.
    We all love our community, and community sticks together.
    Hatred does not mix with togetherness! Respect and support for each other does.
    All I ask is just research this before you put anymore of this in your kids or families bodies and to ask yourself when will it stop. Even those of us in this community who have a vax pass are being denied rights too, when it was only suppose to be 2 shots not 3 or 4 or 5 or number 10 in storage cause it's happening! All other vaccines in the world did not require all these shots constantly!
    I care for you all as much as I care for my family❤
    Here is a website filled with professionals from around the world they are not hiding information, they are being transparent, giving you the upto date information to help us all be informed. IS THE goverment? Don't be afraid to investigate, to ask, to inquire.
    The EU is calling on all world leaders to stop, to look at what the stats are truly showing, they are admitting it and sharing it with the world.
    There is a Federation of Physicians and Scientist all over the world....its made up of 16,000 of them for ALL humanity, that includes all of us too!
    It is just transparency and openness❤
    The Inquisitive Reporter
    Pamela Rouse
    Over n Out
    Caring about all of us!! All our fellow Canadians Everywhere❤
    Feel free to copy and paste and address your own community it effects everyone across Canada and around the world! all our fellow Canadians, If ya feel the Love....that should be our certainly isn't the governments.

  • Jesse
    Jesse Hace 10 meses

    No no no that’s fine you don’t have to report anymore it’s ok 👍 I promise

  • Rubber🦆Ducky
    Rubber🦆Ducky Hace 10 meses +3

    Blahahahaha most cases are mild .. vaccinated or not 🙌

  • Anastasios el griego.
    Anastasios el griego. Hace 10 meses +1


  • Shelley
    Shelley Hace 10 meses +8

    Maybe Kenney shouldn’t have sold the first bunch of tests to Shopper’s Drug Mart, who then sold them for $40. He said covid was over in July-who needs tests?

    • Franklin Turtle
      Franklin Turtle Hace 10 meses +1

      Plus, anyone who gets a sniffle feels they need to know from a test if they are sick or not???? See what pushing Fear does,101!

  • Shelley
    Shelley Hace 10 meses +6

    Kenney needs to pick a lane-he’s pushing for privatization, yet spouting off about Universal healthcare (as if he’s a fan🙄).

  • chris b
    chris b Hace 10 meses

    Top Dr has no answers seriously 15 min wage is all one in her position needs to be paid fuhinshaw

  • jason
    jason Hace 10 meses +1

    You psycho's are just too funny but a cool story bro you probably should sell it to Hollyweird

  • Derek Woodford
    Derek Woodford Hace 10 meses +16

    4974 views, 42 likes.

  • Shelley
    Shelley Hace 10 meses

    Basically, they don’t want to buy N95s for students.

    • boghopper
      boghopper Hace 10 meses +1

      they got that right. waste of funds.

  • Stmicheal
    Stmicheal Hace 10 meses +47

    Give it up already, nobody's buying your narrative anymore.

    • Carol Druhan
      Carol Druhan Hace 10 meses +5

      Didn't I just read Trudeau just brought in 200 afghan activist a few weeks ago to Alberta and they are going to be activist in Alberta and Trudeau is letting international students come in to go to collage for free and a work this on this so called shamdimic. Now the unvaxedt truckers are not allowed to come in to Canada and the Canadian truckers are not allowed to go to the usa. Get prepared to go hungry and no gas or furnace oil this shot has been going on after years. Only fat people with health issue. Jason Kenny is I's another Trudeau.

    • Stmicheal
      Stmicheal Hace 10 meses +10

      @Frank Drebben
      Very generous of Project Veritas. I'm sure that's why the FBI raided them...intimidation plain and simple.

    • Derek Woodford
      Derek Woodford Hace 10 meses +12


  • Edmonton 81
    Edmonton 81 Hace 10 meses

    Kenny you need to leave

  • bfdi
    bfdi Hace 10 meses

    Krakistan coming to a city near you!!!🤬

  • Vlad the Inhaler
    Vlad the Inhaler Hace 10 meses

    The world would be a better place if politicians just never ever spoke and lived alone under the sea.

  • Alex R
    Alex R Hace 10 meses +2

    Stop! Cheating

  • omicron delta
    omicron delta Hace 10 meses +6

    Vaccine status Count (n) Percent (%)
    New cases Complete 4,752 79.17
    New cases Partial 90 1.50
    New cases Unvaccinated 1,160 19.33 from alberta health

    • Mr_Enigmatic
      Mr_Enigmatic Hace 10 meses

      @Jack Sprat This Vax bot doesn't seem capable of replying to anything you actually say. LMFAO

    • Art Vandelay
      Art Vandelay Hace 10 meses

      @Jack Sprat That has nothing to do with the Covid vaccines.

    • Art Vandelay
      Art Vandelay Hace 10 meses

      "The vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind,” Trump said. “I came up with a vaccine - with three vaccines - all are very, very good … in less than nine months. It was supposed to take five to 12 years.”
      “And if you take the vaccine, you’re protected," Trump went on. "The results of the vaccine are very good. And if you do get it, it’s a very minor form. People aren’t dying when they take their vaccine."“The vaccine worked, but some people aren’t taking it,” he said. “The ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones who don’t take their vaccine.”

    • Rubber🦆Ducky
      Rubber🦆Ducky Hace 10 meses

      @Art Vandelay said the person that believes you protect yourself and me by getting the vaccine… lol 😂

    • Scott Scotty
      Scott Scotty Hace 10 meses

      @Jack Sprat he obviously works for the gov't and is just a shill, hopefully he's getting paid otherwise he's a fool

  • erik61801
    erik61801 Hace 10 meses +3

    Podium goofs.

  • Sarah Maddy
    Sarah Maddy Hace 10 meses +39

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    • Betty Patricia
      Betty Patricia Hace 10 meses


    • Betty Patricia
      Betty Patricia Hace 10 meses

      *He's Active on Whats.App👇*

    • Hermel J.
      Hermel J. Hace 10 meses

      Seen a lot of story about him, he must be honest and for people to talk this good about him

    • Betty Patricia
      Betty Patricia Hace 10 meses

      Really y'all know him? I even thought I'm the only one he has helped walk through the fears and falls of trading

    • Justice Collins
      Justice Collins Hace 10 meses

      I'm from Australia 🇦🇺 am travelling soon and will love to earn while at home.

  • Leroux Antony
    Leroux Antony Hace 10 meses

    What is the sense of testing? Just vaccinate who you can at this time. It is an inevitability at this point.

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown Hace 10 meses


  • flerry ann abarca
    flerry ann abarca Hace 10 meses +4

    Pure Blood is Superior

  • John Wang
    John Wang Hace 10 meses +4

    Well, certainly the un-vax tax shouldn't be pursued as it's just mean spirited, but Kenney is exaggerating as is typical of conservatives, no one is discussing denial of services just a tax surcharge, even Singapore's not covering the COVID medical expenses of the unvaccinated is just the pre Obamacare situation in the US where the costs the patient's can't afford just results in raised costs to everyone else. Besides, if he's really so concerned about service denial then why is he now asking that drug addicts present their healthcare numbers to use the injection sites... Typical right wing hypocrisy.

    • Franklin Turtle
      Franklin Turtle Hace 10 meses +1

      @Tribulation is upon us I choose not to vote as well, as the Can Gov't that is here to represent the will of the people right now are Corrupt Hypocrites and all should be Hung For Treason! Period! The crimes against our Can Constitution is violated more and more every day! Trudeau thinks CCP Rules, and that is the crime in itself! God Speed!

    • John Wang
      John Wang Hace 10 meses

      @Tribulation is upon us Yes, but it is the criticisms coming from the right such as Kenney that are unwarranted fear mongering of service denial. The unvax tax is disturbing but they don't need to exaggerate the criticisms and with the recent change in Alberta of requiring drug addicts produce a healthcare number or be registered onsite for one before accessing an injection site, the accusations of service denial by Kenney is hypocritical. Come on, it's easy enough to oppose the unvax tax without unbased partisan ideology.

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 10 meses

      The Vax tax is from Legault. Who is left wing. I don't vote at all but let's not be a hypocrite.

    • John Wang
      John Wang Hace 10 meses

      @The Media Lies In Texas there was a saying that a Yankee was anyone north of me. Kenney is the leader of the United Conservative Party so he is a conservative, the fact that you said he's a phony conservative only shows you to be a nut case who only considers your own opinion as definitive. There is no doubt that Kenney tried to appeal to as many Conservatives as he can but of course reality often counters the conservative views and Kenney does eventually concedes to some realities which he finds simply can not be moved or rationalized by conservative views. You've only shown that you're even more detached from reality by your ideologies than Kenney is.

    • Franklin Turtle
      Franklin Turtle Hace 10 meses +2

      @The Media Lies Kenny is a fence walker, or a toilet seat, never knowing if its up or down! Playing Politicing!

  • Rondalene Ratledge
    Rondalene Ratledge Hace 10 meses +5

    Just send the unvaccinated a bill for their hospital stay. We all know you are driving us towards private health care. With the average cost of treating a hospitalized covid19 patient at $23,000 and $50,000 for ICU, you're missing an opportunity. Your finance minister is slipping.

    • t le
      t le Hace 10 meses +2

      @Rondalene Ratledge true! But why are you still not answering my question? Sheep. Here is the question again. Who spread the virus now? The v’xd or unv’xd?

    • Rondalene Ratledge
      Rondalene Ratledge Hace 10 meses

      @t le it's been a while since I've been called a sheep. It's hard to come up with a new insult when you're a simpleton.

    • t le
      t le Hace 10 meses +1

      @Rondalene Ratledge yeah! That’s all I have got. I am just a simple guy. All I need is you to answer my question , but you never did. oh btw; my name is right there. T Le. Don’t you know how to read? Sheep! 😂🤣😝

    • Rubber🦆Ducky
      Rubber🦆Ducky Hace 10 meses +4

      Had covid and as most of ppl … I didn’t need any medical treatment!! Lol 😂

    • Rondalene Ratledge
      Rondalene Ratledge Hace 10 meses

      @t le that's all you got? Name calling? Not even the balls to show your name?