Drone footage follows 10,000 ducks “cleaning” rice paddies in Thailand

  • Publicado el 14 sep 2020
  • After the rice crop was harvested on a farm in Nakhon Pathom province in Thailand, a flock of around 10,000 ducks was released from a pen - and instinctively streamed towards the flooded fields to devour pests such as snails hiding in the rice stubble.
    Drone footage, capturing the spectacle that resembles naturally-occurring animal migration, shows the birds zig-zagging across the fields as they headed towards the nutrient-rich rice paddies.
    This way of raising ducks in rice-growing areas has long been a tradition in the area and other parts of the region. Thais call it "ped lai thoong", which means "field chasing ducks".
    The Khaki Campbell ducks, a British breed, are brought to rice fields after 20 days in nursery and will be raised on the move for the next few months. After roaming free for about five months, they are returned to the duck farm to produce eggs for up to three years.
    "The benefit (for the breeder) is that we reduce costs to feed the ducks," said Apiwat Chalermklin, 34, a breeder who took over the business from his father. "And in return, for the rice farmers the ducks help eat pests from the farm and the farmers can reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides."
    Apiwat has four flocks of ducks that move around different rice fields in the province where farmers typically cultivate three rice crops every year.
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Comentarios • 4 762

  • Fide Nemini
    Fide Nemini Hace 2 años +975

    This is efficiency at its finest. Ducks are fed, pests are gone, land is ready for new seeds 👍

    • adad
      adad Hace un mes

      @Scot & Sam cows are domesticated so we eat their meat and drink their milk... as long as you feed animals, they want to be domesticated even if it means death.

    • Kicking The Tires
      Kicking The Tires Hace 11 meses

      @Mike Studmuffin Runner ducks don't fly.

    • Purple Emerald
      Purple Emerald Hace un año

      @Truth They don’t know that. If they did, they’d be actively trying to escape instead of casually going with the flow.

    • Purple Emerald
      Purple Emerald Hace un año

      @snaplash Exactly. Everyone wins.

    • snaplash
      snaplash Hace un año +1

      @Purple Emerald Plus, why bother wasting energy flying around looking for food. Let the humans give then a ride to the next field, and feed them back at the farm while they produce eggs, and eventually duck soup.

  • Spaced0ut
    Spaced0ut Hace un año +2022

    Ducks walking up the ramp like "Damn that was a good vacation!"

    • adad
      adad Hace un mes

      If they want they could just not move back to the trucks; but seems like they voluntarily want to be slaved for free food.

    • No Name guy
      No Name guy Hace 4 meses

      This is how kindergarden look like

    • Heliosvector
      Heliosvector Hace un año +2

      People upset about farming animals, yet it comes with benefits for the animals too. Farmed animals have their species protected and as individuals are protected from predators. Now yes, cramped farming is bad, but this isn’t what’s happening here.

    • Gwen King
      Gwen King Hace un año

      Or a good buffet lol

    • Barrie Wright
      Barrie Wright Hace un año


  • PastelPiku
    PastelPiku Hace un año +1708

    Love how the ducks look like they're on a field trip

    • ILLUNO
      ILLUNO Hace un año

      its just the music that makes it look like that. They have absolutely no choice

    • Yin-Yang-444
      Yin-Yang-444 Hace un año

      This is like Thanksgiving for the ducks!!!

    • Invalid Name
      Invalid Name Hace un año

      Because they are!

    • Triggadidon
      Triggadidon Hace un año

      @Tihomir Rasperic it was normal to be sick wit diseases too

    • Triggadidon
      Triggadidon Hace un año

      @Joao Vilaca to die all of them r food now

  • Dan Harris
    Dan Harris Hace un año +455

    I love how the ducks are so cooperative and agreeable getting back on the truck

    • adad
      adad Hace un mes

      ducks are submissive like your dogs

    • Richard 7901
      Richard 7901 Hace 8 meses

      @Adam K bruh, your way of thinking is christianity, but abhi way of thinking more resemble buddhism and hinduism

    • Susan Lee
      Susan Lee Hace un año

      @Brian A You mean only Humans have Mothers,Daughters,Sons and Spouses?
      And Feelings?
      Of the Heart,the Mind and Of Pain?
      Oh,I See Now!

    • Lawrence Morris
      Lawrence Morris Hace un año

      @Luis Fernando that mesh floor must have been madly uncomfortable for the ducks on the bottom that were bearing the weight of the whole load

    • Lawrence Morris
      Lawrence Morris Hace un año

      @Luis Fernando and in metal cages I couldn't imagine to be comfortable.

  • Tekk Lover
    Tekk Lover Hace un año +54

    I love the symbiotic relationship between domestic animals and farmland.
    This is how agriculture has been for centuries and how it’s meant to be!
    Not spraying pesticides and feeding the grain to animals in confined spaces.

    • Nuclear Cat Baby
      Nuclear Cat Baby Hace 4 meses

      @prasun kumar Thanks to the “Green Revolution”, a plot by the Rockefellers to triple the world’s population and make them dependent on environmentally destructive fossil fuel based fertilizer.

    • prasun kumar
      prasun kumar Hace un año +14

      yeah well in the old times you didn't have billions of people to feed like we do now.

  • Mint Crisp
    Mint Crisp Hace un año +5

    Just to clarify an issue some people have with this video, their wings are not clipped. This breed of duck is The Khaki Campbell, which typically is a bit of a heavy bird with wings too short to fly that well. They're similar to chickens in that while they can jump and use their wings to stay up for a short period of time, they use a lot of energy to do so, as a result they instead like to travel in flocks like you see in the video to appear larger and protect each other. Bit like sheep or penguins.

  • Rickard Kaufman
    Rickard Kaufman Hace un año +1527

    Duck-Leader: *"The Age of Snail is over. The Time of the Duck has come."*

    • Rickard Kaufman
      Rickard Kaufman Hace un año

      @Neo Dawn Bred for one single purpose.

    • Rickard Kaufman
      Rickard Kaufman Hace un año +1

      @Member Berry 3.142 Thank you very much. You see I love LOTR a lot.

    • Member Berry 3.142
      Member Berry 3.142 Hace un año +2

      @Rickard Kaufman Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well. 🥃 😌 Cheers.

    • Rickard Kaufman
      Rickard Kaufman Hace un año +2

      @Y TB Well, I was watching Lord of the Rings and this came up on my recommendations. So, I seize the chance to say it. But thank you.

    • Worky
      Worky Hace un año +2

      reject snel, return to duck

  • Ms. K C
    Ms. K C Hace un año +3

    Genius. What a perfect example of a Beneficial Symbiotic Relationship. It would be wonderful if we could adopt more of these relationships in North America. We do use bees for the Avacado trees, and goats to clear hard-to-reach landscapes; but, this is on an entirely different level. What we can learn from our Global neighbors never ceases to amaze me.

  • Blindshiva
    Blindshiva Hace un año +2

    This is how we integrate human needs and activities with nature. Bravo!!!

  • GhostSamurai
    GhostSamurai Hace un año +708

    "But my lord, there is no such force."

    • Delano Britz
      Delano Britz Hace un año +1

      Gríma Wormtongue said with a tear rolling from his eye...AHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Rickard Kaufman
      Rickard Kaufman Hace un año +1

      @Hoang Pham ... to destroy the world of Snail.

    • Chris Welcome
      Chris Welcome Hace un año +5

      @Hoang Pham Bread lol

    • Finney Lane
      Finney Lane Hace un año +2

      "The calliope crashed to the ground..."

    • Yui Funami
      Yui Funami Hace un año +5

      it would take a number beyond reckoning thousands to storm the keep
      ten thousand
      but my lord there is no such force

  • Step bro
    Step bro Hace un año +882

    ESclips: you ever see 10,000 ducks at once?
    Me: Nope
    ESclips: you want to?
    Me: sure why not

    • dariusdareme
      dariusdareme Hace un año


    • Gabriel Oliveira
      Gabriel Oliveira Hace un año

      @M P sure ahha

    • M P
      M P Hace un año +1

      @The Dude Abides RORy thinks he is funny XD

    • M P
      M P Hace un año +1

      @ΒΞΔΝ OOF

    • M P
      M P Hace un año

      @Gabriel Oliveira ah yes... let me guess she is going to help it XD

  • CiganyWeaver and her periwinklebluespacecaravan

    I've been searching for this video here on ESclips every day of my life, spending three or four hours at a stretch desperate to find this video about 10,000 ducks eating snails to help farmers in Thailand. Finally the search is a success! Drone footage of thousands of ducks in Thai rice paddies...I can finally sleep at night.

  • Adam N
    Adam N Hace un año +72

    Interesting how they still like being close to each other in the field after being in the cages for so long.

    • Cousin Zeke
      Cousin Zeke Hace un año +1

      @Dave Predators pick off stragglers rather than fight the mob.

    • Fastertrack
      Fastertrack Hace un año +1

      Piccadilly Circus (London), duck variant.

    • Aermydach
      Aermydach Hace un año +5

      @Dave They are flock, social animals. It's a basic survival strategy.

    • Dave
      Dave Hace un año

      I was wondering the same thing. Why don't they spread out more?

    • Stefan Dingenouts
      Stefan Dingenouts Hace un año +1

      ehm... they spend 20 days in a nursery before going to the field...

  • Leo Tiritilli
    Leo Tiritilli Hace un año +254

    “It would take a number beyond reckoning, thousands to storm the farm”
    “Tens of thousands”
    “But my lord there IS no such force”

  • kyote
    kyote Hace un año +255

    Farmer: So how am I supposed to pay you guys?
    Lead Duck: just put on our bill...

    • Leonardo Rocha
      Leonardo Rocha Hace 8 meses

      BA-DUM! tiss..

    • Khoi Ta
      Khoi Ta Hace 8 meses +1

      haw haw

    • nate borck
      nate borck Hace un año +2

      Dumb joke, but I kinda cried I laughed so hard. Thank you for that!

    • Gods Vibes
      Gods Vibes Hace un año +1

      LoL............... nice one

    • Robert Finnly
      Robert Finnly Hace un año +1

      the typo makes it even better

  • Jacob Robinson
    Jacob Robinson Hace un año +42

    “It is an army bread for a single purpose”. To sustain the rice paddies of Thailand. They will be here by sunrise

    • A-niq azmi
      A-niq azmi Hace un año +1

      I can hear Viggo saying this

  • Led Dred
    Led Dred Hace un año +12

    Smart and natural the ducks will also fertilize the land. Maybe this would bring back some of our lost prairies using all kinds of animals

  • david cole
    david cole Hace 2 años +794

    this is how man and nature should work together no chemicals ducks and rice amazing

    • bangtu hauptilagie
      bangtu hauptilagie Hace 2 años

      @Merv it's not a you problem i assure you. where are you from?

    • Merv
      Merv Hace 2 años

      ​@bangtu hauptilagie Thing is, you didn't start by talking about your part of the world. You've made some sweeping (and sarcastic) statements about the beef industry in general that simply don't measure up to my experience. Fact is, where I'm from, your sarcastic comment falls on it's face. We do eat top quality grass fed beef, and we export it to the world too. Our dairy cattle don't spend any of thier lives in barns. They graze lush green pastures year round. And any supplementing of their feed is done purely for a balanced nutritional diet. In much the same way as any ideal pasture contains grain and legumes naturally. We have the space, and farmers adjust herd sizes according to the availability of water.
      So with all due respect my dude, it still sounds like a you problem. And when you say we this and we that, just know that we're not all in the same boat as you.
      I'm glad we can agree however that the world's growing dependence on soy and similar monocultures is deeply concerning. Whether we feed it to cows or send it straight to the heavily polluting factories that make fake food or concentrate it for the sugar they put in everything these days.

    • bangtu hauptilagie
      bangtu hauptilagie Hace 2 años +1

      @Merv dude 80% of soy that is planted world wide is used for feeding it to animals. i'm not from the US, i'm from central europe and while grass and hay are important food sources for cows here, we still feed them soy and corn especially for milk production but also for beef.
      "you sound like you need a bit of iron in your diet"
      may i ask why you think so? because i question the worlds meat consumption? btw, even if grazing is the primary form of beef farming in your country, it still needs more space and water. there is no way around it. and i'm no vegetarian myself. i just don't eat a lot of meat.

    • Merv
      Merv Hace 2 años

      @bangtu hauptilagie Sounds like a you problem... In my country, grazing is the primary form of beef farming as well. Probably why we sell so much of it to the US. You should try some. You seem like you need a bit of iron in your diet. And maybe cut down on the salt... lol.

    • bangtu hauptilagie
      bangtu hauptilagie Hace 2 años

      @Icof onoldpeople copy paste didn't work here it is again for you
      "Most Beef Cattle Are fed Soy Most of the beef cattle raised in the US are fed soy , along with other grains, when they hit the feed lot. Soyfeed is very cheap and causes the animals to gain weight quickly. This is true not only for conventional cattle , but for many cattle that are sold as organic or “natural.”

  • Vikram Razdan
    Vikram Razdan Hace un año +141

    The Ducks are doing a fine job, and earning a living

  • oof
    oof Hace un año

    Absolutely amazing please treat those ducks with a wonderful life they are hard workers.

  • Hectatus Breakfastus
    Hectatus Breakfastus Hace un año +1

    That is super adorable! We need more video's like this!

  • corujariousa
    corujariousa Hace un año +1

    We need to adopt this type of solution in more places.

  • Daisy
    Daisy Hace un año +1

    Excellent partnership! Enjoyable to watch also! Thanks 👍

  • Ryan Baney
    Ryan Baney Hace un año +1

    Oddly satisfying to watch. Need more videos like this.

  • Justin Braham
    Justin Braham Hace un año +1

    Thats such a clever environmentally friendly way whoever came up with that idea is a genius very cool

  • Badlands Builder
    Badlands Builder Hace un año +6

    Imagine being a snail and waking up to another peaceful day in paradise… and then seeing this approaching

  • jnuval
    jnuval Hace 2 años +672

    Sustainable farming at its finest. Sometimes the old ways are best.

    • Nuclear Cat Baby
      Nuclear Cat Baby Hace 4 meses

      According to vegans these ducks are a waste of space

    • Sorawit Siangjaeo
      Sorawit Siangjaeo Hace un año

      @John Clemens P. Rubi The breeder in the video said he didn't feed them early on if they released the ducks to "clean" rice paddies. If they're not good at finding food, I guess they just magically grow then. They may be a bunch of quacks but they're not incompetent you know. :)

    • mwnciboo
      mwnciboo Hace un año

      Like calling an unpopular woman a "Witch" and then we *Burn her* - Old ways are the best! Or like - when we were illiterate, or died for lack of clean water, or the Plague...Good times!

    • R3D0RAC13
      R3D0RAC13 Hace un año

      And its adorable.

    • Fnutek
      Fnutek Hace un año

      @Andrew Wade Depends what chemicals in some cases

    MAY CLARK Hace un año

    Hope to see more brilliant ideas to benefit both humans & animals in nature way . 👍👍👍👍

  • Smash Media & Apps
    Smash Media & Apps Hace un año +1

    This is really cool and inspiring!

  • dn
    dn Hace un año +17

    "You don't have a slug problem, you have a duck deficiency." - Bill Mollison

  • CK Norris
    CK Norris Hace un año +5

    Here in good ol America we just poison everything to death and then pass on the poison to the foods we eat.

  • hebneh
    hebneh Hace 2 años +687

    I would not have known that ducks could be herded like that, particularly onto trucks.

    • Yin-Yang-444
      Yin-Yang-444 Hace un año

      This is like Thanksgiving for the ducks!!!

    • humboldthammer
      humboldthammer Hace un año

      @Melody's Everything Over 93% of men and women are nearly deaf and blind spiritually. That's NORMAL. They "see" and "hear" nothing, except perhaps, once or twice in a lifetime, while asleep. That's NORMAL. That's why it is such a serious SIN to mislead the sheep. How will they escape?
      Why take my word for anything? Exercise YOUR FAITH -- speak with THY GOD -- not THE god -- to get in shape for the awakening.

    • Melody's Everything
      Melody's Everything Hace un año

      @humboldthammer - Your interpretation of the Bible end times is off. You say that you have knowledge no else knows but the Bible said that God's own people will know and understand as the events unfold collectively and cohesively, even if they don't talk to each other about it because it is the Holy Spirit that gives them that understanding and insight. If you say that you are getting info no one else is getting from God then it's wrong.

    • humboldthammer
      humboldthammer Hace un año

      @Superguy55 drahos Masks are a distraction. The Republican Church and the Republican Party face the devil's dilemma. I write about God -- not politics.

    • Superguy55 drahos
      Superguy55 drahos Hace un año +1

      @humboldthammer ducks dont learn to fly it is soley based on instinct very much like humans will walk at age 2 years and 3 months we dont wear masks either team Trump

  • S
    S Hace un año +2

    It must to feel so good when you're the one duck that are leading the whole pack

    • Grover
      Grover Hace un año

      Except you'd probably be afraid to stop marching to actually eat!

  • Shams
    Shams Hace un año

    Love indigenous tech that helps address many issues in the safest and quickest possible way.

  • R Sands
    R Sands Hace un año +462

    6,000 wont be enough to break the lines of Mordor.
    ducks : how bout 10,000

  • JK
    JK Hace un año +31

    So what you're saying is...the ducks are having a field day.

  • Kuala Rompin 🇲🇾
    Kuala Rompin 🇲🇾 Hace 2 años +1618

    If snails could dream, this would be their worst nightmare.

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma Hace un año +41

    the flock looks like a river flowing, crazy how nature imitates same pattern

    • Rahul Sharma
      Rahul Sharma Hace un año +2

      @Herman Wooster true, but maybe also probability that works always almost the sam

    • Herman Wooster
      Herman Wooster Hace un año +4

      Paths of least resistance.

  • Indepenskter
    Indepenskter Hace un año +3

    I have to wake up to go to work in a few hours yet I’m here watching 10,000 ducks…….worth it😎

  • Xavier Doe
    Xavier Doe Hace 9 meses

    Would have loved to have seen this in real life, it would be a sight to behold.

  • N Cage
    N Cage Hace un año +3

    Genius! Simple environmentally friendly and a really efficient.

    • N Cage
      N Cage Hace un año

      I thought the idea genius, I've no doubt those ducks are reared to eat and would be culled within a year? I'm afraid the reality of transporting live stock where ever in the world, especially in poor countries is by diesel trucks? As for mentioning bird flu, I'm sure that could be said for any animal in the food chain, yet another reality? I would of thought these points would of been a given? Other than the salty tone there wasn't much to the reply. Have a nice day.

    • Rostislav Svoboda
      Rostislav Svoboda Hace un año

      Uhm, a diesel truck is not that great and keeping and feeding thousands of ducks the whole year around just to release them on the fields for a short period of time after the harvest. Hmm, not sure. Plus, remember the bird flu?

  • Matthijs N
    Matthijs N Hace un año +8

    That outsider duck on the far right side on 0:22 is like me when I was in high school; struggling to fit in but then stopped and realised I don't have to, I am who I am - different but unique :D

  • Henry Galusha
    Henry Galusha Hace un año +2

    I'm a avid duck hunter, that owns ducks to reduce bugs and anything else they'll eat around the house. Chickens help to. Also duck eggs are so good for baking and just to eat like a regular chicken egg

  • captcrunch
    captcrunch Hace un año

    so cute im glad youtube recommended this

  • jay jay
    jay jay Hace un año

    What a great responsibility for the lead duck 🦆

  • Suyash J
    Suyash J Hace 2 años +7266

    "Sir, the harvesting is complete"
    *Giant pause followed by intake of breath*
    "Release the Quacken"

  • B G
    B G Hace un año

    I've never seen a herd of ducks before... amazing

  • practical intuition
    practical intuition Hace un año +10

    These ducks have an awesome life. Lol. Their job is literally, to eat all day and hang out with your buddies. Can you imagine? Lmao!

    • sabelch
      sabelch Hace un año +1

      And eventually it's their turn to be eaten.

  • Ben Felgate
    Ben Felgate Hace un año +233

    "But Sir, there is no such force"

  • R HN
    R HN Hace un año +1

    😀 Special force for rice farms
    I love how they embarked on to the truck

  • TQM
    TQM Hace 2 años +8

    This is incredible. I hope these sustainable farming practices can continue to flourish

  • TimberCat
    TimberCat Hace un año

    They are so beneficial, lively, cute and delicious(when roasted). 😋😁✌️

  • Sharon Betts
    Sharon Betts Hace un año

    Wow that's amazing!! Naturally!!

  • Rajanbir Singh
    Rajanbir Singh Hace un año

    Probably the best example of humans and animals working together to keep this earth sustainable.

  • Bharat Thapa
    Bharat Thapa Hace un año

    So lovely to see them rushing to go first into vehicle to secure windows seat.

  • Caleb Janus
    Caleb Janus Hace 2 años +329

    Those ducks riding in trucks after work really hits home.

    • Melody's Everything
      Melody's Everything Hace un año

      Try commuting by subway during rush hour in NYC. That's what I had to do for years!

    • Adam K
      Adam K Hace un año

      I hear a country song about it now.

    • user936
      user936 Hace un año

      @eve ruby nom nomnomnom!

    • Trumpemendous
      Trumpemendous Hace un año

      @Unoriginal because they are having their wings cut off at birth.

    • Waffelhauz
      Waffelhauz Hace 2 años

      @eve ruby circle of life

    ZAPSTER Hace un año +16

    Duck 1:”Pondor calls for aid”
    Duck king:”They shall have it”

  • Chac Mool
    Chac Mool Hace un año

    Is this the most efficient use of ducks? At first glance, it looks to me that one huge group is a suboptimal solution from the perspectives of both feeding the ducks and clearing pests in as much area-time as possible.

  • Pho TWENTY
    Pho TWENTY Hace un año

    great teamwork!! those ducks look happy as well

  • Malcolm Hardwick
    Malcolm Hardwick Hace un año +1

    I love how they are all clambering about to see outside the truck !

  • Mububban23
    Mububban23 Hace 2 años +316

    That is adorable. Unless you’re a snail. Then it would be terrifying. Imagine seeing 10,000 T-Rexes stampeding towards you 😳

    • zak
      zak Hace un año +3

      @Happy Fox Nope. Most domestic duck are bred to have small wings and fat body so they can't fly unlike their wild mallard counterpart. And no one in this world would cut a duckling's wing.

    • Happy Fox
      Happy Fox Hace 2 años

      Or a duck, first tjing you see out of the egg is a guy with scissors to cut your wings off

    • mohamed sabiq
      mohamed sabiq Hace 2 años

      @eric green 🤣

    • Jay House
      Jay House Hace 2 años +1

      yup.....unless you're an adorable snail

    • rtingdds
      rtingdds Hace 2 años +6

      and you can't run!

  • Mohammad Asad Khan
    Mohammad Asad Khan Hace un año

    Great, may God save them and all of us from the Clutches of Pesticide Companies who have not only polluted our crops and food but also natural resources.

  • Frances Bernard
    Frances Bernard Hace un año +1

    Amazing. Next time I eat rice for dinner I am going to be feeling all the more thankful for the rice.

  • Juan Lagarde
    Juan Lagarde Hace un año

    The duck droppings also help to fertilize the ground.

  • paddotk
    paddotk Hace un año +80

    If that flock would surround me, I'd be a sitting duck.

  • WelcomeTo Life
    WelcomeTo Life Hace 2 años +116

    Genius Thai people living with nature and gives back. Salute

    • ja gibs
      ja gibs Hace 2 años

      in america they shoot them for sport.

    • clray123
      clray123 Hace 2 años

      @Captain Splatter using GMO foods maybe?

    • KarenAB.
      KarenAB. Hace 2 años

      @Holly Hilt @Baba Yaga 👍👍Finally somebody says something in defense of the poor animals.

    • KarenAB.
      KarenAB. Hace 2 años

      Exactly HollyHill and Babayaga !,they are being used, like the video said these people are duck breeders that are factory farming these animals who don't have a say so in the matter, for food. I can't imagine the living conditions those poor animals are made to stand when they aren't allowed out to clean the field! It's horrific, too many people are ignorant to the suffering in these farming situations. It disgusts and saddens me. I think most human beings truly feel that we own the earth so to speak, that the animals and the resources of our planet are here for our use and to do with it what we please, but that could not be further from the truth. Our planet is billions of years old, there have only been human beings for thousands of years which is a minuscule blip in time. A totally insignificant amount of time when you look at the whole picture. To try and assert the notion that we show up on this planet hundreds and hundreds of millions of years after other animals have been living on this planet and say OK ,we're the reason that these animals are here and this earth is here. It defies logic, it's stupid, and it's ignorant. I hope young people will really take the time to think and ask themselves ,"does really make ANY sense?".
      We've made some strides as humans and evolved a little in the way we think about and treat our fellow man, things that were ok long ago are shocking to us now, so Im hoping humans will evolve in the way they see and treat animals as well. I hope factory farming (animal abuse etc ), will be just as shocking as slavery, stoning people, marriage at age 12 for girls, horrific medieval torture , drowning women to see if they are a witch, crucifixion, etc..Lets keep evolving!

    • Heidy Yamileth Dorado Correa
      Heidy Yamileth Dorado Correa Hace 2 años +1

      "salute" whit the pic of a bear waving his paw

  • Unperson
    Unperson Hace un año

    I love these ducks. This video wins hearts and minds. This is a great video. Hey ESclips send me more (real) good news, please.

  • The Rogue Admiral
    The Rogue Admiral Hace un año +1

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  • LivvieLynn
    LivvieLynn Hace un año +1

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  • Jared Lim
    Jared Lim Hace un año

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  • Draglout
    Draglout Hace 2 años +2533

    Media: "Wow the ducks are so considerate to help the rice farms!"
    Ducks: *"Looks like meat's back on the menu boys"*

    • M P
      M P Hace un año

      expeciall the one jumping o the fence (0:05)

    • M P
      M P Hace un año


    • albert_the_cool
      albert_the_cool Hace un año +1

      DUCKS....... ASSEMBLE

    • DaVile
      DaVile Hace un año

      @Maciej R I like hydroponics.

    • Bryce Lynds
      Bryce Lynds Hace un año

      Instead of Roaring they quack to show they agree

  • dave StationUk
    dave StationUk Hace un año +1

    We can all agree that we loved watching this

  • Caresi
    Caresi Hace un año +1

    Am I the only one spending the majority of the time watching this video to wonder how none of the ducks flew away..? :O

  • SaraH Ramos
    SaraH Ramos Hace un año

    HOw cute they are, they just went out for a mission and they just go to the truck back again thats great

  • Jonathan davis
    Jonathan davis Hace un año

    this is pretty neat and a great use of ducks/natural pest control

  • Lukas 6:12
    Lukas 6:12 Hace un año +7

    The pesticide factory must have cried seeing this

  • Seriously It’s Sara
    Seriously It’s Sara Hace un año

    Wait... so they only do this once, for 5 months, every 3 years?! Thats a sad life if you think about it :(

  • Michael G
    Michael G Hace un año

    I love ducks. This much quack makes my heart glad

  • Jay- Rus
    Jay- Rus Hace un año

    Keep up the good work, because our family eats a LOT of rice. 😁

  • amy he
    amy he Hace un año +24

    I'm just surprised that these ducks look so excited going... back to the cage
    It shows that the owner don't abuse the animals. Love it!

    • jmitterii2
      jmitterii2 Hace 9 meses

      It's kind of like cattle of cows... and pigs... and sheep when huddled into the truck to the slaughter house.
      You can certainly see that the swine and beef and sheep were treated great as they gleefully enter the truck to have their brains quickly punctured and throats cut for slaughter.
      Wow, that sound bad. But that's actually the most humane way to slaughter animals, to have it done quickly at the brain and the typical way slaughter process works. I think it's better than the throats simply being cut... that takes several seconds for the blood pressure to drop that renders the animal unconscious.
      Yeah, I'm not a vegetarian.

    • sprock
      sprock Hace un año

      Im surprised you have an opinion at all. I seriously doubt you know anything at all about the topic. You act like ducks are going to go on strike or something if their living conditions aren't ideal according to some arbitrary humans standard.

    • Manored
      Manored Hace un año +4

      I think they just look excited all the time, and they keep walking because everyone else is walking.

  • G M C
    G M C Hace un año

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    znpower Hace un año

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  • OPDestroyer 93
    OPDestroyer 93 Hace un año +87

    When you're at the park and you have a piece of bread.

    • Pvshka
      Pvshka Hace un año +2

      @dark14life no, it's not, that's an urban myth. They can eat bread just fine. The problems start if they eat ONLY bread for prolonged periods of time, just like any diet consisting of a single item.

    • dark14life
      dark14life Hace un año +1

      Don't feed ducks bread. It's actually bad for them.

    • G - Boi
      G - Boi Hace un año +3

      You better start running then😝😂🤣.

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    Kimberly Irving Hace 2 años +3

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    Pika Pika Hace un año

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  • TnT FoX
    TnT FoX Hace un año +11

    I like this idea, we should load up free range chickens on a truck, release them into vacant fields to control deer ticks and other pests! Better eggs is just a bonus.

    • sprock
      sprock Hace un año

      @Cindy K. do you think someone is going to steal a bunch of chickens to do this?

    • TnT FoX
      TnT FoX Hace un año

      @Cindy K. I said happy chickens. If you have your chickens locked up with dry grain you wont get good eggs, even if they are your own.

    • Cindy K.
      Cindy K. Hace un año

      @TnT FoX No best eggs are the ones you pick from your own chickens. You know what goes in them, how they're treated.

    • TnT FoX
      TnT FoX Hace un año +2

      @Jotunn I get the fancy eggs from Whole Foods that has a url to the chickens that laid the eggs lol.
      360 camera showing the chickens foraging for bugs and seeds.
      Best eggs are from happy chickens

    • Jotunn
      Jotunn Hace un año +1

      Lots of farmers are already doing this! There are trailer coops made just for this purpose. More than pests, chickens can completely strip land of everything, including poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac in no time flat. They will leave nothing but the trees and dirt, thoroughly re-fertilized by their poop. Along with dust bath divots in places but what can you do.

  • Saradomian Campbell
    Saradomian Campbell Hace un año

    My true animal family!

  • Drifting Fox
    Drifting Fox Hace un año

    I agree that we should work with nature and not against it. That being said, locking them in cages for the next 3 years to produce eggs isn't good either. Don't torture the very creatures set upon this earth to help you.

  • Mathew Franco
    Mathew Franco Hace 2 años +309

    That first duck going back to the cages almost hit his head. He forgot to duck lol 😂

    • Pete
      Pete Hace un año

      Wish I knew how to post a face palm emoji :)

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      You just scored a duck for your great joke

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      lisa Hace 2 años

      Lam but funny as the first one thousand times. 😀

      JERRY RICHARDSON Hace 2 años

      Awful but voted up.

    • Angela Kok
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    Just Absolutely Amazing

  • GreenCanvasInteriorscape
    GreenCanvasInteriorscape Hace un año +3

    Imagine if they had wings how quickly they'd get to the paddies

    • James Bishop
      James Bishop Hace un año

      @Jon Blund trutru....i realized my blunder after i sent :)

    • Jon Blund
      Jon Blund Hace un año

      @James Bishop Still have wings lol.

    • James Bishop
      James Bishop Hace un año +1

      @Jon Blund they have prob been clipped....

    • Jon Blund
      Jon Blund Hace un año +1

      They do have wings :D

  • Adam K
    Adam K Hace un año

    Almost a dream job, to be a Duck Herder.
    I could quack open a cold one watching the boys.

  • The Ikhwan Hafiz
    The Ikhwan Hafiz Hace un año

    This is what we call symbiosis 👍🏻

  • Hank Houghton
    Hank Houghton Hace 2 años +341

    There is an old saying of French farmers: "If you think you have an over-abundance of snails what really have is an under-abundance of ducks"

    • Bryan Shere
      Bryan Shere Hace un año

      For real! 😬😂

    • Human
      Human Hace 2 años

      The one I know says:
      _abundance of snails,_
      _soon a hearty dinner._

    • RFID
      RFID Hace 2 años +1

      @Handle-Scandal crushed egg shells to deter slug is a myth

    • nabil libre
      nabil libre Hace 2 años +1

      @Barico Autant pour moi. J'ai corrigé pour l'escargot, merci.

    • Barico
      Barico Hace 2 años +1

      nabil libre escargots, pas vers de terre. Et ce n’est pas une phrase, c’est un dicton. Hope this helps 😉

    THO THO Hace un año

    Being smart is to follow the way of nature. That is the Dao.

  • ML Duck Farming Bibe Pato Livestock Poultry🐝Pets

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  • catshadowdragon
    catshadowdragon Hace un año

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