Beirut explosion: Video shows new angle of the massive blast

  • Publicado el 6 ago 2020
  • Warning: This video contains disturbing content. Discretion advised.
    The moment of the massive explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut, killing more than 137 people and injuring thousands, was captured in high definition by a shop owner who was recording when the blast hit.

    Video shows smoke rising from Beirut's port with small sparks being seen in what is believed to be fireworks that were set off by the blaze. According to reports, fireworks were stored in the same warehouse where 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate had previously been stored. After several seconds of recording, a massive explosion bursts outwards, which then moves outwards towards where the shop owner is, the resulting shockwave impacting multiple buildings in the process.

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Comentarios • 6 327

  • Yxng LJ
    Yxng LJ Hace un año +3345

    R.I.P to those who died God Bless everyone

    • Videos from my gallery
      Videos from my gallery Hace un mes

      And atheists wonder why people hate them...

    • no signal
      no signal Hace 2 meses

      @Nate Condy im the 69th person lol don't plug in the ice cream at mc dolnald

    • Nate Condy
      Nate Condy Hace 3 meses

      @Id!ot_Äłłeñ. u say that heresy again and u will be crusaded

    • Nouie
      Nouie Hace 3 meses

      @Daddy Dammmn daddy

    • Daddy
      Daddy Hace 3 meses +1

      @Nouie Religion's other name is Hypocrisy.

  • You ARE Life
    You ARE Life Hace un año +282

    seeing this in a movie and video game is nothing... but in real life it is so damn heartbreaking.

    • Matrixnukum
      Matrixnukum Hace 15 días

      Even in a retro video game you have to make the escape and frightening thing is dodging the explosion

    • Abdi Hogsade
      Abdi Hogsade Hace 3 meses

      In a movie you got time to run for your lives😀

  • The Fattest Hagrid
    The Fattest Hagrid Hace un año +1089

    That looks so unreal, when the initial explosion builds up, gets sucked back in for a split second, just to release that massive shockwave...

    • Rogue Ascendant
      Rogue Ascendant Hace 2 meses

      @All Things Bing YOU GO TO HELL

    • Muyi Duyi
      Muyi Duyi Hace 2 meses

      @All Things Bing This is real

    • Leaf
      Leaf Hace 2 meses

      That shockwave was spooky but kinda satisfying to look at lol

    • Doge
      Doge Hace 5 meses

      The shockwave was only about 4km which is nothing compared to the tsar bomba

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel Hace 5 meses

      @SHMOKEY this would make you die inside the shockwave because the shockwave is basically super compressed air, tecnically "sound" but when it is a shockwave like that, it can just vaporise everything, as you see on the vid, the buildings just melted away and everything in the path of the shockwave would die

  • Dougster136
    Dougster136 Hace un año +1499

    At least it was on the edge of the city, like imagine if it was in the center of the city, it would be way worse

    • You Must Be Perfect
      You Must Be Perfect Hace 2 meses

      @NoobyGamez ?

    • You Must Be Perfect
      You Must Be Perfect Hace 2 meses

      @JakeN are you going to elaborate on what I misquoted?

    • NoobyGamez
      NoobyGamez Hace 2 meses

      @You Must Be Perfect This mentality brings you nowhere

    • Skip ads
      Skip ads Hace 3 meses

      Imagine if the ships drove up the boulevards further into town? Interesting...
      That looked densely settled to me.

    • Bradley Maggard
      Bradley Maggard Hace 3 meses

      @Randomly Entertaining The grain silos would have helped if they were between the warehouse and the city. They just caused more of the energy to be directed in land (probably not much), instead out out to sea.

  • Nmz
    Nmz Hace un año +1987

    Seeing the city in person after the blast is a heart breaker, many people still stuck underground waiting for help, dozens have died due to the lack of air, food, water, medicine... The amount of damage is unforgettable, and yet the general director of Beirut port still has the balls to state "I didn't know the real danger of these chemicals"

    • Revenant63
      Revenant63 Hace 4 meses

      @Extroyer 123 ??????? Its not a nuclear bomb what are you smoking

    • Mike Hutchison
      Mike Hutchison Hace un año

      @Mohammad Faizan I'm not a chemist or director, and even I know that ammonium nitrate is dangerous - lots of historical references to explosions in ports and such. Not saying the blame lands squarely on him, but on a number of people.

    • outline
      outline Hace un año

      @Lebanese Crusader correct back in the 1970s. All the best to Lebanon .

    • outline
      outline Hace un año

      @Lebanese Crusader is that true that 10 million christians left lebanon?

    • S W
      S W Hace un año

      Do you expect him to say the opposite?

  • Luna Ranger
    Luna Ranger Hace un año +4329

    “Hey, let’s put THESE explosives next to those flammable stuff. What can go wrong?”

    • Heroplaydate
      Heroplaydate Hace 2 meses

      Such Power

    • Zer0 Deaths
      Zer0 Deaths Hace 3 meses

      "maybe we should smoke a cigarette and think about it..."

    • A Flying Meme
      A Flying Meme Hace 3 meses

      @izraul hidashi take your meds schizo

    • Dancin
      Dancin Hace 3 meses

      Ok so what happend is that a guy was trying to bring a boat to there but they were not allowed so the just left the boat there which was a horrible idea(btw they left the boat there years ago i think)

    • Jay Dub
      Jay Dub Hace 3 meses +1

      @izraul hidashi Are you talking about that sun glare that doesn’t even stop at that building? Clearly that’s on the lens 🤦‍♂️

  • Adam Anderson
    Adam Anderson Hace 6 meses +312

    Jesus a news agency that provides a full unedited clip from start to finish after the commentary finishes? I am unironically thoroughly impressed.

    • drummerboy1
      drummerboy1 Hace 4 meses +5

      Amazing when someone reports the story and tells the truth as it happened. We have to watch Australian Sky News to get a good report on America

  • Reagan
    Reagan Hace un año +45

    R.I.P to all the people that died in the explosion 💔

  • Andy Lovell
    Andy Lovell Hace 6 meses +4

    The glass from all the buildings exploding 😬😬
    My Word ,
    All those loved ones who perished that day and the ones who have to live with it 😥😥😥
    My heart goes out to them all x

  • Brandenburg
    Brandenburg Hace un año +4489

    This shot looks like something straight out of a movie with all of the simultaneously shattered windows and dust..
    It’s kinda scary

    • Wes Gleeson
      Wes Gleeson Hace 2 meses

      Straight out of Watchmen

    • Skip ads
      Skip ads Hace 3 meses

      A stupid digital version would've looked fake AF.

    • Yeowl
      Yeowl Hace 3 meses

      rare instances the cameraman didnt survive

    • Rfishtail_0hmz
      Rfishtail_0hmz Hace 4 meses

      @Viraldrome man that explosion kinda look like a nuclear bomb

    • Mounia Abboud
      Mounia Abboud Hace 4 meses

      Yeah my bestfriend was right in front of the port she saw that all happen and almost got really injured its really scary and 1year later we're all still traumatized and no justice is made

  • Engine OfLogic
    Engine OfLogic Hace 4 meses +23

    Jeez the power in that shock wave was insane. RIP to everyone caught.

  • AlexPlays
    AlexPlays Hace 5 meses +2

    thank you for supporting our country and i hope everyone is safe out there i live in lebanon and i almost had a heart attack bc of it

  • Talya Jelly
    Talya Jelly Hace un año +9

    I am from Lebanon specifically from there but I pray all the time hoping that things get better and I hope that everyone gives our blessing

  • gewinnste
    gewinnste Hace un año +535

    0:19 The ammonium nitrate didn't act "as an accelerant in a fire", it *was* the explosive! NH4NO3, ammonium nitrate, detonates (= explodes violently) under certain circumstances.

    • Octolicia
      Octolicia Hace 2 meses

      I like the word detonate for some reason: de like remove (detox for example) tonate, like if it was a ton and multiple atoms simply adds their weight. When it becomes unstable, the atoms separate violently: detonation.

      (I find science fascinating)

    • ДҜS74Џ
      ДҜS74Џ Hace 3 meses

      @Earl Coles I’d say Beirut. When Beirut detonated it went all at once and was not couple different explosions like with 88” . Ammonium Perchlorate detonates almost twice as fast as Ammonium Nitrate. Which would make one think it would be a stronger detonation. But a lot of factors come into play. Beirut was in a much more confined space, so when the chemical potential energy went critical it created a impressive blast wave of kinetic energy. Also when ammonium perchlorate detonates it gives off alot more heat than ammonium nitrate, therefore it loses more kinetic energy to heat than ammonium nitrate.

    • Earl Coles
      Earl Coles Hace 3 meses

      @ДҜS74Џlastly, since it sounds like you know something about explosions, there has been high debates regarding this explosion compared to the 1988 Henderson Nevada explosion......which one do you believe had more power in comparison between those two ?

    • ДҜS74Џ
      ДҜS74Џ Hace 3 meses

      @Earl Coles it is my understanding that there was a fire which initiated fireworks. If this is the case, fire then spread to the ammonium nitrate pile which started to burn giving off NOx products, water as a gas and nitrogen. As the ammonium nitrate burnt the gaseous products within the pile could not escape causing the burn rate to increase. When the speed of the burn became supersonic the ammonium nitrate detonated resulting in a supersonic shock travelling through the material which became a blast wave when it travelled through the atmosphere. Textbook deflagration to detonation.

    • ДҜS74Џ
      ДҜS74Џ Hace 3 meses

      @Earl Coles it would have been slightly worse, as diesel and Ammonium Nitrate is considered ANFO, and has a detonation velocity of about 3,200 meters/second. Whereas Ammonium Nitrate has a detonation velocity of 2,700 meters/second. And neither have a high brisance.

  • mystique
    mystique Hace un año +3047

    the way buildings acted when it was reached by the shock wave is so scary.

    • Dennis Velasquez
      Dennis Velasquez Hace 2 meses


    • Zero
      Zero Hace 2 meses

      Those building are great actors

    • You Must Be Perfect
      You Must Be Perfect Hace 2 meses

      @Robert Williamson watch the video

    • Robert Williamson
      Robert Williamson Hace 2 meses

      @You Must Be Perfect How can there be evidence that he’s the son of a god? They have DNA evidence from both the god and Jesus to compare? Do they have legal court documents?
      Where is this so-called “…evidence.”?

    • Robert Williamson
      Robert Williamson Hace 2 meses

      @Davey Jones So how did his physical body get to heaven? They didn’t have Saturn V rockets back then.

  • Thud Thud
    Thud Thud Hace un año +10

    I like action movies with explosions and things, but this breaks my heart.

  • dountfreeman
    dountfreeman Hace un año +172

    Just seeing the walls of buildings get blasted through is scary to watch and then it hits the place where the recording happened. What a horror movie.

  • Santina Harbieh
    Santina Harbieh Hace 5 meses +1

    I was in Lebanon recently to visit family their and luckily none of my family lives or was in Beirut at the time but i did get to see the aftermath of the blast on my way to the airport and it was just unreal and felt very unsafe, i pray with Lebanon…this should not have happened 💔🙏🏻

  • Serenity
    Serenity Hace un año +22

    You can just see the destruction caused in shock wave.. I pray for everyone who lost their lives to this and for those affected by this..

  • The Karp King
    The Karp King Hace un año +3056

    The way the outer layers of stone on the buildings are just shaved off is scary to see.

    • C S
      C S Hace 8 meses

      @Dub Jubs You have really perfected the art of dominating other humans in the youtube comment section

    • E
      E Hace 8 meses

      In a nuclear explosion, those buildings would probably be within range of the fire ball and be completely vaporized

    • Anony Mouse
      Anony Mouse Hace 10 meses

      Depends how big the nuke is. There are some tactical nukes around this power afaik.

    • SpacedOutOrca
      SpacedOutOrca Hace 10 meses

      @Mike Mike *WHEEZE*
      Antimatter bombs? They’re certainly possible, but you do realise that producing a single gram of antimatter currently costs more than the entire GLOBAL GDP, right?

    • SpacedOutOrca
      SpacedOutOrca Hace 10 meses

      @Mike Mike Even the Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever used, couldn’t even take out all of NYC in one go, so you’d need a nuke orders of magnitude larger than what we currently have, or have even envisioned, in order to take out an entire state.

  • Taha Nachabe
    Taha Nachabe Hace un año +1

    I hope everybody that died died in a quick way, and the people that are injured to be healed. Stay safe.

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake Hace un año +5

    Woah! It’s scary to see the people driving on the road and then suddenly taken away 😢

  • Simply_Moana7123
    Simply_Moana7123 Hace 9 meses +2

    God bless to animals and people who died in that explosion :( 😭🥺


    Its amazing anything survived that. Such power and force, hard to believe it wasnt better protected than it was. Real sad event, probably could have been prevented. Incredible the damaged it caused so fast. Great video

  • Galactic Gamer
    Galactic Gamer Hace un año +5669

    This isn't even a nuke and the aftermath is so mind boggling its scary to think about the bad things
    humanity has made and is capable of...

    • DANG JOS
      DANG JOS Hace 13 días

      @methylene5 The nuclear explosion wouldn't be useless though. The intense gamma rays emitted would heat something up enough to cause serious damage if it's close enough. I guess it depends on what you're trying to do.

    • Jonathan Chisholm
      Jonathan Chisholm Hace 4 meses

      Well its not a bad thing the chemical that caused it exists

    • Revenant63
      Revenant63 Hace 4 meses

      @Gazz Gaspay x3? Really? Missing a few 0s there, try 3,000

    • PoppinKringles GD
      PoppinKringles GD Hace 5 meses

      @Gazz Gaspay nukes are actually way stronger a typical nuclear bomb is roughly twice as destructive even with half yield even not accounting for radiation. This explosion is roughly 200-300 tons of tnt, the little boy nuclear explosion was 15-20 kilotons tnt technically, but is more close to 30-40 kiltons of tnt today. Even the U.S has 2 megaton nukes in storage and their is likely multiple double digit Megatron bombs in russia.

    • God Particle
      God Particle Hace 5 meses +1

      @James Smythe its preety easy to tell if its a nuke. especially a mini nuke because the smaller nukes are the more radiation per kg they make, they still will make a explosion. but they will make so much radiation anyone with a $80 geiger counter can tell if its a nuke

  • Cody Rodrigo
    Cody Rodrigo Hace un año +70

    The shockwave dude....imagine just seeing it devour buildings approaching you in seconds

    • i
      i Hace 5 meses

      I would crouch and crush my ears.

    • Chriss Costantine
      Chriss Costantine Hace 9 meses +3

      I was there, it's still traumatizing to date 💔

  • SaladTaco Fox
    SaladTaco Fox Hace un año +41

    I can only imagine being in this situation, and how scary it must have been. Now we all know how Japan must have felt.

    • Gr4vityJuli4n
      Gr4vityJuli4n Hace 8 meses

      @The swagman it was public knowledge what was stored there. The moment I would see THAT Place lighting up in fire I would take my Stuff and flee atleast the city.

    • The swagman
      The swagman Hace 8 meses

      @Gr4vityJuli4n not really, they didn't know there was gonna be a huge explosion in either case lol

    • Gr4vityJuli4n
      Gr4vityJuli4n Hace 8 meses

      @The swagman for more context. The people in this city atleast had the chance to flee the scene. The people in both nagasaki and Hiroshima didnt.

    • Someone help me with my modules
      Someone help me with my modules Hace 10 meses +1

      Ima just add this here:
      Survivors gathered in one place to help eachother out and 1 survivor stated that they saw someone holding their skin on their hands while their faces fully exposed

    • The swagman
      The swagman Hace un año +14

      For context the nukes dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were 10 to 15 times more powerful than this explosion, just unimaginable.

  • Harrison Curran
    Harrison Curran Hace un año +7

    Bro imagine being in one of those cars on that highway. I hope they survived.

    • charly.961
      charly.961 Hace 6 meses

      no unfortunately they didnt , one was driving a kia and had an ac on with the windows closed , her head was blown from the impact , rip :(

  • Robert Peters
    Robert Peters Hace un año +7

    The slow motion shot at the end shows the buildings going back and forth. Unbelievable

    • anonymousgamer
      anonymousgamer Hace 6 meses

      The building's aren't actually shaking like that, it's all artifacts due to the camera shaking very quickly.

  • Wolf Paw
    Wolf Paw Hace un año +1

    RIP to the Firefighters who were trying to put that fire out before the explosion. :(

  • Ted miles
    Ted miles Hace 10 meses +1

    The ammonia nitrate had been stored there for a few years prior to the blast. It was just a matter of time before something went wrong.

  • Dyils
    Dyils Hace un día

    Gotta admit, that was such a beautiful explosion and shockwave.

  • psycheisssdelic
    psycheisssdelic Hace un año +31

    Ever since I saw the Tianjin explosion footage I always get this nervous feeling it would happen again especially near port cities that are constantly moving and storing volatile chemicals. There should be better world wide safety for this type of thing. Rest in peace for the innocents.

    • Jake Jakinson
      Jake Jakinson Hace 5 meses +1

      This looks different than Tianjin explosion.

    • Jae Lynn
      Jae Lynn Hace 5 meses

      @Timo Alho OR, it was deliberately left there for that long, for this purpose. Just seems very suspect to me.

    • Timo Alho
      Timo Alho Hace un año

      There are. They just were bought off.

  • Annie Leng
    Annie Leng Hace un año +957

    It’s terrifying how sudden and unexpected that explosion’s sound was

    • cobrazax
      cobrazax Hace un año +1

      you see it instantly. u feel the shockwave that comes through the ground soon after. soon after that the air shockwave reaches u and blasts u away.

    • Annie Leng
      Annie Leng Hace un año +1

      David Moore based on the videos, they didn’t expect it to be so sudden and loud. Even if they knew it was coming.

    • mabz
      mabz Hace un año

      @Thomas the aerial shockwave IS the sound.. seismic shockwave is thru the ground

      ADRIAN WAGNER Hace un año

      @Thomas yes you SEE things first because light travels faster than sound

      ADHD GAMER Hace un año +1

      It’s just like that one mission in COD 4 Jesus

  • Patrick Riley
    Patrick Riley Hace un año +3

    That was quite a blast, the way the energy destructively passed through the buildings....... surreal!

  • evildead
    evildead Hace 6 meses

    Its very interesting to see the physics behind this explosion. If you watch carefully, you can see that the explosion is some-what contained by that sea-wall that surrounds that port. It acts as a type of pressure container. The wave is pushed up by that wall and the weather looks rather hazy which keeps pressures closer to the Earth. Most of the damage was caused by the shockwave.

  • Jonathan Chisholm
    Jonathan Chisholm Hace 4 meses +1

    I know there was like a lot of the stuff but even that explosion looks like a small nuke

    And I'm still surprised at the size of that shock wave and explosion

  • Paulo Boe
    Paulo Boe Hace un año

    Props to the person who kept a steady video untill shockwave impact.

  • Kinyera Inno Arnolds
    Kinyera Inno Arnolds Hace un año +180

    May God comfort those who have lost loved ones, we are with you our brothers and sisters from Beirut.

    • edward wigmore
      edward wigmore Hace 20 días

      so you think there is a God? and no, you are not with them - your thoughts and prayers are as much use as a chocolate fireguard - none at all - they need practical help, not your thoughts and prayers.

    • Rich Dee
      Rich Dee Hace un año +2

      Like, all at the same time? Or metaphorically? Or for pretend?

    • Chidube J Opara
      Chidube J Opara Hace un año +2


  • The Random Bag
    The Random Bag Hace 5 meses

    I hope, people there have recovered from the loss now

  • avasdespairarc
    avasdespairarc Hace un año +2

    Just imagine how hurt the ones who started it were..

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan Hace un año +1

    Can we all just take a couple of moments to pray for those affected by this and to tell our loved ones that we love them!?

  • Danielle Spizzirri
    Danielle Spizzirri Hace un año

    My dads cousins and aunties and uncles lived in the city or Beirut when that happened it was horrific

  • ahvidaneidavirgilluminous
    ahvidaneidavirgilluminous Hace un año +3387

    Craziest thing on earth, fireworks storing next to tons of ammonium nitrate...

    • Rod Fleming
      Rod Fleming Hace 4 meses

      @Footing Ball556 heed your own advice, since you are obviously clueless.

    • Footing Ball556
      Footing Ball556  Hace 4 meses

      @Bolorbold Ariguun Mostly because if there aren't any unstable bonds (which you said AN doesn't have), then that means it's stable and isn't explosive. Also in that the silver acetylide (as an example) doesn't consist of an oxidizer and a fuel since it's a compound rather than a binary mix.
      My point is just that yes, you're right in that ammonium nitrate *can* detonate but the amount of energy that takes is just too high to be considered an explosive in my view. You would probably not even be able to set it off with a commercial, high velocity booster charge. I might have come off as rude, for which I apologize. I just typed in the heat of the moment from reading every stupid comment on ammonium nitrate being extremely dangerous and so on.

    • Bolorbold Ariguun
      Bolorbold Ariguun Hace 4 meses

      @Footing Ball556 out of all explosives you could've chosen from, you picked silver acetylide. Did you read the last part? This one explodes mainly because of the instability of the forming triple bond between carbons, which is as strong as a singular bond. How was I wrong? These are the main criterias of an explosive

    • Footing Ball556
      Footing Ball556  Hace 4 meses +1

      @Kristian Rasmussen You said it was more powerful though. Everything else was correct. ANFO isn't just preferres fpr rock blasting because it's cheaper, it's also better than TNT at doing so. All I'm trying to say is that for every other task other than rock blasting, TNT is more powerful. Sorry if I sounded rude

    • Kristian Rasmussen
      Kristian Rasmussen Hace 4 meses

      @Footing Ball556 velocity is one thing , the amount of gas produced is another thing . Both absolutely to do with the explosive at hand .
      High velocity is needed to cut metal , high gas amounts are essential for blasting rocks.

      Nothing wrong with what I said before.

      TNT are more than twice as fast as ANFO .

  • Songbird Rebel
    Songbird Rebel Hace 2 meses

    Just watching this reminded me of a “heritage minute” video about the Halifax Explosion, and I hate to imagine how bad this explosion was in comparison. My thoughts goes out to Beirut.

  • Jonathan Lauber
    Jonathan Lauber Hace un año

    Wow!! That was terrifying!

  • lopido2011
    lopido2011 Hace un año +5

    This is a very sad day for mankind. My sincerest condolence to the victims of this horrible tragedy. Those responsible must face our God Almighty. That is a work of the devil.

  • Matt Schneider
    Matt Schneider Hace 2 meses +1

    I can't imagine how LOUD that was.

  • forget it
    forget it Hace un año +2632

    Can't imagine how terrible hiroshima and nagasaki back then. Stay safe everyone

      SEPTEMBER WW2 Hace 3 meses

      Imagine what the tsar bomba was like if this was non nuclear.

    • hagglefaen
      hagglefaen Hace 8 meses

      @Alderite 2%? according to acutely available sources on internet, Beirut was closer to one third of the hiroshima explosion.

    • JopieH
      JopieH Hace 8 meses

      @Alderite If it was 2%, hiroshima would be 50x more

    • Jaime Reyes
      Jaime Reyes Hace 9 meses

      That is terrifying

    • Omar
      Omar Hace 9 meses

      @B G So thats why trump was trying to get closer to kim imagine if the U.S makes him mad though

  • RobeatsPlayer101
    RobeatsPlayer101 Hace un año

    0:38 The fact that the port workers ignored him and waited for years, then the explosion happens really disappoints me, like just listen to someone that a tragedy could/will happen because 206 people died.

  • Lachlan MTB
    Lachlan MTB Hace 11 meses

    May the people who died Rest In Peace

  • The Idiotic Sot
    The Idiotic Sot Hace 7 meses

    I feel bad for the people who live near the explosion

  • Harry Maxwell
    Harry Maxwell Hace un año

    0:53 that grey car was in the most dangerous place in the most deadliest time, R.I.P Beirut victims

  • Cedomir Spasojevic
    Cedomir Spasojevic Hace un año +11

    I just set speed at 0.25 and wow,you can see how impact was strong.

    • G L
      G L Hace un año

      As someone who never watched any avengers moive it looks like the thanos snap if you could see it travel.

  • Paul
    Paul Hace 20 días

    That shock wave was incredible

  • Jeff in NC
    Jeff in NC Hace 2 meses +1

    One of those, “OH CRAP, THIS IS GONNA BE LOUD!!” moments.

  • Notificationbell 1063
    Notificationbell 1063 Hace un año +1

    Who ever dislikes the video doesn’t understand how bad it was

  • 弱水三千
    弱水三千 Hace un año +534

    you can literately see the buildings are disintegrating when the blast hits, so surreal and apocalyptic to watch.

    • Infinity
      Infinity Hace 11 meses

      @Andrew Hodgson what?

    • Jess Jones
      Jess Jones Hace un año

      @Andrew Hodgson who?

    • StarmenRock
      StarmenRock Hace un año

      this is really cool, i thought id never see an explosion like that. amazing

    • PyroSkeleton Studios
      PyroSkeleton Studios Hace un año

      @ABHISHEK TANDON 100,000 would be an understatement

      ABHISHEK TANDON Hace un año

      @弱水三千 imagine if it was Tsar bomba , it would have been 100,000 times more powerful 😨

  • Manfred's World
    Manfred's World Hace 9 días

    It's insane to see how much damage can be done in just a blink of an eye...

  • Dank Solution
    Dank Solution Hace un año

    Watching that over and over again. Looking at the shock wave. It's astounding.

  • mcallen bell
    mcallen bell Hace 7 meses

    This explosion was 1/10th or less of the first atom bomb ever devised, and about 1,000 times less powerful than the average nuke, and 50,000 times less powerful than the largest nuclear explosion recorded.

  • Salma Al-Husami
    Salma Al-Husami Hace un año

    Even for a poor Syrian like me who has been living in a war zone for the last 9 years, witnessed and heard so many explosions and shells, this does look batshit crazy! Strait out of Hollywood kind of thing! Even in Damascus, there has never been an explosion on this scale, for the life of me!

  • Dominic Doma
    Dominic Doma Hace 3 meses +1

    really good camera quality. as the camera fell due to the explosion, it captured focus of the adjacent flora. big thumbs up 👍

  • Va Ka
    Va Ka Hace un año +1

    Brothers, please, stay strong and safe!

  • JamesIsWild
    JamesIsWild Hace 5 meses +3

    Well thank you for recommending this on the same day that it happened, today is a hard day for us in lebanon..

    • Jae Lynn
      Jae Lynn Hace 5 meses +1

      Just keep on going man. Love from overseas.

  • Gaz N Amy
    Gaz N Amy Hace 8 meses +1

    Damn that’s crazy, imagine living in one of those apartments

  • Angela Shaw
    Angela Shaw Hace un año +319

    You know it's bad when people a hundred miles away can feel it.

    • Md Ali
      Md Ali Hace un año


    • unguidedone
      unguidedone Hace un año

      your a quick one

    • DreamBeatsBakery
      DreamBeatsBakery Hace un año

      The biggest nuclear bomb ever tested was so powerful the pressure wave went around the earth two and a half times. Imagine that.

    • TheLordsOfGaming
      TheLordsOfGaming Hace un año +1

      @Amjad Jaradat they did and they are planning to send support to lebanon, via 4 hospitals near the border, if lebanon agrees via the un.

    • Sun Maid
      Sun Maid Hace un año +1

      Shai Malka that must have been scary

  • Spud Ryan
    Spud Ryan Hace 5 meses

    Oh my god man...I had a dream about a disaster like this a couple of months before this happened. Poor people, is the old city still intact?.

  • Lazy Bone
    Lazy Bone Hace un año

    Wow, such a powerful shock wave!

  • Kashavi Sahu
    Kashavi Sahu Hace 23 días +2

    Now this is what we call a horrific man-made disaster that impacted not only humans but the nature too 😔

  • beavis4play
    beavis4play Hace 11 meses +1

    what a blast - and that shockwave - terrifying. seeing this, i can't even begin to try and wrap my mind around what the shockwave of the nukes that fell on japan would have been like.

  • Caroline Cooke
    Caroline Cooke Hace un año +43

    Thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families and everyone living in this town. This is truly devastating.

    • m m
      m m Hace un año +1

      @Donna Adams yas

    • m m
      m m Hace un año +1

      @Donna Adams and this 💋 for you

    • m m
      m m Hace un año +1

      @Donna Adams 💋 caroline

    • m m
      m m Hace un año +1

      @Donna Adams no am from iraq

    • m m
      m m Hace un año +1

      @Donna Adams الفتاة جميله ارسلت لها قبله 💓💋

  • Lo u
    Lo u Hace un año

    Oh gosh bless all those people who were there.

  • reem semary
    reem semary Hace 10 meses +17

    R.I.P to everyone who died by this explosion...I guess 2020 was just a tutorial...and 2021 is the real game where we have to survive and try not to get killed by all these things...stay safe guys we don't wanna lose anyone we all need to win this game

    • Jae Lynn
      Jae Lynn Hace 5 meses

      @A ctionMS I think it's more likely that Israel will attack Lebanon for the US, or their own interest. Probably will steal that country's land too after they take the Golan Heights. Israel is nothing more that a forward operating base for the US in my eyes, and I have an idea of why the US backs them, even if the people do not.

      General Wes Clark said we'd eventually be going into Lebanon, it's the 2nd to the last country of the 7 on the list from 2001, only Iran is untouched by the Bush clusterf&ck he started over there. Damn REpublicans are so stupid.

    • A ctionMS
      A ctionMS Hace 9 meses

      Wait for 2022 with post economical collapse societys fighting for resources.

  • spacebar
    spacebar Hace 8 meses +1

    i felt that impact

  • Eclipse3131
    Eclipse3131 Hace un año +1

    as bad as this is. I cant help but admit how amazing and just in awe i am watching this

  • BL Actors Fanatic
    BL Actors Fanatic Hace un año +4010

    The greatest achievement this 2020 is just to be alive.

  • Master sam
    Master sam Hace un año +1

    It was reported as not safe and no one did anything about it. This is so frustrating, how could they let something so irresponsible happen! 😤😤

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin Hace un año

    Friggin unbelievable how big that blast was

  • mythoughtwhatyousay1
    mythoughtwhatyousay1 Hace un año

    Wow, that's so huge explosion ..

  • Aisha H
    Aisha H Hace 3 meses +2

    Omg. No, no, no. I should’ve checked this sooner. My best friend, my best friend- omg, she was there. 😭🥀

    ALL THE BUZZ Hace un año +710

    The crazy thing is there were people walking around close to the fire not knowing it was about to explode. I know they were instantly vaporized. Sad this happened.

    • Niven42
      Niven42 Hace un año

      Senator F The cargo was seized. When you relinquish your rights to the shipment, you also wash your hands of any responsibility. The Lebanese officials should have told them they could have it back.

    • Gustavo Flores
      Gustavo Flores Hace un año +1

      @ALL THE BUZZ sounds like an excuse but ok 😷

    • Marco
      Marco Hace un año +2

      Dang, ya’ll don’t have to do a chemistry lesson in the comments. Ain’t nobody got time for your Bill Nye behind.

    • mfgrips
      mfgrips Hace un año +1

      Prolly not vaporized, just burned. They definitely died instantly, but no they most likely weren't vaporized.

      ALL THE BUZZ Hace un año

      @Gustavo Flores It was. I was slightly exaggerating when I said vaporized. I mean vapor is in the word so I was just using that as an exaggerated example of the victim possibly being blown into very small pieces. No need to edit. It's not that deep.

  • AK
    AK Hace 8 meses

    That shockwave was so unbelievable 😖 like straight out of a movie

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini Hace un año

    I like action movies with explosions and things, but this breaks my heart.

    • Neil Bishop
      Neil Bishop Hace un año +1

      Yes real life happenings have much much more impact on the soul ...then in the movies...

  • CatastrophicConversations
    CatastrophicConversations Hace un año +1

    Wow kinda crazy what some fireworks can do.

  • midesti
    midesti Hace un año +20

    At 0:33 you can see the seismic waves hit the building before the atmospheric pressure wave gets there. The camera jumps a little.

  • Michelle C
    Michelle C Hace un año +628

    What the hell? Can’t believe they stored fireworks in the same warehouse. The stupidity of the people who were responsible for this is outstanding.

    • gravity sucks
      gravity sucks Hace un año

      Fireworks and ammonium nitrate!!! WOW..... don't be surprised to here there was drums of

    • Speedj2
      Speedj2 Hace un año

      its all kind of a moot point really. the fireworks are mostly irrelevant. the real issue here is that ammonium nitrate was being stored on that scale right in the middle of a large urban population center. the fact that it was being stored next to fireworks likely had no effect on the ultimate outcome. when that cargo was seized, it should not have been stowed away in some local warehouse and forgotten. and it definitely should not have sat there for 6 years. it should have been moved to a safer location and they should have made certain that it was being stored properly.

      IRONTOSS Hace un año +1

      and yet not surprising at all.. Stupid people are rampant all around the world" you just try to avoid being around them when they do something really stupid!

    • Ann WasHere
      Ann WasHere Hace un año

      @Lebanese Crusader This is the Middle East. There are no truths. We live under tyranny.
      There are only cover-ups, deception and murder.

    • Ann WasHere
      Ann WasHere Hace un año

      @Lebanese Crusader The people have to stop voting in the same men and women, into government.
      Many of these are mafia or x warlords. I told many of them that we need to change our ways and they freaked out.
      What did they expect was going to happen

  • Leojayden
    Leojayden Hace 10 meses +2


  • Gina Bindari
    Gina Bindari Hace un año +1

    This ONLY happened b/c of human error and negligence!!! This explosion should NEVER have happened in the first place!!!!

  • Derek Severs
    Derek Severs Hace 2 meses

    This explosion is just as big as the one at pepcon when all the rocket fuel exploded at once. It was an unfortunate accident I feel for the people that lost their lives and got hurt it was an unfortunate accident that should have never happened

  • Morgoth
    Morgoth Hace 10 meses

    I had to look away at the slow mo one! The way it just shoots forward obliterating all in its path is absolutely terrifying like millions of rampaging bulls coming straight at you.

  • Issy Inc.
    Issy Inc. Hace un año +218

    That's disgusting how this neglect costed people their lives and homes

    • G Farquhar
      G Farquhar Hace un año

      True Issy (or is it Izzy?). Now let's talk about how the Global and Mail is a podium to justify Anglo neo-colonialsim directly and through fake countries like "Israel" and "Saudi" Arabia. Now let's investigate your so called "Israel"''s genocide of over 1300 lebanese civilians and massive damage to Lebanese cities and infrastructure by "Israel" during the 30-day attack on Lebanon in 2006 , which used weapons and know-how supplied to "israel" by US, Canada and EU.

    • Adal Martinez
      Adal Martinez Hace un año

      History repeats itself check the black tom explosión in new York in 1916

    • Mars Saturn
      Mars Saturn Hace un año +1

      Maybe it was an insurance scam?

    • Sir Daniel Fortesque
      Sir Daniel Fortesque Hace un año +2

      @Justin Campitelli It wasn't the fireworks that exploded, it was 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate.
      The fireworks caught fire, and that's what caused the ammonium nitrate to explode.
      There are pictures of the ammonium nitrate from before all of this happened.

      Now, whether or not it was an accident, who knows.
      One thing is for certain, that was no missile strike, there was no missile.

    • Justin Campitelli
      Justin Campitelli Hace un año

      That's funny you all think it was an accident... that was a missile strike. Not a fireworks explosion

  • Frank Delahue
    Frank Delahue Hace 6 meses +1

    "It is far easier to figure out if something is fragile than to predict the occurrence of an event that may harm it." - Nassim Nicolas Taleb

  • Dominic Alessandro Wijaya
    Dominic Alessandro Wijaya Hace 17 días +1

    It's so sad since it looked like the explosion had happened and it was safe already but actually the big one hadn't came.

  • lilly smith
    lilly smith Hace 10 meses

    Omg I can't imagine just being there to witness that or idk that's so scary to even watch it

  • Terra Exodus
    Terra Exodus Hace un año +6

    You can see the blast wave just move through buildings like nothing.

  • Shyan J
    Shyan J Hace un año +622

    The blast from the explosion when the shockwave hits the buildings that's so crazy....

    • Jeff Sellark
      Jeff Sellark Hace un año

      @Greetings. Have a nice day. fight! fight! fight!

    • O'doyle rulez
      O'doyle rulez Hace un año

      @Ryan not to mention FEMA was called into NY 2 days before it happened.... i could go on for days, they did a terrible job of staging a false flag.

    • nickhirst999
      nickhirst999 Hace un año

      @Dennis Lang Read the history of why it was there

    • O'doyle rulez
      O'doyle rulez Hace un año +1

      @Ryan Not entirely sure who funded it all but Larry Silverstein knows something we don't... he took an insurance policy on the twin towers weeks before 9/11 that covered terrorist attacks which was unheard of at the time. It was a plot to get the American people into a war in the middile east and make an easy 4.5 billion dollars off his insurance case. Have you seen videos of the 3rd building that fell that day? skyscrapers don't just go in a free fall.

    • Entruh
      Entruh Hace un año

      @Joseph Smith and how do you know this

  • huncho brandon
    huncho brandon Hace un año +1

    This man literally watched the explosion head his way as if the explosion hadnt already blew out all the windows but i can understand he might have froze up and was to eager to watch

  • Chris Banez
    Chris Banez Hace 4 meses +2

    The buildings being struck by the shockwave is like a scene from a movie

  • Centrist Philosopher
    Centrist Philosopher Hace 3 meses +1

    Probably the most powerful explosion of modern times (ie the last 30 years)