Donald Trump compilation: The 90 most shocking things he's said during election campaign

  • Publicado el 4 nov 2016
  • From calling Mexicans' rapists to "locker room talk" and "such a nasty woman." Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said and done some outrageous things on the campaign trail. Here's the 90 most memorable.

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Comentarios • 16 140

  • Memphis Peterson
    Memphis Peterson Hace 4 meses +1267

    I don't love Trump as much as some people, but one thing I will always respect is how he proved how pathetic our celebrities and media are.

    • Trevor Lawrence  sad jags season
      Trevor Lawrence sad jags season Hace un día

      @Nala! at this point dude your probably a wack job that’s on the streets and being wasted every day lol because your making yourself pathetic to the viewers

    • Diego Hernandez
      Diego Hernandez Hace 4 días

      @StüpeЙdøus legal Hispanics fir Trump ….. Biden’s a disaster

    • Foxy Flames
      Foxy Flames Hace 5 días

      Namely himself

    • tearson
      tearson Hace 8 días

      @xavier Magnate your a sjw arnt ya lol

    • Brian Kreezan
      Brian Kreezan Hace 9 días

      @magic90015 No different than the Hitler supporters. " And how was his life ended, he was even able to con his main follower to kill herself as well "

  • Njoroge Fred
    Njoroge Fred Hace 5 meses +418

    "Only Rosie O'Donnell!" This one is always legendary.

    • kvadevack
      kvadevack Hace 3 días

      @Abhishek Abhi She made fun of him on The View 15 years ago and he hasn't been able to let that go.

    • Decomposing
      Decomposing Hace un mes

      @Zonker Harris nah I’m not down with chanting phrases like a parrot; regardless if it’s “Let’s go Brandon” or “I’m with Her”

    • Decomposing
      Decomposing Hace un mes +1

      NGL I dislike Trump but that was funny af

    • Daniel Ju
      Daniel Ju Hace un mes +1

      That was a historically epic comeback that probably got him 2 million votes

    • Annuit Cœptis
      Annuit Cœptis Hace 2 meses +2

      Hey to be fair, Rosie O is not exactly hundred percent woman!!! 🤣🤣

  • Angle Pepper
    Angle Pepper Hace un mes +129

    One day as a lion is better than 100 days as a sheep. Love that quote.

  • LS Ghost
    LS Ghost Hace un mes +134

    “Hilary Clinton is a BIGOT!”

    Idk why that got me crying laughing

    • Barbara Harrison
      Barbara Harrison Hace 21 un día +1

      @John SHERMAN first of all Mr Nitwit I wasn't the loudmouth ignorant Moronic clown who attacked me calling me a racist and bigot. You're starting too remind me of my ex-husband and premenstrual days in orther words Im getting a headache. I know you must go now because your mothership is waiting.. but seriously too leave on a better note. I do only wish for a brighter future for you and yours 💖 Happy 😁 2022

    • John SHERMAN
      John SHERMAN Hace 21 un día +3

      @Barbara Harrison
      🤣 Be at peace lovee.
      "It's only a paper moon sailing over a cardboard sea."
      We're Americans. We argue. And we're goddam good at it! It's that freedom of speech thing.
      And we are the envy of the world for it.

      Happy New Year!

      BUT, I'm right and you're wrong!
      SO THERE!

    • Barbara Harrison
      Barbara Harrison Hace 21 un día

      @John SHERMAN WOW, 😲 seriously, is that all you can come up with? you sound like you're 10 years old and still on the school playground. Listen, John Sherman, I really think you might want too read a book and educate yourself on, anything. Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!
      😂🤣 😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂

    • John SHERMAN
      John SHERMAN Hace 21 un día +1

      @Barbara Harrison Let's go Brandon.
      Your boy Biden's got the lowest of presidential ratings ever....and in one year's time!🤣
      Let's Go Brandon!

    • John SHERMAN
      John SHERMAN Hace 21 un día

      @Toni Roberts He had her and Bill seated in the janitors room though.

  • Tim Lizarraga
    Tim Lizarraga Hace un año +3773

    When you watch them all in a compilation it could either solidify your hatred for Trump, or your love for him.

    • Too Cruel Tyson Taylor
      Too Cruel Tyson Taylor Hace 15 días

      This statement is so true! Am I meant to hate this man after this? 😅 I think he's just saying things that people haven't got the balls to say, now should he be the president of America, well that's another discussion for another day 😅

    • Digital Person
      Digital Person Hace 15 días

      @Gordon Acheson ahhh welcome to a year old thread.
      Everything he said was true….thanks I needed a laugh today.
      You must miss him dearly if the algo is serving up content of him for you.

      As a populist he did spew a few concepts about the structure of things that “ring true”.
      To say everything he said was true is as outlandish as most of what drops out of his mouth.
      GOP is just as corrupt as the left friend. If you do not see that, you are too lost in the hopium of it all.
      Happy new year!

    • Gordon Acheson
      Gordon Acheson Hace 15 días

      @Digital Person yes and the left will hate him because they realize everything he said was true, but they are too ignorant and corrupt to admit it

    • Glenn Townes
      Glenn Townes Hace 21 un día

      @Chris Brown And racist....don't forget that...

    • Digital Person
      Digital Person Hace 23 días

      @Bigtex_2 lol. Welcome to a one year old thread.
      He lives in my mind? Hardly

  • Ken Branaugh
    Ken Branaugh Hace 3 meses +136

    He's got passion. He's original and genuine whether you approve of him or not.

    • Ken Branaugh
      Ken Branaugh Hace 2 días +1

      @Zegs maybe I mean more that he has passion, totally misguided passion, not genuine I mean passionate , but it went in wrong direction .... But I keep thinking why people like him so much maybe it's because of good energy but people don't realize it's
      bad they only just see his energy and think he's different because of the passion

    • Zegs
      Zegs Hace 2 días

      Hes literally a textbook narcissistic sociopath. Hes the most ingenuine, foul, dishonest type of human being youll ever come across. Hes funny, in a sad, terrifying way, but hes definitely not genuine.

    • atwilliams8
      atwilliams8 Hace 3 días


    • Tellthetruth n/a
      Tellthetruth n/a Hace 11 días +1

      He's a grifter. Rational people can see that he is a narcissistic scam artist.

    • Rebecka Togerö
      Rebecka Togerö Hace 11 días +1

      this is not passion honey. passion comes from the heart, Donald's desperation comes from hatred and a lifetime of getting everything he wants on a silver plate.

  • jackies56tbird
    jackies56tbird Hace un mes +312

    He was right ALL ALONG

    • magic90015
      magic90015 Hace 9 días +1

      Uhmmm.. MX didn't pay for the wall?

    • StüpeЙdøus
      StüpeЙdøus Hace 12 días +1

      @RTHOM0316 I hate em both. But Biden, the manifestation of the old Democrats, a racist, vile liar, who lies through his teeth and does things he'd only get away with because of his position? He's horrific.

    • RTHOM0316
      RTHOM0316 Hace 12 días +1

      I only hated Limbaugh more than this despicable man. I guess he's just the manifestation of the ugliness inside of us.

    • Billy Goat
      Billy Goat Hace 15 días

      @Squirrel Guirrel what would you call the kid sniffing fraud in chief??

    • StüpeЙdøus
      StüpeЙdøus Hace 24 días +1

      @Barbara Harrison What a bad comeback, especially when he mentioned the specific weird and incomprehensible things Biden says, which cant be said for Trump - even though he's also bad.

  • Dez Justice
    Dez Justice Hace 2 meses +148

    “I want to set up surveillance cameras on certain mosques……” damn the man just tells it as it is, straight up, no fear.

    • John SHERMAN
      John SHERMAN Hace 21 un día +4

      @Satosun Muslim Americans you BIGOT!

    • Satosun
      Satosun Hace un mes +4

      he said that then later that night shook hands broke bread and accepted donations by a bunch of muslims so get a a grip

  • redshiftexperiment
    redshiftexperiment Hace 7 meses +103

    "Cause you would be in jail."
    That will be remembered as one of the best comebacks ever. I really don't like Trump in that I would avoid voting for him, but that was such a slam dunk. Very good.

    • TheModdedDovahkiin
      TheModdedDovahkiin Hace 3 días

      But it never happened. A failed promise, a lie from a man manipulating stupid people like children. It was a lie to get people to vote for him. That's it.

    • Arty
      Arty Hace 8 días

      @Parker Woolard There's enough evidence to put trump in to prison.

    • Parker Woolard
      Parker Woolard Hace 8 días

      @Arty what?

    • Arty
      Arty Hace 10 días

      "Cause you would be in jail"
      Nice comeback, but looks like Trumpy is going to be eating his own words. Hillary will have the last laugh. It's delicious!

    • Kyle Krebs
      Kyle Krebs Hace un mes +2

      Agreed. That was *chef’s kiss* 😆

  • Jhalen Hanshaw
    Jhalen Hanshaw Hace un año +2428

    I cant wait to see this guy in my child’s history textbook. 😂

    • New Yawk Giants
      New Yawk Giants Hace 7 días

      @American Patriot blasphemy more the opposite, he can’t recite a verse, didn’t carry it so that shows you he’s an atheist, “is that your Bible?” “It’s a Bible.” Where was his? Just left the WH none in the desk.
      This is a replay of the same crap he’s been spewing. Cried wolf even when he won

    • Highland
      Highland Hace 8 días

      Missed it when we had an adult in the white house.

    • T K
      T K Hace 9 días

      That’s even if they update the curriculum

    • 131 735
      131 735 Hace 12 días


    • Doomwrecker Television
      Doomwrecker Television Hace 12 días

      Biden is a FRAUD, Trump is the real president. Biden is treason.

  • Revanth Moses
    Revanth Moses Hace 4 meses +216

    He speaks his heart out.

    • Arty
      Arty Hace 10 días

      @John SHERMAN Trumps the looser. Looser go to prison. How's that looking for him?

    • John SHERMAN
      John SHERMAN Hace un mes

      @Lucas M Biden's the looser.
      How's he doin in the polls?⬇️

    • John SHERMAN
      John SHERMAN Hace un mes

      @Lucas M He is so funny and charismatic!

    • John SHERMAN
      John SHERMAN Hace un mes +1

      @Lucas M
      BE QUIET!
      SIT down!

    • John SHERMAN
      John SHERMAN Hace un mes +4

      @Lucas M
      SHHHH!🤫.....Be Quiet!
      Nobody's interested in your drivel!

  • Fərid Abbasov
    Fərid Abbasov Hace 5 meses +126

    When I am stressed out I come to watch Trump that really helps 😃

  • Reckless entertainment
    Reckless entertainment Hace 26 días +16

    I remember watching the debate live when he said “because you’d be in jail” and I was dying lol The 2016 election was unbelievable.

    • Arty
      Arty Hace 10 días

      @Deborah And when he had the debate with Biden and he called trump a Clown, that ill go down in history. When ever the name Clown is mentioned everyone knows its trump.

    • Fight Highlights
      Fight Highlights Hace 14 días

      @TheLirJEt86 Now because of you I so want a pizza. I think I'm gonna get one while watching Squid Game. It's friday night, better impossible.

    • TheLirJEt86
      TheLirJEt86 Hace 22 días

      @Deborah yeah because of pizza shops right 🙄

    • Deborah
      Deborah Hace 23 días +4

      🤣 yea me too. That reply to Hillary will go down in history as one of the best comebacks ever and to come from a presidential debate is even more iconic.

  • George Custer
    George Custer Hace 4 meses +131

    Donald Trump: "If I ever lose an election, it means they cheated." LMAO!

    • Zegs
      Zegs Hace 2 días

      @Russ Gould thats because trump supporters are a different breed and not in a good way. They worship him like charles manson’s “family” worshipped him. Unconditional devotion, cheering on every- and anything trump says whether its misogynistic, racist or denying science. Its literally a cult.

    • Tom George
      Tom George Hace 3 días

      Remember when Trump kept saying that he never had any business with Russia and Never met Putin,
      while running for President..
      (Tremendous Liar 🤥)

      David Letterman full interview with Trump on October 17,2013@14:40-
      Trump said he does a LOT OF BUSINESS WITH RUSSIA,
      and he met Putin….

    • Tomahawk
      Tomahawk Hace 2 meses

      @George Custer yet you have no proof of anything you said. I bet you still believe he colluded with Russia too..

    • George Custer
      George Custer Hace 2 meses +2

      @Russ Gould
      I'm not asking you to take my word for it. Go do some research and you'll see that Hillary Clinton had 3 million more popular votes than Donald Trump. He barely won by 77 electoral votes.

    • Russ Gould
      Russ Gould Hace 2 meses

      @George Custer I find that very hard to believe. I have never seen as much support for any presidential candidate in my lifetime. This is with the media hammering him 24/7. Ask any truck driver that drives across country who had the most support of the people.

  • Nunya Biz
    Nunya Biz Hace un año +1506

    How could anyone hold a straight face while debating him? 🤣 hes hilarious without even trying

    • Terry Bridge
      Terry Bridge Hace 2 días

      @Age of echo chambers ! Trump gets high scores on foreign policy from me. The rest was his admin just getting out of American capitalisms' way. As to the border...the Left is out to change US demographics, if they do that they can erase American history and create a more subservient society.

    • Age of echo chambers !
      Age of echo chambers ! Hace 2 días +1

      @Terry Bridge america is better were freedoms are concerned but no thanks to the federal government.

      You have to be very accurate, america is better because the states ( 50 ) still have some power to resist the federal government. And some of them have .

      And some states have benefitted from the wealth and jobs that it has gained like Texas from other states .

      But make no mistake if there isn't a push against the federal government and all its policies this push back from individual states will erode .

      So subscribing to trump ( controlled opposition) is a compromise that's was affordable 6 years ago but it will probably end badly in 2 years ( the wall is still not built) if another solution is not found .

      You guys fall we all will probably fall.

      Plz wake plz educate the public don't be a socially engineered member of the divide and conquer indoctrination because trumps slogans sound good despite having little action behind them .

      I watch these videos about trump less than 1% probably know if he did accomplish the things he promised but they enjoy the entertainment and comedy that's not a president is for not at these times .

    • Terry Bridge
      Terry Bridge Hace 2 días

      @Age of echo chambers ! While I agree a two Party system is most divisive... European parliamentary systems seem to be going down the dictatorial road, using CCPflu as its excuse. And look at Australia. Through that lens, America seems to be holding the liberty line more than the rest.

    • Age of echo chambers !
      Age of echo chambers ! Hace 3 días

      @Terry Bridge as long as your under the 2 party indoctrination you will never wake up.

      If You go to a donut shop you get around a 20 choices but for president you get only 2 choices . Is that OK with you? Nothing wrong with this picture ?

      I could care less if Biden died tomorrow, what bothers me is you guys are sleep walking into a po lice state without noticing it .

      FYI in dictatorships it doesn't matter if your left or right you'll obey or else .

    • Terry Bridge
      Terry Bridge Hace 3 días

      @Age of echo chambers ! So, can we presume you "feel good" about The Big Guys admin? That you cannot even admit to Trumps accomplishments as compared to this admin is a poor reflection on your ability to think critically.

  • Alin Petru
    Alin Petru Hace 8 meses +463

    They were not shocking things, just funny as hell

    • Grimmz
      Grimmz Hace un mes +2

      well hillary called black people super predators and his husband is a rapist and a kiddy fiddler but i guess orange man bad because thats just how it is.

    • John SHERMAN
      John SHERMAN Hace un mes

      Too funny! I love it!

    • Cruzromania
      Cruzromania Hace 2 meses

      “Hillary Clinton is a bigot” 🤣🤣🤣

    • Annony Mous
      Annony Mous Hace 4 meses

      @scotchie2k0 I've got some arguments. All these clips are out-of-context, and there's nothing wrong with half of them

    • Based Mod
      Based Mod Hace 5 meses +4

      @DSG Weeb how is a woman letting a man have his way because of his popularity rape? Not only is verbal consent implicit in its statement, but the part you might frame as iffy (“when you’re a star”) is literally a reason a woman might be attracted to a man. It was vulgar, it was never sketchy - that’s on you for having too much sexual shame.

  • 33 Soham N
    33 Soham N Hace un mes +16

    "Donald go ahead"
    "No Hillary I am a gentleman you go ahead"

  • Storm!
    Storm! Hace 3 meses +13

    Crazy that people will have to take history tests about this guy and his moments

  • Nick Rebish
    Nick Rebish Hace 7 meses +91

    He could have been the best stand up of all time.

    • Souperman
      Souperman Hace 17 días

      Liberals say conservatives aren't funny. Satire is so disingenuous this is real comedy.

    • worsiedog
      worsiedog Hace 3 meses +1


    • Pbcity Is-Witty
      Pbcity Is-Witty Hace 4 meses +2

      @Bakugo he said "But instead he is the best president of all time"

    • Stage
      Stage Hace 5 meses +2

      @Mike Gorman yes he is 🇺🇸❤

    • Bakugo
      Bakugo Hace 6 meses +1

      @Mike Gorman WHAT?!

  • Es0ther1um
    Es0ther1um Hace 2 años +4376

    "I'll accept the result of the election.……..........if I win" lol 😂😂

    • Joseph Vanucchi
      Joseph Vanucchi Hace 22 horas

      @Diddo in a Row I'm here solely for all these comments that "haven't aged well" 😂

    • Tellthetruth n/a
      Tellthetruth n/a Hace 11 días

      Only a complete fool finds authoritarianism funny.

    • MW Holms
      MW Holms Hace 20 días

      @fabry petty You'd kill us all if you could.

    • Shella Mae
      Shella Mae Hace un mes

      @Cam Merritt a yung

    • Tanner Bradley
      Tanner Bradley Hace 4 meses +1

      @Ranses Rodriguez damn i bet you eating all your words now. “trump is making this country look like the dumbest on earth”. let’s look at trumps 4 year presidency and then biden’s whopping 8 months and America already looks worse under biden. if you say i’m wrong you are literally not paying attention to anything outside of the united states. every other country thinks we are a joke as of september 2021 all because of the democrats. it’s not even just biden, i know he has no say in any of the decisions that are made. the party used his name to win and they damn sure did a good job at it. manipulation of the media at its finest.

  • outdoor grow life
    outdoor grow life Hace 6 meses +15

    Damn I miss Trump 😂

  • Pratap Manek
    Pratap Manek Hace 4 meses +27

    You just can't stop laughing, watching all this!! Love it!!

  • Joseph Griffin
    Joseph Griffin Hace 23 días +6

    Love him or hate him, the man was never boring

  • Cynical Noodles
    Cynical Noodles Hace 2 meses +24

    vast majority of these clips are random clips, clips taken out of context or light jokes that are being taken far too seriously. i can understand why people would be annoyed with him for making such jokes, but come on, mocking your political rival is not nearly as bad as handing out $82.9 billions worth of military equipment to terrorists.

    • atwilliams8
      atwilliams8 Hace 3 días

      Unless you negotiated the deal

  • John Hall
    John Hall Hace 2 años +8207

    I never thought politics could ever be this entertaining!

  • Jared Hynum
    Jared Hynum Hace un mes +12

    Trump: “Who’s #1 with Hispanics? Trump.”
    Reporter, quietly: “Yes, you told us that earlier.”

  • Caleb cr
    Caleb cr Hace 3 meses +168

    “I like people that weren’t captured”


    • Caleb cr
      Caleb cr Hace 19 días +1

      @TheLirJEt86 Sounds like you got captured before

    • TheLirJEt86
      TheLirJEt86 Hace 21 un día

      @John SHERMAN he lost the first election by 4 million, lost the 2nd one by 7 million. I guess he “won” the first time. Less than 50 people have been presidents so the rest of us are lesser because of this? You have only been president of the KKK or some club like that loser

    • John SHERMAN
      John SHERMAN Hace 21 un día +1

      ...the crybaby "captured guy" could never make president. Trump did!

    • John SHERMAN
      John SHERMAN Hace 21 un día

      Best line ever!

    • TheLirJEt86
      TheLirJEt86 Hace 22 días +1

      Dude that got captured is 10X the man Trump will ever be

  • Robert Wise
    Robert Wise Hace 8 meses +19

    Got to love him.

  • Anyssa Baca
    Anyssa Baca Hace 5 meses +59

    I held it together until he just flat out said " SHES THE DEVIL"
    🤣🤣🤣😅 Im done

  • GrandeTheGreat_93
    GrandeTheGreat_93 Hace 2 años +9943

    “Cuz you’d be in jail” is the sentence that won him the election

    • Nocturnal Recluse
      Nocturnal Recluse Hace 2 meses

      That's where trump belongs

    • Ryan Farias
      Ryan Farias Hace 5 meses

      @Logan Marquis what would u say now. Do we still have the border under control like u were explaining. Or did bumbling mess biden neglect his responsibilities under the constitution and illegally made the border wide open?

    • Petra Esquivel
      Petra Esquivel Hace 6 meses

      @Jeffrey Lello He wanted 4 more years to say Disgusting and do absolutely nothing.

    • Chimalez
      Chimalez Hace 6 meses

      @Necro we found enough wrong with Trump to get him impeached twice and to rile him up enough to incite an insurrection on 1/6/2021

    • Gorilla Glue
      Gorilla Glue Hace 6 meses

      @TrucksR US NOT!😂

  • Jorus C'baoth
    Jorus C'baoth Hace 3 días +1

    Best President in my 50 years. I will host a block party if he wins again.

  • Clayton Ribardo
    Clayton Ribardo Hace 6 meses +18

    This is the best!! Some of these I've never heard before thank you for bringing these here. I know the intention was to make me hate him but Trump is the GOAT. love this guy

  • Kalsang,
    Kalsang, Hace 4 meses +8

    He is hilarious😂

  • joseph jasen
    joseph jasen Hace 4 meses +14

    The best ever! God bless this man

  • Comrade Pingu
    Comrade Pingu Hace 9 meses +1002

    I love how him announcing his run is one of the 90 craziest moments. No one expected him to run, forget him winning.

    • Sail Man
      Sail Man Hace un mes

      I love how him? What are you 3

    • A_ PRSN
      A_ PRSN Hace un mes

      @ً .. bro

    • Tomahawk
      Tomahawk Hace 2 meses +1

      @Sean B Biden’s entire life and career has been a are a clown.

    • DrMemes
      DrMemes Hace 2 meses +1

      @Sean B Biden is 100x worst lmao

    • Nathaniel McGuire
      Nathaniel McGuire Hace 2 meses +1

      @Sean B and our current president entered office senile so which is worse 😭

  • 7EimaJ7
    7EimaJ7 Hace 2 meses +2

    Shocking? Definitely, such candid honesty from a politician is definitely shocking.

  • Red Ruby
    Red Ruby Hace 3 meses +2

    Everything he says is the truth....whether you like it or not

  • Toronto6ix
    Toronto6ix Hace un mes +21

    This mans a legend

  • IslandBeet
    IslandBeet Hace 3 meses +4

    I miss Donald so much !

  • MD MArtin
    MD MArtin Hace 8 meses +100

    Now imagine a joe biden compilation.... XD

    • ricky yacine
      ricky yacine Hace un mes

      He be like aaaaaa.... dat dat dat dat ..😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

    • Mark Paycer
      Mark Paycer Hace 4 meses +2

      U mean gaffes

    • James Sherman
      James Sherman Hace 4 meses

      That would be too long. I'd still watch it.

    • Agua Hernández
      Agua Hernández Hace 5 meses

      Nah lmao, ion follow trump but hes actually funny

    • dawn slivkoff
      dawn slivkoff Hace 5 meses +2

      Lots of really uncomfortable female secret service agents that need protecting, and a heap of groped and uncomfortable young girls ...sorry Jesus says no entry.

  • TheMeatFactory
    TheMeatFactory Hace 2 meses +3

    Miss this legend.

  • Toms Marcinkevičus
    Toms Marcinkevičus Hace un mes +6

    that ''because you'd be in jail'' line has to be on the TOP 10 NBA dunks of all time video

  • Samir Vidovic
    Samir Vidovic Hace 4 meses +4

    I love Trump 😂🤣

  • Martin Clay
    Martin Clay Hace un año +2161

    If Trump was a videogame character his stats would be 100% attack and 0% defense.

    • jake rojas
      jake rojas Hace un mes

      @DaManlerz dude had the quickest responses speed 100%

      And 100% defense. Dude took on big tech, big pharma, msm news, the whole left, celebrities, his own party... lol I can go on all day.

      What's in your head is not what's reality

    • DaManlerz
      DaManlerz Hace un mes

      Also 0% speed, durability, stamina, health regen, intelligence... I can go all day.

    • jake rojas
      jake rojas Hace un mes

      Bro his Defense was 90%+ how he won.

    • Bilal Rashid
      Bilal Rashid Hace un mes

      0% attack. 0% defense. 100% fattness

      NJFISHING MANIAC Hace 2 meses

      @WoT Noobs he’s healthier than you

  • Joe Eightys
    Joe Eightys Hace 5 meses +10

    The greatest meme ever.

  • Janet Turner
    Janet Turner Hace 2 meses +11

    I so miss this man. 😢

    • Janet Turner
      Janet Turner Hace 26 días

      @Steve Anderson I agree with you 100% but I will never call that POS, President.

    • Steve Anderson
      Steve Anderson Hace 26 días +2

      You’re not the only one. I feel like they did cheat to get that worthless president we got now. LETS GO BRANDON.

  • John Hall
    John Hall Hace 2 meses +2

    8:49 man this small hand sequence made me laugh so hard

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