Spider on weather camera scares Global News meteorologist on-air

  • Publicado el 20 jun 2013
  • Meteorologist Kristi Gordon was surprised by a spider on the weather camera as she did her Noon News forecast live. Check out these other classic Kristi bloopers:
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  • jaykitsune
    jaykitsune Hace 6 años +248

    She was adorable! Yes, the people off-camera were being impatient, but it's not like getting creeped out by spiders is an uncommon thing. For being visibly uncomfortable, i think she rallied enough to continue with her segment.

    • Cheezdealer
      Cheezdealer Hace 3 años +1

      knowing how this crew gets along with each other super well, the "Come on!" in the background was more playful in nature than anything

    • Anderson STM Oficial
      Anderson STM Oficial Hace 5 años

      "oh my gosh"

    • Anna Marfa
      Anna Marfa Hace 6 años +2

      Only people with arachnophobia can relate to her. And im one of them haha

    • Hoggar Krababbel
      Hoggar Krababbel Hace 6 años +1

      Ther spider was bigger than her head you monster!

    • Kranknew501
      Kranknew501 Hace 6 años +17

      Its called your fucking job. You're in the public eye here, not in a backroom.

  • bagelboi66
    bagelboi66 Hace 9 años +7

    This is why I love Global, never too serious to have a good laugh at themselves once in a while.

  • LiftedX
    LiftedX Hace 8 años +111

    "The forecast today is calling for cloudy periods with gigantic F*&cken spiders."

  • Twisted86
    Twisted86 Hace 9 años +2

    This is probably the most adorable weather forecast I've ever seen :)

  • Anna Whitley
    Anna Whitley Hace 9 años +2

    That was adorable. Everyone seemed so nice. :3

  • Jason Adrian
    Jason Adrian Hace 8 años +47

    The "I'm so sooorry" at 0:33. I melted.

  • PorkChopie
    PorkChopie Hace 9 años +1

    thank you finally someone puts it out there! i too have arachnephobia, and it annoys me more than anything because i realise it's stupid. like just seeing this has gotten me itchy and paranoid x_x the only comfort i had was the lovely lady's voice :3

  • E. Healy
    E. Healy Hace 9 años +1

    Watched this live. My mom and I laughed our asses off.

  • Tammy Kivi
    Tammy Kivi Hace 9 años +1

    I feel ya Kristi! A giant spider on my head would scare the bejeezus out of me too......hell, I freak out about small spiders!!

  • ZealGrace
    ZealGrace Hace 9 años +13

    I like how her accent started to come out when she got really worked up. :D

  • E. E.
    E. E. Hace 9 años

    I love the reaction its classic! ...until the guy says come on and you realize its not there...please if it happened to him he woulda freaked out too

  • Chun Xing
    Chun Xing Hace 8 años +32

    WOW! This is an amazing video!
    I have never seen a girl with vanishing powers!

  • Kristy mysticwater
    Kristy mysticwater Hace 9 años

    if it was a bee i would react the exact same way. it was very inconsiderate of the guy to act that way towards Kristi! phobias of ANY kind can invoke involuntary reactions like this, regardless of how "stupid" or irrational the reaction is. although she is adorable about it, i can totally relate.

  • CutieGirl16698
    CutieGirl16698 Hace 9 años

    Never thought something like this can happen on the news. :)

  • sjalal
    sjalal Hace 3 años +4

    This has got to be my favourite news channel. Nothing tops the meteorological unicorn.

  • ShantyLady
    ShantyLady Hace 9 años

    Quality Canadian Broadcasting. Bless this weather anchor, and bless Global for having a sense of humour about these things!

  • Jelani Wood
    Jelani Wood Hace 9 años

    watched twice, laughed both times. good stuff, thx for posting!

  • puppetlady1
    puppetlady1 Hace 9 años

    I have the same reaction when I see the little buggers too. Suddenly, you cannot be sure if your backbone will support you or not and it's hard to breath.

  • Citizen EroKun
    Citizen EroKun Hace 9 años

    Its great that they laugh with her:-)

  • Alexa (Lexi-Lou123456789)
    Alexa (Lexi-Lou123456789) Hace 7 años +6

    Got to love Krisiti Gordon

  • seamonkey02
    seamonkey02 Hace 8 años +2

    I too would've screamed and ran like hell if it was me. Even if it's not there, it still feels like it's there from the video.

    GARNET RED Hace 9 años

    ohmygosh I watched it 5 times and laughed harder each time lol I would have done the exact same thing and I bet that guy would have shrieked like a little girl!

  • Evie
    Evie Hace 9 años +1

    Aww her reaction is so cute

  • Amps3000
    Amps3000 Hace 7 años +8

    I would of reacted the same way, maybe even worse.

  • Lausanne Ham
    Lausanne Ham Hace 9 años

    Can't stop laughing :D
    Too darn cute xoxo ;-)

  • Dee
    Dee Hace 6 años +1

    I would love to see this live

  • Manne
    Manne Hace 9 años +1

    The spider's like: "Hey, look guys!! I'm on TV!!"

  • ilttpvvm
    ilttpvvm Hace 9 años

    "So beautiful it hurts." For the longest time, I thought that my college sweetheart Michelle would be the only woman I would ever describe that way; however, I was mistaken and will specifically correct that error now.
    Kristi Gordon is so beautiful it hurts.

  • andrea daly
    andrea daly Hace 9 años

    omg kristi i had myself in tears laughing,lol but i shouldnt for i wouldnt want it to happen to me,im freaked out about spiders,i think you handle it pretty well

  • Sunshin3Lov3r
    Sunshin3Lov3r Hace 9 años

    too cute love this haha!

  • Matt
    Matt Hace 9 años

    haha that was awesome! I'd have the same reaction! I hate spiders.

  • jarvis
    jarvis Hace 9 años +4

    I remember watching this live ahahah

  • BurntToast256
    BurntToast256 Hace 9 años

    I feel the same way about spiders too!

  • davenz737
    davenz737 Hace 9 años

    haha funny how it turns around and leaves once she screams at it :D

  • Froilan
    Froilan Hace 9 años

    She's so cute and funny! Classic!!

  • rextony22 Zapats
    rextony22 Zapats Hace 9 años

    i want to see more of this. lol hilarious

  • Elizabeth G
    Elizabeth G Hace 9 años

    I love when my local meteorologist does a things that gets 4 million views! Bahaha Vancouver loves you Kristi

  • DischargeElectricity
    DischargeElectricity Hace 9 años

    I like how her voice changes as soon as she sees the spider.

  • froggy9191
    froggy9191 Hace 9 años

    Poor Kristi, that would have freaked me out too, though this is funny :)

  • Mslovelyshot Mrs. Dawn
    Mslovelyshot Mrs. Dawn Hace 9 años

    Thats amazing. Thank you for sharing

  • Dahni Uru
    Dahni Uru Hace 6 años +40

    I'm a macho male, but I think I would have ducked and moved as well! That was one huge 'freakin' beast.....

    • Dahni Uru
      Dahni Uru Hace 6 años

      Sounds like the perfect way for you to hang out!. lol

    • Isaac Kramer
      Isaac Kramer Hace 6 años +1

      @Don'tLetYourMemesBeSteelDreams I'll have you know I am assistant manager at Richard Dickland's Dick Emporium in downtown Dicksville, in the heart of Penisland.

    • Texas Roadhouse Enthusiast
      Texas Roadhouse Enthusiast Hace 6 años +3

      LMFAO cockwall

    • Don'tLetYourMemesBeSteelDreams
      Don'tLetYourMemesBeSteelDreams Hace 6 años +4

      @Nismo Tj This. Who the fuck calls themselves a "macho male?" A cockwall climber, that's who.

    • Dahni Uru
      Dahni Uru Hace 6 años

      Oh my!

  • Flowerbarrel
    Flowerbarrel Hace un año

    "it's not in the room!"
    "Oh, I hadn't noticed! You get out here!"

  • LittleBowCreep
    LittleBowCreep Hace 9 años

    That was funny! She's adorable!

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor Hace 9 años

    I can relate. I would probably be doing the same. lol

  • VanillaSnow
    VanillaSnow Hace 9 años

    I like how at the end of the video they all try to laugh it off.

  • VickieMarie39
    VickieMarie39 Hace 9 años +4

    OMG I was laughing so much when I saw that big spider

    • VickieMarie39
      VickieMarie39 Hace 8 años +1

      That was creapy. I know it was not there. But It was big OMG I bet she wt her pants

  • T Tara
    T Tara Hace 9 años

    (LOL) " Now you see me, now you don't!" I would have reacted the same, feet don't fail me now....

  • Becki Clou
    Becki Clou Hace 9 años

    Haha :) Love it. I would've freaked as well.

  • Natalia H
    Natalia H Hace 9 años

    Lol! I would have run outta the place screaming all the way or grab my shoe and smack it

  • Amanda Yazmeen
    Amanda Yazmeen Hace 9 años

    I would have Been Out Of The Building If I Was Her Lmao!

  • grlledcheeze
    grlledcheeze Hace 8 años +5

    that's pretty much how the wife is.

  • Citizen Cain
    Citizen Cain Hace 9 años

    Awesome. lol I feel you sister! This is great.

  • Timothy
    Timothy Hace 9 años

    News casters seem like some of the nicest, funniest people out there :P

  • Pie
    Pie Hace 9 años

    Aww, Kristi, I would've done the same. haha

  • TotallyTyra
    TotallyTyra Hace 9 años

    Hilarious. My reaction would have been worse!

  • BrayFurryWalls
    BrayFurryWalls Hace 6 años +9

    or they say just another day in australia

  • lilith su
    lilith su Hace 9 años +1


  • Kevythekevlar
    Kevythekevlar Hace 9 años

    I can't blame her, if I was just standing their and looked at a camera and saw what could possibly be a giant spider RIGHT behind me about to eat my face I'd freak out too

  • Violet Lily
    Violet Lily Hace 9 años

    That was so cute! lol

  • Jazztomorrow
    Jazztomorrow Hace 9 años

    You have to like something that makes you smile!

  • nwpointzero
    nwpointzero Hace 6 años +46

    "Do you want me to take over?" TRIGGERED!!

  • Michael Lovegrove
    Michael Lovegrove Hace 9 años

    hahaha aww I'd do the exact same thing

  • GregoryTheGr8ster
    GregoryTheGr8ster Hace 9 años

    As freak-outs go, this one is rather adorable.

  • Punk Chik AJD
    Punk Chik AJD Hace 9 años

    That, just made my day.

  • Deane Crutch
    Deane Crutch Hace 9 años

    We see her regularly on our local TV station. She's an athlete, a terrific snow skier, a great online TV personality, and a fully educated meteorologist. So what if she has a phobia about spiders! It makes her seem a bit more like each one of us! Let's be kinder and take time to chuckle once in awhile!

  • Prim
    Prim Hace 7 años +60

    Canada is great :3

    • Александар
      Александар Hace un año

      @Prim bruh

    • Luke Greenwood
      Luke Greenwood Hace 6 años +1

      What a complete and total loser! Someone recognized his compliment and he had a sissyfit! What was he expecting? The canadian government to send him a thank you letter? geeze louise!

    • Trollardo
      Trollardo Hace 6 años

      Lmfao wtf is wrong with u XD

    • БойБорг690_
      БойБорг690_ Hace 7 años

      +primaltare us Canadians are polite in some ways. But on the roads? We are very scary.

    • Centershot12
      Centershot12 Hace 7 años

      @primaltare ohhhhh okay then

  • 92days
    92days Hace 9 años

    I like how the guy in the background goes "Come ON!!!!".

  • J. Carlos  🇺🇲
    J. Carlos 🇺🇲 Hace 6 años

    She's the best ever!

  • Patricia Soffel
    Patricia Soffel Hace 9 años

    This was me twice in the past two weeks.

  • Mary Sturhann
    Mary Sturhann Hace 9 años

    I'm with you honey!! Get away from the giant spider of doom! hahaha

  • Evan May
    Evan May Hace 6 años +6

    "I am suu suuorry"

  • King Norixius
    King Norixius Hace 9 años

    I laughed so hard at this video.

  • Myn Anthony
    Myn Anthony Hace 9 años

    Yeah. I really hate having it. Especially because there are a lot of pretty big spiders where I live that love coming right on in my bedroom. >.<
    The thing is, sometimes... I actually find them a little cool. A little fascinating. But my arachnophobia gets in the way and prevents me from being able to see them as anything but horrifying. X( Like I've been brainwashed. O.o

  • Capacitron
    Capacitron Hace 3 años

    LMAO. The man in the studio who exclaimed from a distance, "c'mon".

  • jbubal
    jbubal Hace 9 años

    I'm just in love with the canadian accent!

  • Destination blue Wheel nut

    What's the spiders name?

  • Tristan BlackWolf
    Tristan BlackWolf Hace 9 años +1

    She gets bonus points for being a real person! I'm -more- of a fan for her hilarity and self-esteem for keeping on going!

  • Infinite Scratch
    Infinite Scratch Hace 9 años

    to be fair i would react the same way

  • floatinflowers
    floatinflowers Hace 9 años

    I think this was cute!! She was actually brushing the spider out of her hair. Some people are deathly afraid of spiders, so I don't blame her one bit! Thanks for sharing this..

  • unknown
    unknown Hace 6 años +4

    COME ON.....

  • amina ahmed
    amina ahmed Hace 9 años

    That was soo funny i laughed soo hard OMG

  • SpiffyGonzales
    SpiffyGonzales Hace 9 años

    Christ, you made me laugh. Thanks.

  • floatinflowers
    floatinflowers Hace 9 años

    Hahahaaa!! I agree with you, there are some very strange people down here. I was born in 1951, and we didn't learn Celsius back then. It was not taught in school. Then when they did start to use it, of course I was lost. I love Canada, my dad lived at Kamloops in B.C. My family goes back to the Blackfeet tribe of Canada if I have my facts right.

  • Alex Veal
    Alex Veal Hace 4 años +2

    "Ohhh my gosh!, that was creeepyy!!" Lofl

  • Jennifer Hemmingway
    Jennifer Hemmingway Hace 8 años +3

    Where was the spider?

    • jakep1979
      jakep1979 Hace 8 años +22

      No it wasn't it was in the room and full size too awaiting for its human size victim to snack on.

  • jordyn harrison
    jordyn harrison Hace 9 años

    hell, i would've cried or screamed out the room... or both!

  • Melissa Skillens
    Melissa Skillens Hace 9 años

    I like how her voice goes from fake to real in a flash

  • Miss Kimberly Joy
    Miss Kimberly Joy Hace 9 años

    Yes, those are summer temperatures. In Canada, we record the weather temperatures with Celsius, not Fahrenheit. Above the 30% was an icon of a cloud with rain. So it was 30% chance of rain... So the 14° Celsius would be 57.2 ° Fahrenheit. Google Celsius to Fahrenheit calculator.

  • BlakeBabs
    BlakeBabs Hace 9 años


  • Push & Pull
    Push & Pull Hace 6 años +9

    Canadian humour.

  • SuperSmashley21
    SuperSmashley21 Hace 9 años

    awwww too cute lol

  • UCTHE1
    UCTHE1 Hace 9 años

    I totally feel her

  • Dalete Queiroz
    Dalete Queiroz Hace 9 años

    KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK nunca ri tanto na minha vida!

  • CrazyCatNanni
    CrazyCatNanni Hace 9 años

    aaw ^^ poor thing... I am disabled and have a maid for the apartment. She is just as afraid of spiders,... I always have to save her if she finds one. She freezes totally. lols ^^ I think it's cute.

  • Alana Dill
    Alana Dill Hace 6 años +5

    ...and then she disappeared.

    • vapormissile
      vapormissile Hace 6 años

      *too l know

    • vapormissile
      vapormissile Hace 6 años

      webbed and paralyzed for later consumption while her horrified coworkers looked on, aghast... not to funny now, is it.

  • fashionhistorylover
    fashionhistorylover Hace 9 años

    That was funny. I would have been freaked out too.

  • hawrnball
    hawrnball Hace 9 años

    Scared the regional dialect right out of her!

  • floatinflowers
    floatinflowers Hace 9 años

    I was looking at the chart behind her. Are those summer temps? Brrrr! and a 30% chance of what? It has to be snow. That is too cold for me in June!

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich
    Henry Windsor Rurikovich Hace 3 años +2

    That was super creepy fun to her 💓

  • Frontier Justice / Dazzlings Fanboy

    I was watching this to