President Barack Obama delivers stirring speech in Parliament

  • Publicado el 28 jun 2016
  • President Barack Obama spoke to Parliament following the North American Leaders' Summit. Obama spoke on wide range of topics including the close relationship with Canada, gay rights, equality for women, terrorism, and the economy.

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  • Sephiclo Czo
    Sephiclo Czo Hace un año +7310

    Who else goes on a hunt of Obama speeches from time to time? Just you know, to hear a real president speak.

    • Theopholist Punuval
      Theopholist Punuval Hace 7 días

      Just a bunch of abstract idealism. He's a good speaker but says nothing specific. Just feel-good stuff.

    • Konservative Kirby XI
      Konservative Kirby XI Hace un mes

      To hear a bafoon speak, you mean...

    • Lutz R.
      Lutz R. Hace un mes

      Amen from Germany. What a statesman!

    • Motogp34
      Motogp34 Hace un mes

      Mr. do nothing President, now 2nd worest than Biden....

    • Danny Chambers
      Danny Chambers Hace un mes


  • D Samuels
    D Samuels Hace un año +169

    When anxiety is kicking my brain, listening to Obama magnificent speech calms me down.

    • Salviyona Lyngdoh
      Salviyona Lyngdoh Hace 18 días

      Excemblery beautiful intelligent speech

    • Jay-Ti
      Jay-Ti Hace 24 días +1

      Agreed brother .
      Problem: stress, anxiety
      Solution: Obama speech .
      Result: Good sleep .

    • Mr Comptable Charlo
      Mr Comptable Charlo Hace 28 días

      You make me laugh by saying that Obama's speech calm your anxiety down . Loll

    • Ahlam Ahlam
      Ahlam Ahlam Hace un mes

      كفايه الكويت

  • Val Tay
    Val Tay Hace un año +34

    The eloquence of speech n the clarity of thoughts of this man are just extraordinary

    • Jillian Jackman
      Jillian Jackman Hace 7 meses +1

      No doubt President Obama wrote this speech 🇺🇸 these are his thoughts and opinions that’s why his delivery is precise !!

  • Joan Barnes
    Joan Barnes Hace un año +216

    Genuine World Leaders.This is an amazing speech honoring Canada and America working and supporting one another.

    • Papa Babyboy
      Papa Babyboy Hace 8 meses

      f?@Apostle Eric Nyamekye cy

    • Apostle Eric Nyamekye
      Apostle Eric Nyamekye Hace 11 meses

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  • larry mcdaniels
    larry mcdaniels Hace un año +210

    He is an outstanding speaker and he has a good sense of humor.

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      @I am a loaf of Bread -Yeah I know you think Obama was your Messiah. That’s how he got the nickname in the media. Unfortunately Obama is all talk. He spent his time spreading the Marxism around . Everyone who appoints to judge ships it’s a socialist or Marxist.What exactly has Obama done for the black community? That’s right nothing

    • jhovaj
      jhovaj Hace 3 meses +1

      @I am a loaf of Bread Obama ain't Jesus either...bail out car companies, Thieves/Wolves of Wall St. and Banks. Obama was Goldman Sachs Boy. Trans gender bathroom Bill, great accomplishment..letting men in women's bathrooms and showers SMH

    • I am a loaf of Bread
      I am a loaf of Bread Hace un año +1

      @Freedom Bro trump isn't the second coming of jesus like you right wingers think he is...

    • Freedom Bro
      Freedom Bro Hace un año +1

      @I am a loaf of Bread the only one tricking people is leftists .
      The rely on low information voters , hence why they want to lower the voting age .
      Trump isn't the devil the media plays him out to be and he's not the hero his cult base , FYI not all trump supports think he is .

    • I am a loaf of Bread
      I am a loaf of Bread Hace un año

      @FannyFarts not as much as trump, he is the master of fooling everyone

  • hostility
    hostility Hace un año +997

    “We Americans can never say it enough, we could not ask for a better friend or ally than Canada.” I second that, thank you Canadians.

    • TheJimprez
      TheJimprez Hace 20 días

      I think its not working anymore. All we have been getting from the USA since 2016 is a major Butt-F!!! With friends like that... We don't need enemies..

    • wlpxx7
      wlpxx7 Hace un mes

      @minixboy except a vast majority of them did not lmao bye Trump

    • hostility
      hostility Hace 2 meses

      @Nancy Valenti that’s good! Good for them (:

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses +1

      My good friend is Canadian and her entire family is fleeing the Marxist control of their Prime Minister. Yay.

    • KH4444444444N
      KH4444444444N Hace 4 meses

      And in turn, as a Canadian, there is no better neighbour that I could ever ask for than America. From Seattle, to Boston, Baltimore to Austin. Your Country is the finest in the world. And I love it, even if I'm connecting at O'Hare.😉

  • Seven 7
    Seven 7 Hace un año +20

    As a young European, Obama's speech really put tears in my eyes. What a great inspiration for all new generations!

  • Primitive Cooking Kh
    Primitive Cooking Kh Hace 9 meses +68

    Wow very good news,I watch it every day

    • বিহুৱান
      বিহুৱান Hace 5 meses

      I know how a leader drives women crazy as hell. Its like physical beauty of female that drives us crazy.

    • Primitive Cooking Kh
      Primitive Cooking Kh Hace 7 meses

      @neoakira thanks for your comments awesome good luck

    • neoakira
      neoakira Hace 7 meses

      this version has horrible audio though

  • LoveNiani XO
    LoveNiani XO Hace 11 meses +32

    Phenomenal speaker! No verbal gaslighting or assault, no braggadocious or grandiose rhetoric. Just a speech based on the vision.

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      The problem is it is the wrong vision. But many of you voting for him do not remember your history. You never learned about the Bolshevik takeover of Russia and the transition into the USSR. You don’t even understand what Marxism is or communism is. All you understand is “what can the government do for me?” The sad reality is, most Democrats reading this don’t understand that Leftists have taken over their Party. They don’t see how leftist a democrat party has become. The great leaders of the Democratic Party wood in new ways embrace what the democratic party of Nancy Pelosi, Barack Hussein Obama, Adam shift, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and the lake have embraced. What they believe in now is contrary to the very words of the late great President John F Kennedy. “Ask not, what your country can do for you, but ask rather what you can do for your country. “Problem with the leftist Marxist Democratic Party is they are in creasing the sides of government and increasing its overreach. They are implementing greater regulations and greater control. Under Joe Biden, the government bureaucrats in his administration have stated that they don’t believe that parents are entitled or have the right to have a say in their children’s education. They deemed parents of school children in America as being terrorists. These specifically are parents that are conservative and do not want leftists ideology taught in the public school. We all were lied to by the administration when they told us they are not watching any particular parents. Information was just leaked this past week that proves otherwise. We will soon find out she asked what the government wanted to do about parents that believe they have the right to have input in what their children are taught or not taught in school. We are discovering that leftism has even creeped into one of the most respected departments in our government. I should really say, a department that used to be respected. That is the FBI. It appears that many on the inside have a leftist agenda. I

      Love Niani xo, You are ill informed. Although Obama was a great speaker, and I say that because I speak the truth, not lies like the left, Obama had an agenda. He is anti-American to the very core. although you claim he did not gaslight, he certainly ignited a lot of fires in the black community by pointing out racism that didn’t exist. I am not waiting until the fax came to the surface of several prominent cases in the United States. He took the side of the offenders that were black, because if he had his son he would’ve looked like Trevon martin. He inserted his opinion without knowing facts and accuse the police of acting stupidly. Most black youth watching and listening to Obama, would conclude that this is a man on their side which is fine when you are innocent and have done nothing wrong. But in the Trayvon Martin case, Trevon was paranoid and snuck up on Zimmerman. Of course our Marxist media reported that Zimmerman was a white man, when he was actually Hispanic, but that didn’t matter because lies are allowed when you’re a Marxist. You don’t have to get the story straight or tell the truth as long as it supports your narrative and what you say pushes the Marxist ideology further. I see you were alluding to our former President Trump when you say that Obama was not Braggadocious. Trump may have been Braggadocious but he certainly threw back at the press when they attacked him which is something that was never expected from anyone conservative or Republican because we typically are Christian and just don’t do that. The problem was only the fact that Democrats do it all the time. They dish it out but they can’t take it. How about when democrat congressmen Booker said, “you were told to bring a knife to a knife fight but I say, “bring a gun.” The great Maxine waters encouraged violence. She was recorded many times encouraging it. The heat was always spewing from her mouth. She directed her followers to get up in the face of any Republican or conservative and harass them. And that is exactly what they did. Leftists were essentially given permission by this idiotic woman. People in the Trump administration were harassed in restaurants, on the street etc. they were essentially screamed at by many people in a mob getting up in their face like Maxine Waters encouraged. They were followed going in and out of movie theaters, they were surrounded and beaten in the streets if they were a trump hat outside. A few were killed because they were Trump supporters. But you never heard this on CNN or MSNBC, did you? They had inflatable baby trumps wearing diapers belittling the president. One evil Comedian who thought she was funny, had an effigy of President trumps head decapitated. Anybody that laughed at that is evil and sick. Then they fabricated stories about President Trump. They made up a story about him meeting with Russian prostitutes. Stories were made up that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia, our enemy. CNN MSNBC and all the liberal press ran with the story. It was everywhere. They had lying people telling stories. Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for this. false Dossier. millions of taxpayers money was wasted in court hearings trying to discredit President Trump. They tried to catch them in lies. They even ran fictitious narratives about him. Senators like Adam shift posted that they knew personally what happened and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was evidence to support their stories collusion. millions of dollars was spent investigating Trump and they could find nothing. Nothing but false narratives. Trump kept saying he did nothing wrong, but of course the people that hate his personality wanted to see him get impeached so it didn’t matter. The truth didn’t matter to the left. They wanted to destroy him and anybody else in his administration. They had armed FBI kick the door down at 4 o’clock in the morning to raid The Home of Roger stone. 4 o’clock in the morning they break the door in with all loaded weapons in his face and in his wife’s face. Anyone associated with Trump was in jeopardy of being treated this way. Why? Do you not know the communist Manifesto? Communists and Marxist destroy they are enemy. it is something they do in the end justifies the means. They are sick and godless people that think that they are bringing the world into some utopia where everyone is equal and no one is wanting. They are diluting themselves because there are always going to be people who are more productive, stronger healthier more intelligent more creative. It’s part of being human. But they can’t think that far. They are indoctrinated and that’s all they know. So MissLove, You are either ill-informed, naïve or you yourself has been indoctrinated into the leftist democratic party. If you think about it, it is ridiculous to love a person because they are a phenomenal speaker As you said. That’s all Obama was was a mouthpiece. He in essence was the word of the Marxist leftist party and he made his points well. His college grades left a lot to be desired. But those are locked and sealed and no one will ever know. His mentors were communists and Marxist and radicals. This is not something I’m fabricating. Look it up. Like I said all he did was speak leftism into existence, talk about spreading the wealth around when he really meant spread the poverty around equally but leave the real money for the elitists and Hollywood stars, idols of sports and those who work for the government. Everyone else they want poor despite what they tell you because they want to create dependency. When there is dependency in the population, they can control you. Dependency empowers them. The more you think you’re getting from them the more you’re actually giving to them. It is a circle you will never get out of. Welcome to Obama world.

    • Therock
      Therock Hace 3 meses

      You are right, Hello, I was in the comment section when I came across yours and, I was thrilled to say hello, I hope you are not angry about this?

  • Aleetea Shirley
    Aleetea Shirley Hace un año +205

    He is an outstanding speaker and he has a good sense of humor.

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      @Johnny Andrés Zamora -Oh I understand him. I understand him well enough to know he’s a Marxist. He is destroying our capitalist country. Lecture by lecture. Marxists like him ( The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree) want to impose their ideology on all of us. If we don’t play the game the way they want they will use the government against us. They will shut our voices down. They now have infiltrators in the FBI. It used to be the FBI had patriots of good character. I am not a Marxist so I don’t fabricate and lie like the left does. Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was not allowed to speak at specific universities. He was shouted down by Marxist rants and noisemakers. What has happened to wear universities I thought liberals were for the bastion of ideas! Back in the 60s they want to do hear Various voices and ideas. They were for inclusion. Now it isn’t so. They have labels for every group. You are part of a collective. Not an individual conservatives don’t agree with their ideology so they are canceled . If one has conservative values and ideas one Is never a guest speaker. They just don’t allow it. Rules and restrictions from good little Marxists. All Democrats have to do now is Accuse people like me of being a racist. That is the word that you will hear over and over repeatedly. The race card is thrown out if they don’t want to hear you. They know we’re speaking the truth, because they recognize it. Their own conscience tells them we are right. But, within this group, are the atheists in the agnostics, so because they have no one to answer to, or they believe they don’t have anyone to answer to for the behavior and beliefs, they can just about to anything and feel no guilt. No guilt. No guilt for burning down cities, no guilt for destroying statues and historical monuments, no guilt for spraying graffiti all over police cars paid for by taxpayers. No guilt for the destruction of property. They feel no guilt for rampaging through stores and stealing whatever their arms can hold. they actually think they are entitled to take whatever they want. They think it’s reparations or something. Reparations for being black. None of them were slaves none of their parents were slaves. And they are too ignorant to know the truth that not everybody was a plantation owner in the south. Most white immigrants came in the late 1800s and early 1900s from Europe with just the clothes on their back and nothing more! But these stupid fools on the left think that every white person is guilty of slavery because of the color of their skin. If that isn’t racism I don’t know what is. They assume all white people are racist and had ancestors their own slaves How ignorant they are ! this is a failure on the part of our school systems to teach truth. Yes, I agree slavery was wrong. Yes there were plantation owners that owned slaves. But my ancestors didn’t own slaves. In fact, the Slavic nations is where my ancestors came from. It is an historical fact that the Moors, Who were black, went into Slavic territory and slaughtered white people and captured women to have sex with and enslaved many Slavic people. I have shared this before. I was called a liar. Where the hell do you think the term Slavic people comes from? It comes from the word “slave”. If one was educated, one would know this. So why aren’t the white people raising up and raising hell and demanding reparations from the dark skin people? Why? Because we are intelligent enough to understand that these things occurred in uncivilized territories and countries and civilized territories and countries. The Egyptian people kept Hebrew people who are white or light skinned slaves for hundreds of years until Moses set them free. Miss treatment of people has occurred over and over throughout the history of mankind. It is time to get over the past. The problem is godless people do not understand what forgiveness is. I have said this before and I think that the black ministers are failing their people. They are not shepherding their flocks as they should. They should be teaching about Love for your neighbor and forgiveness for others. The people that are accusing white people of being privileged don’t have a clue. They think they are doing mankind some kind of service by going around accusing others as if they were the judge of mankind. Someday they will stand before a righteous judge on a white throne, whether they believe in him or not they will. Scripture clearly says if you do not forgive others, you will not be forgiven. So wake up.

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      Yes he’s a great orator, I will give him that. Big deal. His grades in college were mediocre. In fact, it is known that he didn’t show up for classes, the way he was absent for many votes when he first began in the Senate. Many don’t remember him at all. In fact they had difficulty locating anybody who remembered him in college. His mentor was Bill Ayres. He hung out with the communist and the radicals. As president, he gave great Speeches, but that’s all he did is give great speeches. He spent his time inserting Marxist judges into strategic areas. He bragged about wanting to “spread the wealth around”. Anyone with half a brain understands what that means. It is anti-American and it is anti-capitalism. “Dreams of his Marxist father” Is the legacy he leaves. We know the mottos and the motives of his ilk. They don’t spread wealth around, they spread poverty around. There are two classes of people in Marxist run countries. The extremely wealthy, Who typically enter the government with little to no money, but always exit, if the exit at all, extremely wealthy. They never ran a business, they are not entrepreneurs and most, under democratic administrations don’t have a clue how to run the country.

    • Danny Chambers
      Danny Chambers Hace 2 meses


    • Danny Chambers
      Danny Chambers Hace 2 meses


    • Johnny Andrés Zamora
      Johnny Andrés Zamora Hace 2 meses +1

      @rrrkev Don’t feel bad you are not educated enough to understand him. 😂

  • Dale Benjamin Berger
    Dale Benjamin Berger Hace un año +557

    This man, this president, Barack Obama, in my opinion, is the finest American president in my lifetime, in other words, the last 60 years. His ability to move people is stunning. In his eight years in office, he was a beacon of dignity for the world to see. It is tragic to see the state of America under Donald Trump. I believe, though, that Canada’s best friend, America, is resilient and stronger than one bad president. God bless America! They need it now more than ever.

    • Bryan Llana
      Bryan Llana Hace 3 meses +1

      Vanessa aomal baonal baonal baonal baonal baonal baonal baonl baonal baomal? Baonal baonal baonal baoanl baoanl baonal baonal baonal baonal baonal baonal🥰 aomal baoanl aoaml baonal baonal

    • Edith Woods
      Edith Woods Hace un año +1

      @ESR slot of things he couldn't is because of the Republicans senators,the head one was the white supremacist Mitch ,

    • DMMV Art
      DMMV Art Hace un año +1

      @ESR maybe he had intel not available to the public and had to make those though calls, I strongly believe if it was up to him alone, there would be no wars, I don't think he wanted that , just had to be done maybe? There are threats unknown.

    • Bassem
      Bassem Hace un año +2

      @Juris Villaraza Hey Juris, first of all you cannot imagine how happy I am that you learned something new from my comment therefor I thank you for that!

      Secondly, it is true that Obama was better for the US in terms of internal policies and regulations however, objectively speaking the US is a country that controls half of the world, so in my opinion the foreign policy's importance should outweigh the domestic policy's importance for both the US citizens and citizens of countries controlled directly or indirectly by the US.

      Although what I stated in my above paragraph sounds insane from a US citizen's perspective (because lets be honest the mass population is selfish for the sake of their country) and completely bias towards the sake of the Middle East, it is not, let me explain:
      Obama and Biden were opening doors for negotiations with extremist groups in order to increase instability in our countries thus never being powerful enough to have a stable economy (They feed two opposing political parties and arm them both indirectly, creating instability over tens of years). This is directly affecting the US negatively because these same extremists groups are the ones who's entire propaganda is based on "Death to America".

      Finally, the only reason why Trump in my opinion was a good president is because these extremist groups got punched in the face without him launching any wars against him (previous administrations knew that they were capable ofdeath to America" propaganda? Sadly the day Biden got elected, Iran released a statement saying how Trump's era has ended and how they will strive again.

      Of course everything I said is my POV of the subject matter, very interested to see yours!

      Cheers mate :)

    • The Law of Divine Oneness
      The Law of Divine Oneness Hace un año +3

      @Curtis And by "stuck" with a baby, you mean like how Sarah Palin's teenage daughter was pregnant at the Republican National Convention in 2008. And not a word from you hypocrites. Just imagine if the Obama girls were a little older and pregnant....boy you snowflakes would have had a field day with that one huh?

  • Mike O'Brien
    Mike O'Brien Hace un año +17

    This is one of the most powerful speeches I've seen from Obama. From the House in Ottawa.

  • MysticFiddler1
    MysticFiddler1 Hace un año +45

    2020: Good lord. An eloquent, well-humored, respectable and respected President. Shell-shocked, I'd almost forgotten.

  • Olive Oyl
    Olive Oyl Hace 11 meses +18

    I know the speeches were prepared but he made it seem like he was speaking off the cuff. So natural. So fluent. So smooth. So classy.

    • Melba Poole
      Melba Poole Hace 6 meses +1

      Although the speeches are prepared Pesident Obama always edits the speeches before he delivers them. Pete Souza, White House photographer captured a portrait of one of President Obama's speeches were he had edited all over the paper and even one of the classroom teachers who caught a glimpse of that speech from that photo of his editing showed this as an example to students who may be come journalist or public speakers when they grow up. A prepared speech is always better when you give it that personal touch.

  • Anghiari Fior
    Anghiari Fior Hace un año +7

    Just re- listened to this brilliant speech... In America we got this one right🇺🇸💙

  • forrest Gump
    forrest Gump Hace un año +742

    This man is in a class of his own, and he will always be. He doesn't just make one proud to be an american, he makes one proud to be just a human being.

    • Marion T.
      Marion T. Hace un año +1

      Soo many kids can't be wrong ! Have you ever seen one - just one - nice, friendly picture with kid(s) with Trump ??
      I don't - not even with his own grandchildren.

    • Kids info Channel
      Kids info Channel Hace un año


    • lita S
      lita S Hace un año

      @John Cass John Cass, you have a very CORRUPT MIND!

    • Not Me
      Not Me Hace un año

      Yes...A president who bowed to Muslim Sheikhs and allowed the covering of crosses during his speech..not to mention mock the Bible....student of Satan that's the class he was sitting in.

    • Justify
      Justify Hace un año

      John Cass bruh why u quitting.

  • MK Channel
    MK Channel Hace un año +802

    I miss this man

    • Kumdang Longchar
      Kumdang Longchar Hace 2 meses

      @Berhan Abay



    • JJ Mend
      JJ Mend Hace 2 meses

      @Edith Woods how dumb can u be, have u bought anything recently? Prices are high as fock. Ur just a minion

    • JJ Mend
      JJ Mend Hace 2 meses

      Don't miss him, he is still with us, telling Biden what to do so that our country goes to $#!+ ,Just like it was when he was 8n office. I miss the high cost of living.

    • Kaylin Church
      Kaylin Church Hace 2 meses

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    • Scarlett Walsh
      Scarlett Walsh Hace 2 meses


  • wildfire529
    wildfire529 Hace un año +8

    If this world ever has a President or leader I sincerely hope that it is someone just like this man.

  • Tariq Elsadik
    Tariq Elsadik Hace un año +10

    The sheer number of standing ovations is a testament to how powerful the message was. Take note people!

  • Edna Moya
    Edna Moya Hace un año +181

    Can’t get enough of his speeches he’s such a humble scholar.

    • Selorm Hammond
      Selorm Hammond Hace un año

      @I am a loaf of Bread Imagine inciting an insurrection against your own country and being impeached twice LMFAOOO what a disgrace. He really is the worst.

    • I am a loaf of Bread
      I am a loaf of Bread Hace un año

      @John Connor I'll step up and say this... January 6th 2021 his failed attempted coup

    • I am a loaf of Bread
      I am a loaf of Bread Hace un año

      @Selorm Hammond well he should know now trump is the worst president

    • I am a loaf of Bread
      I am a loaf of Bread Hace un año

      @John Connor I believe you are talking about trump :v

    • Michelle Nguyen
      Michelle Nguyen Hace un año +2

      This is how a real President speaks and comports himself.

  • Air Force One
    Air Force One Hace 4 años +2525

    There is absolutely no comparison between Obama and Trump

    • Joe
      Joe Hace 9 días

      Its almost like Canada recognizes their leader. 🇺🇲😄

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      @Bill M - Explain to me, please , how “putting America first “is stupid. Explain to me, how getting people back to work with the Konomi booming, is stupid. Explain to me please, how firing corrupted managers of the VA and ensuring that our wonderful veterans get the health care they need and allowing them to see their own physicians is stupid. Explain to me how stopping an influx of illegal, unvaccinated, unvetted people from all over the world is stupid. Why is building a wall on our southern border stupid? Do you not have walls around your house? Do you leave your front door open at all times? Why not? I know the answer. Do you want to protect what is yours. Why? Because there are many nefarious people out in the world. Why do you think our jails and prisons are full to the max? People are not inherently good they are inherently evil. That is a fact. It’s State so in the Bible. If you leave your door open people are going to venture in take what is yours because they feel entitled go into your refrigerator eat your food that you worked very hard for, steal the things that you worked hard for throughout the years and possibly harm your family members and move in and take over your household. So that is why you shut the door of your home. That is why you have rules to protect yourself and your family. Please don’t admit that you were that dumb that you don’t understand the building of the wall!!! If you have a leaky pipe, and there’s water pouring out of the Pipe onto the floor. What is the first thing you do? Do you take a mop first and try to mop up the floor? Do you stay in there and watch the water overtake the room? No! The smart, intelligent thing to do is to stop the leak! Stop the water from pouring in. You can clean up later. Now how in the hell can you tell me they’re building a wall and securing our border to protect our country is stupid? These are just a few things that Trump said he was going to do and did it. He would’ve completed the wall in his second term. Another thing Trump wanted to do was build the pipeline that would ensure our country‘s independence and freedom. We would no longer be dependent on OPEC, and other countries that manipulate us because they own the oil. How stupid is Joe Biden and you Democrats? Do you see how much gasoline prices have skyrocketed? I understand Joe Biden tried to make a deal with the Saudi‘s and bring down the cost of a barrel of oil. They refused. They know weakness when they see it. Look at how China is flexing his muscles. The people of Taiwan are threatened. The people of Japan don’t want to lose their territory to China who believes that Taiwan belongs to them. All of a sudden, China is testing hypersonic missiles. They know weakness when they see it. Under Trump, they would’ve never done this. Do you notice how the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine are being threatened? Or do you not pay attention to the news? Well, you listen to the propaganda channels like CNN and MSNBC so you probably aren’t even getting the real news. I feel sorry for you you live in a world with rose colored glasses where you think that Marxism and socialism are the answers. If you know your history, you will understand that Marxism and communism fail, and fail miserably wherever they’re tried, wherever they are implemented. Why do you think people flee before the takeover? Look at Venezuela, under a Marxist, the people had to eat the zoo animals because there wasn’t enough food. Look at the Sandinistas takeover of Nicaragua. I myself in a woman who flea Nicaragua and got her family out in time. She embraces the freedom we have here. I know a woman named Clemencia, she’s an elderly woman, but she fled Cuba with her parents when she was a little girl, right before the communist takeover. The Marxists confiscated her family‘s property and farmland. All the people had to give up what they worked so hard for to the state. Any rebellion, and you wound up in prison. She never saw her uncles again. They were both arrested. Clemencia tells me she says the same thing happening here in the United States as occurred in Cuba. She sees the ignorance in the people here embracing the Democratic Party which has been infiltrated by these Marxists. Why do you think most Cubans voted for Trump? They understand the danger behind the Marxist movement. Once they control the government completely, they do away with the “useful idiots”. like yourself. useful idiots is a term used by Marxists referring to people that join their movement an hour later disposed of. People that have joined the BLM movement and antifa. They are good examples of useful idiots. If you don’t believe me read the wonderful book that Hillary Rodham Clinton did her college thesis on, “ Rules for Radicals” by Saul Allinsky. We know what Hillary Clinton really is. That is why her book “it takes a village “ tries to compel the reader to let go of their children and let government. This is the same thing that’s going on in our public schools right now. Where we are being told by the Biden administration that parents don’t have a right to have a say in their child’s education . do you not understand how strange it is for parents that are attending school board meetings and getting angry are now deemed terrorists by our own government? Please do your research. I am not making this up. Bidens attorney general Garland actually lied and was caught in a lie when he stated that the government wasn’t interested in going after these parents. They recently discovered just the opposite. And FBI whistle blower, leaked information that revealed that what Attorney General Garland said was a lie. The government has plans to go after any parent that goes against what the school boards intend to implement. If they argue against it they may suffer the consequences of government surveillance and possible punishment. And do not think this is far-fetched. I don’t know if you knew about how the conservative religious charities were being punished by the IRS under the Obama administration. They deliberately abused people that were conservative. Their intention was punishment. they aggressively scrutinized conservative groups. This was all under the Obama administration. Lois Lerner what is the Director of the IRS under the Obama administration. She deliberately targeted conservatives. I believe, that you are the stupid one. You were obviously either evil or ignorant.

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      @John Call -I am sorry I don’t mean to insult you but you are very diluted. Marxists do not build up economies. They dismantle them. A Marxist intention is to cause division, destroy culture, dismantle the justice system or cause the population to mistrust the justice system. They are intent on destroying the country and bringing it down. Their intention is very grandiose but they all believe that they can create a new socialist Marxist utopia. That is why they are intent that nobody gets out of line. That is why conservative ideology and points of view cannot be spoken anymore on university campuses. If a speaker is invited, they are shouted down and disruptive in such a way that the event is canceled. The disruptors are never punished because, most of the professors have Marxist socialist views. so no one ever gets to hear opposing voices. The liberals who claim to be so inclusive are in fact now just the opposite. One is only free to speak if you line up with their ideology and only the Marxist ideology. They are intent on holding onto power that is why they do not enforce the laws of the land if it is something that will hinder their goals. Their intent is to allow millions into the country illegally, unvaccinated, unvaried and spread them throughout the United States, so that they can be declared citizens at a later date and vote for Democrats or should I say leftist Democrats. That way they can guarantee power. This pretentiousness of caring about American citizens and the Covid epidemic is a lie. The truth is it is all about power and control. They need control of the population. That is why, they will risk it all, lie through their teeth, fabricate narratives and tell made up fairytales just to remain in power. How, how can they allow such a fragile senile old man like Joe Biden to be president? He doesn’t even know where the hell he is at times. The reason is and you can look it up on ESclips, when the former president, Barack Obama was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos George asked him a question. How can we keep you for a third term in a country where they don’t allow but to terms? “George asked Obama. (I am paraphrasing now. You can look this up) Barack Obama responded with, “well, what I’d like to do is sit back in my lazy chair, George. I can speak into a microphone, while sitting in my chair and someone can have earbuds, listening to everything I say. “I stated I was paraphrasing but that is truthfully the gist of what was stated. You can listen to it for yourself. You can pretend it never happened, you can say he was just kidding. Why then, does Joe Biden often say, “they won’t let me say that.” or something like “I’m not allowed to. “Why does he keep notes in his pocket? Why doesn’t he answer questions like previous presidents did? Because someone is controlling him. He wasn’t voted and supported because of his intelligence. Sure many believe he was entitled to the position of the presidency because he served for 47 years in government. He walks away a rich man. he is actually very wealthy now, and most people can’t figure out how he got that way except possibly the money laundering with the Barizma incident. But that is a whole other story. He was also given millions by the Chinese. She wonder why. But our stupid Marxist media ignores all the important questions. They would rather ask him what flavor ice cream is his favorite.

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      @Annie B - Do you not know what a lie is? You just told the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. President Trump Produced the best economy since the days of Ronald Reagan! Businesses were booming there was very little unemployed. That means, there were a few people taking advantage of the freebies that this government pays for through other peoples hard work. You leftist have a tendency to tell big lies just to make yourself feel good. I can understand how you sleep at night. In fact I wonder if you know what a lie is it all. I realize that many marxists are godless people. And just because you don’t believe in God or question the existence of God that gives you know right to say whatever the hell you wanna say even though it’s a lie. I am certain that the propaganda stations like CNN and MSNBC avoid at all costs revealing the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was behind a totally fabricated reason to attempt to impeach the former president, not once but twice. Why? Because he was standing in their way from spreading Marxism and socialism Everywhere, like the coronavirus in the free world. I am so sick and tired of idiots who would rather have a sweet talking, Speaker who is great at reading speeches prepared for him. He’s a wonderful orator! he sounds so intelligent. But what I want to know, what the hell did he do in eight years, being President of the United States? I tell you what he did, he caused division amongst the people. It was a time that he should have taken the opportunity to encourage the coming together of the races. The former president should have given credence to this great nation of ours. He should have stated that just 200 years before him, no one would have imagined that a man of color would ever be elected the President of the United States by… Wait for it… White people. No, that is not what he did. He inserted himself into the Treyvon Martin incident. He did not know the facts ( For you lol information people is the truth. What is another name for reality.) he inserted himself into the Michael Brown case before knowing the facts of the case. He preferred to run with the lies as other liberal idiots did as well. Even though black witnesses testified that Michael Brown never raised his hands in the air, they continue with them great motto today, “hands up don’t shoot. “They refused to see the truth that Michael Brown was reaching and going after the officers weapon. Yes, it’s hard for you BLM people to admit but if you heard the testimony of the people of color that were there you would know the truth and have to swallow it like a big pill. But the great divider didn’t stop there. He went on to criticize the police who were called to a scene, of a reported potential breaking in robbery. Neighbors call the police saying they saw a man breaking into the house across the street crawling in the window. When the police arrived the man didn’t have an identification but he swore he was the professor at the local university. The police again asked him for an ID, because anybody could say what he said. He said that it was his house and he forgot his key. He had no key he had no identification. He refused to go with the police so they were forced to cop the man. The police didn’t know who the heck he was. But this man was so prideful that instead of going with the police peacefully he started to argue with them. It was the former president, Barack Hussein Obama who inserted himself again, causing division in the nation, once again bye exclaiming on live TV, “the police acted stupidly.“
      no, Mr. President, you acted stupidly by making that statement. The professor acted stupidly, bye not having an ID, not having a key to his own residence and then being combative with the police, these are several reasons to deduce that Barack Hussein Obama intended to cause great division among the races. He took sides immediately without knowing the truth. This may have been his divine purpose, since he was mentored by the Marxist and radical, in his younger years. Bill Ayres and Nancy Dorn we’re just a few radicals that mentor this young wealthy, black man who prided himself on the fact that his father,the fatherThat he admired., The father that Barack wrote about, that left his mother, the father that he believed in. Barack‘s father who was also a Marxist and communist.

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      @Sereana Duwai - Where the hell were you when Obama inserted himself into every situation that occurred in the United States. Instead of being a uniter he was clearly the great divider in chief. Where the hell are you?

  • dexter tolentino
    dexter tolentino Hace un año +14

    Watching this on 2021. I just miss this guy and his speech delivery, I really admire this man.

  • Samuel C
    Samuel C Hace 10 meses +8

    What an incredible speaker!!! He leaves me in awe!

  • Axel Carolton
    Axel Carolton Hace un año +5

    Mr. Obama talked like he was our prime it! Hope teachers and parents would encourage our next generation to listen to Mr. Obama's speeches often.

  • Daniel Thacker
    Daniel Thacker Hace 7 meses +253

    This man literally had the Canadian parliament chanting “4 more years” LMFAO Obama is an absolute icon

    • E. Double
      E. Double Hace 2 meses +2

      @Nancy Valenti I definitely see you for who you are and that's an overpriviledged, hateful, and miserable person who can't seem to bear it when someone sees through the veil you cover yourself with. I don't know you from a hole in the wall, but I know your kind. You probably smile and wave at your neighbors, and then say all kind of vicious and vile things behind their backs. You have a conscience that tells you otherwise but you rarely listen to it especially when you're hiding amongst other haters. Typical though, your kind is everywhere and what's funny is you think your going unseen and unnoticed. News flash!!! Not only can we see you, we can see through you. 👀

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      @E. Double -You need to put your hater blockers on. They are especially made for you because you see here wherever you go even if it isn’t really there.

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      @E. Double -Did I say I hated Barack Obama? Did I tell you I voted for him? Because I disagree with Marxism, that gives you the right to call me a hater? You’re so wrong you don’t know it. Get your head on straight you’re walking backwards.

    • E. Double
      E. Double Hace 2 meses +1

      @Nancy Valenti You're a typical hater doing what haters do...hate on, hater!!! 👋

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      @E. Double -There you go. You leftists are very good at accusing people of doing exactly what you do. FYI : I do not drink and I do not do medication. I don’t smoke marijuana etc. your assessment of me is so off. Yet, as a psychology major, I completely understand your illness. I chose to forgive you for your insensitivity to my right and freedom to state my opinion. I find it illogical for someone such as yourself to arrogantly State what he does not know. You have just proving my point that leftists must follow the rule book of Condemning their enemies or accusing their enemies of doing what they do with no knowledge. Leftists also have a tendency to fabricate stories, in other words: they just make it up as they go. No facts. You are a good example of what I am texting about. And the FOS comment is unwarranted. Liberals have a tendency to run out of Intellectual argument to back up or support their narrative. After which they begin to spew obscenities or name-calling. It is a fact.

    NAME UNDECIDED Hace un año +133

    As a Canadian, I think I can say that all of us adored Obama.

  • holaadios72
    holaadios72 Hace un año +42

    It's great to listen, not only a proper president, but an decent human being.

  • Laird Dougal
    Laird Dougal Hace 9 meses +6

    In 2008 I was attending an Election Day function hosted by the US Embassy to New Zealand. It was a memorable event, not least because of Barak Obama’s electoral success. Although the US officials tried hard to maintain the professional neutrality that should be the hallmark of the civil servant, the sense of pride and hope for the future in the room was palpable even among those whom I knew to be conservatively inclined. As someone who completed his graduate studies in the States and had the good fortune to marry a girl from Chicago, I shared that mood. Although a longtime critic of the US, it’s narrowness of view, its often ignorant military adventurism and its endemic domestic problems, the advent in the role of President of man who embodied intelligence, humour, decency and principle, moved me to a sense of real optimism about the future not only of the US, but the world. But then I watched the Republicans, bereft of ideas and any principle other than the pursuit of power, obstruct and traduce. Everything ugly about the US seemed to be concentrated in their every deed and utterance. And then they delivered up Trump, a patently corrupt, intellectually stunted, racist and misogynistic oaf, a fascist whose every act either cheapened the US in the eyes of the world, or confirmed the belief that the US was indeed the great Satan. I still don’t understand how Americans allowed this to happen.

  • Beatrix Boros
    Beatrix Boros Hace un año +3

    I just love him ! A genius writer, excellent speaker and a politician with a heart and understanding for small and larger problem In the word too.I’m not American nor I ever wanted to live in the USA, I’m a true European , but love his books, speeches and his humbleness

  • J.C M.
    J.C M. Hace un año +8

    The respect and love we Canadians have for him.🥰🥰

  • The Republic Of Yhonai
    The Republic Of Yhonai Hace un año +390

    I love how many standing ovations he gets from the Canadians, they are so polite 😊

    • Luna 333
      Luna 333 Hace un año

      Yes, most of us. It's in our air, our DNA

    • Tim Davis
      Tim Davis Hace un año +1

      Look it up. The Canadian Dollar was worth more during Obama's terms

    • Toniette H
      Toniette H Hace un año +15

      Remember when the President of The US was actually welcome in other countries?? When there were not protests against our american president on the streets of the countries of our allies and friends? Like England Canada France and Germany?

      trump has destroyed our world wide reputation in less than 4 years .. 😢

    • Genji Mccorkle
      Genji Mccorkle Hace un año +19

      Well they also are hearing a master orator, Barrack Obama. I wish he would teach a class on this, I would pay so much for it.

    • Matthias Schuster
      Matthias Schuster Hace un año +15

      In America, they shout in between about their freedom to destroy other one's lives

  • Nora D
    Nora D Hace un año +5

    After every Obama speech, I feel a bit emotional, because I become proud to be an American again and again. So much of him is so who we are ...our best selves and not what we've been through in these past four years of putting up with #45.

  • BXbee21
    BXbee21 Hace un año +5

    🙌🏽So much respect !!! Love him. Watching in 2021😃 These were the best days of America. Help us God!

  • Saras Verma
    Saras Verma Hace un año +4

    Great speaker! An inspiration to all 🧡

  • Samir Martinez
    Samir Martinez Hace 6 meses +7

    I've been always inspired by him since 2008. 13 years as of this writing, and yet still be counting. Hit this if anyone here viewing this at the same year as I was. 😁

  • Mwikya Peter
    Mwikya Peter Hace un año +383

    Everywhere Obama went people were so eager to listen to him, everyone loved him.

    • RserBot2
      RserBot2 Hace un año +7

      Well except for the people of United States, can't believe their choice went from a leader to a joker

    • Yi Li
      Yi Li Hace un año

      trump doesn't.

  • Rix xy
    Rix xy Hace un año +7

    When you get a huge standing ovation before even speaking, it means you're probably doing a good job.

  • Constance Brockett
    Constance Brockett Hace un año +3

    Genuine World Leaders.This is an amazing speech honoring Canada and America working and supporting one another.

  • Carolyn Foster
    Carolyn Foster Hace 6 meses +3

    Great speech. Obama has been welcomed and respected wholeheartedly by our allies which led to good relations.

  • Linda Benefield
    Linda Benefield Hace 8 meses +4

    Love his speeches.

  • Fino
    Fino Hace un año +907

    Have you ever seen such a courtesy where the canadians consistently stand up and applaud obama. Such deep respect.

    • Kay Msafi
      Kay Msafi Hace un mes


    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      @Yvon Mensanh -that is not true at all. No other president except Trump is able to draw so many people to hear him. Don’t delude yourself in thinking that everyone liked Obama. Many whites like myself voted for President Obama because he was a great orator and we thought that this would be the death nell to racism. Approved what a great country we were that a man that was from a race that was once thought of by some is not being human is now in the greatest office in the entire world and voted in, by white people and voted in for two terms. You might’ve thought such an intellectual and great order would’ve taken this opportunity to praise the country. You might’ve thought as did I and millions of others, that he would’ve used his presidency to draw people close to one another bye stating how we shared this great country that has finally embraced the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. He should’ve use that opportunity but Barack Hussein Obama chose not to. Why? Because he is a Marxist and has a Marxist agenda, like his father (please read dreams of my father). you should be stunned to learn that this man embraces all that is Marxist. From touting a false narrative, because the ends justify the means, destroying one’s enemies, which is part of the communist manifesto and can also be found in “Rulesfor radicals”by Saul Allinsky.(You know, what a great socialist, Hillary Rodham Clinton did her college thesis on) Barack Hussein Obama did nothing, nothing of note but appoint radical judges into strategic areas to make it easier for future leftist presidents to get into power. Barack Hussein Obama‘s legacy will always be remembered as a great order and a great divider of the people. He has single-handedly ripped the Band-Aid from a healing wound that his plagued this country for so long. Just when you thought we were through with judging people by the color of their skin, incomes Obama. He be back the dream, yes the great dream of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. for he didn’t follow, or believe in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s dream of judging men by the content of the character. No, rather Barack Hussein Obama followed the dreams of his father, the leftist Marxist man that left his mother. His white mother. Who left him, to be raised by his white grandparents. These are the very same grandparents that he did great in his book. He never appreciated what they did for him. He only saw the color of their skin. This is the legacy that you people deem as a great man has left us. His wife, Michelle, claim to never be proud of the country that gave her the opportunities to become the attorney. The educated black woman., Instead, she remarked about how she was forced to live in the White House which was built on the backs of black slaves. She didn’t tell the whole truth however, that there were white enslaved people , Who happened to be Irish, working side-by-side with the blacks in the construction. The white Irish slaves are never brought up, because it does not fit the agenda. they could earn their freedom. They were enslaved until they earned enough to buy their freedom. Why, that wasn’t the same. They weren’t the same color either so that didn’t count. No one talks about the Irish slaves. No one talks about other white slaves like the Hebrews enslaved by the Jews, or the Slavic people enslaved by the moors. I guess they feel this is irrelevant to the black slaves cause of continuing the heat and divide in the country. It shows the ignorance and the lack of education. Every race has at one time or the other, on this planet been enslaved. These races have learned to move on. Some have even forgiven those who have despitefully used. them. But the American blacks, many of them choose not to forgive but to keep pouring salt on the wound that President Barack Obama Directed the entire nation to revisit, He pointed to racism when there was none. He stirred up anger and Imagined Racism in current events, in the Treyvon Martin case, in the Michael Brown case, and others. He will be known as the great divider.

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      @Kanda Kagami -Preparing several lawsuits against those who accused him falsely. Durham is handing out subpoenas. The fake impeachment of President Trump by false accusations of colluding with Russia is coming to the surface. The evidence is coming out. I actually hope he sues the hell out of MSNBC and CNN who ran with the lies on their Network for years! I hope they were round up all the liars in one big lawsuit. That includes the Democrats in Congress that lied through their teeth trying to impeach our former president with lies and fabricated stories. Just like good little Marxists.

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      It’s quite a shame that there’s so many false and fake profiles on here. You can find out if they’re for real by visiting their Facebook pages. Most don’t have any friends or photos. Most don’t have any comments. I guess, one could say that they need phony profiles to make it appear as if there are many who feel the same way they do. I never cared for that saying: “liberalism is a mental illness. “But the more I see from the left the more I Believe that that quote is truth.

    • Nancy Valenti
      Nancy Valenti Hace 2 meses

      yeah I see that. Obama is treated like he is God. Yet he is not a lover. He is a divider. He has caused more strife in this country than he himself even knows. Instead of speaking about what a great country we are, how we overcame the sin of slavery. he should’ve taken the opportunity to speak about his ancestors were once looked upon as lesser men. He should’ve spoke and stated how he, Barack Hussein Obama is now elected president of the United States of America, the most powerful nation on the planet. He could’ve said how he was elected twice by white people. It wasn’t his own dad sent him to the White House it was the white people. What a great country how we have come together at that great moment in time. This is what he could’ve said! This is what he should have said! But he did not. He spent his presidency, accusing his brethren. He’s white brethren. He injected himself into cases he knew nothing about. He did not have the facts Of the Treyvon Martin case. He did not have the facts of the Michael Brown case. Even though, there was no raising up of hands , Michael Brown, “ Hands up,don’t shoot,” Is the false narrative that the Marxist news networks reported and so most of the Democrats believed it really happened. They didn’t have the facts. They didn’t have the truth. Many didn’t want the truth and rejected it because it did not inspire hate. The truth did not compel them to riot and pillage and dismantle the country. It didn’t fit the Marxist agenda so they refused to believe it. Instead they rioted. Some of this inspired by the wonderful ORATOR In chief, Barack Obama. He inserted himself into the beer summit incident. He didn’t even try to understand the police point of you when they were called to a residence we are a possible breaking had been reported by Neighbors. It was reported that the neighbor saw a man breaking in to a window of one of the neighborhood houses. When the police arrived they found a man inside the house. When they went to handcuff him, he pulled away saying that he lived there, that it was his house. The police asked him to produce an ID which he could not do. He told them he was a professor at the University. Well, every officer in law-enforcement knows that you just don’t take somebody’s word regardless of skin color. This man could not prove he was the owner and refused to be cuffed which the police deemed combative. Well, when Obama found out that this man of color was actually a professor who had locked himself out of his house and had to crawl in through a window, he inserted his opinion. He didn’t care about the calls from Neighbors saying it was a break-in, Obama didn’t care that the man could not produce an ID or proof that he was the resident or owner of the home. Yet, without knowing the facts, President Obama inserted himself again and on television stated that the police acted stupidly when in actuality the homeowner acted stupidly, by number one, forgetting his keys, number two not caring his ID. Number three acting combative and refusing direct orders from the police. This is another reason why President Obama was a divider. That is his legacy to the country. He will forever be remembered by most as causing and contributing to the great division of races in our country instead of using the right words about what a wonderful country we have that we had reached a point that we’ve elected a black man to be president. Instead of encouraging all to get along and be patient with one another and forgiving with one another. Divide and conquer is the Marxist way.

  • user537
    user537 Hace un año +5

    "thank you for this extraordinary welcome which tempts me just to shut up and leave, because it can't get any better than this" - oh my god I miss this guy because of his great communication skills and also education. Unlike other presidents that happened to the US.

  • Pacific Bob
    Pacific Bob Hace 11 meses +5

    I really needed to watch this tonight - Compassion, wisdom, intellect and morality

  • Kerem Icelli
    Kerem Icelli Hace un año +29

    Master orator! Respect! It is extraordinary, how he builds his vibrant sentences, chooses words that have impact. It is impressive, how he connects with the audience, using humor, intellect and knowledge... How he underlines what he says with his voice, posture and moves. Wow... Huge talent... That’s for sure. I wonder how he prepares for such speeches. If he prepares at all... I wonder if he is trained in such arts. But what I truly wonder the most is, how it is possible that a nation can put a furious, vulgar, goofy clown into his office as successor after two terms with him. I just can’t figure that one.

  • Allan Davids
    Allan Davids Hace un año +1

    A real inspiring speech delivered to a nation by a true and competent statesman !👏👏👏

  • Michael Ipinolu
    Michael Ipinolu Hace 2 años +155

    When a nation is truly blessed; it gets a leader like this.

  • Thomas Salois
    Thomas Salois Hace un año +6

    I love the way that Canadian parliamentarians are standing and applauding a president of the United States

  • A Hassen
    A Hassen Hace un año +148

    Just goes to prove some Presidents are worthy of 3 terms this guy was that President

    • neoakira
      neoakira Hace 11 meses

      @Lambor Ghini Angela Merkel and Benjamin Netanyahu are both currently serving their 4th terms as heads-of-state. Are you going to argue that Germany and Israel are analogous to China now?

    • neoakira
      neoakira Hace 11 meses

      @The Holy Fool you do realise that several prominent liberal democracies don't have term limits right? Angela Merkel has been the German chancellor for what, 15 years now? And she's stepping down next year on her own accord. Netanyahu has been PM for 14

    • DO K
      DO K Hace un año

      @I am a loaf of Bread thanks God he is gone for a while. Unfortunately the aftermath of his presidency will hunt a long time not only Biden but America as a whole. Specifically when Republicans don't take their responsibilities and acting like they are hypnotized by him.

    • I am a loaf of Bread
      I am a loaf of Bread Hace un año +2

      @DO K all thanks to trump

    • I am a loaf of Bread
      I am a loaf of Bread Hace un año +1

      @The Holy Fool *cough cough* trump?

  • Japeth Mark
    Japeth Mark Hace 9 meses +3

    Thats very powerful and very inspired speech he ever made, im blessed and convinced with his speech about the america

  • J H
    J H Hace un año +4

    Such a great speech

  • Sir David of Tor
    Sir David of Tor Hace un año +520

    Not only do I miss hearing a structured sentence from a US president, but the energy of a crowd, clapping in agreement and appreciation.

    Stay safe, be well

  • Michelle Nguyen
    Michelle Nguyen Hace un año +3

    “We Americans can never say it enough, we could not ask for a better friend or ally than Canada.” I second that, thank you Canadians.

  • alman hossain
    alman hossain Hace un año +12

    I love this man when he speaks! Pure magician!

  • BadDay - Lets Plays
    BadDay - Lets Plays Hace 7 meses +3

    And then there is me: 5 years too late, neither US nor Canadian citizen, listening to a speech of Obama and being absolutely astonished on how good a speaker he was.

  • Vegas stoker
    Vegas stoker Hace un año +12

    Calmer times. I miss it. Thanks Mr Obama for always being a class act. The last 4 years have been so disgraceful.

  • Denise Chan
    Denise Chan Hace un año +324

    Mr. Obama talked like he was our prime it! Hope teachers and parents would encourage our next generation to listen to Mr. Obama's speeches often.

    • History Repeat
      History Repeat Hace 10 meses +2

      @plopnow Obama is good study on leadership and American values no matter what party your from. They don’t need to mention his party to say he strives for furthering (love or hate) western values and equality for all while at the same time maintaining an understanding of the complexities of home and the world as a whole to try and do it 1 step at a time. I agree it is to early for him to be studied in primary schools but college is fine.

    • Maggie Buehler
      Maggie Buehler Hace un año +5

      We enjoy listening to Obama speak he’s kind, optimistic and everyone’s friend

    • plopnow
      plopnow Hace un año +1

      Hal Davis college and higher education is a different story. I’m more talking about grade school level here.

    • plopnow
      plopnow Hace un año +1

      @Hal Davis Yes, there are history curriculums, however they do not necessarily promote certain political candidates and their ideologies. Merely their historical value. I for one did not learn about people's political affiliations and their associated ideological or theological beliefs in school.

    • plopnow
      plopnow Hace un año +3

      Encourage them to listen to partisan political figures? That's unethical for schools to be doing. Politics doesn't need to further infest the education system. They can privately support whomever they choose, but putting it on student's is the wrong message and an abuse of their position.

  • Iván D. Beltrán
    Iván D. Beltrán Hace un año +21

    "We make decisions based on science and evidence." The good old days.

  • Diabeeetus1
    Diabeeetus1 Hace un año +8

    My god, I just watched this the first time and my GOD we need this man to be the leader of the US (I would like to say the world)! He has his flaws, sure, but he doesn't ignore the important bits!

  • Dirt
    Dirt Hace 8 meses +4

    Obama, paraphrasing: "We couldn't have a better ally."
    Canadians, clapping: "Yeah, we're just the best. We're amazing. Yay us."
    Love it.

  • Zakir Somani
    Zakir Somani Hace 8 meses +4

    Amazing speech!

  • ja2jo2001starr
    ja2jo2001starr Hace 2 años +75

    I miss this man. I had to listen to remember what a true leader sounds like. Thank you for your poise, leadership, honesty, respect for the office and the people former President Barack Obama!👊🏽

  • Llyane Stanfield @ J'Ouellette® Learn Parisian French on Skype

    I'm binging on Obama's speeches now :) Will buy his latest book too! I feel lucky to be his contemporary.

  • SA 10
    SA 10 Hace 2 días

    "If a ceo makes more in a day than a typical employee makes in a year. That kind of inequality is not just bad for the morale and the company, turns out its bad for the economy. That worker's not a very good customer for the business." This is so true.

  • Les Parton
    Les Parton Hace un año +4

    What a contrast to Trump. Here is an intelligent, moral and real human being. He always talks with passion and common sense. Boy do we miss him!!

  • kwamutube
    kwamutube Hace un año +1

    You want to know what it means to be a great leader? Reflect on this speech, the reaction from it's audience, it's perpetual relevance, and then look for the one who delivered it!

  • Elijah Ogaya
    Elijah Ogaya Hace 2 años +63

    A US President, in my view, must inspire the whole world and not just America. Uplifting speech!

  • Troy Stewart
    Troy Stewart Hace un año +2

    SOOOOOOOO much love and respect for our former President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tigerrx
    tigerrx Hace un año +8

    When world leaders are on a first name basis with each other in their presence you know they got each other’s back.

  • Anuj Falcon
    Anuj Falcon Hace un año +20

    its just 7 minutes in and already about 4+ standing ovations. Symbolizing harmony.

  • Sherrie Gamblin
    Sherrie Gamblin Hace 3 meses +3

    This is an awesome speech! My first time hearing it

  • Alfred Vega
    Alfred Vega Hace 3 años +119

    what a loving country. they way our people received him and treat this extraordinary world leader makes me so proud to be Canadian

    • Shawn Myrelle
      Shawn Myrelle Hace un año +1

      We love you canadian so much what great friends and allies you are 💛

    • D T
      D T Hace un año

      It's the society of the future. Turban-clad and cowboy stetson-wearing in the same building.

    • Rob Aguilar
      Rob Aguilar Hace un año +1

      Thank you Canada!!!

    • Luigi Prekulaj
      Luigi Prekulaj Hace un año +1

      At least he should has had a Mexican flag or Kenya's Flag unfolded to his podium, if he loved foreign Countries more than his Country, USA.
      Maybe he forget the flag of USA to be displayed in Canada, because he was busy of leading ISIS at the same time. Or maybe he was stunned by the beauty of the Canadian First Lady. we never know. but; please do not tell Michelle about that breath taking he suffered from.

  • donnette coley
    donnette coley Hace un año +6

    What a difference so proud of my president the way he carried himself regardless of his own who didn't realize their blessings

  • Mxolisi Jay Dlamini
    Mxolisi Jay Dlamini Hace un año +3

    Gees this man embodies everything a man of INFLUENCE should be. he is so charismatic and precise, i really enjoyed listening to this. OBAMA for world governance.

  • help_each_other
    help_each_other Hace 8 meses +4

    He was so serious, because he knew things were about to get bat crap crazy. Love him!!

  • W. Kamara Njoku
    W. Kamara Njoku Hace un año +4

    They gave way too many applause. Canadians are wholesome.

  • adrian
    adrian Hace un año +357

    Honestly. That's the way a leader is supposed to sound. Inspiring, intelligent, eloquent, funny, straight talk. Man what a difference.

    • Elijah Biggs
      Elijah Biggs Hace un año

      @John Cass I hope you ain’t got kids mate , setting the bar very low for them

    • snerketryne
      snerketryne Hace un año

      @John Cass Must be hard going through life with such a low level of intellect. Sry dude.

    • Caroline Layade
      Caroline Layade Hace un año

      @John Cass Please get a life. Done with you.

    • Caroline Layade
      Caroline Layade Hace un año

      @John Cass are a joke. I'm so sure you no nothing about me. Your name calling means absolutely nothing to me. I am sitting here LOL.... YOU ARE SO CLUELESS, LONELY MISERABLE ONE. LORD WILL HEAL YOUR SAD SOUL. YOU NEED GOD IN YOUR LIFE. OH!,OH!,I forget I'm on line with the devil. Lol..

    • Caroline Layade
      Caroline Layade Hace un año

      @John Cass You again!. Your life must really be lonely and very isolated. Still responding to the same narratives of over a month ago that you already responded to?. You are so obsessed with Obama. You will never achieve his life achievements. Give it a rest. Nobody cares about what you have to say anymore. Stay wherever you are, lonely one. God! So obsessed with Obama. Get a life. I have forgotten about you already. Get a life.

  • Mark Beumer
    Mark Beumer Hace un año +9

    The personification of Goodness and Integrity

  • Sharmalee Sri Bawan
    Sharmalee Sri Bawan Hace un año +1

    What a speech. Love the leadership

    ARSHANK VEER SINGH Hace 7 meses +3

    If speaking is an art which it is ...then THIS MAN.. Is one of the finest master u r seeing managing his business.

  • BudgieChirp
    BudgieChirp Hace 11 meses +3

    I remember an article that said at summits, leaders of other countries argue about who will get to talk to Obama first. He is ranked 12th Best President of America. Just Google presidential rankings and you will see why and what prestigious people pick the ranking of Presidents.

  • Jazzy53
    Jazzy53 Hace 2 años +367

    Once upon a time a country named America had a REAL PRESIDENT and the world knew it as well. Thank you President Obama!!

    • Beverly Inkster
      Beverly Inkster Hace un año +2

      Ekene Onochie Trump only takes care of himself , someone said once we should find joy in everyone and everything, so I gave it a lot of thought and the only thing that brought me joy while thinking of Trump was seeing him walk out of the White House Climbing the stairs of airforce one never to walk the halls of the White House ever again , I wonder how past great president’s would feel having the most corrupt dangerous evil president in American history walking in the sacred halls it makes me sad just thinking about it . The prayer in my heart always is he will resign . For the sake of America and the world I pray it is soon before he causes anymore damage . I can see you are a Trump fan and my words may hurt you but that is not my intention, just open your mind to seeing the truth study Trump’s life not the lies he feeds you . Thousands are dying right now because he is not capable of being a leader . So I am sending you peace now and always . And I pray Trump’s reign of terror will be over soon . Peace .

      THE REAL MR YOUTUBER Hace un año

      @Robert Clayborne Finally someone who gets it.

    • Ekene Onochie
      Ekene Onochie Hace un año

      Once upon a time America had a President with sweet oratory and zero action..... Now they have a commander in chief that takes care of America first .....

    • GreenCup, BlueCup
      GreenCup, BlueCup Hace un año

      A real president versus a fake one and the devil himself. Hmmm. I'm gonna think about that truth of that statement and have some serious doubts about it. Unless you are just being mean in which case please.. carry on.

    • Robert Clayborne
      Robert Clayborne Hace 2 años +11

      And now has Satan the devil have replaced him, and the world doesn't know it. Even though he's the liar, and the FATHER of the LIE, that JESUS said he is.

  • Barbara Cullingworth
    Barbara Cullingworth Hace un año +2

    He should’ve been president for life❤️

  • Funny ss comedy
    Funny ss comedy Hace 5 meses +4

    Woo what an outstanding leader!when he speaks everyone appreciate

    • Michelle Obama
      Michelle Obama Hace 4 meses

      💗 Dedicated fans like you are the reason I’ve achieved greatness, I’m incomplete without you as my fan; you are highly appreciated.

      Where do you reside at ?

  • Linder Hall
    Linder Hall Hace un año +5

    President Obama, your humor exceeds above all and your speeches are so elegant. Thank you for your charm! Love Linder Hall

  • DrGuglea
    DrGuglea Hace un año +1

    красавчик ,, интеллект , мудрость , выдержка, благопристойный юмор .

    The time when America was really great

  • Earl Larrabee
    Earl Larrabee Hace 4 años +92

    Obama is so great. I stumbled across this speech on youtube and it is one I have not heard yet. The part of his speech at the end about how we should treat immigrants and refugees is brilliant. "We are called upon to see ourselves in others.We were all once strangers or descendants of strangers." "At some point somewhere, your family was an outsider, so the mothers, the fathers, the children we see today, they are us...and we can't forsake them."

    That is some powerful stuff. I swear in nearly every one of his speeches there is always something deeply profound, inspirational, and transformative. I think this is the most eloquent way to explain the immigrant situation, it is hard to think of a better way to state what should be obvious. And while such transformative quotes seem rare nowadays, for Obama, it was just an everyday thing.

    • Josie Schulz
      Josie Schulz Hace un año +1

      @Decore limited he was the first American President who give his speech in British Parliament..

    • Trevin Quillin
      Trevin Quillin Hace 2 años

      I'm all about Imagration,.. the desire of people wanting something better for their families. I just want it done legally. Our southern boarder isn't just an open door for illegal Imagration. It is also an avenue of entry by folks who mean us harm from even the middle East, human trafficking, drugs, weapons, ... Our southern boarder needs a control, and is definitely in the interest realm of national security.

    • Decore limited
      Decore limited Hace 2 años +4

      check his speech at westminister, ITS GREAT

    • Gary wood
      Gary wood Hace 4 años +1

      It's so sad he kept quiet over the 16 islamic nations that ban jews while almost all of he 56 OIC's treat non-muslims as dhimmi's .

  • A Conservative Take
    A Conservative Take Hace 11 meses +1

    love him or hate him, Obama knew how to deliver a speech

  • Sreenivasa Iyer
    Sreenivasa Iyer Hace un año +3

    What an amazing speech! And the person! American did themselves great disservice by electing DT after such a great man.

  • Federation Inspirations
    Federation Inspirations Hace 10 meses +3

    What a brilliant LEGEND of an orator - honestly masterful! Did you notice how he basically said, "Hey Canada, you guys need to step up your game when it comes to NATO. You need to be making more of a contribution." He said it so skillfully though - I think he used the quote, "The world needs more Canada," - that he got a standing ovation from Parliament for it...That's a TRUE leader right there - using diplomacy, tact, and inspiration to get things done, rather than anger, shame, fear, and divisiveness! And I'm a native-born American, with dual-Canadian citizenship, raised in the US by Canadian parents, and now living in I'd like to think I'm pretty balanced/unbiased on this one lol!

  • GK#FMS-B
    GK#FMS-B Hace 11 meses +2

    Amazing personality. We love you Sir 🙏🏻

  • Johnny Ingram
    Johnny Ingram Hace un año +166

    This man is an ever increasing hero of mine. He is the definition of a gentleman, intelligent, caring, and the greatest public speaker I've ever seen/heard. The world misses Barrack Obama

  • Omex Habeshawi
    Omex Habeshawi Hace un año +2

    he is brilliant 👌👌👌👌😍😍I'm not American but actually amazing president

  • Funny Things
    Funny Things Hace 5 meses

    What a standing ovation💪

  • Mike Monhemius
    Mike Monhemius Hace 8 meses +1

    America could learn a lot from Canadians .. and great to remember an excellent president.

  • Vanessa Camilleri
    Vanessa Camilleri Hace un año +4

    He was so respected by world leaders. So eloquent, it's like Martin Luther king is reincarnate.

  • Jameson Sahariah
    Jameson Sahariah Hace 2 años +218

    When you get such stand up applause so many times, you know a good leader is speaking.

  • Dhanraj Kumar
    Dhanraj Kumar Hace 10 meses +1

    What A speech it was 👌

  • Kurt Johnson
    Kurt Johnson Hace un año +2

    What a statesman. Incomparable.

  • Joseph Sulaiman
    Joseph Sulaiman Hace 21 un día +1

    Absolutely an excellent speech by Mr.Obama

  • Freidd E.
    Freidd E. Hace 4 meses +1

    I just have loved his speeches.