Beirut explosion: Massive blast devastates city's port area

  • Publicado el 3 ago 2020
  • A massive explosion shook Lebanon’s capital of Beirut on Tuesday, devastating the city's port area, with the blast billowing smoke over the city. Lebanon’s internal security chief Abbas Ibrahim said the blast happened in a section that housed highly-explosive materials. Crystal Goomansingh reports.

    According to Reuters, at least 10 people have been found dead following the explosion. The Lebanese Red Cross said hundreds of people were also taken to hospitals for treatment, but many remain trapped in homes damaged by the explosion.

    The deadly explosion comes at a time when Lebanon is experiencing its worst economic and financial crisis in decades.

    It also comes amid rising tensions between Israel and the militant Hezbollah group along Lebanon’s southern border.

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Comentarios • 4 610

  • miaskittens D
    miaskittens D Hace un año +158

    Oh No! My heart goes out to the friends and family of those lost in that horrific explosion. Truly awful!

    • miaskittens D
      miaskittens D Hace un año

      @The Gemini Club It is highly unlikely they would be manufacturing explosives in the city but the truth is those of us on the other side of the world will never know. I know what the world thinks of them but they are not all guilty of violence. There were innocent lives lost, innocent people badly hurt.

    • Giorgino Sbeloottino
      Giorgino Sbeloottino Hace un año

      @The Gemini Club wasn't that a forework factory?

    • Somanath Dash
      Somanath Dash Hace un año +1

      Yes bro

  • Jake
    Jake Hace un año +29

    Finding out that the explosion created a crater too makes it more terrifying.
    My heart goes out to all the people of Beirut that were involved in the incident. All of you will get through this.

    • None Ofyourbiz
      None Ofyourbiz Hace 5 meses

      @S D i cant tell if your trying to be sarcastic

    • S D
      S D Hace 5 meses

      @None Ofyourbiz of course you would, ok

    • None Ofyourbiz
      None Ofyourbiz Hace 5 meses

      @S D i would know

    • S D
      S D Hace 5 meses

      @None Ofyourbiz you would think

    • None Ofyourbiz
      None Ofyourbiz Hace 5 meses

      @S D your so dumb the port is where hezbollah stores arms isreal bombed a military storage facility im a Lebanese and lived in beirut so i think id know more than you

  • Bella Kate
    Bella Kate Hace un año +69

    I felt sad for the people who got affected mostly the person near the explosion and for those who did not make it may they RIP

    • the the grought
      the the grought Hace un año +2

      May they rip, it is insane that something like this happened and with so many people filming. thousands are injured and at least 120 died. Big oof year 2020

  • elocriativa
    elocriativa Hace un año +2

    Respect and solidarity from 🇧🇷 to 🇱🇧. There is a huge Lebanese community living here and they are among the most honest, resilient and industrious people that collaborate in the construction of our nation. They will get through this challenge as well. Respect.

  • SuperKasper333
    SuperKasper333 Hace un año

    Positively, incredibly frightening. I am sorry for all who are hurt, and the families of those that died.

  • George Koebel
    George Koebel Hace un año +286

    Prayers to the people of beirut let's hope not too many deaths or injuries my thoughts and prayers go out to you

    • Steve Botham
      Steve Botham Hace un año

      @MerryDonnats Brawl stars I'm sorry to hear that my friend. Keep strong and know that people like myself are thinking of you. Peace and love. Steve England. ✌❤👍👊.

    • San Bruno
      San Bruno Hace un año

      CLEAN AIR,

    • Shadow Stang
      Shadow Stang Hace un año

      80 people dead and their still searching

    • Zen Fan
      Zen Fan Hace un año

      @MerryDonnats Brawl stars .
      Trump didn't cause any explosion 😠👴🔨😷

    • Some guy
      Some guy Hace un año


  • Joanne Morson
    Joanne Morson Hace un año +3

    That’s so sad I hope everyone is ok my heart goes out to Beirut

  • Ghee Phua
    Ghee Phua Hace un año +1

    My heart goes out to the people in Beirut.

  • xXBåüțÎXxP.Aツ
    xXBåüțÎXxP.Aツ Hace 10 meses +1

    I am saddened by the children who were very scared ... and the families who lived near the event of the explosion😢

  • Babylyn Junghui
    Babylyn Junghui Hace un año

    Praying for Lebanon!!! 🙏🖤

  • aldair villa
    aldair villa Hace un año +2392

    The greatest achievement in 2020 is to just be alive.

    • D Berkowitz
      D Berkowitz Hace 2 meses

      I think israel did this

    • maury t
      maury t Hace 2 meses

      I think israel did this

    • CMND  ᴋᴀᴀɪ
      CMND ᴋᴀᴀɪ Hace 3 meses

      We survived

    • MR dayno
      MR dayno Hace 7 meses


    • Alex 2B
      Alex 2B Hace un año

      It really puts things into perspective, doesn't it? Like does our social status, recognition, validation, really matter when one's dead.

      I feel bittersweet to still be alive in November of this tragic year. I feel like I'm one of the lucky or fortunate ones--privileged even--to be typing this out from the comfort of my warm & cozy home, while so many lives have needlessly been lost....

      Anyone else feel some survivors guilt?

  • Skrivik
    Skrivik Hace un año +23

    This is terrifying. Imagine being there. Seeing that. I would have just had a heart attack. LOOK AT THAT SHOCKWAVE

    • Dolkar Gurung
      Dolkar Gurung Hace 10 meses

      That one guy who filmed the video was pretty surprised because he was saying whoaaaa instead of screaming like a little girl

  • k l
    k l Hace un año

    Condolences to the victims and the people there 😔

  • Gary Weeks
    Gary Weeks Hace un año

    So sad, my prayers go to all the victims of this accident.

  • Patrice Lumumba
    Patrice Lumumba Hace un año +29

    As devastating as this blast was it would've been 10x worse if it had occurred in the city square or downtown Beirut. Thank God it happened in the least populated area of the country..... that being the port. Stay strong my Lebanese brothers and sisters.

    • Yaghi Ziad
      Yaghi Ziad Hace un año

      @Joe Villa The explosion happened inside the airport of beirut and the airport is very close to the port.

    • BoxLid
      BoxLid Hace un año

      @God Himself I wouldn't say that, Tianjin comes to mind... LMAO

    • Yaghi Ziad
      Yaghi Ziad Hace un año +1

      @God Himself Very few people live next to the airport due to how loud airplaines are.

  • TheVisionary
    TheVisionary Hace un año +15

    Tears roll down for all the fallen and injured. Allah be with all. Amen
    India is with Lebanon. 🇮🇳

  • Future
    Future Hace un año +159

    I can’t believe 2020 still has 4 months after this.

    • Lord Nathan of Blairadam
      Lord Nathan of Blairadam Hace un año

      3 days left now, and by some maricle the planet is still here.

    • Ko Knoccout
      Ko Knoccout Hace un año +1

      I'm liking this in December...

    • GG, GG
      GG, GG Hace un año

      Yo I feel like October will have one hell of a halloween

    • VANGIE Lopez
      VANGIE Lopez Hace un año

      Very true

    • hiba saim
      hiba saim Hace un año

      But we have no idea what 2021 will lead to either? Do we??

  • Fred S
    Fred S Hace un año

    Prayers for survivors and responders ... 🙏🙏

  • _014 Stranger 014_
    _014 Stranger 014_ Hace un año

    Love to Lebanon, we Brazilians are very sad! We have the largest Lebanese community in the world, even larger than the population of Lebanon. 🇱🇧♥️🇧🇷

  • Arturo T. Pimentel Jr.
    Arturo T. Pimentel Jr. Hace un año +247

    we are praying lebanon🇱🇧


  • Donna Matias
    Donna Matias Hace un año

    Condolences to the family 😟😟

  • edison paula
    edison paula Hace un año

    lamentavel essa tragedia porque as autoridades tinham conhecimento do perigo e não fizeram nada e agora é tarde...inocentes morreram e as familias choram.....lamentavel tudo isso..

  • G
    G Hace un año +192

    Actually, 2019 wasn't that bad

    • F-zero91maru
      F-zero91maru Hace un año +1

      I like to go in the year 2010 or 2007.

    • trxmisty
      trxmisty Hace un año +2

      I want to go to 2000s 😔

    • Unsearchable Things
      Unsearchable Things Hace un año +1

      You should have been a fly on the wall in my life. 2020 only a continuation of 2019 for me.

    • Wissam Srayddeen
      Wissam Srayddeen Hace un año +1

      Well I think 1920 was the best. What the hell people this is what you understood from the video🙈🙈🙈

    • Kathy Henderson
      Kathy Henderson Hace un año +5

      Yeah...let's go back to 2019

  • Jay Ess
    Jay Ess Hace un año +2

    That's the first footage I've seen of the explosion where the filmers haven't been knocked back by the blast.
    Praying for everyone in Lebanon.

  • Infinity Test
    Infinity Test Hace un año +20

    Rest in peace for all victims who lost their lives 😔😭

  • SPC Jordan King
    SPC Jordan King Hace un año

    God be with the families of all those who lost love ones in this explosion

  • Astralr
    Astralr Hace un año +4

    I feel bad for the camera man and everyone who died

  • ccapehart1980
    ccapehart1980 Hace un año

    ive seen and even felt dozens and dozens of large explosions during my deployments but that is the biggest ive ever seen

  • Big Baby
    Big Baby Hace un año

    I pray for everyone that was in that explosion in I hope it get better💙

  • Åzsan
    Åzsan Hace un año +2

    ALLAH YERHAMO from Sweden, Turkey and the Kurds ❤️❤️❤️ subhanallah that this was not worser than it is 💛💛 my lovely Lebanese people, stay strong 💚💚

  • Neon Monkey
    Neon Monkey Hace un año +736

    13: "I'm the worst number "
    666: "That's cute "
    2020: "Hold my beer"

    • bossmoneystreet35
      bossmoneystreet35 Hace un mes

      Let's talk about the year 2020 now think 20+20 =40 right Now all in the Bible the number 40 came up right now you do the rest just giving y'all something to think about (much love and God bless)

    • サン Youtube
      サン Youtube Hace 3 meses

      1945 & 2001:😐🖕

    • ThereR 15Letters
      ThereR 15Letters Hace 10 meses +1

      2012: aaaand EVERYONE JUST HATED ME 🙄😄

    • Cancandoo
      Cancandoo Hace un año

      I SHALL BEAT IT WITH 7, 69 AND 420

    • Fritz Van Halen
      Fritz Van Halen Hace un año

      2039: Do y'all wanna repeat history with me?

  • John.
    John. Hace un año +3

    I think this year is The End I hope You guys Are Healty And Strong😭

  • Ari Ari
    Ari Ari Hace un año

    Lebanon has been in the news for as long as I can remember...... since 1975 I think. It has always been doom and gloom. If these kind of incidents happen in countries with top class safety measures and respect for human life imagine how it is in a country like Lebanon. Sad.

  • Antonio Ashkar
    Antonio Ashkar Hace un año +81

    I'am from Beirut ♥ we will stand again

    • S D
      S D Hace 10 meses

      @Antonio Ashkar I heard the explosion was about the massive child trafficking problem you might have heard?

    • edo ohanyan
      edo ohanyan Hace un año

      @Robert King hey corona, u got extra?

    • Unsearchable Things
      Unsearchable Things Hace un año

      Wish you and the people of Beirut the best. Someone sent a missile in there. Go review the video. God bless.

    • Antonio Ashkar
      Antonio Ashkar Hace un año +2

      @Robert King No, no, no, they are not us ... Those who did that are the fans and supporters of the terrorist Hezbollah ... Please my friend, you have to separate the ordinary Lebanese people from the terrorist Hezbollah ... they basically hate us and want to change Lebanon’s identity. They are just agents of the regime Syria and Iran, as for us, our relationship is excellent with America and its people and more than half of Lebanon's people don't want this party.

    • Robert King
      Robert King Hace un año

      Oh ... remember when 9-11 happened in NYC .... ??? ..remember ??? when terrorists destroyed the Trade Centres !!! and you people danced in the streets of Beirut singing death to America !!? Well how does it feel now ??? ...and your looking for some sympathy !!!???? .... good luck with that !!!!

  • Taylor Magnifico
    Taylor Magnifico Hace 2 meses

    Honestly, I never get uncomfortable while watching explosions and natural disasters.

  • ChefGiovanni
    ChefGiovanni Hace un año +24

    Imagine all the people living in a world of PEACE. Wishing you a positive future from the USA.

    • Baking with Gene
      Baking with Gene Hace un año +1

      @Nobody we won’t survive if we don’t have a positive mind or else we will go depressed from all the problems.

    • airhorn07
      airhorn07 Hace un año

      Nobody ok yeah, let’s get some nukes here and there... oh maybe some nukes over there too, that will help us in the future

    • Nobody
      Nobody Hace un año +2

      Life is not about peace! Wake up breathe! Life is about misery and then overcoming it! Stop playing on you’re feelings and be a fking man!

  • Dweep Parab
    Dweep Parab Hace un año

    R.I.P to those beautiful souls who died in this blast

  • Mikko Jung 🙋‍♂️

    We are praying Lebanon!

    -Korea 🇰🇷

  • Doug Coombes
    Doug Coombes Hace un año +149

    2,750 tons of Ammonium nitrate, stored in the middle of a city for 6 years, this was a catastrophe waiting to happen. My heart goes out to anyone caught in that.

    • A lonely Z
      A lonely Z Hace un año

      @William Cuison its not bomb but rather a fertilizer

    • William Cuison
      William Cuison Hace un año

      that is just an ingredient it is not? it doesn't blow up without additives or mix to something. 3k tons of bomb that's too much to big for a nation who's declining economy to make and for what?

    • Cap H2O
      Cap H2O Hace un año +1

      @Umbu Tambwe I think it was reported elsewhere... the President himself mentioned it, I think.

    • A lonely Z
      A lonely Z Hace un año +2

      @Dave theres also fireworks that probably made the ammonium to explode

    • Jaime Rodriguez
      Jaime Rodriguez Hace un año +1

      Hey dude you said it man.thats what I said to then kaboom.

  • 7Seas
    7Seas Hace un año +1

    pray for lebanon from indonesia 🇲🇨🇱🇧

  • schizo667
    schizo667 Hace un año

    Did you notice that the explosion wasn't exactly in the same place as the fire? It happened at some distance from the billowing smoke. Any clues?

  • saiful husein
    saiful husein Hace un año

    Stay strong lebanon💪

  • Shanti Shinde
    Shanti Shinde Hace un año

    This is so sad..... 😢😢😢😣😣😢😢 I hope things go good soon there.....

  • Najkab
    Najkab Hace un año +11

    Praying for you Lebanon 🇱🇧❤️

  • Åzsan
    Åzsan Hace un año

    ALLAH YERHAMO from Sweden, Turkey and the Kurds ❤️❤️❤️ subhanallah that this was not worser than it is 💛💛 my lovely Lebanese people, stay strong 💚💚

  • kyle brown
    kyle brown Hace 4 meses

    If you was there and survived that then God be with you rip to all there 🙏

  • 5,000 followers Without video

    Lord have mercy on us. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Dylan Baer
    Dylan Baer Hace un año +351

    We need shirts that say, “I survived 2020”

    • Robotische Hilfe
      Robotische Hilfe Hace 8 meses


    • joe El Yahchouchi
      joe El Yahchouchi Hace 10 meses +1

      Unless you're from Lebanon. We might still be technically alive but we are dead inside.

    • Sheri McDANIEL
      Sheri McDANIEL Hace un año

      Do ya think we can get the government to pay for them?

    • ЯickyRisha410
      ЯickyRisha410 Hace un año

      @KeithNotFound is it really? 😒

    • Rayneice W
      Rayneice W Hace un año

      @B-MoreCity 1985 on winter it will be confusing if we have corona or just a cold

  • Bubblyaliencats
    Bubblyaliencats Hace un año +53

    This is so scary, no matter what caused this we’ll keep Lebanon in our thoughts and prayers 💕💕💕💕

    • Bubblyaliencats
      Bubblyaliencats Hace un año

      Jesucristo Salvador this has deeply affected some of my friends, and I’m trying to be as supportive as I can.

    • Bubblyaliencats
      Bubblyaliencats Hace un año +1

      novabus boy well there’s not much else I can do ?? I’m still a kid and I can’t donate money.

    • Antonio Ashkar
      Antonio Ashkar Hace un año

      Thank you ♥

    • novabusboy
      novabusboy Hace un año

      your “prayers” will definitely do something to help

    • Trtsds
      Trtsds Hace un año +6

      As usual, you wont even remember this topic 5 days from now, but hey. Its cool to pretend to be supportive.

  • Sliver Fox
    Sliver Fox Hace un año +4

    This explosion reminds me seriously of the one a few years ago in Tianjin China, except this one was smaller. In fact I believe they said it was ammonium nitrate as well. 🤔

  • RikudouRay
    RikudouRay Hace un año +130

    10 years later, well I survived one the worst year of the history.

    • GG, GG
      GG, GG Hace un año

      @𝘈𝘯𝘯 hmm... then why aren't you denying it?

    • GG, GG
      GG, GG Hace un año +2

      @Max Power so you're telling me taht God is making all this happen just because a bunch of dudes don't believe in him? What a pathetic religion

    • applbeez
      applbeez Hace un año +1

      I feel we’ll never make it past 2020

    • sovietnyc
      sovietnyc Hace un año +1

      bold of you to say this before the year is over

    • Uteopia
      Uteopia Hace un año +1

      it's not over yet, but yes it's been one of the worst years in living memory.

  • Mangondato Lucman Jr
    Mangondato Lucman Jr Hace un año

    Allahuakbar! May ALLAH SWT be with you. My prayers is for all the Lebanon citizens.

    MANDEUKIE :D Hace un año +61

    Also praying of Beirut from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    • Jay Panos
      Jay Panos Hace un año

      Allah is not real

    • Neria Sof.
      Neria Sof. Hace un año +1

      I'm a Cypriot, and I pray everyday for you guys because a similar explosion had happened to us in Mari some years ago... may the God be with you🙏🙏🙏

      MANDEUKIE :D Hace un año

      Seerat Kamran yes 😂🖤💗

    • Seerat Kamran
      Seerat Kamran Hace un año +1

      Pakistani blinks here✌️💞💞

    • Seerat Kamran
      Seerat Kamran Hace un año +1


  • Drimson Angel
    Drimson Angel Hace un año

    How it split the clouds, insane.

  • Maduki
    Maduki Hace un año +1

    what scares me is the after effects of this, the shockwave from that sort of blast alone will destroy survivors ear drums so even if you survived tinnitus will drive the suicide rate up etc. my heart goes out to all of those affected

    • Yaghi Ziad
      Yaghi Ziad Hace un año

      Tinnitus has multiple ways to be treated for cheap price.

  • Tiger_Mou
    Tiger_Mou Hace un año

    God, please help these people...🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • voice of wisdom
    voice of wisdom Hace un año

    horrific tragedy, How could this happen? How come they stored all those explosives there when the country is already in the war zone,It is so sad I wish the people get recovered who got injured, get started forever, Let's fly together and win together

  • Hashem Jawad jawad
    Hashem Jawad jawad Hace un año +38

    I am a lebanese citizen, things are still mysterious, but its said that there was a fire that triggered fireworks in a factory then the fire increased and the heat reacted with ammonium nitrate. The first explosion caused an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 wich caused building to collapse then the second explosion caused a shockwave that blasted windows several miles around the port and caused destruction, fires and the most damage to beirut making this explosion second to hiroshima and nakazaki only, and till now people are being found under the rubble.

    • Yaghi Ziad
      Yaghi Ziad Hace un año

      @Danero Cua And also why exactly the Airport ?

    • Redaxerocker1
      Redaxerocker1 Hace un año

      @a w Israel can do tons of damage without our help. Imagine being surrounded by terrorist countries

    • Vasuki Nagabhushan
      Vasuki Nagabhushan Hace un año

      This looks like a new class of weapon.

    • Danero Cua
      Danero Cua Hace un año +1

      @jigga_james210 maybe it just a sudden light from explosion seen in the smoke. And if it was a rocket/bomb it should be detected and recorded.

    • this Afropolitan Life
      this Afropolitan Life Hace un año

      @panzer man How many times has Israel done it before... history repeating itself, the government is just the scapegoat.

  • Hanya Insan Biasa
    Hanya Insan Biasa Hace un año

    I watched the video of the incident, I saw something flying then exploded in that place .... may Allah SWT give a reply to those who are evil
    Pray for Lebanon ☹️

  • MsSniper78
    MsSniper78 Hace un año

    Prayers for Lebanon

  • Bryan H Fuller
    Bryan H Fuller Hace un año +22

    Really sad. Beirut's negligence is the reason and that sucks.

    • Bryan H Fuller
      Bryan H Fuller Hace un año

      @ma gi are you a bot also??

    • Bryan H Fuller
      Bryan H Fuller Hace un año

      @ma gi what are you talking about?? Nothing I said is a lie. 2700 tons of Ammoniam Nitrate was improperly stored for 7 years next to a fireworks warehouse in the middle of the City pretty much. That is highly negligent of Beirut.

    • ma gi
      ma gi Hace un año

      < lying agent of disinformation, go lick boot

  • Gabsile Ntuli
    Gabsile Ntuli Hace un año

    May their souls rest in peace

  • XX X
    XX X Hace un año +172

    The lucky part is, this explosion happened by 6pm, when most people have left their work in the port.

    • Kevin Chambers
      Kevin Chambers Hace un año

      thanks for the information, though the small number reported in deaths seems way off. I would think sadly in the hundreds at least

    • joseph bvr
      joseph bvr Hace un año

      Well at least Israel waited til most were gone before they bombed.

    • çevirtheK
      çevirtheK Hace un año

      @pinekel They can find another job, can they find another life?

    • pinekel
      pinekel Hace un año

      @sultan munambang Not exactly what I mean't. For some of these people their jobs are their lives and they will be unable to live without them.

    • sultan munambang
      sultan munambang Hace un año

      @pinekelso you think most people will rather die than lose their job? Umm how about the word YOLO

  • Adnan Mohamed
    Adnan Mohamed Hace un año

    rip too all people who have lost there life 😣

  • Nyoromo737
    Nyoromo737 Hace un año

    Praying for Beirut.

  • NTG
    NTG Hace un año

    every time i see that explosion i get goose bumps i coulda died living a few blocks from the blast area

  • Reshma Parween
    Reshma Parween Hace un año

    May Allah save all the human beings across the world and peace be upon in this world...ameen

  • Glen Martin
    Glen Martin Hace un año

    Thank you for your report.

  • invicible I'm
    invicible I'm Hace un año +6

    This incident reminds me of Chernobyl
    Where irresponsible behaviour of officialls lead to suffering of many people
    "What is the cost of lies"😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    Rest in paradise 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • invicible I'm
      invicible I'm Hace un año

      @Faisal Nawaz ikr?? I also heard that
      Really irresponsible 😭😭😟😟😟

    • S. Y.
      S. Y. Hace un año

      The port was stored with lots of Iranian ammunition and missiles next to expired chemicals.

    • Faisal Nawaz
      Faisal Nawaz Hace un año

      The ship with amonium nitarate was also of russian company

  • SA my
    SA my Hace un año

    I hope other countries help them 😔

  • Gerald McGill
    Gerald McGill Hace un año

    1:22 You know how powerful that explosion was when you see cars that have been completely rolled over on their sides and backs...

  • danyal Khalid
    danyal Khalid Hace un año +489

    2020 Only gets worse, each day, each second. They world has changed.

    Edit: Thank you all kind people for supporting my opinion have a great day. 😇

    • Tony Swietochowski
      Tony Swietochowski Hace un año

      @danyal Khalid That’s a fair opinion. But it will change! The earth will one day cease to be a prison, and be a paradise. The animals shall live together in peace! Listen! Listen to the prophecy!

      “11:4 But He shall judge the poor in righteousness, and shall decide rightly for the meek of the earth. And He shall strike the earth with the rod of His mouth, and He shall cause the wicked to die with the breath of His lip. 11:5 And righteousness shall be the encircler of His loins, and faithfulness the encircler of His loins. 11:6 And the wolf shall live with the lamb; and the leopard shall lie with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little boy shall lead them. 11:7 The cow and the bear shall feed, their young shall lie together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. 11:8 And the infant shall play on the hole of the asp; yea, the weaned child shall put his hand on the viper's den. 11:9 They shall not do evil, nor destroy in all My holy mountain. For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of God, as the waters cover the sea.” - Isaiah

    • danyal Khalid
      danyal Khalid Hace un año

      Alon Bari Live your life and don’t tell me shut up that’s my opinion so beat it kid.

    • danyal Khalid
      danyal Khalid Hace un año

      Damon yeah I meant that lol

    • Damon
      Damon Hace un año

      danyal Khalid you do know that the Big Bang created more then just the solar system right?

    • Sultan Mahmood
      Sultan Mahmood Hace un año

      0@laszlo tassym

  • HANoNu
    HANoNu Hace un año

    Pray for Libanon

  • DOOM89
    DOOM89 Hace un año

    i read up on this, from what i read, the main blast was from ammonium nitrate. turns out that ammonium nitrate on it's own is a fire hazard as it acts as an oxidizer, but it can explosively decompose into NO2 and H2O gas if it's detonated by a smaller explosion. so maybe those smaller explosions you can see in some of the footage triggered the main blast and without that this may have been just a huge fire. i could be wrong about some of that as i'm no expert but thats based what i read.

    MOEEN UD DIN Hace un año

    It's still unclear what exactly caused the explosion but Lebanese security services have said the blast was caused by a fire in a depot of highly explosive material,including Sodium nitrate.

  • Balvir Singh
    Balvir Singh Hace un año

    The best year of my life 2020 i really love everything about it.

    • Marco
      Marco Hace un año

      Are you being sarcastic dude

  • TheJestor
    TheJestor Hace un año

    The first initial explosion and fire is a fireworks one, its smaller and more of a burn than an actual explosion, the second is the ignition and explosion of a high concentration of ammonium nitrite, which you do not use in fireworks nor store near any potential source of flame due to how volatile it is. You can search up farm silo explosions to see what happens when the stuff explodes on a smaller scale, this right here was a warehouse filled with the stuff going up in one massive explosion, I don’t know why the fire started, nor do I know which idiots thought storing ammonium nitrate near anything remotely flammable would be a good idea, but this is a type of thing that could easily be caused on purpose and made to look like an accident if someone wanted to. We don’t know all the details, but either way, storing those two things near eachother was asking for trouble to happen eventually.


    God!!! Give these countrys a mercy

  • youn333s
    youn333s Hace un año +68

    Everyone: 2020 couldnt get any worse
    August 2020: ...hold my beer

    • Manuel Villaruz
      Manuel Villaruz Hace un año

      Its our fault 2020 is bad

    • ledholm
      ledholm Hace un año

      2020 is like one big horror movie and 2019 was the trailer. I imagined nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    • Josh V.
      Josh V. Hace un año

      ....And it is gonna get worse, way worse than what a person could imagine.

    • Sakarias Dale
      Sakarias Dale Hace un año

      Dont add this to «a list of things that sucks in 2020» this doesnt effect you, feel bad for the people it actually effected

      ZILCH IS A BOT Hace un año +1


  • knight keeper
    knight keeper Hace un año +2

    My grandchildren in 70 years time. what happens in that year 2020 grandpa?

    Well back in 2020 some people made it some people don't... but it was a year that i will never forget in my life...a lot of good and bad memories back in those days....

  • Jason O'Phee
    Jason O'Phee Hace un año +500

    i don't believe for a second that an explosion of this magnitude was caused by fireworks

    • Mike Byrd
      Mike Byrd Hace 3 meses

      Ammonium nitrate

    • None Ofyourbiz
      None Ofyourbiz Hace 5 meses

      @Super Saiyan Solid Snake ya but you wouldnt feel it in cypress like my cousins did and scientists already did the math it doenst add up you can clearly watch other videos and see a flash out of the sky right before the explosion

    • Wayne Bevans
      Wayne Bevans Hace 6 meses

      Propaganda at it's finest

    • D L
      D L Hace un año

      @Les Brown my main language is french what your excuse😂

    • areUaware
      areUaware Hace un año

      @Les Brown , Nice try.

  • 1Oo0 Subscriber's with With one vedio challenge

    Those who died Oh lord may they rest in Peace 😭❤️❤️

  • Vivao Tone
    Vivao Tone Hace un año

    Prayers for Beirut families.

  • Grammar Grandma
    Grammar Grandma Hace un año +1

    Did anyone else see the shape of a shark in the first really big blast? My thoughts and condolences are with the Lebanese people.

  • Yeji lost her cherry예지는 체리를 잃었다

    I feel so bad 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭

  • Rupa Mukherjee
    Rupa Mukherjee Hace un año

    deadly blast ...i really want all the injured people to get well

  • Gika Smith
    Gika Smith Hace un año +56

    This 2020 year hits and breaks new rock-bottom every month!

    • S D
      S D Hace 10 meses

      Not for the child trafficked saved in Lebanon

    • chiccachannel
      chiccachannel Hace un año +3

      In Italy we are used to say "anno bisesto, anno funesto" which more or less means "leap year, woeful year"... 2020 is a leap year, so...

  • Maxan Tube Gaming
    Maxan Tube Gaming Hace un año +44

    Ok i think we should really stop saying that this year can’t get any worse.

  • Wadie Farid Haddad
    Wadie Farid Haddad Hace un año

    David Ranson, Deputy Director, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Forensic Pathologist and Head of Forensic Services
    "Explosions and fire resulting in mass deaths are one of the most difficult challenges confronting forensic teams as they go about the painstaking work of working out what happened and identifying the victims in order to return them to their families and loved ones.
    Recovering the bodies from the scene of the disaster can be dangerous, particularly when there is extensive structural damage to buildings.
    The task undertaken by forensic pathologists, dentists, scientists and mortuary specialists, in dealing with the often fragmented remains, is both scientifically and emotionally challenging. Applying the Interpol DVI (disaster victim identification) guidelines is critical in ensuring that this humanitarian task is performed quickly and reliably."

  • frcharbel1
    frcharbel1 Hace un año +87

    Prayers for Lebanon, St. Charbel, pray for Lebanon! Peace.

    • T M
      T M Hace un año

      is that a koran quote ?

    • Rick Bean
      Rick Bean Hace un año

      @Mark Henley Pay attention, nobody said God made this happen, they asked why God couldn't or wouldn't prevent it. Why pray for God's intervention after the fact?

    • Mark Henley
      Mark Henley  Hace un año +1

      @Rick Bean Humans have free will and God didn't make this happen, other humans did.

    • Saad Hamze
      Saad Hamze Hace un año +1

      @frcharbel1 stfu 7ayawan

    • frcharbel1
      frcharbel1 Hace un año +4

      @Liu Kang Yes thank you Liu, I believe prayers are the most powerful thoughts directed to God, since God is the greatest thing, then thoughts to God are most powerful & far reaching, especially for my friends who were injured in this tragedy. God bless...

  • still waiting for the 1d reunion👎

    Me over here watching this in my room in Lebanon pretending like I dont know what happened:👁👄👁

  • Whatudu
    Whatudu Hace un año

    0:15 Literally scared me😢😢

  • Michael Dib
    Michael Dib Hace un año +1

    That is no way an attack. No way. Someone stuffed up with hazardous materials there for sure.

  • Yopifnu Channel
    Yopifnu Channel Hace un año

    Pray for Beirut 🙏

  • Lizzy Sony
    Lizzy Sony Hace un año

    All the building within the white cloud were decimated or severly damaged
    There was a camera recording within 100 meters away from the epicentre
    Many people were killed before they had a chance to react

  • Maria Flaig
    Maria Flaig Hace un año

    ohhh my Lord!!! please help Lebanon’!!

  • wesley Fournier
    wesley Fournier Hace un año

    regardless of why or who was involved.....loss of human life on a scale like this is i like to think preventable and a tragedy. god rest their souls....... can we all say a prayer for those who've just had their lives taken and or devastated by this? im not trying to be too religious but this is just sad..........

  • Sanjay Sarkar
    Sanjay Sarkar Hace un año

    খুবই দুঃখজনক ঘটনা 😥

  • Wens Nelong
    Wens Nelong Hace un año +14

    2020 has been the saddest and terrible year. 😢💔

    Prayers from the PHILIPPINES. 🇵🇭🙏🏼💛🇱🇧

  • टोटली ट्रेडिशनल

    Yeah..🇮🇳🇮🇳😭😭🙏🙏💞love from india... stay strong Lebanon 🇮🇳 peace ✌️ ur governor crying on television...😭it's heart breaking..I guess more damaged due to peopl start capturing it,,but suddenly explosive...again's like 9/11attack.......attack after attack 😭😭🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏🙏stay 💐safe