Hasan Minhaj White House Correspondents' Dinner full monologue

  • Publicado el 28 abr 2017
  • Comedian Hasan Minhaj (Daily Show, Patriot Act) took full advantage of Donald Trump's absence during the 2017 White House Correspondents' Dinner, by taking aim at the president and his administration during his monologue.
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Comentarios • 11 205

  • vijaya kesari
    vijaya kesari Hace 5 años +32

    THE BEST BRILLIANT SPEECH, true to the core. Standing Ovation to Hasan Minhaj.

  • senselocke
    senselocke Hace 5 años +1562

    Cold. Ice cold. And fucking on-point and fantastic. Great job, Hasan!

    • senselocke
      senselocke Hace 5 años +32

      It's okay, from time to time, to be incorrect.

    • Karim Sultan
      Karim Sultan Hace 5 años +168

      it was between 0:01 and 25:40

  • Daily Life of Kiki the Cat
    Daily Life of Kiki the Cat Hace 5 años +1708

    No matter what your political views are, this is great. He roasted everyone leaving nobody out. Even when a joke fell flat... he just went right on into the next one. The best part though, was seeing the people in the crowd just facking dazed and frazzled at some of the shit he was saying hahahaha.

    • SelphieFairy
      SelphieFairy Hace 3 años

      Sometimes I wonder how much it seems like that because of bad audio. Like maybe they're roaring with laughter but maybe they don't have good audio picking up the laughter and it sounds awkward instead.

    • S&K Galindo
      S&K Galindo Hace 4 años +1

      ForeverYoung wtf??! If anyone is programmed it's you. Someone drank too much of the racist koolaid. It's really too bad that Jim Jones wasn't mixing it for you. And this is coming from someone who's family died in that cult.

    • Sarra Ben Othman
      Sarra Ben Othman Hace 4 años +1

      +ForeverYoung most of the refugees are from wars that america started and there are some poor Muslim country's like mine and i would love to discus Islam but i can't who hasn't even red the Quran... so go do your full homework on history and religion and then we could talk

    • Sarra Ben Othman
      Sarra Ben Othman Hace 4 años +2

      +ForeverYoung I'm a Muslim and that's a lie killing is a huge crime in the Quran and what you are saying is completely 100℅ wrong i think you should by a Quran and start reading it cause your being lied too

    • Donald Drumpf P. I.G
      Donald Drumpf P. I.G Hace 4 años

      ForeverYoung - We shouldn't make fun of them anyway.

  • Haadiya Basheer
    Haadiya Basheer Hace 5 años +1386

    it's so funny seeing the mixed reactions. Some of them are downright offended while the others are stunned at Hassan blatantly attacking the administration and also secretly laughing so they don't seem like they're enjoying this too much. I love this!!

    • BellyRaySaurus
      BellyRaySaurus Hace 4 años

      Haadiya Basheer haha!

    • Raincentral003
      Raincentral003 Hace 4 años +2

      darrell issa, congressman, worth half a Billion.....does not look happy

      ROYAL MAPHINS Hace 5 años +6

      Yeah, It was fun to listen to that.

  • baljeetd
    baljeetd Hace 5 años +1629

    10/10 for Hasan Minhaj.

    • Gordon Ramsay
      Gordon Ramsay Hace 2 años

      @saalim khan OUCH XD

    • Jaydev Raol
      Jaydev Raol Hace 2 años


    • Hanzo Hattori
      Hanzo Hattori Hace 4 años +1

      ForeverYoung ..... whaaaaaa?

    • Sachin Boloor
      Sachin Boloor Hace 4 años

      I’ll watch it forever too

    • Sachin Boloor
      Sachin Boloor Hace 4 años +5

      saalim khan Hasan’s a 1st generation INDIAN American Muslim. Not an AFGHAN Al-Queda. He was probably in his Davis, CA house when it happened

  • Riri Ali
    Riri Ali Hace 5 años +1768

    Some of those people looked so damn offended 😂😂😂😂 which just made it a million times more HILARIOUS!

    • kimbow
      kimbow Hace un año

      @Ali Hamza More BLM supporters protested without rioting than those that did riot. I support black lives being treated more fairly, and I didn’t riot. :)

    • Ali Hamza
      Ali Hamza Hace un año

      @kimbow after those stupid blm riots , looting small business? everything is justified lol

    • kimbow
      kimbow Hace un año

      @Ali Hamza Your comment didn’t age well, now that we get to compare it to the trump supporters riot at the capitol...

    • Don't take it Personal now alright?
      Don't take it Personal now alright? Hace 2 años

      @Ali Hamza of coz because you don't need to

    • Aj Crocco
      Aj Crocco Hace 5 años +8

      No, he went to gather continue contributions, lining his pockets from fcktads like u

  • Jody Wirawan
    Jody Wirawan Hace 5 años +200

    is this a formal address or a formal stand-up comedy performance?
    Hasan Minhaj completely killed it👏

    • Nurlinda F Sihotang
      Nurlinda F Sihotang Hace 4 años

      .....it's the annual correspondence diner. a event every year held by WH news correspondence

  • Fire Water
    Fire Water Hace 5 años +191

    One of the best White House Correspondents' speeches ever, right up there with Obama's mic-drop speech last year and Colbert's Bush roasting in 2006.

    • Timothy C
      Timothy C Hace 2 años

      Conan’s was pretty good imo

    • VAS Red
      VAS Red Hace 2 años

      Cecily Strong's roasting in 2015 was equally as funny.

  • Alicultivated
    Alicultivated Hace 5 años +189

    The consistency is unbelievable. He's so talented. Just so good.

  • Amir Shams
    Amir Shams Hace 5 años +565

    "Better hold that laugh if I wanna keep my job...or make it home tonight."
    - Everyone at that dinner

  • _Les6 0Paul_
    _Les6 0Paul_ Hace 5 años +3762

    This was a well seasoned roast because everyone was salty.

    • J&A K
      J&A K Hace 4 años


    • Hanzo Hattori
      Hanzo Hattori Hace 4 años +4

      ForeverYoung not really. According to him, he fasts and prays and people in India (his parents' home country) and Pakistan treat him as a hero. I am a muslim and i love his jokes.
      We in Pakistan have 10 times savage jokes and nearly all of them are on muslims. Muslim countries have comedians too.
      It's too bad oue jokes are in urdu mostly because very few countries can beat them.

    • Jacey M
      Jacey M Hace 4 años +3

      ForeverYoung have you ever seen his stand up? Yaaaa he does already

    • Jacey M
      Jacey M Hace 4 años +2

      Lmaoooooooooo no jokes

    • BellyRaySaurus
      BellyRaySaurus Hace 4 años +2

      _Les6 0Paul_ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jason B.
    Jason B. Hace 5 años +151

    Hasan's ending on free speech was fantastic. I loved how it brought his entire monologue together. And I'm sure all the salty ppl in the audience would have felt kinda stupid after hearing that part too because it's so true...Hasan was exercising his First Amendment right, a right that Trump benefits from but magically forgets about when it's used to criticize him. Overall this was brilliant. Well done Hasan. Keep slaying brother.

  • challenger2k
    challenger2k Hace 5 años +870

    WOW, not what I expected. This guy is really good. He is funny, intelligent, clean, and right on point. Great Job! I watched it twice and was rolling on the floor laughing 1000 thumbs up.

  • Harjot Sandhu
    Harjot Sandhu Hace 5 años +653

    Best joke was "Now you know what it feels like to be a minority"
    I clapped.

    • منير النمر
      منير النمر Hace 2 años

      @Cheegum he thoughts he came from Pakistan

    • Cheegum
      Cheegum Hace 3 años

      @The Great Gatsby what are his countries?

    • King Bradley
      King Bradley Hace 4 años +4

      @The Great Gatsby he's a Indian Muslim, even in India he'd be a minority you dumdum

    • Tim Perry
      Tim Perry Hace 4 años +7

      And Christianity doesn't have a long history of genocide, forced conversions and the rape of indigenous peoples all over the world...
      Read a damn history book, hypocrite.

    • please excuse my english
      please excuse my english Hace 4 años +17

      His country is America. And in his father´s country India Muslims are a minority often supressed by some nationalists amongst the Hindu majority.

  • Sha Vlimpse
    Sha Vlimpse Hace 5 años +361

    I love how he uses all that awkward energy the crowd sends and still kills it

  • Bradley James
    Bradley James Hace 5 años +305

    The administration gives comedians so much material. This was hilarious. But the problem was, pretty much everything was true so laughing at real is actually ironically funny. Maybe I should have been crying instead.

    • Hank Hodges
      Hank Hodges Hace 3 años

      No Bradly, as I'm sure you know; We HAVE to laugh during this crisis or we'll die from depression. Keep your head up !!!

    • Pablo Escobar
      Pablo Escobar Hace 3 años +2

      Some comedians use jokes to say the truth they been doing this for ages

  • Chris Hunter
    Chris Hunter Hace 5 años +1844

    Damn, He went in....this is genius

  • Dr. Dermix Girl MD
    Dr. Dermix Girl MD Hace 5 años +581

    Brave soul to get up there. Too bad the audience is so afraid for their press credentials that they can't enjoy themselves. Loved it.

    • Pj Ruprecht
      Pj Ruprecht Hace 4 años

      SlimandNone __ lol it must really suck to live in your brain.

    • Oscar The Grouch
      Oscar The Grouch Hace 5 años +3

      well comedy is different for all..... period

    • psych707
      psych707 Hace 5 años +8

      SlimandNone __ lighten up, this was pretty good

    • SlimandNone __
      SlimandNone __ Hace 5 años

      Or it's because he's not funny? Like, at all.

    • Hufflepuff Queen
      Hufflepuff Queen Hace 5 años +8

      johnny cake He was they just can't take the truth.

  • jeff ghant
    jeff ghant Hace 5 años +816

    Great job Hasan. Make them all uncomfortable. Make them ALL squirm.

    • Rihan Ahmmed
      Rihan Ahmmed Hace 3 años

      @Gottenburg he has new show on netflix

    • Sontho
      Sontho Hace 4 años

      The Daily Show, he's there a whole lot.

    • Steve Baek
      Steve Baek Hace 4 años +4

      Well done indeed Hasan. Good to see a fresh face in the spotlight making a name. Encore!

    • Neehar Shrikhande
      Neehar Shrikhande Hace 5 años

      jeff ghant de

  • Nica Tlaca
    Nica Tlaca Hace 5 años +52

    I must say, Hassan described operation mockingbird to a T. The way he put mainstream media back in their place, and he did it with such charisma. Hopefully that is an eye opener for the media, that they need to get their shit together. Hat off to the young man.

  • Vincent2wice
    Vincent2wice Hace 5 años +42

    What I loved about this roast is, how Educated this young man is!
    Like the average person wouldn't get all the puns, punch lines and references...
    Great job bro, I wish you a lifetime of success...

  • Kevin Kamau-Gacheru
    Kevin Kamau-Gacheru Hace 5 años +168

    This is brilliant on so many levels!
    The tension was excruciating, Intelligently delivered.... Can see why the Elephant in the room was missing.
    Hasan killed it! & a well deserved standing ovation!

  • KJ
    KJ Hace 5 años +1339

    Took him a second to get warmed up, but he killed!

    • sam james
      sam james Hace 5 años

      +Kevin Jackson....by the audience response.....he died!

    • A Bat
      A Bat Hace 5 años +24

      Only presidents could make it super funny, thanks Obama! And not in a sarcastic way!!!

    • indusrtial
      indusrtial Hace 5 años +31

      When you're being insulted in a funny way, it tends to get a little awkward.

    • Kimberley Morris
      Kimberley Morris Hace 5 años +11

      honeydew yeah they have to be careful because public figures and the owners of the channel they workbfi

    • honeydew
      honeydew Hace 5 años +70

      the crowd is always awkward at this event

  • Felix Zheng
    Felix Zheng Hace 5 años +2295

    "He's done too much bombing this month." [Camera pans to a Muslim woman]
    Great job, camera man.

    • Cheegum
      Cheegum Hace un año

      @Md junaid Ahmed business of hajj sir has always been

    • Md junaid Ahmed
      Md junaid Ahmed Hace un año

      @Cheegum if you don't adopt Islam don't you are free to choose that whatever you can but you don't say that it's an Arab religion or culture! Please go and read Quran once

    • Cheegum
      Cheegum Hace un año

      @Md junaid Ahmed Islam the business of Hajj with many added good values. It is Arabic culture that has been superimposed on many other cultures.

    • Md junaid Ahmed
      Md junaid Ahmed Hace un año

      @Cheegum hijab is not traditions middle east hijab is an Islamic wear where all muslims women wear hijab whether middle east or south east asia south Asia or western Muslim entire the world the Muslim women who understand Islam they wear hijab or covering their bodies

    • ManNaim
      ManNaim Hace 2 años +1

      Felix Zheng a m e r i c a

  • bluedude
    bluedude Hace 5 años +100

    Damn he killed it! Had jokes, a message, and then more jokes but in the end made his point! I have a lot or respect for him now!

  • KoochyWoochy
    KoochyWoochy Hace 5 años +39

    "..................Not see Steve Bannon? ...Nat see Steve Bannon? ...Nat zee Steve Bannon? ....NAZI Steve Bannon!!" HaHa - Love It!

  • Just Breaking Bread
    Just Breaking Bread Hace 5 años +230

    So sharp and witty I have to watch it a few times tl catch all the hits and intricacies...
    And how are people saying Hasan attacked Trump and his supporters? It was more of an attack and indictment against the Liberal media and the shortcomings of the Left. The punches on Rachel Maddow hillarious. The shade on CNN and MSNBC was just brilliant as well as brutal...

  • Peter Lawlor
    Peter Lawlor Hace 5 años +1754

    "Bunch of stripper cops trying to solve a real murder."
    This is a pure golden movie idea. Someone else, think of a clever title.

  • ytjhhh
    ytjhhh Hace 5 años +430

    This guy came on and say yay another year for Muslims....😂😂😂 My nigga Balls of steel

  • Frank Harrison
    Frank Harrison Hace 5 años +82

    That was gold. 10/10 timing, content, delivery, and covered all of the bases. RIP Trump and the MSM.

  • serenelight
    serenelight Hace 5 años +82

    wow! What an incredible performance! It hit all the right feels. All the right tones. Great job Hasan!

  • JaimeEskobar
    JaimeEskobar Hace 5 años +14

    "becouse when one of you messes up, he blames your entire group. And now you know what it feels like to be a minority" well said! well said sir!

  • Cesar Castaneda
    Cesar Castaneda Hace 5 años +289

    I was feeling frustrated and sad after reading this week's news headlines. I watch Hasan's monologue and felt inspired and hopeful that there are other kindred spirits who oppose racism, bigotry, sexism and everything this White House administration stands for. There is still hope.

  • CanadaKicksAss
    CanadaKicksAss Hace 5 años +99

    Great, great showing.....Insanely tough room for comedy and Hasan pulled it off very well, brought up so many truths and great analogies in his "walking the line" clean brand of Daily Show style news comedy.....Good for him!!

  • Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh Hace 5 años +117

    I know the Trump lovers are the butthurt ones, but let's be real, his truest roast was of Fox, MSNBC, and CNN. Savagery.

  • m
    m Hace 5 años +230

    He was the highlight of this years dinner

  • jdc37162
    jdc37162 Hace 5 años +1332

    Someone needs to start mining that room for salt

    • CrazyFootage
      CrazyFootage Hace 5 años +5

      The audience was bitter or in other words salty. They probably have different opinions or agendas which this guy is attacking.

    • MusculaR MinD
      MusculaR MinD Hace 5 años +1

      what's salt got to do with this? please explain to the rest of the non-English-speaking world we're from and reading this (and trying to enjoy it to the fullest): did we miss something about 'salt' in Minhaj's speech???

    • Ellen mis
      Ellen mis Hace 5 años +7

      fr, I could sense it

    • KulushiMaxwell
      KulushiMaxwell Hace 5 años +51

      For ~25 minutes, it was the biggest raw salt concentration in the United States

  • Sarah YaH
    Sarah YaH Hace 5 años +121

    This is sooooooooo brave. I would do the same thing if I were in his position but I guess I wouldn't be this funny. The zombie-like crowd makes me sick. It is like President Lincoln fight for banning slavery: everyone looks at him like he is lunatic but only god and history know that he has always been right.
    I love this speech so much. Speak out the truth that no one dares to mention. This is the act that makes a man great. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!

    • The physics channel
      The physics channel Hace 5 años

      johnny cake He does not has balls; he has a low IQ

    • Sarah YaH
      Sarah YaH Hace 5 años +2

      What do u want to know? I'm saying this man has big balls. Need I say more? lol

    • johnny cake
      johnny cake Hace 5 años +1

      Sarah YaH what are you talking about?

  • Roberto Castro
    Roberto Castro Hace 5 años +80

    This guy is brilliant!

  • KellEastCoast
    KellEastCoast Hace 5 años +535

    "Nicki Minaj really bombed at the correspondents dinner"

  • Ansel Sierra Ferreira
    Ansel Sierra Ferreira Hace 5 años +53

    The only bad thing about this speech was the audience.

  • ashseetha
    ashseetha Hace 5 años +18

    This is pure classic satire at its best!! Long live democracy!!

  • Nate Lee
    Nate Lee Hace 5 años +92

    There's never been so much meaning in a funny speech like this one.

  • Bhupinder Singh
    Bhupinder Singh Hace 5 años +56

    I'm starting to have the conviction Hasan is the most badass orator in history.

  • Jasmine Vanh
    Jasmine Vanh Hace 5 años +5

    Keep coming back to re-watch this. Hands down, best speech, even better delivery.

  • shevonnie salmon
    shevonnie salmon Hace 5 años +63

    HE SHOOK UP THE WHOLE ROOM! I am in love 😩🙌🏾❤️

  • David Sykes
    David Sykes Hace 5 años +63

    Great work from Hasan Minhaj, I love him on the Daily Show and here he lives up to it. I loved watching the awkward responses from some of the audience members, like Wolf Blitzer. Truth hurts doesn't it? lol

  • Mokuto Media
    Mokuto Media Hace 5 años +59

    I hope the news outlets take these jokes/advice to heart.

  • Farida Ahlawat
    Farida Ahlawat Hace 4 años +5

    I can watch this over and over again. I have never see so many salty scared people in a room..eyes rolling heads shaking all over the place...he did such a great job representing the minority...!

  • Juan G.T.
    Juan G.T. Hace 5 años +1102

    This guy....
    is probably worthy enough to lift up Thors Hammer.

    • MusculaR MinD
      MusculaR MinD Hace 5 años

      u didn't put an apostrophe in "Thors" so I thought Thors Hammer was some TV personality!!!!! hahahahahahaha

    • solfeggietto
      solfeggietto Hace 5 años +5

      He's already holding it.

    • Juan G.T.
      Juan G.T. Hace 5 años

      @Dawn2Dusk23 yo

    • Juan G.T.
      Juan G.T. Hace 5 años +2

      @stay stressfree thank you that's exactly what I was going for. Stress free is such a masculine name you must be so manly

    • Labib Hoque
      Labib Hoque Hace 5 años +9

      Juan G.T. One of the best comment ever 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Umesh Poopalarajah
    Umesh Poopalarajah Hace 5 años +243

    damn this guy's such a savage lmao

  • Umar Ashraf Alig
    Umar Ashraf Alig Hace 5 años +49

    This is better than the entire CC roast of Donald Trump. He was witty, intelligent and downright hilarious.

    • Monique O
      Monique O Hace 4 años

      Umar Ashraf and handsome

  • Asif Ansari
    Asif Ansari Hace 5 años +1085

    *"You can't make any mistakes because when one of you messes up, he blames your entire network and Now you know what it feels like to be a minority"*

    • Joon Choi
      Joon Choi Hace 5 años +3

      Andre Caillot Native American?

    • Damien Hailey
      Damien Hailey Hace 5 años

      Why do you think "It's the Old Testament" excuses it's presence in the Bible at all? Do you know how they determined which books got in the Bible in the first place? Or are you trying to say two thirds of your Holy Text is irrelevant?

    • Mr DownBoy
      Mr DownBoy Hace 5 años +1

      @Mark Normand
      Christians got bored after the inquisition (Holy Wars).

    • scott L
      scott L Hace 5 años

      Pksoze Also, the drug cartels ARE Mexican. So why should we not protect borders and take care of illegal immigration. It's not racism, it's common sense.

    • scott L
      scott L Hace 5 años

      Pksoze I told you to leave the country if it's so bad for you, not because you disagree with me, but keep twisting words. That's seems to be all you can do.

  • Nimah Hasan
    Nimah Hasan Hace 5 años +11

    Honestly I thought the crowd was ok. I don't think they were that lame. People were just afraid to laugh cause he was dissing everyone lol I loved it!

  • spoon :D
    spoon :D Hace 5 años +59

    This is the best comedy related to politics ever!!!😂😂😂

  • H. D.
    H. D. Hace 4 años +8

    "YOU have to be more perfect now more than ever...he blames your entire group." How spot on Hasan is a year later.

  • Sydias
    Sydias Hace 5 años +30

    Cannot stop watching this! So good.

  • hitesh mahato
    hitesh mahato Hace 5 años +196

    Just wow. Written and performed straight from the heart. The emotion in his voice was unmissable when he spoke about being a Muslim Indian American and minority parts.
    More power to him and his likes.

  • Orabueze Chidera
    Orabueze Chidera Hace 5 años +8

    I love the speech. Hilarious, entertaining, truthful. Exemplifies the true meaning of free press worldwide

  • socalanna
    socalanna Hace 5 años +33

    The jokes were hilarious but I couldn't stop cringing because of the audience's reaction

  • L Hines
    L Hines Hace 5 años +9

    Hasan Minhaj is my hero. Thank you.

  • CrazyFootage
    CrazyFootage Hace 5 años +6

    This monologue needs to go down in history. There needs to be a statue made of this guy and this speech be mandatory to watch and read in future history books. I swear I was sweating throughout this whole thing, it was like a damn workout. I was on edge but laughing every second. You could probably cut the air with a knife in that room with all the tension, but it was also a relief that someone was finally saying what needed to be said. I'm not even American so alot of things probably went over my head, but I understood enough, I really did.

  • Dj Tzonev
    Dj Tzonev Hace 5 años +1004

    "Vlad couldn't make it." I'm done, ahahahahaa

  • ten chittapong
    ten chittapong Hace 5 años +20

    7th time I watched it , let me just say it's still great as ever🙏🏼

  • Slay3rWolf
    Slay3rWolf Hace un año +4

    Takes balls to do this. Amazing. 11/10.

  • Starlite 77
    Starlite 77 Hace 5 años +438

    This is the kind of Indian that makes me proud. He isnt the one to sit and appease and grovel looking for white approval like many of them do. Seriously stoked.

    • Hasb.
      Hasb. Hace un año

      @Gina Kim he is indian muslim ...

    • Uzi
      Uzi Hace 2 años

      Avi Brar he’s an indian muslim.

    • Stefanie Jackson
      Stefanie Jackson Hace 3 años

      Avi Brar He literally says he’s Indian (-American) in this speech.

    • Jagdeep Singh
      Jagdeep Singh Hace 3 años +1

      Hes Indian from UP state. It has 50 million+ muslim population.
      His wife is Gujrati, while he has Punjabi friends.

    • Pepper Sprout
      Pepper Sprout Hace 4 años

      You dont know what he does in those meetings with the Network Executives.

  • Krishna Nandikes
    Krishna Nandikes Hace 3 años +2

    Watched it for the 4th time. Still as fresh as new. Hasan is the man.

  • Sab G
    Sab G Hace 5 años +1718

    "Meanwhile everyone in Latin America and the Middle East is like 'Foreign government tampered with your elections? What is that like?'"
    Yup, we've been rolling our eyes for a while now.

    • C. Morgan Free
      C. Morgan Free Hace 5 años +2

      John Walker It's quite unfair to those countries trying to thrive. It's like you guys are kicking them down when they're barely able to stand even WITH ad :/

    • John Walker
      John Walker Hace 5 años +3

      I guess the rich have decided it's easier to rig elections than to go to war with every country that we don't like,It might have something to do with ending the draft.

    • vero
      vero Hace 5 años +16

      it literally wasn't? where did you even get this info. America orchestrated an economic blockage that drew the country to a crisis because Allende was the first democratically elected president that seemed to have a change of introducing the system in an american influence zone in the middle of the cold war, and then, when it didn't seem to work well enough, funded two coup d'etats that would ultimately end up with the death of Allende and the instauration of a military government that would last for 20 years. This was Nixon and Kissinger, confirmed by declassified documents that came to light during the the last two decades. Good try though.

    • Carolus Anderson
      Carolus Anderson Hace 5 años +31

      Abidethedudeski No, it was the Americans who gave the means to kill the elected socialist president Allende before Pinochet came to power. Either way, the Panama canal, the stupid war in Costa Rica for bananas, the occupation of Nicaragua, the occupation of Haiti and Dominican Republic, the assesination of mexican president Madero, the failed involvement of the DEA in Colombia's war on drugs and the socialist witch hunt in Guatemala that unchained a wave of murders that left 160000 dead people, STILL happened.
      We might seem like a lively region but we do not forget as easy as you do. We remember your crimes as a nation.

    • Abidethedudeski
      Abidethedudeski Hace 5 años

      +Nicolas Pradine except that wasn't the US that was the UK. Good try though

  • Ready To Rek
    Ready To Rek Hace 5 años +4

    Hasan killed it. This was perfect.

  • linkeffect82
    linkeffect82 Hace 5 años

    I loved this, a lot of great points and great comedy. You nailed it Hasan!

  • James Motomal
    James Motomal Hace 5 años +30

    Totally killed it! Best one yet!

  • S3gal
    S3gal Hace 5 años +13

    He just said what everybody on that room was thinking about, but some of them look like was afraid even of laughing.C'mon, you all have the free speech, you all are allow to laugh and agree at the same time.

  • bowser123ism
    bowser123ism Hace 5 años +49

    Pure human genius. Bravo

  • The Stammering Dunce
    The Stammering Dunce Hace 5 años +3

    Before it even started, I already knew I would love Hasan's performance because he (as everyone expected) was going to roast Trump. Then, when I first watched it, it was shown that Hasan roasted not only him and the people he appointed, but also the mainstream media which I also loathe for.
    Basically, Hasan Minhaj really exceeded my expectations.

  • Abdirisak Awes
    Abdirisak Awes Hace 5 años +3

    One of the best comedians ❤️

  • Taz
    Taz Hace 5 años +993

    I cannot see Steve Bannon... Not see Steve Bannon... Nazi Steve Bannon... Nazi Steve Bannon. Lmao!!

    • isaokay
      isaokay Hace 4 años +3

      >Radical Islam
      there you go uwu

      CYPHER MOTE Hace 4 años +4

      Thanks to Isis we cannot separate the KKK and the presidency. Intelligence knows no culture... and the dumb have inherited the Earth.

    • AHappyCub
      AHappyCub Hace 4 años +6

      ForeverYoung because they were exploited many times by many empire which some of the coincidentally being European ?, And are you saying that just because someone is a muslim that means they are an evil person ???, That is like saying every christians are a member of a KKK

    • African lip plate and bone nose
      African lip plate and bone nose Hace 4 años +1

      OH My GoD LmAo DaWG he CaLLed SteVe BanNoN a naZi LoL OMG lOLol OOL ol OMG loLol so FunNY LOL

    • Hufflepuff Queen
      Hufflepuff Queen Hace 5 años +31

      Sher Oryedoh Haha. Being Britsh i realised this joke only works in an American accent.

  • Red
    Red Hace 5 años +79

    This was super good, he's got some serious balls too.

  • Muriel Vittori
    Muriel Vittori Hace 5 años +998

    Best fucking speech ever. Period.

  • Rose A
    Rose A Hace 5 años +11

    Well done Hasan... You are a intelligent young man... May Allah bless you... Protect you..

  • Tia
    Tia Hace 5 años +1

    I love how he started off with a self deprecating joke about comedy central, very intelligent and entertaining...beautifully executed

  • Nathan Mulugeta
    Nathan Mulugeta Hace 5 años +142

    BREAKING NEWS: Hasan Minhaj says that "everything isn't breaking news"
    Is it, or is it not? You decide!

  • Jaydev Raol
    Jaydev Raol Hace 2 años +2

    1:04 - "What is comedy central? It's basically an internship for Netflix" That joke aged well! 😂

  • It's Me Indi
    It's Me Indi Hace 5 años

    I commend Hasan for being brave enough to tell these jokes. I love him so much

  • MsNunu101
    MsNunu101 Hace 5 años +12

    Lmfao... I can't stop watching this Over & Over agin!!! He is so Awsome

  • Eve blue Skies
    Eve blue Skies Hace 5 años

    Powerful speech, inspiring and funny at the same time. well done Hasan.

  • ChrisBrengel
    ChrisBrengel Hace 5 años +1163

    Because when one of you messes up, he blames your entire group.
    And now you know what it feels like to be a minority.

    • will hecht
      will hecht Hace 5 años

      Boxjuice noticing patterns isn't, but what you do with that information can be

    • Trevor Sortland
      Trevor Sortland Hace 5 años

      Not even religious, just saw it in a meme once.

    • ★ X I I I ★
      ★ X I I I ★ Hace 5 años +2

      Every day we drift further from god *reads name* oh boy..

    • Fa Xoxo
      Fa Xoxo Hace 5 años +5

      M Fitzburger that one was mainly for blacks and Muslims lol cause they blame everybody for few people and there mistskes

    • Trevor Sortland
      Trevor Sortland Hace 5 años +3

      Anyone that sees a pedophile warlord as the messenger of God deserves scrutiny.

  • Unknown Truth
    Unknown Truth Hace 5 años

    The message behind this is amazing ... and for me a person living in a dictatorship 3rd world country seeing someone roasting the president in an event like this is beyond imagination... Someday we will get something like this

  • Engei
    Engei Hace 2 años +2

    "If you don't know what Comedy Central is, it's basically an internship for Netflix."
    Damn he wasn't joking.

  • Roberto Suárez
    Roberto Suárez Hace 4 años

    Apart from the real facts and gold comedy, I just have to applaud the fact that he assembled all of his speech almost without looking at a paper. Perfect delivery, excellent phrasing and fluidity, and of course, perfect comedy material.
    And also SO RELEVANT!!

  • Cheri Osborn
    Cheri Osborn Hace 5 años

    Give the man a medal! Amazingly good! Exactly what EVERYONE is thinking!

  • Crazysammie
    Crazysammie Hace 5 años +33

    This was painful to watch only because some people in the crowd looks angry as hell lol. But some knows he's joking. Hassan is hilarious!!!! I was fearing for him badly because some of these people look offended. But he got guts!!!! Awesome!!!

  • Pasquale Di Lorenzo
    Pasquale Di Lorenzo Hace 5 años +2

    What a brilliant performance, loved him !!'

  • Subrata Deb Roy
    Subrata Deb Roy Hace 4 años +5

    I love this man. This 25min slot I don't know how many times I watched it. Minority part rocked.

  • Ariel C
    Ariel C Hace 5 años

    I watch this when ever I feel depressed. true inspiration and love felt.

  • Furai-ing Falc-kuru
    Furai-ing Falc-kuru Hace 5 años

    "and now you guys know what it feels like to be a minority" joke was so good, perfect

  • Liberal Pharaoh
    Liberal Pharaoh Hace 5 años +39

    Hasan killed it. Well-balanced speech, funny jokes that weren't particularly aggressive against any media corporation, and witty stabs at the WH topped off with very enlightening, at times even inspiring, metaphors and comparisons. Well done man!

  • LudzillaJ
    LudzillaJ Hace 2 años +1

    That was a perfect performance, wow. This guy is brilliant, gained a new fan today. Cheers!

  • Tim
    Tim Hace 5 años +30

    man this man is a hero 😂

    • LunarSault23
      LunarSault23 Hace 4 años +1

      The hero we need but not the one we deserve

  • Jeremiah Kuhl
    Jeremiah Kuhl Hace 5 años +19

    Absolutely legendary.

  • Alice Banda
    Alice Banda Hace 4 años

    I have watched this 15 times still can't get enough of it. It was well coordinated.