Global BC sports anchor wins lotto home draw, live on Global BC

  • Publicado el 30 oct 2011
  • Global BC sports anchor Barry Deley wins the two million dollar BC Children's Hospital Dream lotto draw. Watch the whole thing unfold live on Global BC.
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Comentarios • 3 996

  • R.D. Adair
    R.D. Adair Hace un año +2390

    As someone local to BC who grew up watching this it was incredible to watch this live on air. My whole family was freaking out and excited for Barry. Pure perfection

    • Prototype Prototype
      Prototype Prototype Hace 7 meses

      @Barry Deley woooohooooo

    • Gavin Kitchen
      Gavin Kitchen Hace 7 meses

      Must of been so special. Im watching this from Sydney in April 2022 & this is so amazing!

    • RocAez
      RocAez Hace 9 meses

      @Barry Deley Congratulations

    • Stadtjer
      Stadtjer Hace 11 meses +1

      @Barry Deley Haha what a story, awesome. So do you occasionally come back to this video to 'relive' the moment?

    • Kelsey
      Kelsey Hace un año +1

      @Barry Deley you picked the house ?!? I guess if it was a 2.5M dollar house, I understand 😭😂

  • Seabass
    Seabass Hace un año +1155

    I’ve NEVER heard anyone that chill about winning 2 million dollars.

    • CallsignMongol
      CallsignMongol Hace 10 días

      2 million dollar HOME.

    • T bb
      T bb Hace 3 meses

      I'd be excited but chill about it . It's nothing to freak out about.I would have feelings of mostly gratitude

    • Da Fonse
      Da Fonse Hace 4 meses

      He chose the house

    • XyppeR
      XyppeR Hace un año

      @trvman1 your mom

    • trvman1
      trvman1 Hace un año

      I guess it because they make it up by taxing your "booze" so heavily :)

  • jk12324
    jk12324 Hace 2 años +13592

    Barry's phone then blew up with calls from relatives whom he hadn't heard from in years, wanting to suddenly catch up.

    • MeekaInc
      MeekaInc Hace 8 meses

      @Stadtjer correct! I’ve seen this so many times over the years, it never gets old 🙌✨

    • Stadtjer
      Stadtjer Hace 11 meses

      @Jonathan Grenier "it s a 2.5M dollars house or 2M in cash and he didnt seemed interested in the house"
      He did get the house.

    • A Edwards
      A Edwards Hace un año

      I might be related to him!!!!! 😁🤑💵💵💵 Hardly see of any Deley's!

    • Brain With an I
      Brain With an I Hace un año

      @BearvilleBear 14 have you read Ecclesiastes 11:10? It says there that there is no knowledge or wisdom in the place we go when we die.

    • BearvilleBear 14
      BearvilleBear 14 Hace un año

      Keep strong. Dont forget that despite the evil in this world, God is full of justice, mercy and love.
      Justice said we broke His perfect law - causing the world's previous perfection to be destroyed - and therefore we deserve Hell (like a punishment in any legal system but this is eternal as His perfect law is eternal too). Don't think you fit in that category? Ever done one of these?: lying, stealing - regardless of how small the object EVER, hating others - which is murder in God's perfect law, lusting (plus God sees our entire thought life). Justice says "the soul that sins shall die" - if we break one in thought/word/deed it's as if we're guilty of all of them. Quite simply, living by the law (which is doing everything perfectly) is impossible for sinful humans
      . The law shows us that 1. We will die in Hell if we fail to follow it and 2. We cannot save ourselves BUT, 3. God's perfect, immovable law points us to Christ, who followed and fulfilled the law in thought, word and deed perfectly in our place. He did what we couldn't and did it on our behalf. He was then sentenced to death on a cross, and took our personal punishment for our sin, paying our penalty (like paying our fine) completely FOR us, and has given us freedom.
      If we turn from the sins we have committed and repent (pursue the opposite direction of love through Christ) He will, overtime, recreate us back into that previously perfect image through The Holy Spirit which Jesus sends to all who accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior of their life. It's not about following the law - perfectly, as it's impossible - it's about letting Christ in to guide and teach you and obeying Him through His power (not ourselves as it's impossible without depending on His power and instruction).
      He is our substitute in His life, death and resurrection. He essentially rewrote history in our place so that, if you believe in Him, it will be as if you had never sinned if you accept Christ's death as our own in our place.
      He is in Heaven right now preparing a place for us so that He can take His faithful, believing children home with Him when He returns. He will ressurrect us from death when He returns, giving mercy to those who accept His love, instruction and teachings in their life, and give justice to those who refuse it.
      He doesn't want ANY of us to go to Hell and die for continuing in evil and rejecting His way to life, thats why He died FOR us. Hes giving EVERYONE a chance, He wants everyone to take the free gift of salvation from Hell. He wants us to be His and begin to follow His life of love and service through His power and abiding (staying) with Him. So long as we keep our hearts near to Christ through His strength, strive to follow His will of perfect love revealed in the Bible, and let Him lead in the midst of (very certain) pitfalls and struggles, we will, in time, win the ultimate victory over sin, pain and DEATH through Christ. Even if you are willing to be made willing, pray for Jesus to come in and He will do what we can't. Give us The Holy Spirit who will guide us in the right way.
      NOTE: You are NEVER too sinful or messed up that God cannot turn your life around through Jesus. EVER
      If you have any questions let me know

    ECLIPSICHOWL Hace un año +1824

    Barry’s dad after all these years returned with Milk to reunite with his beloved son.

    • Tyler L
      Tyler L Hace 8 meses

      and 1000 packs of cigarettes, cigarettes for the whole family lmao

    • kendall hill
      kendall hill Hace 8 meses

      milk and another lottery ticket.

    • Ogsu
      Ogsu Hace 8 meses

      @RickyRick yes, the prosecution of plagiarism, such a nasty attitude

    • RickyRick
      RickyRick Hace 9 meses

      @Ogsu nasty attitude Ogsu

    • dirty4track
      dirty4track Hace un año +1

      Barry's dad just got back from the gas station, where he was gettin smokes

  • Mikowmer
    Mikowmer Hace un año +1228

    This is reminding me of the time a guy won a scratchy prize, then with the news reporters there to recreate the event ends up winning even more on the second scratchy.

    • Leo Smileater
      Leo Smileater Hace 2 meses

      I remember this one

    • f.w.
      f.w. Hace 2 meses

      The famous football player Hollywood Henderson won two Hugh lotteries!

    • jennever pelaez
      jennever pelaez Hace 6 meses

      That was the video that brought me to this one we’re commenting on

    • Omar
      Omar Hace 10 meses +1

      @M what happens was he died. Doctors announced his death after a bad car accident. He came back to life and to celebrate he bought a lottery ticket knowing luck was on his side

    • Omar
      Omar Hace 10 meses

      Also before he won. He died, doctors announced him dead for 14 mins. He then came back to life, to celebrate he went to buy a lottery ticket, that how he won the 1st time. His name is "Bill Morgan" go look it up on ESclips

  • Exsulator
    Exsulator Hace un año +845

    Why does everybody assume that Barry doesn’t care just because he doesn’t dramatically react? Some people’s emotions are slow moving and the greatness of this phone call would slowly across a few days or even weeks begin to form in Barry. Lots of people like that, like Barry, like me, it’s not that he don’t care

    • kendall hill
      kendall hill Hace 8 meses

      he was probably in shock

    • Cktime ThirtyTwo
      Cktime ThirtyTwo Hace un año +1

      Because idiots are so use to fake shows and fake people in videos they don’t know what real people are like anymore.
      They think everyone is like a fake tiktoker or youtuber who gets crazy excited to open a box of legos as a 32 year old guy 😂

    • Krisstie Bee
      Krisstie Bee Hace un año

      He is also in public. I'd definitely try to keep calm with people around me.

    • Burt Sampson
      Burt Sampson Hace un año

      I think he’s concerned people will think it’s fixed

    • Emmett Kasey
      Emmett Kasey Hace un año

      yes!!!!!!! i’d react exactly the same as him, you don’t want to get your hopes up unless it’s 100% confirmed. also… he is reacting shocked? just bc he’s not screaming and crying down the phone doesn’t mean he doesn’t care🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Chris Pomaski
    Chris Pomaski Hace 7 meses +5

    Amazing win! The little but that slips through about his child and the therapy they went through makes this win even more fitting 🎉🎉🎉

  • Cartoon Nerd
    Cartoon Nerd Hace un año +523

    2:45 "Barry, you and I. We're best friends, right?" way to secure a rich friendship lmao

  • Brandon Tydings
    Brandon Tydings Hace un año +318

    He must be in shock he is so utterly calm I would be freaking out and verifying it and hanging up and calling my wife but he’s like “oh this is quite interesting who would have thought wow 2 million in cash that’s very interesting”

    • Dominic Thiessen
      Dominic Thiessen Hace un año

      @CJ No. For one, this is in Canada. Also, B.C. doesn't tax lottery winnings.

    • Barry Deley
      Barry Deley Hace un año +3

      @CJ haha, wow! Congratulations on your gameboy, and yes, me and my family are still doing well

    • DrNanard
      DrNanard Hace un año

      @Brandon Tydings do you really expect people to get over their kid surviving cancer in just a year? Do you have a grain of sand for a heart?

    • Caesar Davidson
      Caesar Davidson Hace un año

      @Brandon Tydings it's not about emotions, it's about experiencing higher standards. when your kid beats leukemia, winning 2 million might feel like just a whiff. how'd i know? i experience it (not the millions though!)

    • Caesar Davidson
      Caesar Davidson Hace un año +1

      @CJ hahah yeah, belief is... pretty magical. i almost got amputated on both arms but i believed im gonna be fine, and i am fine now :) crazy to think back about it, and hope/faith is definitely a powerful weapon

  • m33tball
    m33tball Hace un año +11

    I love how candid and wholesome this is coming from a news network of all things

  • ed crumly
    ed crumly Hace 2 años +32

    I grew up with him in Grande Cache, and played hockey with him for a few years. Awesome guy.

    • Shea Stoney
      Shea Stoney Hace 7 meses

      Hey Ed. I spent one year in Grande Cache ('82) and played hockey with is younger brother. And now, Barry sometimes is a sub on my beer league hockey team in Burnaby. He's still an awesome, down to earth guy.

  • Anthony **
    Anthony ** Hace un año +3

    They all seem so close, happy for him and his family!

  • Jay Whoisit
    Jay Whoisit Hace 3 años +11568

    He knew the guys phone number off hand so they must be good mates. I’m happy for them.

    • weeardguy
      weeardguy Hace un mes

      @Jesus Fried Christ It had nothing to do with smartphones: even in the days of the Nokia 3310 and before that great era people were quickly forgetting phonenumbers because all it took was just a few presses on a few buttons.
      The fact he knows telephone numbers has something to do with his age and most likely his profession: when you work in the AV-industry as an anchor, split-second decisions to bring you the latest news will make you remember phonenumbers.

    • E Lopez
      E Lopez Hace un año

      Yeah, Squire’s a great guy

    • king james488
      king james488 Hace un año

      he pulled out his iphone first?

    • Aaron Rayne
      Aaron Rayne Hace un año

      @cyanidetrece cuz ur stoopid

    • cyanidetrece
      cyanidetrece Hace un año

      @Aaron Rayne uh, no we don't.

  • Nick Landry
    Nick Landry Hace un año +14

    This was such a wholesome cast. The anchor was so excited to call Barry.

  • Fern and Bacon
    Fern and Bacon Hace un año +68

    I can't believe this was 9 years ago, I think about this every time Barry is on the air

    • Jo C
      Jo C Hace un año +3

      don't know what's more weird.....this video showing up in my recommended's 10 years later, or the actual Barry Deley replying to comments on this thread

    • Sega64
      Sega64 Hace un año

      @Barry Deley I'm sorry to hear that. Jealousy leads many people to resentment. I hope you are living with more peace now

    • Jeff
      Jeff Hace un año +1

      @Barry Deley hey, congratulations on your win! Enjoy your life and your semi-famous status now. Cheers

    • Barry Deley
      Barry Deley Hace un año +1

      @Yoyo Liu yes, we moved out about 6 years ago, we got a good deal on a beautiful house. Nit a lot of people liked us when we lived in Fort Langley, a lot of gossip

    • Barry Deley
      Barry Deley Hace un año +1

      @D W yep!

  • You Are Now Aware Podcast
    You Are Now Aware Podcast Hace un año +102

    This is so cute. He said he supported this lottery all the way from when his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. My man’s had a backstory.

  • Feels
    Feels Hace 2 años +1601

    I came from
    Dad slowly reveals huge lotto wins to his sons.
    Oh my God.

    • Kwasmo
      Kwasmo Hace un año


    • Andrew Johnson
      Andrew Johnson Hace un año

      ESclips wilin out to everyone these days 😂

    • Terryakee
      Terryakee Hace un año

      A smart dad/husband should never reveal his secret.

    • jootai
      jootai Hace un año

      I'm going there now

    • X
      X Hace un año


  • Veetour
    Veetour Hace 3 años +11991

    I'm just upset for poor Barry DELANEY in Port Moody who had a heart attack when he heard his name.

    • whyisblue923taken
      whyisblue923taken Hace 10 meses

      Barry Deli too.

    • Z3 snipes
      Z3 snipes Hace un año

      @Christian William how you like me now

    • Ryan C
      Ryan C Hace un año

      moniemaker27 lol

    • Ryan C
      Ryan C Hace un año


    • Lography
      Lography Hace un año +1

      @moniemaker27 I also read this in Norm’s voice lol, glad I wasn’t the only one who had him pop into their head

  • Chris K
    Chris K Hace un año +2

    That's a great lottery. I wish there were more like this. I'd play these kinds over a state lottery every day of the week.

  • Bela Oxmyx
    Bela Oxmyx Hace un año +2

    Just saw this video. Barry is so deserving of this. What a great guy

  • Phillip Thomas
    Phillip Thomas Hace 10 meses

    This is awesome I’m smiling from ear to ear especially be on live television. 👏🏿👏🏿

  • Make Sushi 1
    Make Sushi 1 Hace 2 años +3869

    wish i got a phone call like that :)

    • landwarrior82
      landwarrior82 Hace un año +1

      I don’t know who are you. But I wish that your wish comes true. Pay it forward though.

    • M-FOH
      M-FOH Hace un año

      @Chubs Barrera sushi person

    • Chubs Barrera
      Chubs Barrera Hace un año

      @M-FOH From who?

    • M-FOH
      M-FOH Hace un año

      This is the second comment I've seen from you today, first one was on some rocket launch video

    • Chubs Barrera
      Chubs Barrera Hace un año

      So how do I make sushi

  • Dkhan23
    Dkhan23 Hace 3 años +4550

    The sports anchor isn’t jealous, if you watch him that’s just how he is

    • Randy Lahey18
      Randy Lahey18 Hace 4 meses

      he funny

    • Andrew Lundquist
      Andrew Lundquist Hace 8 meses

      This guy is pissed that he won.

    • Family guy
      Family guy Hace 9 meses

      Wait I thought Barry was the sports anchor.

    • wade
      wade Hace un año +1

      That's news bloke was not happy, you could see it he, was trying to laugh it off but his eyes tell the truth

    • K. M.
      K. M. Hace un año +1

      All the sports anchors are jaded coming from Vancouver.

  • EM R.
    EM R. Hace un año +157

    We lived in a tiny town in 1985 and a “famous” band in the area was raffling off a brand new Mustang. The tickets were $50 each if I remember correctly. I was at the place they drew the winning ticket at that day...wait for it. One of the band members sister won the car! I don’t remember ever hearing about any fraud charges, but I sure never saw her driving that car around town!!

  • Yo H
    Yo H Hace un año +36

    So cool that the guy who one had a good story to go with it, and his daughter was connected to the program.

  • Kunal Ketkar
    Kunal Ketkar Hace un año +3

    Barry's composure is legendary

  • Dingus Kahn
    Dingus Kahn Hace un año +702

    That would actually suck because he wasn’t given any chance of being anonymous

    • Netcald
      Netcald Hace un año

      @Mitch Hifi the issue is usually crime

    • stevenARTify
      stevenARTify Hace un año

      @Thomas Jones well that's one loophole way of keeping your identity hidden then

    • Thomas Jones
      Thomas Jones Hace un año

      @stevenARTify not true, it is a state by state issue. Most states you can set up a trust before claiming the prize and send a lawyer to collect and deposit the money.

    • TraceguyRune
      TraceguyRune Hace un año

      @Pixels it's blurred

    • Pixels
      Pixels Hace un año

      @Ster The issue is that they showed his address on live TV 3:19

  • Selina Briggs
    Selina Briggs Hace 3 años +4125

    Barry sounds like such a nice guy.

    • Steve Everett
      Steve Everett Hace 11 meses

      @Wqrrior C and for a long time he had a big crush on the Anchor Pamela McLean (she had been a model or beauty contest winner). I think that was why he was initially moved to the afternoon show

    • fireice2037
      fireice2037 Hace 2 años +3

      He really is. He still supports childrens hospital.

    • The Clumsy Chicken
      The Clumsy Chicken Hace 2 años +4

      Selina Briggs he’s my dad, he is a nice dad!

    • InsDel
      InsDel Hace 2 años

      Reminds me of Sips

    • TheBanaxel
      TheBanaxel Hace 2 años

      Specially now that he is a millionaire lol

  • Aleksys Garcia
    Aleksys Garcia Hace 2 años

    oh my gosh their family deserves it so much!!

  • lux DaZm
    lux DaZm Hace 2 años +231

    Barry: you know people are gonna think this is fishy right? 😂😂

  • cutieprincess431
    cutieprincess431 Hace un año +1

    The right winner. Bless him and his family

  • Ann S
    Ann S Hace 2 años

    I am so happy for him and what a great news station.

  • seamonkey02
    seamonkey02 Hace 8 años +602

    "We're best friends right?" Totally died at this line XD

    • Tab
      Tab Hace un día

      @gantmj Very true.

    • なこ
      なこ Hace un año

      @gantmj based.

    • gantmj
      gantmj Hace 2 años +1

      A half joke, based on the female instinct.

    • Scumbad
      Scumbad Hace 2 años +6

      @gantmj Eat hot chip, lie!

    • gantmj
      gantmj Hace 2 años +6

      Typical woman, trying to immediately get some of it for herself.

  • scrumpymanjack
    scrumpymanjack Hace un año +16

    That news anchor has a good news sense - immediately getting his colleague on the line on air.

  • J Mac
    J Mac Hace 11 meses

    Oh Barry with his daughters story he deserved it completely!!! 😭❤️🥰

  • Be Ready ✝️
    Be Ready ✝️ Hace un año +86

    the most interesting part was he said the dream of him winning made him buy the ticket

  • Astarte66
    Astarte66 Hace un año +3

    Awww this was so sweet.
    Why are my eyes leaking?
    Pure happiness for the sportscaster winning after hearing why he supported that lotto. Pretty awesome.
    I wonder what he chose, money or home?

    • Barry Deley
      Barry Deley Hace un año

      @Astarte66 well, we moved out about 4 years ago. But I really liked the living room

    • Astarte66
      Astarte66 Hace un año +1

      @Barry Deley omg that’s so awesome! Congratulations to you guys. I gotta know, what is your favorite part of the home? I mean besides you all being together.

    • Barry Deley
      Barry Deley Hace un año +2

      We choose the home

  • sh
    sh Hace un año +28

    "Well, it was gonna be a sports cast, but then the sports caster won a house. " I laughed out loud

  • Enrico Pallazzo
    Enrico Pallazzo Hace un año +91

    Dude is holding his own hand trying to stop the nervy shakes.

  • Roshan Jimmy
    Roshan Jimmy Hace un año +1

    God bless him. What a blessing!

  • Ms Blackhawk69
    Ms Blackhawk69 Hace 2 años +11

    Judging by the title I thought it was going to be Squire Barnes who won. Wasn't but he and Sophie Lui showed how much of a family the Global team is. Genuinely happy for their friend with no hint of jealousy.

  • Polish Filipino
    Polish Filipino Hace 3 años +1610

    "People are going to think this kind of fishy don't cha?"
    "I think it's just me ya know?"
    This guy's talking is just amazing

  • Marlborough Sounds
    Marlborough Sounds Hace 2 años +1

    This is fantastic, truly amazing 👏

  • BusyBasaz
    BusyBasaz Hace un año +3

    Fantastic video. I think his calm reaction is partially shock, but also because he knows money isn't everything in life.

  • ED 409
    ED 409 Hace 2 años +24

    Considering that he's live on air and _carefully_ reading the winning ticket, how the hell does he read Deley as Delaney?

  • GoalieLife
    GoalieLife Hace un año +222

    Arran Henn totally didn't get what was happening, even after it was said multiple times. "It's Barry Deley." "Hahaha yeah, we'll look into it." "No, it's really him." "Hahaha, okay"

    • glenn hankins
      glenn hankins Hace un año +1

      she's hired for her looks, not brains.

    • Esther K
      Esther K Hace un año +4

      “No, no.. it’s Barry DELI. Yah.”
      Didn’t have a clue

  • Snoitseuq Pi
    Snoitseuq Pi Hace 2 años +576

    Calmest 'I still gotta get groceries despite being a millionaire' response ever. Well played sir.

      NCZIOOX Hace un año +30

      He probably still thought he was getting pranked

  • Jimmy Deats
    Jimmy Deats Hace un año +2

    Such an amazing feel good video to stumble upon!! Good on him!! Awesome 👍

  • Gun Sunnuva
    Gun Sunnuva Hace un año +257

    Man, I was sitting here waiting for them to finally get to the football story and they never did. My day is ruined.

    • sloths
      sloths Hace un año

      @Justin Disease ur a god

    • K Lauj
      K Lauj Hace un año +1

      @Magnus Amann imagine his day was measured

    • Magnus Amann
      Magnus Amann Hace un año +5

      Your day is immeasurable and your disappointment is ruined

    • Justin Disease
      Justin Disease Hace un año +1

      Its about a CFL game between Montreal Alouettes & Calgary Stampeders.

  • SeNniN
    SeNniN Hace 2 años +16

    it's that feeling when your friend gets a A+ and you're like wait a minute what

  • forty9r9r
    forty9r9r Hace un año +214

    "I don't know what to say... something about football" LMAO

  • Kev G H
    Kev G H Hace 2 años +405

    My old boss won the dream home in Alberta, twice... ten years apart. He was the nicest guy in the world and he deserved to win both times. He helped a lot of people out after selling the houses, including me.

    • absoluteacw
      absoluteacw Hace un año +1

      A happy story 👍

    • This Guy
      This Guy Hace un año +6

      Damn what a guy. Some family in my city won a lottery twice. They're dicks though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • apple juice
      apple juice Hace un año +2

      That's really amazing

  • Mitchezl
    Mitchezl Hace un año +46

    10 years later and ESclips wants us all to see this.
    I'm not disappointed.

    • Mitchezl
      Mitchezl Hace un año

      Haha I heard about that! I guess so.

    • IamBold
      IamBold Hace un año

      they are getting the people ready to join the vaccine lottery... no joke.

  • Emily M
    Emily M Hace 2 años

    This is absolutely amazing!

  • momorain
    momorain Hace un año +15

    He wins 2.5 million dollars and his reaction is literally: "okay cool"

  • mikeval808
    mikeval808 Hace un año

    Thank God that Barry won. I can't think of anyone more in need than a TV anchor.

    KiKi // HARDxCORE MEDIA Hace un año +147

    This was the most wholesome video I’ve seen in a while.

  • Bella Bunny
    Bella Bunny Hace 3 meses

    I have no idea why I woke up and immediately thought of this clip, but I remember watching it live and it’s just as amazing and hilarious as it was then! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • Kenneth James
    Kenneth James Hace 2 años +2

    I remember watching this live when it actually happened...was fun to watch then.

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami Hace un año

    They are so spontaneous! I really like these guys and gals.

  • §hąřpśhøõțëŕ❕• 40 years ago (edited)

    Who else found this randomly on their home page and then watched the whole thing

  • Emily Anderson
    Emily Anderson Hace 2 años

    I loved every minute of this

  • lauralee couturier
    lauralee couturier Hace 2 años +1

    Met Barry at a New Years party, couldn’t happen to a nicer family.

  • Riki Yamada
    Riki Yamada Hace un año

    😭😭😭😭 wow. This is beautiful, man. Thank you for sharing

  • Mikey YA YA !
    Mikey YA YA ! Hace 2 años +1

    Wow! He totally deserved to win! Hope his daughter is cured & healthy!! 😘😎👍

  • Owen McGuire
    Owen McGuire Hace 3 años +555

    This was the most canadian reaction ive ever heard. Congrats to him.

  • David Crosson
    David Crosson Hace 2 años

    Good ole Barry. Great guy, probably the best.

  • Pauli Puhakka
    Pauli Puhakka Hace un año +1

    I live in the Vancouver area, and I remember watching this broadcast. Wow! 9 yrs ago, time flies when you're having....

  • Eddie Starr
    Eddie Starr Hace un año

    That is very cool , I want to experience something like that 🥰

  • Tony Santa
    Tony Santa Hace 2 años +1

    "...Something about football."
    Had me rolling harder than that slick touchdown!

  • candidfellow
    candidfellow Hace 3 años +2052

    I thought the anchor who won would be one of the ones in the studio broadcasting live, that would've been very special to watch

  • me me
    me me Hace un año

    I watched the several times and this anchor he kills me completely kills me he is so funny

  • LaraD
    LaraD Hace un año

    Wow, I remember when being a millionaire was rare and and almost inconceivable for most people! In 2011 this was so much more huge even than that now!

  • Lorna Nelmes
    Lorna Nelmes Hace un año

    Congratulations I'm so happy I'm 9 years late but I'm so happy for him ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hinzmana
    Hinzmana Hace un año +113

    There was a heart foundation fundraiser in my hometown and every single winner was connected/related/married to an organizer. The whole audience stopped the polite clapping and started murmuring. It was very suspicious.

  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins Hace 3 años +2448

    Barry was just like "hey 2 million that's kinda nice"

    • Pamela Zimnizzle
      Pamela Zimnizzle Hace un año

      Canadians crack me up. If this was an American they’d be screaming like they’d been shot.

    • Shendue
      Shendue Hace un año

      He's probably still unconvinced.

    • mix all
      mix all Hace 2 años +4

      I wanted to give a like but then I saw your profile picture, nope😅

    • Niya Mangfi
      Niya Mangfi Hace 2 años +6

      That picture is rather disturbing

    • Jim Slater
      Jim Slater Hace 2 años

      mzone12 It never sunk in.

  • Keith West
    Keith West Hace 2 años

    I watched this live when it happened! So cool

    I LOVE THIS GAME#RESPECT Hace un año +20

    He’s sounds so respectful knowing he’s in a privilege situation wrk wise. With that said he’s won the lotto. So happy for him great stuff
    The male presenter sounds wounded thou.....
    Still I am guessing he’s got a spare one anyway...

  • Flynn Alek
    Flynn Alek Hace un año +259

    “I don’t know what else to say. Something about football.”

  • Zoe
    Zoe Hace 9 meses

    He had a dream. Lots of lotto winners talk about dreams, gut feelings, etc.

  • T F
    T F Hace 3 años +1104

    My Dad has the same name as a guy who won a hospital lottery. He had 60 calls by lunch. Small town and they are good friends.

    • BrandonWillWin
      BrandonWillWin Hace 3 años +4

      Dave T phrasing

    • Tom Mortimer
      Tom Mortimer Hace 3 años

      Wow that town sounds like a blast

    • mzone12
      mzone12 Hace 3 años +5

      Leeches lol

    • Aki - Lucky
      Aki - Lucky Hace 3 años +65

      "I met you once as a child. I loved your father he was so sweet! Can we catch up"

    • Generally Gay
      Generally Gay Hace 3 años +130

      Family members you don’t even know existed just come out of nowhere 😂

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    Carlito Hace 2 años +1

    Congrats Barry 🥳

  • Seth B. Kajang
    Seth B. Kajang Hace 3 meses

    And Barry had a dream about the whole thing. That's the most amazing part for me!

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    Cktime ThirtyTwo Hace un año +1

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  • Adam Gonzales
    Adam Gonzales Hace un año +3

    Barry's reaction is like he won a dozen lottery already

    • m yu
      m yu Hace un año

      i mean he is in grocery store

  • Maliza Maria
    Maliza Maria Hace 3 años +249

    The winner sounds like a good guy and I’m glad he’s the one that was picked

    • Barry Deley
      Barry Deley Hace un año +1

      @Jesse Jojo Johnson I am?

    • Jesse Jojo Johnson
      Jesse Jojo Johnson Hace un año +2

      @Barry Deley awesome, you're the man! 💪🏾

    • Barry Deley
      Barry Deley Hace un año +3

      @Jesse Jojo Johnson still working at global, still handsome.

    • Jesse Jojo Johnson
      Jesse Jojo Johnson Hace un año +2

      Hey guys, it's him! @Barry Deley
      What are you up to now Barry?

    • Barry Deley
      Barry Deley Hace un año +3


  • bellyful ochelly
    bellyful ochelly Hace un año +1

    Such a great feel-good clip.

  • Daniel Boelke
    Daniel Boelke Hace un año +2

    Oh my God Barry, the sportscaster who won, literally said he's making 20% of what Roberto luongo the hockey player made that year 🤣🤣🤣. I think that's the funniest part of this entire thing.

  • SJ Games
    SJ Games Hace un año +2

    I love how Squire (anchor on the right) is like “no, no you did not”

  • cche16
    cche16 Hace 2 años +2

    calmest lottery winner in history. i would've been cussing and screaming.

  • john schober
    john schober Hace 7 años +62

    Couldn't have happend to a more down to earth guy.He gives to his community

    • Tech Inspected
      Tech Inspected Hace 3 años +1

      Hasn't given anything to me! I'm, a person of this earth community.

  • Stewart M
    Stewart M Hace un año +1

    Barry’s got an excellent sense of humor

  • tully mcglone
    tully mcglone Hace un año +48

    I’d be pretty pissed if me winning the lottery was blasted on tv, if I ever win I’m keeping it a secret.

    • Vine'Tail
      Vine'Tail Hace un año +1

      @tully mcglone it's to prevent scams, not to dramatize it

    • Rebecca Hudson
      Rebecca Hudson Hace un año

      @tully mcglone it’s not just America (which not even all states have that rule) you cannot be anonymous in Canada

    • tully mcglone
      tully mcglone Hace un año +1

      @mrgw982 yeah another reason why America is literally a tv show. It’s not the same here in Australia you can have anonymity. Figured the rest of the world would have common sense.

    • mrgw982
      mrgw982 Hace un año

      @tully mcglone In some states, you are not allowed to remain anonymous.

    • The Double Boiler
      The Double Boiler Hace un año

      I wouldn't care. I barely talk to anyone anyway and would just go about my day after investing it into several index funds. I wouldn't be boasting it though and go showing it off.
      I might get a part time job, over my full time career. Just to get out now and then. Other than that. I'll be in my garden, or spending time with my immediate family (spouse and kid).

  • Ann DeSantiago
    Ann DeSantiago Hace 16 días

    Awe his family deserves that ❤️

  • LaBal
    LaBal Hace 2 años

    Wow his daughter had leukemia. I’m so happy for him! I wish him and his family well!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Eric C
    Eric C Hace 3 años +56

    He sounds very down to earth with great gratitude for what the childrens hospital did for his family. He deserves to win.

    • Barry Deley
      Barry Deley Hace un año +1

      @Martin Borgonia thanks!

    • Martin Borgonia
      Martin Borgonia Hace un año +3

      @Barry Deley Congrats Barry!

    • Barry Deley
      Barry Deley Hace un año +3

      @Mike Lit all is indeed well

    • Mike Lit
      Mike Lit Hace un año +2

      @Barry Deley wow man, must be cool to have such an incredible moment of your life immortalized on the internet, hope all is well.

    • Barry Deley
      Barry Deley Hace un año +3

  • Ravage Gonza
    Ravage Gonza Hace 2 años +4

    I had to watch this again, I was laughing the whole time 😂😂😂😂

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe Hace un año +98

    Poor anchor, he looked crestfallen that it wasn't him, yet he was gracious in how he gave the news and joked about it.

    • Malar Fitscher
      Malar Fitscher Hace un año +1

      @Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars How did you manage to get something about names being different from that comment? Is it autism or drugs?

    • ArnoldQMudskipper
      ArnoldQMudskipper Hace un año +1

      @Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars Ho-leee-sheeeit! People have different names? Sensei throwin' knowledge bombs today

    • Tobias Bassiri
      Tobias Bassiri Hace un año +2

      @Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars that wasn’t the point

    • Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars
      Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars Hace un año

      um... His name wasn't the same as the other guy...

  • movingonandup
    movingonandup Hace un año +6

    Does anyone else want to scream, IT'S NOT JUST A HOUSE, IT'S A CHOICE BETWEEN HOUSES, CONDOS OR 2 MILLION DOLLARS IN CASH!!!! This guy is so calm for just winning 2 mil!

  • i 6tir
    i 6tir Hace 2 años

    The man deserves every dollar.