COVID-19: Trudeau announces extension to CEBA deadline for businesses to 2023 | FULL

  • Publicado el 11 ene 2022
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Wednesday that the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) program will be extended until the end of 2023.

    The program offers interest-free loans of up to $60,000 to small businesses and not-for-profits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Going forward, the government said repaying the balance of the loan on or before Dec. 31, 2023 would result in loan forgiveness of 33 per cent, or up to $20,000.

    Outstanding loans would then convert to two-year term loans with interest of five per cent per year starting on Jan. 1, 2024, with loans fully due by Dec. 31, 2025.

    Trudeau also said he received Quebec’s proposal to tax unvaccinated residents who don’t have a valid medical exemption and is still looking at the details before commenting further.

    He added that his government was assured by the Quebec government they will stand by the principles of the Canada Health Act.

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Comentarios • 0

  • Human Garbage
    Human Garbage Hace 7 días +325

    Anyone else starting to get the feeling that this government is as financially bankrupt as it is morally?

    • Jim Hansen
      Jim Hansen Hace 3 días

      By this summer The Circus will be over.

    • Rodfel Deuxmilleun
      Rodfel Deuxmilleun Hace 7 días

      I have been haunted by this feeling since the GREAT 2008 highway robbery ...

    • mako m
      mako m Hace 7 días

      Thank the city of Montreal. They should get all the taxes of Canada thrown back at them

    • Kerry Toby
      Kerry Toby Hace 7 días +1

      @soleprobe Trudeau wants a position with them once he screws the country as Prime Minister. There is so much more happening than the more reasonable COVID-19 mandates. Agenda 2020 is the monster on the world. I do wonder if he strains his face while speaking to avoid looking like he is smiling. So much drama. Way too many people in Canada don't have a clue about the agenda. Many more just don't want to know. Likely lots of recent (5 years recent for eg.) likely immigrants don't care until they get their friends and family here to join them so may never really care.

    • Blanche Carte
      Blanche Carte Hace 7 días

      Actually you're dead wrong We are financially bankrupt these pilfering pirate politicians are laughing all the way to the bank with kickbacks

  • Danielle Furois
    Danielle Furois Hace 8 días +218

    Please do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Justin Trudeau tells you to do.

  • Paul K
    Paul K Hace 9 días +371

    If only they addressed the housing problem in this country as much as this pandemic.

    • me
      me Hace 3 días

      alleged pandemic...

    • scorpio
      scorpio Hace 5 días

      @Ray Bullmore Every opinion is debatable, as long it's within a respectful manner.

    • Ray Bullmore
      Ray Bullmore Hace 7 días

      @scorpio You sound like a CCP bot.. who goes on an African Safari like that? What?

    • Verrecchia23
      Verrecchia23 Hace 7 días +1

      I'm saving every penny to buy a few foreclosed houses in the next few years.

    • soleprobe
      soleprobe Hace 7 días +1

      Housing problem's due to allowing wealthy foreigners to buy up property and weaponized immigration... that's part of the intrn'l ba$nk$ter plan to take down western civilization along with the covid/climate scams

  • Joanne Poulin
    Joanne Poulin Hace 9 días +80

    Why don’t you leave the unvaccinated alone.

    • Joanne Poulin
      Joanne Poulin Hace 7 días

      @MrTofy1974 you actually believe that wow, your in you little box there.

    • soleprobe
      soleprobe Hace 7 días

      @Werd Ru yes.... your handing over your God-given natural immunity against disease to drug companies.... that can't end well

    • Werd Ru
      Werd Ru Hace 7 días +3

      When you attack the unvaccinated you attack natural immunity and freedom to decide your course of treatment. Nothing to do with health.

    • Porta Bote Coastal Cruising
      Porta Bote Coastal Cruising Hace 7 días

      @Indumali Rajapakse 💯👍

    • Dick Fitzwell
      Dick Fitzwell Hace 7 días +2


      Try it

  • Joe
    Joe Hace 9 días +125

    100% of the comments disagree with the Prime Minister. Maybe it's time for him to step down.

    • Ray Steel
      Ray Steel Hace 7 días

      @soleprobe Lol no doubt, not top mention the fact he couldnt get out of bed for 5 days the first 2 times and 2 days in bed the last bout

    • soleprobe
      soleprobe Hace 7 días

      @Ray Steel that's because your friend failed that bogus test 3 times... the one the inventor sd was useless for diagnosing disease. But it's great for orchestrating and sustaining the illusion of a pandemic

    • scorpio
      scorpio Hace 7 días

      Do you think we gonna get any better?

    • Ray Steel
      Ray Steel Hace 7 días

      @Daniel Lewandowski I agree with you it is sad but at the same time its the responsibility of a human being to do what they think is right. Im not saying I right for all but I am right for me. If in the end Im wrong I will admit it and change or suffer the consequences.

      I personally know no one who has been hospitalized or died jabbed or unjabbed but I know a good number of people that has had the coof.

      As far as you Id say you probably did have it regardless of a test if you got tested and are asymptomatic. Or I could be wrong and somehow you repelled the coof, either way good on ya.

      The avg age of people who get covid is 32, hospitalized is 61, icu is 62 and the avg age of death by covid is 82.....know what the avg life expectancy is in Canada.....yep 82.

    • Daniel Lewandowski
      Daniel Lewandowski Hace 7 días +1

      @Ray Steel It’s disheartening. I wish I could laugh but seeing parents stripped of their right to access and that the measures have gone from pressuring to coercion to extortion so rapidly, I can not laugh. To see just how many people buy into the cognitive dissonance is depressing.

      It feels like a losing battle. I am not “vaccinated” nor is my wife. She got the coof and was just fine with a little pampering. Somehow, I did not get it. We slept together, kissed, watched movies… nothing for me. Wish I had gotten it. About the only safe ground that MAY remain is if you have antibodies… but that life raft is deflating quickly too. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  • BlackMamba Khan
    BlackMamba Khan Hace 9 días +281

    I wanna get my shot, but the CEO of Pfizer said the first 2 doses are "pretty much ineffective". Meaning if i get my first shot and wait 2 months for my second, by then Omicron would have done it's course. But it's okay because by march, there's gonna be an omicron specific vaccine (even though we all would be immune to it by then) and i'll just get that specific one. Then, when the other variant comes, i'll take the specific vaccine for that as well! I'm actually a part time clown as well!

    • First Last
      First Last Hace 6 días +1

      @RollinSomethingButiForgot Studios same for you. ☺

    • RollinSomethingButiForgot Studios
      RollinSomethingButiForgot Studios Hace 6 días

      @First Last no no just have fun. It's ESclips 🍻 hope the new year is starting out nicely

    • Valentina Ochitkov
      Valentina Ochitkov Hace 6 días

      And all following are same.

    • First Last
      First Last Hace 6 días

      @RollinSomethingButiForgot Studios will make sure to read fully before responding.

    • Sammy Buckle
      Sammy Buckle Hace 7 días

      You do not understand what you've read and its painfully obvious reading this.

  • Peter Veinot
    Peter Veinot Hace 9 días +118

    Doing the right thing means using common sense ....Healthy individuals do not need this " Shot "

    • Susan Teeter
      Susan Teeter Hace 7 días

      @Werd Ru actually 5.52 million dead globally says differently.

    • Werd Ru
      Werd Ru Hace 7 días +1

      Actually vaccines are really for weak or weakened immune systems the alternative is to do things to keep your immunity high.

    • Ol' Mate
      Ol' Mate Hace 8 días +4

      It was mild, totally blown out of proportion. If I said the v word so often I would get factchecked. May I suggest a place Mr Turd-O could put his boosters

    • Liberals are criminals Lying scum bags
      Liberals are criminals Lying scum bags Hace 8 días

      Trudeau is the best pm ever

    • Ray Steel
      Ray Steel Hace 9 días

      If sense was so common then everyone would have it, a better term is uncommon sense.

  • Charlene Twa
    Charlene Twa Hace 9 días +218

    The health care system has been overwhelmed for years..citizens of this country have been going outside this country for years for surgeries..the universities were full of students..where are all the graduates NOW?

    • scorpio
      scorpio Hace 5 días

      They follow the bigger pie.

    • Rodfel Deuxmilleun
      Rodfel Deuxmilleun Hace 7 días

      @Kyle Bunke "Justine" Trudeau is just a Daddy little "girl," whom the Liberal used his father outstanding family name in order to return to power, once that clown is gone, he'll be replaced by another one that will look like an adult ... For the time now, they give him the toys and the power that came with them, with the condition to stop playing and take care of business for the elite whenever he's ordered to ... and he's been doing just that since that fake elections where the Press got him back to power the same way they've got Uncle Joe to the top Post down south ...

    • Gambino
      Gambino Hace 7 días

      @Rodfel Deuxmilleun too bad its not realistic for the majority of people.

    • Gerry Davidson
      Gerry Davidson Hace 7 días +1

      @Rodfel Deuxmilleun and you will still be paying for Universal Healt Care.

    • Alexandra Golovenko
      Alexandra Golovenko Hace 7 días +2


  • Jack Sprat
    Jack Sprat Hace 9 días +74

    The pm should step down, or be helped down; one or the other...

    • scorpio
      scorpio Hace 7 días

      Yeah, the pm did well on his first two terms, which means there are two times voted for him over your satisfaction.

    • Porta Bote Coastal Cruising
      Porta Bote Coastal Cruising Hace 8 días +1

      @Leroi LaPue not to sudden. Let him dance a bit. He crapped on so many people. He has destroyed so many peoples lives. He deserves no mercy.

    • Leroi LaPue
      Leroi LaPue Hace 9 días +2

      a long drop and a sudden stop

    • Tomack Williams
      Tomack Williams Hace 9 días +1

      @V T I have an extra knoose

    • V T
      V T Hace 9 días +10

      Don’t forget the rope first

  • Bona Tshilombo
    Bona Tshilombo Hace 8 días +85

    What’s the fastest way to get rid of this guy? He’s not an expert in anything and this pandemic is the perfect opportunity for him to pretend to be an expert since the narratives are all based on politics and not science. He’s wagging his finger at citizens like he’s their parent. As of Trudeau cares more about peoples health or their children’s health than they do. He’s turning people against each and has made Canada a joke around the world. I’m typing this from abroad where everything is open where I live. I was out dancing salsa in a packed club last night. The Canadian media is compliant in creating an overreaction and not asking real questions to these politicians.

    • scorpio
      scorpio Hace 5 días

      How said he has to expert at everything, what prime minister or president, an expert at anything, they have an expert team exhort them about everything, it's not that he sits in the office picking off Rose Petals and say, should I or should I not, you saw Donald Trump always in conflicts with the pentagon because he wanted to do what's in his mind only and to credit everything he did to himself, those are the sick narcissistic people there.

    • Charlene Twa
      Charlene Twa Hace 5 días

      Have you ever lived in Canada?

    • jeanna grigorieva
      jeanna grigorieva Hace 6 días

      @SCOTT BAILS dont forget that only silver bullet will work!!!!!

    • Susan Teeter
      Susan Teeter Hace 7 días

      The dramatics are so below Canadians. Let's keep it real.

    • K M
      K M Hace 7 días +3

      Some rope and a tree should do

  • Jax Wizzle
    Jax Wizzle Hace 9 días +87

    This guy cant speak without lying.

      SCOTT BAILS Hace 6 días

      Good observation !!

    • purdybill
      purdybill Hace 7 días

      @Jax Wizzle - Why do you think getting a booster is an insult??

    • soleprobe
      soleprobe Hace 7 días +1

      @Jax Wizzle ignore the hired shills.... responding keeps them employed with tax dollars

    • Jax Wizzle
      Jax Wizzle Hace 7 días

      @purdybill aren't you late for your 4th booster bud?

    • purdybill
      purdybill Hace 7 días

      Neither can an anti vaccine muppet.

  • Maya F
    Maya F Hace 9 días +123

    I am calling all Canadians to wake up, it's in front of our faces for the past 2 years. Nothing here is about health. Please use your common sense and understand that you will never hear the truth in the media. It is very so sad to watch. please think for yourself, doubt everything you are told by the government and check the facts. We all want to be on the right side of history when this ends. Freedom to all.

    • soleprobe
      soleprobe Hace 7 días

      @M V I hope your problem eventually goes away.

    • Vadim Tsyganko
      Vadim Tsyganko Hace 7 días

      @Titania the best way is calm and silence sabotage all the decision of this failed state government.
      They told us in September that 80% of Canadians are fully vaccinated . That seemed weird. They still force people to get the vaccine , they would not do that If the declared rate was 80 or even 90 as of right now.
      False statements of failed government

    • M V
      M V Hace 7 días +1

      Anyone else find it harder to breath in -30C weather than before the double shot? Get all flemmy for an hour after I come inside which never happened in my life before. Must be coincidence right? *eye rolls*

    • S N
      S N Hace 7 días +1

      You are sooo right!

    • Titania
      Titania Hace 8 días +1

      Yes you're not the only one with active brain cells, but what are we supposed to do?
      Storm Government offices like the stupid people did in the USA?👎😡
      or stop working...oh yeah, we are already home twiddling thumbs 🤦🏼‍♀️
      Really... We voted, but more voted him back in.... there's not much more other than march 👍🙏🏻

  • Johnny Guenther
    Johnny Guenther Hace 9 días +160

    Good job parents for keeping your children from the Jab!

  • VikingMale
    VikingMale Hace 8 días +81

    This man should be in jail for crimes agains humanity. And his shares in the vaccine companies should be taken away.

  • CanadianCommando
    CanadianCommando Hace 9 días +51

    Willingness of public sector? Are you kidding?!! Threatening people with losing their job is not free will. Liars.

  • CanadianCommando
    CanadianCommando Hace 9 días +93

    He says incentive, but what he really means is restrictions. No Jab = No Job is not free choice.

    • Dick Fitzwell
      Dick Fitzwell Hace 6 días


      You scared boy?



    • Dick Fitzwell
      Dick Fitzwell Hace 7 días +1


      Nice try troll

      My comment was taken down, did you flag it punk ?

      You can spout your nonsense all you want, there is nothing you or the government can do to force us to take the needle.
      Does that infuriate you? Punk
      You are clearly out numbered


      You are the one that needs a government adminstered needle to feel safe from an exaggerated cold lol
      And you call me scared 😱


    • STONE
      STONE Hace 7 días +1

      @Dick Fitzwell you Scared Boy!!!

    • STONE
      STONE Hace 7 días +1

      @Dick Fitzwell your name and location please x_____________________

    • Dick Fitzwell
      Dick Fitzwell Hace 7 días +1


      Care to call us rodents our face?

  • Allen Cook
    Allen Cook Hace 8 días +159

    Trudeau thanked me for being a front line worker and paying my taxes since I was 14 (now 52) by termination of employment. Trudeau will give CERB out as well as help businesses and give immigrants financial aid which I believe in but won't help a CANADIAN CITIZEN who has paid his taxes since the age of 14 ( I'm now 52). My E.I. is held 'under review' two months now. Can anyone from Government explain?

    • Sam J-B
      Sam J-B Hace 6 días

      @Steve As well, if you understood the slightest thing about statistics you would understand that there is a majority of the population that is vaccinated. Therefore, proportionally, there may be a larger number of people infected however it’s a significant proportion from the unvaccinated population that is in the hospital.

    • Sam J-B
      Sam J-B Hace 6 días

      @Steve I didn’t say it was “unique” but it is evidently resistant to this particular vaccine. And a bunch of vaccines do not completely prevent transmission.

    • Steve
      Steve Hace 6 días

      @Sam J-B it’s not a unique Covid virus like sars or previous others but clearly your well informed “bud” 🤣 is it the virus or the absolutely ineffective vaccine …the one with 79% vaccinated in the hospital …..but clearly you have this figured out

    • Sam J-B
      Sam J-B Hace 6 días

      @Steve Yeah, because this particular virus is different from the other ones, and is more transmissible. It’s basic evolutionary science bud

    • Steve
      Steve Hace 6 días

      @Sam J-B but they are not reducing any transmission unlike any vaccine before

  • wone motie
    wone motie Hace 9 días +91

    If his lips are moving he's lying.

  • Rose
    Rose Hace 9 días +39

    heard 4th dose coming in March then booster in summer followed by 5th dose in fall

  • Tom McD
    Tom McD Hace 9 días +59

    Who needs an Economy when you have a nanny government

    • soleprobe
      soleprobe Hace 7 días

      @Werd Ru sustained by intrn'l financial parasites

    • Werd Ru
      Werd Ru Hace 7 días +2

      It's not a government, it's a cult.

  • Terri Barton
    Terri Barton Hace 9 días +68

    Please provide an explanation that makes sense on how this is a pandemic of the vaccine free. They are the healthiest group

    • Stan Weaver
      Stan Weaver Hace 7 días

      @Daniel Lewandowski yep, I went to one so he could confirm whether or not I was successful in getting the embedded object out of my eye, and also got scanned to confirm that the pain in my side was a kidney stone which I passed ten days later. I thank them for their assistance and don’t burden them with unnecessary chores.
      So far I haven’t been a part of the problem that I am quite logically being blamed for. I have worked every day through this pandemic and ran a business every day, employing people for thirty years because I can “often be a racist, misogynist,or right wing conspiracy theorist”, so I’m told.
      Thanks Justin! Your encouragement has given me the heart to do the right thing and to forgo my heathen ways of looking after myself and others, instead I will now get the mandated procedure and fulfill my duty to society as you have decided I should.
      All hail our wise and humble leader.

    • Daniel Lewandowski
      Daniel Lewandowski Hace 8 días +5

      I have been to the doctor a total of 1 time in two years. I screwed up my ankle and needed a note for work so I could rest it a bit. I’m not a burden because I’m not vaxxed. What a scapegoat argument that is, eh?

    • rado van
      rado van Hace 8 días +2

      Quackxine are only contributing to demise of your immune system!Apparently nobody has isolated this "bad Sars-2 virus,yet.Pandemic of fraudulent PCR test!

    • Jax Wizzle
      Jax Wizzle Hace 9 días +11

      Going to the doctor with zero symptoms, going to the hospital with mild symptoms, booking up jab appointments, the vaxxed are the ones delaying other procedures... the vaxxed are the burden on the healthcare system.... not us.

    • JJ Evans
      JJ Evans Hace 9 días +7

      Pandemic of poor leadership

  • N
    N Hace 9 días +113


    • N
      N Hace 4 días


    • purdybill
      purdybill Hace 7 días

      Your silly rant would have a little more impact with correct spelling… oh and whose resignation is Trudeau demanding? 😂😂😂😂

    • Eternal River
      Eternal River Hace 8 días +4

      Yes he should f-off. Like his wife did last year

  • ray smith
    ray smith Hace 8 días +21

    Why do I feel like I need a restraining order listening to this?

    BLACK OPS. BOWHUNTER Hace 8 días +32

    The only press conference I want to see is when this Tyrant announces his resignation.

    • John Browne
      John Browne Hace 7 días

      Oh happy day!

    • datbtrue
      datbtrue Hace 7 días

      Agreed 100% !

      BLACK OPS. BOWHUNTER Hace 7 días +1

      @Lara Pisicoli that would be even better, and high treason.

    • Lara Pisicoli
      Lara Pisicoli Hace 7 días +2

      Or that he will be brought to justice for crimes against humanity

  • Joseph
    Joseph Hace 7 días +52

    Honestly if I didn’t see a video of Obama and Bill Gates six years ago predicting this day, I would’ve took the jab .

    • scorpio
      scorpio Hace 7 días +1

      when you see trouble, look for Israel and the united states of America.

    • Nadis Energy
      Nadis Energy Hace 7 días +3

      I'm glad you didn't!

    • dan van damme
      dan van damme Hace 7 días +11

      Bill used this as an opportunity to use the pandemic to his advantage. It's sort of strange how he's a contributor to the world economic forum which main slogan is you'll own nothing and be happy by 2030. They needed any virus that came next to the globe and turn into something its really not to divide the wealth gap. it's funny how Bill gates put's 300 million dollars into left winged mainstream media to promote the message that covid is extremely dangerous while he buys up all the farmland from farmers. All the banks have to do is keep printing trillions out of thin air is basically counterfeit money inflating and taxing everything because cooooovid is so dangerous. People are gonna lose their property their jobs etc etc and the elites will run everything it will be a communist world!! I cant wait!!

  • Yelena Lenskay
    Yelena Lenskay Hace 7 días +11

    "Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.”

    - George Orwell

    • Loqutis Borg
      Loqutis Borg Hace 7 días

      Mr. Orwell would be so proud (or shocked) of/by Justin.

  • garry leonhardt
    garry leonhardt Hace 8 días +91

    He should be announcing his resignation

    Let's Go Brandeau

  • John C
    John C Hace 9 días +47

    I hear the desperation in his voice....his time is short

    • Ken Tillotson
      Ken Tillotson Hace 9 días +5

      yes NUREMBERG 2023...

  • campion04
    campion04 Hace 8 días +60

    What a great guy mr. Perfect hair is. Did he mention the aid is only for “compliant” and “right thinking” businesses?

    • campion04
      campion04 Hace 7 días

      @Avery Krenz what about them? Be thankful mr perfect hair did have then imprisoned for your disobedience. That’s what about them.

    • Avery Krenz
      Avery Krenz Hace 7 días +5

      Literally , only businesses? Why? What about the people you fired ?

  • Jonathan Gould
    Jonathan Gould Hace 9 días +33

    Everyone line up for your fourth dose 🤡

  • Tom Bryant
    Tom Bryant Hace 7 días +12

    So, in lieu of pursuing the loan, can I just not pay any remittances? Keep my money in my business account instead of giving him half, then getting some back, then keeping a bit and repaying the thieves most of it? The Canadian tax programs are ridiculous.

  • lloyd munga
    lloyd munga Hace 7 días +13

    Can anyone tell me the death stats for the new variant?
    It's weird that since this started, they were waving the death stats in our faces, but now they're not.

    Since they haven't told us the number of deaths I can only assume there are none.

    • Abnorm
      Abnorm Hace 7 días

      @lloyd munga I'm on your side of things , but math isn't a principal science

    • lloyd munga
      lloyd munga Hace 7 días

      I didn't know about the tax scam, but of course, if anyone xcould get away with it, it would be someone with a high level of governmental power.

      I know he runs his foundation the same way as the Clintons so he can take huge sums of money to launder that he otherwise would go to jail for. It's a fairly common practice for people of his position .

      I also know his father invested heavily in Saudi oil ; it's probably a large part of his trust portfolio .
      The guy is a walking conflict of interest

    • Igor M
      Igor M Hace 7 días +1

      After the CDC admitted 75% of the "covid deaths" are actually elderly and / or with 4 or more co-morbilities....
      They cant run on that narrative again, so they change it.

      Tredou is a sleasy weasel sleasbag, cant believe i was a fan of him in my younger years, YUCK!!! The most corrupt politician ever.

      Did you know he is the first pm that had a big BIG BIG tax fraud scam with a construction company?

    • soleprobe
      soleprobe Hace 7 días +1

      Canada's population has grown by almost 1 mil throughout the scamdemic and the average age of death from covid is around the same as the average life expectancy.

    • lloyd munga
      lloyd munga Hace 7 días +2

      It's actually 99.998 percent . 1/5 of 1 percent.

      This is calculated by dividing the total Canadian population by the number of covid deaths .... so if you could liken it to anything medical:

      The chances of dying from covid is the same as a woman on the birth control pill using it as prescribed by a doctor getting pregnant.

      Follow the science . Math is science .

  • Mike D.C.
    Mike D.C. Hace 7 días +20

    He dodges the answers like he's always done. I'm a pensioner and since the beginning of the pandemic Trudeau gave me $300 to help me through. The money (two months late in arriving) did squat. Not sure if this guy ever stepped into a grocery store or purchased medicine or taken public transportation. Yet he bailed and will again bail big corporations most likely companies like food chains, auto makers or telecom providers to help them sustain the loss of business even though they can easily afford while I had to settle for a mere $300. Honestly, The Right Honourable Justin Selfie should step down.

  • Anthony Attard
    Anthony Attard Hace 8 días +27

    this increases inflation, more currency printed or I should say typed, the less value it has,........ all by design.

    • Susan Teeter
      Susan Teeter Hace 7 días

      Canada doesn't print money on demand. If we did do you really think we'd carry debt... would anyone.

  • J L
    J L Hace 8 días +17

    "We will own everything, and you will be happy".

  • Crazy Animal Family
    Crazy Animal Family Hace 9 días +151

    As someone who's family is mainly Indigenous,
    (I myself am a Proud Half Breed:)
    I have been taught as well as learned first hand to NEVER Trust in the government OR their health officials.
    All you need to do is look around our World today and listen to the constant falsehoods , half truths and fabrications to know these our words of wisdom to live by!
    I know I do:)

    (And Shockingly enough me and mine and everyone we know and everyone they know and everyone they know and on and on and on... Are Perfectly fine.)

    Take Care and God Bless All ☦️
    (Or if you lean towards atheism)
    Take Care and Best Wishes ❤️
    (In these insane times we are All going to need it!)

    • jeanna grigorieva
      jeanna grigorieva Hace 6 días


    • s mitchell
      s mitchell Hace 6 días

      schools are drugggies

    • Saski McGootch
      Saski McGootch Hace 7 días +1

      Stay strong!

    • Harriet brown
      Harriet brown Hace 7 días +1

      you are blessed to live in a community of people like you, I feel like "the other" in mine...

    • s mitchell
      s mitchell Hace 8 días

      There is no such race as Native American .

  • Darren Porter
    Darren Porter Hace 7 días +9

    More than half of Children not vaccinated. Well done parents. They are not at risk. Most my vaccinated friends got Omnicron and it's very mild

    • Darren Porter
      Darren Porter Hace 5 días

      @Dave Whittingstall The EU just released official report saying continued jabs could reduce bodies immunity.

    • Dave Whittingstall
      Dave Whittingstall Hace 6 días +1

      You will be getting booster after boosters and eventually you may wake up to find your health gone and you have covid again This is all a bunch of crap and Adolf Trudeau is nothing but a huge liar

  • Jay Beaton
    Jay Beaton Hace 9 días +22

    The pandemic of bamboozled.

  • bontronblock
    bontronblock Hace 8 días +12

    Anyone ever try and pay back 60k in 3 years? How is that possible lol. If you can earn that much you wouldn't need the loan in the first place.

  • Miss Creature
    Miss Creature Hace 9 días +26

    the majority of comments TELL ME SO MUCH. Media is HEAVILY skewing 99% of information. I feel more at peace now.

    • Jessica Cathleen
      Jessica Cathleen Hace 8 días +4

      The comments are like this on every media platform for all news outlets. Alot of them turn off the comments on every post now because of it😳

  • Elecjester
    Elecjester Hace 8 días +33

    great, more bailouts for businesses, and yet still nothing for disabled, destitute, or the working poor, who have all struggled the most during this pandemic and yet, are helped the least. ODSP & Social Service programs haven't been given a raise in decades, yet the price on everything goes up every year. rent is especially ridiculous right now. landlords need to be capped, since their greed obviously knows no bounds. TLDR: try helping some poor people too once in awhile & not just helping out all your rich friends. thanks!

    • Pray Unceasingly
      Pray Unceasingly Hace 5 días

      You as well, God bless you

    • scorpio
      scorpio Hace 5 días +1

      @Pray Unceasingly Thank you, sir, but it was your smart thinking that made me elaborate on some points. best of life for you.

    • Pray Unceasingly
      Pray Unceasingly Hace 5 días

      Good points!

    • scorpio
      scorpio Hace 5 días +1

      @Pray Unceasingly Manufacture more for sure, but we are way behind in manufactures, we have manufacturing franchises, but we don't have a whole lot manufacturing brand to our name, we build Crysler cars, siemens, Walmart, HomeDepo, extra, those all American names, franchised to Canada, have you ever had an argument with American and said to you, (If it wasn't for America, Canada doesn't exist on the map) lol, in the other token, not all the immigrants that were accepted in Canada are poor and living on the welfare as many thinks, that's not true, many of the Iraqis and Syrians came with their money, opened businesses, houses are built to house them, they escaped death, and they're thankful to be saved in Canada or America, Germany, Netherlands, soo many of them educated and skillful, let alone other immigrants from China, Pakistan, India, Morocco.

    • Pray Unceasingly
      Pray Unceasingly Hace 5 días

      I think mass immigration favors the big corporations economically by creating a consumer economy rather than helping the people as a whole. As well, we need to manufacture more rather than import more.

  • Janine
    Janine Hace 9 días +35

    Leave the children alone you smucks!

  • Art 4.
    Art 4. Hace 7 días +6

    Buying people with people's money at an interest should be considered criminal or certified middle man at this point of economic management pathology

  • Jay Beaton
    Jay Beaton Hace 9 días +43

    He really does want to bring our country to its knees.

    • soleprobe
      soleprobe Hace 7 días +1

      that's the plan of his bosses who are intrn'l financial parasites... bankrupt all western nations

    • Werd Ru
      Werd Ru Hace 7 días

      That's the plan.

    • Carlos Fasano
      Carlos Fasano Hace 8 días +5

      You mean to its grave

  • Farin Shore
    Farin Shore Hace 7 días +8

    I think, given his past behaviors, that it is inappropriate for the Prime Minister to bully the unvaccinated by calling them racist. Take's one to know one Mr Prime Minister?

    • Werd Ru
      Werd Ru Hace 7 días +1

      It's called confessional projection.

  • Kyle McCormick
    Kyle McCormick Hace 7 días +7

    Stand up and fight. United together, we the people hold the power. Enough is enough.

  • Jack Cameron
    Jack Cameron Hace 8 días +37

    Trudeau is not Canadian. These comments gives me hope that Canadians are awake and see this Chi-Com operator for what he really is.

    • Abnorm
      Abnorm Hace 7 días +1

      @Prove I’m a rapist or leave me alone!😜 You think they count the votes , too cute

    • Prove I’m a rapist or leave me alone!😜
      Prove I’m a rapist or leave me alone!😜 Hace 7 días

      I’m pretty sure he is Canadian. Duh he’s the prime minister of Canada so I’m pretty sure u have to be Canadian to be prime minister. If there was an election called tomorrow Trudeau would win , and he’s not gonna lose til he can’t run no more, then the conservatives will win power. Same ole same ole.

  • Special Levo
    Special Levo Hace 9 días +21

    Why is half the Canadian News about Covid and in the US they could care less?

    • Horsemadmomski
      Horsemadmomski Hace 8 días

      @Paul K exactly, both owned by big pharma

    • Locked in with Lovebirds
      Locked in with Lovebirds Hace 9 días +2

      @Paul K *manipulating and propagandizing
      Fixed that for you

    • Paul K
      Paul K Hace 9 días +3

      Our news is just an extension of the government. It's their way of communicating to canadians.

    • Locked in with Lovebirds
      Locked in with Lovebirds Hace 9 días +5

      Because our media is bought off to the tune of a billion dollars and he purchased 11 doses per Canadian. Not sure whos taking them all mind you. I know lots of doublee jabbed that will not take a booster or any other shots.

  • Andrew Lapensee
    Andrew Lapensee Hace 9 días +36

    im surprised he didnt quote Adolph again..

  • Andrew Lapensee
    Andrew Lapensee Hace 9 días +28

    trudeau is the type of person to admire china for their american chinese food.... lmao

  • Oh No Get Out!
    Oh No Get Out! Hace 9 días +43

    Look at the duper’s delight on JTs face!

    • Leroi LaPue
      Leroi LaPue Hace 9 días +12

      I think he needs to be thrown in general pop at the nearest prison let the inmates take care of this pedo!

  • The Great Novel
    The Great Novel Hace 7 días +5

    I wouldn’t have fired much needed health care workers unless I wanted the crisis to continue

  • Pura Vida
    Pura Vida Hace 8 días +60

    We are imprisoned in Canada, if we want to leave this tyranny, this is just sad and sick.

    • Abnorm
      Abnorm Hace 7 días +1

      @scorpio if you don't learn from history youre doomed to repeat it

    • scorpio
      scorpio Hace 7 días

      LOL, tyranny? at least you're still alive. and if you rather be dead, you don't have to pass your infection to other people, that's not tyranny, that's looking after its own citizens.

    • Kenn Kennedy
      Kenn Kennedy Hace 7 días

      @hugolafhugolaf GET A JOB ....and earn a living, save and invest in property and your god given talents

    • hugolafhugolaf
      hugolafhugolaf Hace 7 días

      @Kenn Kennedy We voted barely 6 months ago. I voted against the liberals. I did what I could. How can I «defy» a government decision to spend my tax money?

    • Kenn Kennedy
      Kenn Kennedy Hace 7 días +6

      you have to take the bull by the horns and not concede to tyranny, grow a set of balls......defiance before compliance.. fight for your freedom

  • Jebo Teya
    Jebo Teya Hace 7 días +3

    "As a federal government we will be there to make sure everyone gets vaccinated"
    In other words, one way or another, you will force everyone to be vaccinated

  • Louise Desjardins
    Louise Desjardins Hace 7 días +10

    These leaders have failed Canadians. We need to stand together and say no to mandates and anything that violates our rights in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They are disgusting human beings.

    • scorpio
      scorpio Hace 4 días

      @Louise Desjardins Hi again, Louise you do have rights and freedom in the country but we have 70% of freedom, thank God for that, because the 30% freedom out parents the government use it to protect us from ourselves and others, Louise if you were in a boat and someone with a hammer and chisel digging holes under his spot, inevitably he's gonna sick the boat, are you stop him or let him, because that's his spot, or do you wanna confront him and harm your self, or you rather the captain take charge and stop that guy, this is what the government is doing to protect us, you simply say the magic world, by law, look at the mess Donald Trump did his people, they literally fistfights in shopping centres between wearing the masks and refuse to wear the mask. thank god we don't have 100% freedom, and I'm sure you don't catch a creepy stranger recording you in public and telling you he has the right of doing so in public, as the Americas do.p/s, if I became nuisances to you, you can tell me to stop writing you my comments. and I wish you well.

    • scorpio
      scorpio Hace 4 días

      @Susan Teeter I agree with you 100%.

    • Louise Desjardins
      Louise Desjardins Hace 7 días

      @Susan Teeter Rights and Freedoms in the Charter are human rights by law. It does not state in the Charter that your right to life, liberty and bodily integrity except when government leaders say No you don't have those rights anymore. Read the Charter. Mandates and vaccines won't stop Covid so don't violate my rights to try and make yourself have a false sense of safety.

    • Susan Teeter
      Susan Teeter Hace 7 días

      Overall Canada's done quite well compared to many others. Disagreement with their actions is just that. Thinking you and you alone are right is not only ludicrous but infringes upon our freedoms. Voice your opinion, make your choices, live the freedoms you are lucky enough to enjoy but don't try trampling on mine while you do. Unnecessary panic yes, but don't confuse that with caution and protecting our health system, as over extended and poorly managed as it is during normal times.

    • Bruce Elliott
      Bruce Elliott Hace 7 días

      I wouldn't call them human, more like pathological evil monsters.

  • Alex F
    Alex F Hace 8 días +25

    He calls it an incentive. It’s actually a giant credit that business fell for and now in 4th lockdown. Good luck with that loan payment. They want to rid the small business man. Their plan worked.

    • soleprobe
      soleprobe Hace 7 días

      A government controlled by intrn'l financial parasites uses more debt as the solution

    • datbtrue
      datbtrue Hace 7 días

      Why do they want Jeff Bezos to break some Asian record for richest Man, highest exponential risings or other?

  • Frankythechops
    Frankythechops Hace 9 días +28

    This is evil

  • Ron Jones
    Ron Jones Hace 9 días +31

    When does he start talking to kids directly? Cannot stomach this whole thing.

    • soleprobe
      soleprobe Hace 7 días +1

      he already has and it's illegal to market pharmaceuticals directly to consumers in Canada let alone kids. We have a law enforcement crisis in Canada not a health one.

  • icu2
    icu2 Hace 9 días +26

    👎👎👎 I want my life back!!!

  • davidbrennan5
    davidbrennan5 Hace 9 días +29

    did JT resign yet?

    • Madman X
      Madman X Hace 8 días

      @g cotta it will be my first time going to parliament hill
      And celebrating in peace and in joy !

    • g cotta
      g cotta Hace 9 días +3

      No, he's waiting until indicted CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

  • Ean Erickson
    Ean Erickson Hace 7 días +17

    He just changed the rules for truckers after the Americans told him what they are doing.

  • Pura Vida
    Pura Vida Hace 8 días +21

    I will protect my children from this with my life. The charter and constitution of this country dictates this.

  •  Love Today Lisa ♡
    Love Today Lisa ♡  Hace 7 días +4

    haha i love how we all think the government is going to give up an inch of control now that we all agreed to give them full power over our lives.

  • Cole S Law
    Cole S Law Hace 9 días +27

    All Actors creating theatrics.

  • Alexandra  Roels
    Alexandra Roels Hace 9 días +23

    Addictions drugs 1rst 2nd 3, 4, 5 then you be addicted and going to be worst than heroine.🤣

  • Gloria Vinez
    Gloria Vinez Hace 7 días +4

    When people stop engaging and pretending to be dumb like they do things will then change.


  • Nada Ostojic
    Nada Ostojic Hace 9 días +32

    Just more lies and threats.. (yawn )

  • CPGJ
    CPGJ Hace 7 días +10

    I’m not sure if this is just a bad dream I won’t wake up from.

    • Saski McGootch
      Saski McGootch Hace 7 días

      For real...

    • Werd Ru
      Werd Ru Hace 7 días

      According to Clif High, the pandemic phase should soon be over with a big mike drop.

  • Ifrah Omar
    Ifrah Omar Hace 9 días +17

    How about you do the right thing and step down!

  • Rennie Terbogt
    Rennie Terbogt Hace 8 días +5


  • Brian Stoner
    Brian Stoner Hace 8 días +13

    If you put this science experiment in your kids arms your a bad parent

    • Daniel Lewandowski
      Daniel Lewandowski Hace 8 días +1

      Not according to Quebec family court. If you don’t get it yourself you’re a bad parent and should be separated from your children.

  • Cameron Dunn
    Cameron Dunn Hace 9 días +10


    • purdybill
      purdybill Hace 7 días

      @Dav Vez - Rebellion… 😂😂😂😂

    • Daniel Lewandowski
      Daniel Lewandowski Hace 8 días

      I’m mean this kindly… quit looking for govt help. Get off the teat. Quit the job that isn’t giving you hours. Pound the pavement. Lots of places can’t find help.

    • Dav Vez
      Dav Vez Hace 9 días +4

      dude i suggest you grab a rifle and wait for the ultimate rebellion, do you really think he cares about civilian individuals others then his own party or family.......

  • Good 4 Life
    Good 4 Life Hace 7 días +4

    Don't complain when inflation spirals out of control from the infinite amount of money printing and give aways

  • Mike Kavalerchik
    Mike Kavalerchik Hace 8 días +7

    This is the first time in my life that the Canadian flags in the background are creeping me out

  • Daniel La Breche
    Daniel La Breche Hace 8 días +42

    Stand up my Canadians for the real land of the free. We must unite and say no now before our freedom are gone! Oh Canada I stand in Gaurd for thee

  • Pura Vida
    Pura Vida Hace 8 días +3

    Because, we should believe, this man has so much integrity?

  • J.C. Nightwalker
    J.C. Nightwalker Hace 6 días +1

    To whom it may concern:

    How did we develop these vaccines so fast? How do we know that they are safe down the road? Why has Ontario decided not to report school infections? How is it okay that the big companies/organizations are getting vulgarly filthy rich while we get deeper and deeper in debt?
    Why is it when we ask these simple questions we get the rhetoric answers?
    An interested voter.

  • Ken Tillotson
    Ken Tillotson Hace 9 días +23

    desperate Prime minister...
    more desperate action coming..

  • Senvia
    Senvia Hace 9 días +10

    Hey let’s vaccinate during a pandemic than wonder why there’s variants lol

    • Porta Bote Coastal Cruising
      Porta Bote Coastal Cruising Hace 8 días +3

      So true. Worst time to introduce a vaccination. They knew it as well but went forward in any case.

  • Kiimbo Sliice
    Kiimbo Sliice Hace 8 días +16

    its ok everyone work harder so your taxes get spent on people who don't deserve this extension its a bonus because all the foreign families that don't pay taxes for years and are granted small business loans and free college educations need more more more canada cares just not about its indigenous or born citizens lets keep this up we loving it

  • Justin Zoskey
    Justin Zoskey Hace 9 días +18

    Leave the kids out of this!!!!

  • Dragonfly
    Dragonfly Hace 7 días +3

    Government is breaking the law. They have no legal grounds to suspend mobility rights which are protected by the Charter and NOT susceptible to “notwithstanding clause”

    • So Johnny....
      So Johnny.... Hace 7 días

      Did u know even in a state of emgerancy they can't stop mobility or voting rights.

    • soleprobe
      soleprobe Hace 7 días

      let alone destroying livelihoods, forcing people to ingest drugs and direct to consumer (children) advertising of pharmaceuticals which is illegal in Canada and only legal in the US with risk disclaimers.

  • filk07
    filk07 Hace 3 días +1

    Doing the right thing is an individual decision not lining up like sheep

  • Andrew Pearce
    Andrew Pearce Hace 7 días +2

    Just buuuuurning through the monies. Should be interesting to see how much we've lost compared to other countries that didn't go tyrannical

  • Joanne Poulin
    Joanne Poulin Hace 9 días +14

    Your making omicron worse than what it is.

  • Amir Mohajerani
    Amir Mohajerani Hace 9 días +2

    We need to use AI and cyber patients in our medical schools to train new doctors ready for future pandemics.

    • Abnorm
      Abnorm Hace 7 días +1

      That sounds like it came out of Klaus swabs mouth

  • Dawn Steil Verch
    Dawn Steil Verch Hace 7 días +3

    Lets spend the money appropriately and efficiently to bolster the health system, not impinging on the rights of Canadians, and ignoring natural immunity. See Africa.

  • omicron delta
    omicron delta Hace 9 días +45

    In hospital but not the ICU

    fully vaccinated: 1813
    why are 1813 people who aren't in danger consuming precious hospital resources if they don't need it?

    • Britney
      Britney Hace 8 días

      - this is not encouraging but coercions.

    • Britney
      Britney Hace 8 días +3

      - this is not encouraging but coercions. When families are breaking a part, young people committing suicide and no one is allowed to go any where without the choice to chose what goes in your body the all freedoms are gone. The same scheme was used in Nazi and communist countries and now our government have began to adopt. This government never cared about the health of other countries when Ebola hit and killed many people but once a virus hit our shores all of a sudden we care what happens to our neighbors! What a bunch of crap. Time the people see the truth for what it is. Every ones knows if more people are vaccinated seeing the vaccinated are supposedly protected from the unvaccinated yet we all know that is not what's happening. The a chanted are still getting infected not from just the unvaccinated but rather from still those who been vaccinated. Now due to the government knowing their method did not work they now want to blame the unvaccinated other than than themselves. Someone is getting something else out of getting people vaccinated otherwise there wouldn't be this push to vaccinate everyone. Pfizer and all the companies have the government by the balls because Pfizer have donations going to the government and so it you pay and I will pay you. After all look at all the health workers who survived covid all these 2 years and built up an immunity and still remain working and in which they were the heroes but the government is making a mockery of them cause some chose not to get vaccinated. How can a country like Canada who's people who immigrated here for freedom and liberty now have agreed to go backwards into socialism and Nazism. And allow their children to become so ignorant of the passed to allow their own rights to taken away or be bribed. Goes to show how easily one can be bought and sold. No backbone, just jellyfishes left. Don't this k the government isn't in this for power, riches or fame. Follow the money people!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray Steel
    Ray Steel Hace 9 días +7

    Truckers mandate has been halted, maybe a sign of better news to come for the rest of us?

    I stand corrected its back on again. Food will be more scarce and prices will rise so better go grab a few things before things change for the worse.

  • Oh No Get Out!
    Oh No Get Out! Hace 9 días +18

    Klaus Schwab let my people GO!

    • purdybill
      purdybill Hace 7 días

      Ah.. the new bogeyman for the anti vaccine crowd. 😂😂😂

  • 1 AB
    1 AB Hace 9 días +11

    Lol, like that's going to help when their business goes under

  • reverendjim
    reverendjim Hace 4 días

    trudeau reminds me of Ceauşescu. and the way he is going i cant really see it ending any other way.

  • Kevin Bamwoya
    Kevin Bamwoya Hace 3 días

    He is fine with giving money to business and sit back and watch people struggle to survive.
    The the rich don't care about the poor.

  • TheToledoTrumpton
    TheToledoTrumpton Hace 7 días +1

    Well, Canada is very lucky in that a lot of its electricity is Hydro, so a lot of the inflationary pressure from oil is lost. They also have a lot of commodities that inflate faster than manufactured goods. This means that if Canada is as poor as everyone else the government is doing a lousy job, but it doesn't seem like it.

    The other thing is that the standard of living in Canada is absolutely dreadful in the winter. Shut down bars and restaurants, deny foreign travel, and you have the most dire of austerity measures to counter any inflation.

    However, Canadians love to spend on the big stuff, houses, vacations, cars, boats, cottages and the rest, and go wild in the summer. It is going to take longer for people in Canada to be crippled financially, but when it does come it is going to be brutal, and it is going to be interesting to see if Canadians will maintain their politeness when it happens.

  • ferrari bandit
    ferrari bandit Hace 8 días +6

    we need to start sending better people to Ottawa, 2023? Nothing left if Trudeau stays on course, Canada will be finished next week anyway, supply lines are stressed as it is, but for a few racist unvaccinated Canadians he is willing to cut off trucking routes, let's sit back and see how that works out.

    • Marcia Beaton
      Marcia Beaton Hace 8 días +1

      I think "misogynistic" was in there also...😒

  • V V
    V V Hace 7 días +1

    countries are dropping travel restrictions into their countires , Canada ? Still shutting down.

  • blondeshea12
    blondeshea12 Hace 7 días

    I had my son in a hall way he’s 29 all rooms were full . Health care is always back logged .

  • R D
    R D Hace 7 días +2

    Shut them down, give them loans to survive and when things open they are further behind...... Trudeau is a tool.

  • Raven Morningstar
    Raven Morningstar Hace 8 días +2

    Its like before he walked out the said find as many ways to say "get vaccinated" idk how many times he said it

  • Mental Philanthropist
    Mental Philanthropist Hace 7 días +10

    I'm sure Wal mart, costco, and every chain store will get the help they need. To bad about the little guy, I'm guessing the next step is to challenge the charter- just like his old man.