Prince Andrew stripped of military titles, duties in "unprecedented" move for Royal Family

  • Publicado el 12 ene 2022
  • The stripping of Prince Andrew of his military titles and Royal patronages was an unprecedented move by Queen Elizabeth II, ET Canada's royal commentator Jamie Samhan told Global News on Thursday, saying the Queen had her reputation to defend and had there was no other choice.

    Samhan said it was a huge move, especially since it's said Andrew is one of the Queen's favourite children, so for her to do this it would have taken a lot of discussion before the move was made.

    On Wednesday, Andrew's lawyers failed to persuade a U.S. judge to dismiss Virginia Giuffre's civil lawsuit against him.

    The following day, more than 150 veterans signed an open letter calling for the Queen to strip her son the prince of his military titles, which Buckingham Palace announced she had done just that. It also said he would not continue to undertake any public duties and would defend the case against him as a private citizen.

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Comentarios • 171

  • Johnny Shanksalot
    Johnny Shanksalot Hace 8 días +13

    He'll either be shut up before he can squeal or threatened into silence. Remember what the Florida prosecutor said about why he gave JE a sweetheart deal for unspeakable crimes against children in a state that gives 99 years for even a PHOTO: "I was told to leave it alone, that he's intelligence." Our system is the opposite of a meritocracy, it's a Kakistocracy (rule by the absolute worst people in a society).

  • Peter K
    Peter K Hace 8 días +20

    God save the Teen.

  • Question Everything
    Question Everything Hace 8 días +8

    Isn’t this treating him like he’s guilty, even before the trail has started?

    • Canada Primero
      Canada Primero Hace 5 días

      you don't know

    • Nerdelbaum Frink
      Nerdelbaum Frink Hace 8 días

      And I can think of a big old reason for that. Or an underage one in this case.

  • rae0521
    rae0521 Hace 8 días +9

    "Oh when will this all end?" asks the Queen.
    "When you die" says I.
    I predict that Charles just may be the last British Monarch. That institution was built on an illusion and, like magic, once all is revealed, the illusion disappears. It was a good run and established a few grand traditions. Unfortunately, most of them are simply no longer relevant to today's world. Charles is unlikely to hold things together as well as his mother did... that's not to blame him but her "time" was a different time. Andrew's shenanigans a century ago would never have seen the light of day. Today, they'll hang him (figuratively speaking).

  • TAM Kelly
    TAM Kelly Hace 8 días +2

    Awkward how she waited until the Judge refused to dismiss the case!! Would have made a better point if she had done it before hand! 🤔 🤔🤔

  • bobbyvh786
    bobbyvh786 Hace un día +1

    The Royals are beginning to show their true colours. It is time for the world to realize all these people really are and sever ties with them Way to go Barbados

  • Ritchie
    Ritchie Hace 8 días +23

    Oh his life will never be the same because he's lost all of his titles it's so harsh pfft it's all made up junk anyways smh

  • matt o'sullivan
    matt o'sullivan Hace 8 días +3

    For Christmas. my daughter bought me one square foot in County Keery, Ireland. The certificate said I was now an Irish Lord. The Queen of England just took Andrew's titles away. Does that mean he has to bow and scrape and call me "Your Lordship?" That would be cool

    • Day Dreamer
      Day Dreamer Hace 8 días

      Ireland has no royal claim over England. Now, had you a title in Manchester ...

  • The Irishman
    The Irishman Hace 8 días +8

    Game over for Andrew 😂😂😂😂

  • Suresh Prabhu
    Suresh Prabhu Hace 8 días +6

    Does Andrew have his own "personal" money to pay for this lawsuit settlement?

    • Owr Bright
      Owr Bright Hace 8 días +2

      He is rich. They have personal gold and Diamond mines in Africa.

  • Debbie Lamb
    Debbie Lamb Hace 8 días +8

    Love it good job Q

  • K C
    K C Hace 8 días +3

    So he got kicked out of the Club and loses his privileged immunity, and now a Subject like the rest of us?

  • Ellen Barnette
    Ellen Barnette Hace 8 días +5

    Thank God thank you Queen We love you

    • Jim Dent
      Jim Dent Hace un día

      @$ They didn't just disappear. They were allegedly taken by the one Kelly Barnette claims to love. Little does Ellen know, Andrew has inherited his appetite for youth.

    • Owr Bright
      Owr Bright Hace 8 días

      @$ the all the stolen ressources in the so called COMMONWEALTH

    • $
      $ Hace 8 días +5

      Ask her about indigenous children that disappeared in BC.

  • DhammaDina
    DhammaDina Hace 8 días +2

    This is but a slap on the hand! Pathetic!

  • Claire Sadlowski
    Claire Sadlowski Hace 8 días +5

    Good. He's despicable.

  • Bean Trader
    Bean Trader Hace 6 días

    there's so much pain & betrayal in this travesty. the root of this wickedness is self hate, which turns outward toward hating others. here's a young girl that is telling the world of her brokeness, victimization, need to be honored, all of us want. here's a man, now treated as a pariah by the public & a leper by his family. a man with memories of living like a king only to have sold his soul to the devil. God said hate is the same as murder. is murder a more heinous crime than rape? because that's what everyone on this board is guilty of. hounding ur own victims every day, like harry and meg, with ur desires to break them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. that's what 'you' have become. all murderers. u make clear your demands for punishment toward all those you hate, scorn & murder. What, pray tell, do you demand, if anything, in justifyinig the damages you do to countless souls you've destroyed over years and years?

  • Angie Coers
    Angie Coers Hace 8 días +1

    He's still the Duke of York. What does this mean to his daughters and their children?

  • Helda
    Helda Hace 8 días +6

    I'm sorry mummy???? Lol 😂 😂 cannot stop laughing belly laugh...

  • LyMarie
    LyMarie Hace 8 días +9

    Him and his ex wive are just strange anyhow

  • Art Samsun
    Art Samsun Hace 8 días +2

    If it was in the U.K, would it have been legal if she was 17? or would it still be a trafficking crime?

    • Nerdelbaum Frink
      Nerdelbaum Frink Hace 8 días +1

      The lawsuit seems to be about being sex trafficked.

  • Abi Brown
    Abi Brown Hace 8 días +4

    so technically he is unemployed prince lost most of his titles...and lost his monthly pay cheque for being a working prince. oh dear randy andy is in deep doodoo. he has sold his swiss ski chalet just in time to pay his legal team. that counts for something maybe he can borrow money from his ex she will fork a few pounds here and there

    • Life's Design
      Life's Design Hace 8 días +1

      Imagine the love honor and respect his daughters have lost for him as well?

  • Diana C
    Diana C Hace 6 días +1

    Man this is serious. He might not be able to lay a wreath at the cenotaph on remembrance day. I wonder if his groom of the stool will get kicked off the payroll even. It probably won’t get that bad since someone has to take care of those details, in addition to squeezing the toothpaste onto the brush twice a day.

  • van allen
    van allen Hace 8 días +5

    Jeffery didn’t kill himself.

  • raul duke
    raul duke Hace 8 días +4


  • Mary-Elizabeth Gilbert
    Mary-Elizabeth Gilbert Hace 8 días +6

    Don't SWEAT it

  • Porter Ijsseldijk
    Porter Ijsseldijk Hace 8 días +4

    Hell ya! Finally!!

  • Pamela Marchand
    Pamela Marchand Hace 6 días +1

    The Queen should be stripped of her crown as well! How about we ask her what happened to the 10 indigenous children she stole while visiting British Columbia.. but nobody wants to talk about that…

  • Neggyly de Jesus
    Neggyly de Jesus Hace 8 días +1

    Bravo!! Take all of them down… zero free loaders like the monarchy!!

  • 38 below
    38 below Hace 8 días +5

    He won't need the titles when he is in prison

    • Ontario Prepper
      Ontario Prepper Hace 7 días

      He will need a Soap On A Rope where Hes Going

  • steve harrigan
    steve harrigan Hace 8 días +10

    The Royal Family should be stripped of all titles, and wealth, and then promptly be re-located to inner-city Chicago.

  • Reggie Berry
    Reggie Berry Hace 8 días +3

    What about the trafficking Ring?

  • bee bee
    bee bee Hace 8 días +3

    Good ☺️

  • Jerome Thibodeau
    Jerome Thibodeau Hace 8 días

    Expensive..., would be interesting in one of those Secret Service-CIA sort of mission impossible..., with a touch of Masonry..., get the royals of various Monarchies, but on a long-term schedule..., The Maids From U.N.C.L.E. or Freddie's Escorts..., maybe not..., Uncle SAm's Girl Scouts..., they sell more than cookies..., I like!

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith Hace 8 días +1

    Ouch 😬😂

  • Markmark Mark
    Markmark Mark Hace 8 días

    He should loose his Duke title That would be Justice The Dukes are the top of the aristocracy And mega rich The other titles don't come near to that

  • John Smith
    John Smith Hace 8 días +1

    Jamie said nothing we don't already know.. Lol...

  • derek harding
    derek harding Hace 8 días

    I'm sure glad the queen is taking the high road. Lololololol. Just kidding 😂

  • the Unrepentant
    the Unrepentant Hace 8 días +2

    A widow that had been driven in a windowless van to an undisclosed place in order to give birth related this tale before she passed away:

    _Don’t worry lassie you will be treated royally._ The kindly prison matron reassured me. I was filled with terror at the thought of what might happen to me here. As soon as we arrived, I was ushered into a large room that was spotlessly clean with fine linen sheets in which 12 other women were also giving birth. The lady in the bed next to mine was drenched in perspiration, but the high level of humidity did not bother me.

    _Lilabet has given birth._ Someone whispered at the very same moment that my own baby barged his way into this world.

    When the nurse held up my baby so that I could see him he promptly reached out with his little fingers and squeezed her nipple.

    Exhausted from the trip and the ordeal of giving birth I instantly fell into a deep sleep. When I finally awakened and opened my eyes two nurses stood before me. Much to my surprise each held a baby, as if presenting a dual birth offering. Two newborns that were identical in every respect. It was impossible to tell them apart.

    The one that seemed reserved I took into my arms.

    _A mother knows that is her child._ The nurse’s remark struck me, as strangely disconcerting. By the time I reached out to hold my other baby the nurse had already vanished. From that moment onward I felt a quiet misgiving.

    _No, luv, you didn’t have twins._ A lady in the room stated, as if in reply to a question that hung in my mind that I never had an opportunity to ask.

    She reminisced on her colourful past. Her sons had violated both the parson’s and headmaster’s daughters before they had even reached their teens. But when her sons conquered the virgin daughter of the local MP, citizens were outraged. They were expelled from the parish and prohibited from ever again setting foot into the county.

    Her sons were the finest men that she had ever known. Two of her sons had been executed by hanging at Belmarsh. A third had been struck dead by a stray bullet from a rival gang on a bank job. She was fiercely proud of him, as only a mother could be. The law never caught up with him. Today, she had just returned from visiting her daughter at Dochas.

    A disquiet lingered within her that seemed destined never to vanish.

    The mother could not understand what motivated her Paddy. He was a stranger, so unlike her other children. Instead of stealing money he earned it, never cheated, returned a purse full of cash that he had found to its rightful owner, organized bottle drives in order to raise funds to help support a struggling orphanage, had never strayed and remained faithful to his wife. To his mother his behavior seemed rather peculiar, verging on the bizarre and certainly unbecoming of her circle of acquaintances. His demeanour was regal with a princely bearing. Her son always bowed in greeting and then paused, as if assuming that others were delighted to return the salutation. Where had she gone wrong in rearing her child that so distorted his ways? Her mind was filled with trepidation at what the future might lay in store for her Paddy.

    _[Paddy resides in a borough of London, a stalwart member of the community and instinctively devotes not a small part of his time towards furthering the greater good of humanity. His was the very epitome of probity, honesty and honourable conduct. Some acclaim him a future ambassador; others champion him a prospective peer of the House of Lords.]_

    Did Paddy against all odds overcome adversity in his life or did the nurse give the queen the wrong baby? Both the nurse and his mother assert that Paddy is her son. Should Prince Andrew submit to a DNA analysis in order to dispel suspicion that his claim to a royal bloodline is spurious?

    • mosseisleyYT
      mosseisleyYT Hace 8 días +2

      Who is demanding it? Paddy's behaviour is _learnt_ anyway, Un. Andrew learnt all that, too, but things still went awry. Royals, you see, are as susceptible to evil tendencies as anybody else. Was Henry VIII faithful to his wives? How many unwed mothers did he make at court? Quite a few! Did all his wives survive being married to him (answer, in case you don't know: NO)? Plenty of royals have been nasty bits of work, Un. There is nothing inherently "better" about a royal as against anybody from any other background. None of what has happened surprises me particularly, and it would only make thick people think that perhaps Andrew was not a Windsor.

  • Janie Eauschn
    Janie Eauschn Hace 8 días +7


    JBALLN Hace 8 días +1


  • Derek Woodford
    Derek Woodford Hace 8 días +7

    Comments open, but for how long?

    • Chanel Tyler
      Chanel Tyler Hace 8 días +2

      Most Australian media channels have them off. What you dont wanna see THE words of THE WORLD! Xussy's!

  • Barbie R
    Barbie R Hace 7 días

    The royal family must be so embarrassed

  • ricky starduster
    ricky starduster Hace 8 días +2

    Oh Andy you came and you played without thinking. Now they'll put you away Oh Andy

    • Day Dreamer
      Day Dreamer Hace 8 días

      Barry is going to sue, but I think that was clever.
      Homer did it better when he sang, "Oh Margie, you came and you brought me a turkey, on my vacation away"

  • salam salim
    salam salim Hace 8 días

    Prince Andrew need to pay what he did

  • Blades of Paula C
    Blades of Paula C Hace 8 días

    I wonder if Prince Andrew Got In-Side-her information too?

  • The Lammens
    The Lammens Hace 8 días +2

    Wah wah he will be a great mascot for Burger King

  • Pamela Homeyer
    Pamela Homeyer Hace 8 días +3

    Mommy took my fake medals away

  • bcherbs
    bcherbs Hace 8 días +2

    We are all evil in some way !

  • lordrobert12
    lordrobert12 Hace 8 días

    Queen coved to woke mob!!!

  • menon koonjul
    menon koonjul Hace 3 días

    Always getting stripped especially by School Girls

  • Brandon T
    Brandon T Hace 8 días +5

    Now off to jail with you!

  • Life's Design
    Life's Design Hace 8 días +7

    The Bible has many accounts of Wickedness carried out by Kings and Rulers , is anyone really shocked? Anyone who walks with the Lord and has read the numerous accounts in the Bible should not feel shaken by this allegation. My heart breaks for Elizabeth because from one Mother to another Mother a Mother's love is Eternal.

    • Nerdelbaum Frink
      Nerdelbaum Frink Hace 8 días

      @Papillon Dogs I suppose the question is, if you're really fine in your knowledge of it, why do you care? It doesn't affect you. It's an internet comment, and you're being hostile and taking it personally. Maybe you should resolve your own issues before you start caring so much what other people are posting about their personal beliefs... and I'm not religious. I'm just trying to understand what's making you so upset, as their comment has literally no bearing or any meaningful affect on you without some underlying issue that's wholly your own. Because not being religious myself, I find it trivially easy to just... move on to the next comment. I also don't like to eat certain types of seafood, personally, but I don't get offended when people on the internet post about their love of seafood because... strangers leaving comments on the internet about things I don't like has no affect on my life.

      I hope you can appease my curiosity, because this is a fascinating behavior of people on the internet.

  • Donottakeboostershotsffs!
    Donottakeboostershotsffs! Hace 8 días +1

    1 of many!

  • MetaView7
    MetaView7 Hace 8 días +4

    The goose is cooked

    • MetaView7
      MetaView7 Hace 8 días

      no amount of Meghan hate can divert the attention now.

  • DestinyMyDear
    DestinyMyDear Hace 8 días +1

    Can you take away the money he took and used for his sick purposes

  • leon hue
    leon hue Hace 7 días

    Poor Andrew fell for the honey trap.
    I guess he's the only guy to sleep with a 17year-old woman

  • MG Massey
    MG Massey Hace 8 días +1

    Times up

  • 𝓓𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓴 𝓜𝓬

    This Royal Preditor should be made a clear example of how no one's putting up with this ridiculously hideous behaviour, Not at Any Price apart from sweet justice.

  • kieran gillespie
    kieran gillespie Hace 6 días

    He is still a "royal knight" of the Order of the Garter, the highest order of chivalry. What a joke order of chivalry.............................................

  • RainierZX
    RainierZX Hace 8 días +4


  • Tania Lima
    Tania Lima Hace 8 días


  • Steven Cenname
    Steven Cenname Hace 8 días

    So is Anne her favorite now?

  • mosseisleyYT
    mosseisleyYT Hace 8 días

    Andy is now His Unroyal Lowness. Ah-hah!

  • Raj S
    Raj S Hace 8 días +1

    He should work at burger king.

  • Dario Svilicic
    Dario Svilicic Hace 8 días +2

    Go go power rangers! Anarchy now!

  • tn
    tn Hace 6 días

    The security dilemma with UFOs is worse than the incident with Hydrogen bomb.

  • Mick
    Mick Hace 8 días +2

    I question if he actually knew she was a minor.
    I question if she was actually "forced" all three times.
    I question why is she not going after the "others"
    I question who the real victim is in this case.
    Coercion works in mysterious ways...

    • Diana C
      Diana C Hace 6 días +1

      Had he admitted to it, and said he thought she was into him and was of legal age, he would be in much better shape. Instead he chose to say he couldn’t sweat then, never met her, and was having pizza one of the nights in question. He knew what he was doing was wrong.

    • MsKikidarling
      MsKikidarling Hace 7 días +1

      @Mick While you are at it; you should question why a prince ( with all his money) stayed at a CONVICTED paedophile's house in NYC. You should also question , if the queen thought he was innocent, would she drop him like a hot potato?

    • Mick
      Mick Hace 8 días

      @Nerdelbaum Frink His knowledge makes a difference to me insight into his nature as my low functioning brain attempts to comprehend the wretchedness in this world.
      By the others, I was inquiring about her other clients she knowingly traded sex for money with.Where are they? Why isn't she going after them?
      Sex trafficking is one of the greatest atrocities in this world, as prostitution by choice, the oldest occupation in this world.
      See a pattern?

    • Nerdelbaum Frink
      Nerdelbaum Frink Hace 8 días +1

      His knowledge is irrespective of whether he did it or not. Given the previous trials, this would follow. She did go after others; started with Epstein-guilty; Then was Ghislaine Maxwell-guilty; now is Prince Andrew (see a pattern?). And the victim would be the one who was sex trafficked.

      Any other easy to answer, low functioning questions you have? Or do you want to shill more?

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon Hace 8 días +3

    Diana had an unfortunate accident organized by ''the firm''. I wonder who could be next?

  • Owr Bright
    Owr Bright Hace 8 días

    He does not care he is already rich and powerful and his daughters arr happily married.

  • Empress Nitara
    Empress Nitara Hace 8 días

    I wonder if he sweats

  • Tyler Dundun
    Tyler Dundun Hace 8 días

    Good, Now do Bill Gates

  • Sailor Jerry Swallow
    Sailor Jerry Swallow Hace 8 días +10


    • Peter
      Peter Hace 8 días

      They’re royal titles won’t be taken away from them, because they’re not royalty lol

  • AV8TOR
    AV8TOR Hace 8 días

    There will be a cash pay out with a non-disclosure agreement. End of story.

  • DJ Well Dressed Man
    DJ Well Dressed Man Hace 8 días

    'Ha Ha' Nelson Muntz

  • RainierZX
    RainierZX Hace 8 días +1


  • Asi Hendrickson
    Asi Hendrickson Hace 8 días +2

    Such a sad situation, he was lured into
    I don't think that the Prince knew she was 17 , if this is true. How I look at it, it's kind of like, he was given women or a woman to sleep with as a service, sought of speak, you know, serving a man.
    America is a jungle, and not for Royaltys that's for sure, a monarchy has rules to follow
    In Andrew's situation if this is True, he probably did not think, of what he was getting into, that it was wrong, because it was all entertainment and a service Especially, that there are more people well know people, in America being involved with the deceased JE
    JE was seen with all kinds of well-known high profile Americans aswel
    I can't speak for the 17 year old, I am more into how much this whole thing has ruined some good people's lives & how much they were used as a bait for JEs own pleasures and sex addictions aswel, they were used and caught up in it
    The only person I'd say is to blame here the most is JE Girlfriend, Ghislaine Mabelie I do believe that her sentence & conviction was fair, she used everyone
    She is responsible for those young women getting them into bed with men, that she arranged aswel.

    • Nerdelbaum Frink
      Nerdelbaum Frink Hace 8 días

      A lot of you shill accounts in this thread making up stuff to try and make this loser look better, eh?


    LOL, to think they thought the best i could be was an unpaid Newfy homosexual.

  • youxkio
    youxkio Hace 8 días

    Once upon a time
    there was a prince sun-of-a-gun
    not until his mids
    had parties with wine

    Then his shifted wits
    and brought some

    Clowns to make kids' fun
    while Andrew had it with kids

  • Steve Fletcher
    Steve Fletcher Hace 8 días +1

    She was 17 years of legal age. She was a call girl who was paid very well to entertain guests and now has come back for more cash! Simple as that! He is a sleezeball for call girls, but she is a gold digger!

  • Denise Budnik
    Denise Budnik Hace 8 días +1

    QE2 is dead though. ..soooo???

  • PassionPanda
    PassionPanda Hace 8 días

    Royal Chomo.

  • Snippy Cutwell
    Snippy Cutwell Hace 8 días

    he ate a baby

  • George Simon
    George Simon Hace 8 días

    West Point Grey Academy, JT.

  • Goblue Goblue
    Goblue Goblue Hace 8 días +1

    Next, the Queen should remove Haz and his vile wife's titles. They are a total disgrace for what they have done to the R.F

  • QNadianCat Soldier
    QNadianCat Soldier Hace 8 días +2


  • Helda
    Helda Hace 8 días +3

    About time! Let's hope that Harry will be next..

  • Moussaoui Ahmed
    Moussaoui Ahmed Hace 8 días


  • caden
    caden Hace 8 días


  • West Coast
    West Coast Hace 8 días

    Q BOOM

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith Hace 8 días +1

    they should give up all their land and titles. hey england, the usa showed how to become independent back in 1776

    • Day Dreamer
      Day Dreamer Hace 8 días

      Are you implying England is not independent?

    • Ellis16
      Ellis16 Hace 8 días

      I agree ! Greetings from the 🇬🇧

  • Lifespan Beauty- 60 is the New 40!

    I'm wondering why a 17 year old young woman would keep returning to people she knew were behaving wrongly? She knew right from wrong. They didn't kidnap her and hold her captive. She had a choice to leave and not return. I'd like to hear a psychological explanation for this. I also want to know why she collected 500,000.00 to agree not to sue anyone related to her dealings with Epstein, then turned around and sued Prince Andrew. Doesn't this make that agreement null and void? Why or why not?

    • Nerdelbaum Frink
      Nerdelbaum Frink Hace 8 días

      Almost like ESclips isn't the place to lessen your ignorance on the situation when the rest of the internet is at your fingertips!

    • mosseisleyYT
      mosseisleyYT Hace 8 días +2

      She did leave, eventually. Epstein sent her to Thailand to take "massage" lessons and there, she met Mr. Giuffre and married him and went to live in his country (Australia), sending Epstein a message saying that she was not coming back. She also cut off all contact with him.

    • Day Dreamer
      Day Dreamer Hace 8 días +3

      I guess you never heard of rape/abuse/etc. victims who return to their abusers. It sounds like you're trying to blame the victim. The agreement was with Epstein, not Andrew.
      For the sake of explanation, let's pretend my wife and I sexually abuse you for a number of years. I pay you off with you agreeing not to charge me later. Well, for one, that agreement does not supersede the law. And it also does not prevent you for going after my wife.
      I can not speak for the young lady. Why she spoke up now doesn't negate what Andrew did. The simple fact that this lowlife hid behind the settlement is what you should be more concerned with

  • Craig Schulze
    Craig Schulze Hace 7 días +1

    How many months before Virginia's 18th birthday did this allegedly take place? I think this is all nonsense and feel sorry for Andrew. So the fact that a few months differentiate her ability to behave in that manner that makes her accountable for her actions is resulting in this woman bringing shame to the royal family. If she was over the age of 16 in the UK, this wouldn't have received the same outrage. So for these reasons, I think it's all a big farce.