Mayweather vs. McGregor Post-Fight Press Conference

  • Publicado el 26 ago 2017
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    WARNING: Contains graphic language. Discretion is advised.
    Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor by TKO in 10 rounds to finish his career 50-0 in the much-anticipated mega-fight that surpassed the expectations of most fight analysts.
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Comentarios • 12 839

  • Paul_
    Paul_ Hace 5 años +29

    One of the most entertaining fights both competitors did well, both got paid. All the best to both.
    GJ Conner on your debut against a legend.

  • ArrCee
    ArrCee Hace 5 años +741

    I used to really dislike Mayweather, I was cheering for McGregor. But thanks to this fight I have respect for both fighters.

    • Marc Leon
      Marc Leon Hace 4 años

      You "disklike Mayweather" and like Mcgregor. He's just as disrespectful now as Mayweather was in his 20's hmmmm

    • AugReady
      AugReady Hace 5 años +2

      Dana White is such a goober, "Whattssup Gang?!"

    • ArrCee
      ArrCee Hace 5 años +1

      I dont know if hes overrated or not but just to get it straight, I think the greatest boxer to ever step in the ring is Julio Cesar Chavez father!

    • ArrCee
      ArrCee Hace 5 años +1

      Thats one of the main reasons why i didnt like him but oh well what can i say ? the man makes his own with or without help.

    • ArrCee
      ArrCee Hace 5 años

      Well, i didnt know anything about that to be honest obviously a man who puts his hands on a woman deserves no respect, but yeah like i said since i dont know much about any of that i cant really tell you hes the worst man to ever live.

  • BlacklistedDrums
    BlacklistedDrums Hace 5 años +12

    Class! much respect. FLOYD IS THE BEST.

  • BlabberFish
    BlabberFish Hace 5 años

    Although I wanted Conor to win (I'm sure most of us did), this was one of the most entertaining boxing matches I've ever watched. Congratulations to both fighters on this amazing experience.

  • pirahc
    pirahc Hace 5 años +73

    Gotta say I've never really been a fan of Mayweather purely based off his defensive style, "boring fights" to use his language, etc. However at 40 years old, he sounds humbled, purely earned his place in history, and is truly an inspirational professional fighter. This fight is not his legacy, more of a passing of the torch possibly, but very entertaining and I'm going to watch some of Mayweather's older fights.

    • Eon
      Eon Hace 5 años +1

      pirahc That was a great way to put it. A passing of the torch. Mayweather was a superstar. McGregor is also a superstar. Maybe it's in a slighly different sport but both of them are top of the line in their fields.

    • Ethan Harris
      Ethan Harris Hace 5 años

      pirahc He also said he was going out with a bang.

    • musenkosi chaza
      musenkosi chaza Hace 5 años

      B Chi2016 ' j

    • B Chi2016
      B Chi2016 Hace 5 años +9

      pirahc his old fights are incredible!!! Floyd is a master.

  • Just Sayin
    Just Sayin Hace 5 años +27

    Giving props to the two models in the background. They've stood up there for the full hr, switched posing stance when arms got tired, smiled even when you saw fatigue on the faces.. overall they came with a great game plan 👏👏👏

  • Tori Watson
    Tori Watson Hace 5 años

    Great sportsmanship from both men. Love to see the mutual respect they are showing for each other after all the talk before the fight.

  • Tony, The Stark
    Tony, The Stark Hace 5 años +32

    Respect for McGregor.

  • Fox Macnamara
    Fox Macnamara Hace 5 años

    Connor showed a lot of heart...He ran down his dream and turned it into a reality. He fought like a man and tried to go out the way he wanted to by telling the ref to "let the man put me down" Good job Connor you swapped mitts with one of the greats and stood like a man. 👊🖒

  • Suga
    Suga Hace 5 años

    Love Mayweather's gesture. Glad to see both fighters giving respect even after those tirades before the fight.

  • Big J
    Big J Hace 5 años +11

    (Boxing Fan)All my respect to Conner I definitely believed he would get embarrassed in by the 5th round but he actually did really decent for someone with 0 boxing experience going in the ring with the greatest defensive boxer of all time.

  • ComedyIsLife
    ComedyIsLife Hace 5 años

    Congrats to both Conor and Floyd....hell of a fight! Even as an MMA and Conor fan and not much of a boxing "connoisseur", I didn't think that he'd last 10 rounds and you should give him his props...and to Floyd, I see why he's 50-0....the man has an extremely high boxing IQ and has stood the tests of time....and to the naysayers.....maybe you see now why Conor was involved in this fight and can see that he's no pushover..........10 rounds? Mostly no one saw that coming.....respect to both fighters and I hope their endeavors lead them to happiness and great success! Best fight of either of their careers! #MayMacWasGreat! #HistoryHasBeenMade

  • Tony Gonzalez
    Tony Gonzalez Hace 5 años

    I'm glad we got this fight, honestly even though it was a one sided match it was a lot more even than people realized. Plus looking at this, who is gonna wanna stand with Conor in the octagon now with the boxing experience he took from fighting Floyd. People always get way better after fighting Floyd cuz he opens their minds to new ways to pick apart opponents.

  • Enes Abbadi
    Enes Abbadi Hace 5 años +63

    The legend says they are still smiling.

  • Eugene Claffey
    Eugene Claffey Hace 5 años

    They are both inspiring, not only for their intelligence. Floyd for his mastery and Conor for the way he went for it. Both of them lived their dream and did it on the world's stage!

  • Speedster
    Speedster Hace 5 años +44

    If people would just stop being so sensitive. Two phenomenal athletes giving respect to each other regardless what they said to each other it's call entertainment also what men do. At end of the day these guys enjoy the experience hugging laughing it out while people in the comment section arguing lol

  • Guerilla Movies
    Guerilla Movies Hace 5 años

    Wow I'm even more impressed now, they stood there for over an hour smiling all the time, what stamina. Give them a medal

  • billygowhoop
    billygowhoop Hace 5 años +5

    I feel like everyone came out ahead. Conor goes ten rounds with the goat, Floyd gets his 50-0 and a knockout, and the fight itself was super entertaining for all us fans. The only person who's probably tripping right now is Dana having to answer all those questions about UFC guys trying boxing. I just hope Diaz-McGregor 3 takes place in an octagon and not a square circle.

    • Zeafer Jones
      Zeafer Jones Hace 5 años

      I agree the boxing fans are snickering but they don't realize that UFC fans were telling Conor he belongs in the UFC and now he'll stay.

  • AndrewLifts
    AndrewLifts Hace 5 años

    I can say that for anyone who watched the older UFC fights, that McGregor fought a lot better than when one certain boxing professional fighter came and tried the MMA side. It was a very quick ending when that had happened. Regardless, props to you Connor and respect for Floyd for the 50th win. I'd be open minded for watching another major superstar vs superstar fight up the road.

  • TheGentleman
    TheGentleman Hace 5 años

    I first thought Floyd was a punk undeserving of his title, the fight last night totally changed my mind. He was taking those hits like a champ, watching him let loose in the 9th round you could tell he had a strategy. 40 years old and he really didn't look all that tired after the fight. Extremely impressive considering he's 40 years old. I don't respect him as a person but I respect the hell out of him as a fighter.,

    MOST FEARLESS Hace 5 años +183

    Much respect to both fighters. Connor lost but still showed Mayweather the respect he deserves. I'm not much of a Mayweather fan at all . After this fight Floyd Mayweather you are a true champion...GOOD JOB!

      MOST FEARLESS Hace 5 años

      The bottom line to all this is Conner is good at what he does and Mayweather is good at what he does... The whole point in my original comment was how no matter the end both are champs and both showed respect to each other afterwards.

    • ega0117
      ega0117 Hace 5 años

      Toua Xiong stick with the subject at hand, this is Boxing....

    • Young Advocates
      Young Advocates Hace 5 años

      trppytoes ,but mind you now, no professional boxer has ever beaten him, therefore no one deserves a big match up with Mayweather, and when an orthodox match up like this present itself, then why not let a MMA fighter try his luck due to the fact MMA is a real vicious sport. NOW that's why Connor McGregor got that fight...

    • Toua Xiong
      Toua Xiong Hace 5 años +2

      if this was a real boxing match, ( not boxing sport ) boxing match on the street, mayweather would of been knocked out of the first round with the left uppercut, cause a real fight ends in about 10-20 seconds... no gloves...

    • Diego1904
      Diego1904 Hace 5 años

      trppytoes it's about what the people (viewers) want to see not really much if they have been living the sport to fight the best I agree with you but sometimes a change is always interesting to watch which it was but the big fighters like these it's all about the money that's way Mayweather fought last night

  • lairdriver
    lairdriver Hace 5 años

    Conor, this whole time, he thought he was in Mayweather's head. This whole time Mayweather was in Conor's head. He broke Conor by the fifth round and it just grew from there. A true master. Efficient. He nailed Conor 132 times. That's a tonne of punches.

  • Live Deliciously
    Live Deliciously Hace 5 años

    I love Connor's honestly with himself. It's his awareness of his weaknesses and his desire to improve on them that makes him special.

  • JRenzo03
    JRenzo03 Hace 5 años

    I love how he analyzes his fighting style , you can truly tell he studies fighting as a whole.

  • Chai Seng Chin
    Chai Seng Chin Hace 5 años

    Both fighters are fantastic. Full of grit and determination.

  • The King10
    The King10 Hace 5 años +1

    This is what sports all about what a respect between these two great fighters well done guys 👏

  • iHateAshleyGraham
    iHateAshleyGraham Hace 5 años

    I applaud McGegor... He faced off against the literal toughest name in an entire sport and he still lasted that many rounds. I wanna see Mayweather last that long fighting in a UFC fight. Laughs all around.... But, Cheers to both contenders. Well Done

  • Jeremiah Phillips
    Jeremiah Phillips Hace 5 años

    congrats to both how the ref kept pushing connor back everytime he started landing hits...the truth is if mayweather stepped into the ufc octagon..he would of got destroyed..that being said connor did great against a undeafeated opponent

  • Eastern NM
    Eastern NM Hace 5 años

    Long live Dana White. Great show, brother! God bless both fighters. Cannot wait to see more McGregor... He will now be a greater MMA fighter through this experience.

  • Connor Hornby Art
    Connor Hornby Art Hace 5 años +21

    Fair play to both men why be so bitter, Respect to Conor for showing up 0-0 against the best ever and making it a competitive fight & respect to floyd for comin out of retirement to fight a MUCH bigger man and getting the TKO! It's all about respect people:)
    Check out my drawing on channel and leave a comment please guys.

  • Mj -
    Mj - Hace 5 años +3

    "Please give a big round of applause for Dana white!"
    No one claps hahaha

  • get going
    get going Hace 5 años

    Conor's gonna be going for 50-50 on everything now and hopefully it leads to other fighters getting a bigger cut now. Great fight.

  • Jimmy, Making it work
    Jimmy, Making it work Hace 5 años

    I really was worried McGregor would come out swinging for the fences and be gassed by round two. He fought well, none of his critics could go ten rounds with Mayweather. NONE. Much better fight than I expected. Props to both guys for a great couple of weeks.

  • Juliun Lewis
    Juliun Lewis Hace 5 años

    I've been a fan of Mayweather but now I'm a fan of Connor also both great men.

  • Caden Presley
    Caden Presley Hace 5 años +14

    Honestly, they both were good in my eyes. McGregor started strong in the first half. And Mayweather went strong in the second half. A win is a win. A loss is a loss. No bs excuses. For McGregor fans, even though he lost, there's still something positive he can take from that fight. He can learn from that and put whatever he learned to use in UFC. And of course, he still made money. Both did. Honestly, this didn't live up to the hype for me personally. But it was still a good fight to witness and will go down as history.

  • 550BHPM135I
    550BHPM135I Hace 5 años

    Brains outsmart raw power, brains and raw power outsmart anything, Mayweather is a genius, 1-4 rounds studying connor, 4-6 putting little pressure, 6-8 tiring him out, 8-9 offensive, round 10 TKO, connor did suprise him and dazzle him with some punches but mayweather knows, experience and brains is what mayweather has

  • Angel Gd
    Angel Gd Hace 5 años

    Why do I feel like a Corona right now? Floyd I wanted Conor to win because of the negative tone people took, but I can live with the result and you proved you are arguably the best fighter to step into the ring. I really enjoyed how he managed to "dissect" Conors style during the early rounds, and once he had an idea he really sped it up. A true genius in the ring.

  • Ed Doc
    Ed Doc Hace 5 años

    Great job guys. Mayweather is a class act! Conor you have a heart of a champion! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH . THANK YOU FLOYD FOR YEARS A AMAZING FIGHTING ! Irish are an amazing race of people !!

  • Dustin Mackenzie
    Dustin Mackenzie Hace 5 años

    so much respect for both of these guys after this fight.

  • Brian Liu
    Brian Liu Hace 5 años +892

    The true warriors are the two girls standing there smiling for an hour straight

  • lucky88shp
    lucky88shp Hace 5 años

    It was one helluva fight!
    I wish McGregor would've paced himself a bit better...he never gave up! He never wanted the ref to stop the fight....he rather die in the ring than give up!
    McGregor is a true champion and one amazing man! He is my inspiration to live life on my terms and never give up on my dreams!

  • JasSeth
    JasSeth Hace 5 años

    He did better than anticipated, McGregor, but I'd love to see him put under training from Crawford's Camp or Floyd's rigorous regimen and see how well he does because I really thought he held his own.

  • shane b
    shane b Hace 5 años

    respect for both fighters all the trash talk before and post fight is clear that they both had respect for eachother. even at 40 getting 10 rounds in against mayweather is impressive for someone that doesnt play stamina fighting game.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Hace 5 años

    Not bashing Connor but there was 1:52 left in the 10th. TKO was called to protect your future of many years you have left in your great career ahead of him. Even Sugar Ray said the same, to protect him from a more serious injury. I'm not sure Mayweather would of really wanted the ref to let it go for the remaining time left in the 10th.

  • ApexFortified23
    ApexFortified23 Hace 5 años +36

    For people wondering why Mayweather won... look up videos of him jumping rope. Enough said. He's the best ever for a reason. Crazy cardiovascular endurance that keeps him going when his opponents are gasping for their last breath of air before being knocked out.

    • John Macana
      John Macana Hace 5 años

      i noticed after rounds 5-6 in floyd's fights is when he starts dominating the fight.

    • Thomas Stuyck
      Thomas Stuyck Hace 5 años

      Gijs Boltjes fam.... i love conor, but Floys is on another level cardiovascular wise...

    • 717 Will
      717 Will Hace 5 años

      Gijs Boltjes better fighter? Smarter fighter? That statement is just stupid💯Work smarter not harder and that's what money did.

    • BLacKnREDBeaST
      BLacKnREDBeaST Hace 5 años +1

      Gijs Boltjes You cant say connor is the better boxer when mayweather won. Thats honestly the dumbest thing i've ever heard.

  • NollaGirl504
    NollaGirl504 Hace 5 años +5

    2 great warriors at what they do. Mcgreggor is not a boxer but I give him his props for stepping out the Octogon into the Ring to box Mayweather.

    • Marc Leon
      Marc Leon Hace 4 años

      I don't give him "pros". He did it for the money. Would you fight Maywether for $90 million?

  • Scarlett Johansson
    Scarlett Johansson Hace 5 años

    The only chance Conor had was in the first round. I actually thought that would happen too. Mayweather would have knocked Conor out if they didn't stop it no doubt about it.

  • patio87
    patio87 Hace 5 años +5

    McGregor having a great time even with his loss.

    • Kevo
      Kevo Hace 5 años

      patio87 he has 100 million reasons to be happy

  • Ricky
    Ricky Hace 5 años

    Classy even in defeat. What a man.

  • *҉ *҉ E҉ D҉ D҉ I҉ E҉ *҉ *҉

    McGregor hold your head up high you did a great job great job Floyd go enjoy your life now 50 and 0 now Conor can't wait to see you back in octagon you're a true champion, Conor

  • Sammy Santoro
    Sammy Santoro Hace 5 años

    Great sportsmanship by both guys.. hard fight they both fought.. just wasn't Conor's night.

  • Josphat Gathwara
    Josphat Gathwara Hace 5 años

    They are two great fighters in their own individual realms but even better, two smart business men in the sports industry...that goes without saying.

  • steven boisvert
    steven boisvert Hace 5 años

    Good fight, Conner, hands down, a MMA fighter. Conner did his job, lack of control in a boxing match, but NOT 1 person can take this fight from him. 10 decent rounds thank youse both for a show. Mayweather, SHINE You did the dam thing and holding your record !!!

  • gerardfraser
    gerardfraser Hace 5 años

    Mayweather all class.I was going for Mcgregor. Mayweather took him apart in a boxing clinic.Mcgregor did good but I was amazed Mayweather tired him out so quick.

  • Christopher Telesford
    Christopher Telesford Hace 5 años

    Floyd and Conor are both winners, Floyd took 2 years off and despite of that and being 40 years of age he performed extremely well,even got a tko and for Conor not only did he hit the jackpot of I think 100 million, but for an amateur boxer to go 10 rounds with Floyd the greatest boxer ever is extraordinary, boxing is a handicap match for Conor and he stuck in longer than people expected, with his boxing skills increased hes going to dominate the UFC lol I can feel it.

  • DJ Dubba.U
    DJ Dubba.U Hace 5 años

    Good job Mayweather for the last fight,I knew you would do it & respect to McGregor as well good fight

  • man bearpig
    man bearpig Hace 5 años

    FLOYD seems like a stand up dude, I was rooting for the both of them

  • dosemeter
    dosemeter Hace 5 años

    Rocky Marciano 49-0 (43 KO) in 8 years.....Floyd Mayweather 50-0 (27 KO) in 21 years....Context should be considered. Floyd is a hall of famer for sure....but what Rocky did was brutal in comparison.

  • Mossy V.03
    Mossy V.03 Hace 5 años +17

    I would like to see a Diaz v McGregor trilogy fight

  • hongertran
    hongertran Hace 5 años

    This fight was more entertaining than floyds last 2 fights . Gotta give it to Conor and Floyd . They both delivered a good fight

  • RickJZ1973
    RickJZ1973 Hace 5 años

    Very classy post-fight press conference!!!

  • Will Myers
    Will Myers Hace 5 años +161

    Them two girls need extra added to their paycheck for literally standing in the same position and never stopped smiling for more than a hour

    • MayKen
      MayKen Hace 5 años

      dannycool59x 10 rounds with the "best" !

    • dannycool59x
      dannycool59x Hace 5 años +53

      more stamina than connor

  • Mr. Worthington
    Mr. Worthington Hace 5 años

    Respect to both of these Warriors

  • MaoriDeezfilmz
    MaoriDeezfilmz Hace 5 años +16

    I'm not a fan of floyd but I respect him lots he's had the best boxing career in history of boxing 😁🔥

  • So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says,

    "you can give it, but can you take it?" ultimate epic quote by floyd which sums up the entire point of this fight. connor simply cant take it.

    • So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says,
      So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says, Hace 5 años

      seanna lol yes it is his sport... and connor can give it but cant take it. floyd can do both. thats why he is the best at this sport. as for MMA, its a totally different ball game

    • ONE2THR
      ONE2THR Hace 5 años +2

      Seanna Mejia
      Buuut conor wanted floyd to come out of retirement, and he did, and he won. Simple as that, everything else is moot lmao

    • Seanna Berry
      Seanna Berry Hace 5 años

      max im Not really, the truth is that it's simply Floyd's sport. You know what would happen if they fought anywhere outside of a boxing ring.

    • B Chi2016
      B Chi2016 Hace 5 años

      max im facts

  • The Crowned Life
    The Crowned Life Hace 5 años

    Both these Men Have Brought a Whole new respect to there sports.

  • 4_Free
    4_Free Hace 5 años

    It was a great fight... for both men. Both sides need to stop being so spiteful. Be positive and be grateful for both sides trying something different and putting on a show.

  • OhhhJimmyboy
    OhhhJimmyboy Hace 5 años

    It's actually a negative towards Connor.... The fact that Floyd fought so unlike his usual defense of style... all that says is that he was completely unafraid of anything Connor could do..... if Mayweather had fight Pacquiao or koto the same way he fight McGregor he would've been knocked out.... also Dana said his opponents usually land 100 and Condo landed 115... well think about that his opponents landed 100 punches while Floyd's being defensive Connor landed 15 more punches while Floyd was allowing himself to be hit..

  • Garrett Shaw
    Garrett Shaw Hace 5 años +16

    I was rooting for Connor all the way to the end, but aside from saying he did great for his debut against THE BEST, I won't sit here and make excuses and defend Connor with bullshit. Floyd is a BOXER he knows how to pick his opponent apart with exhaustion. Even tho I wasn't rooting for him, Floyd fought a great fight.

    • Demetrius Thers
      Demetrius Thers Hace 5 años

      Elite Gshaw finally a honest fan and that doesn't get salty

    • Slizzle
      Slizzle Hace 5 años +3

      Elite Gshaw thank you!

  • Will g
    Will g Hace 5 años

    new found respect for both of these men as it usually goes when the curtain closes and they see each others hearts

  • OhhhJimmyboy
    OhhhJimmyboy Hace 5 años

    It's actually a negative towards Connor.... The fact that Floyd fought so unlike his usual defense of style... all that says is that he was completely unafraid of anything Connor could do..... if Mayweather had fight Pacquiao or koto the same way he fight McGregor he would've been knocked out.... also Dana said his opponents usually land 100 punches and Thad Connor landed 115... well think about that.... his opponents landed 100 punches while Floyd's being defensive ...Connor landed 115 punches while Floyd was allowing himself to be hit.. there's no way Floyd would have thought they La Jolla or anyone else in this way.... he fought like this so Condo would have a chance

  • Will Lawrence
    Will Lawrence Hace 5 años

    58:15 ... there's a photo for the ages. Two of the greatest of their respective sports

  • Gator Guy
    Gator Guy Hace 5 años

    This was SO worth the 20 dollar cover charge at the winghouse I went to. From 6pm to 1 am I enjoyed the exhibition... the undercards.. and the main event. It’s so weird to say this because this was obviously a cash grab and just all for publicity for boxing / UFC, but at the same time it was more than that. The last time a boxer dared to enter the octagon, randy couture beat him so bad that nobody has even talked about it since... the fact that Conor and Floyd went 10 rounds hit for
    Hit and Conor actually landed the most hits against mayweather in a LONG time is HUGE for the UFC and MMA. This was great and I congratulate Conor mcgregor for
    Having the balls to go in there against the best boxer of all time. Amazing fight. Bright future for both sports.

  • Stanley So
    Stanley So Hace 5 años +1248

    Much respect for the girls who stood still for over an hour and kept smiling.
    Good job!

    • Melankomas *
      Melankomas * Hace 5 años

      Floyd Mayweather Jr the real notorious one proof on my channel of him cheating

    • Stanley So
      Stanley So Hace 5 años

      Am I the only one who think Floyd and Conor were talking? Didn't see them before.

    • Lethargica Stengah
      Lethargica Stengah Hace 5 años


    • EsyCariLain
      EsyCariLain Hace 5 años +1

      Conor fake smiling at Floyd.

    • kyle stoddart
      kyle stoddart Hace 5 años

      this is what there thinking.......... a.......nope still nothing.............

  • Law
    Law Hace 5 años

    Connor speaking with class. The true champion!

  • Casual_Actual
    Casual_Actual Hace 5 años

    I think another mistake a lot of hardcore McGregor fans are making is when they went and showed the punches landed by previous boxers vs Mayweather. That in no way, shape, or form equates to him (Conor) being a better boxer than those guys. Floyd specifically said he was going to go to McGregor and that his plan was to tire him out. To take it further, he also said he wouldn't allow it to go the distance. Floyd would not have covered up like that and walked into any other more experienced boxer. No way. He straight up allowed himself to be exposed to more punches to further push his plan of tiring Conor out. Had this been a regular match he would've definitely been more cautious (equating to less punches landed). He also wanted to give the fans a show. This doesn't mean Conor is a terrible fighter. I'll end with this. If Conor really wanted to make some sort of statement in the boxing world he'd fight a younger, more explosive boxer. He won't though, and this event will further fuel his hype. There are soooooo many lesser known boxers who would wreck him. Floyd was well past his prime in that fight and played his typical game of boxing chess.

  • Hantam Ajalah Labu
    Hantam Ajalah Labu Hace 5 años

    mcgregor is a very good fighting.. if the match going to just 5 round, he win with point. the problem is he lacks of stamina.. it same when he meets diaz.. in fifith round, he just run from diaz get the points.. if the match goes to 6th round, diaz could ko him..

  • KageVT
    KageVT Hace 5 años

    I feel like McGregor could have knocked Mayweather out if he conserved his energy for the first few rounds and try to learn Mayweathers movements. It's just that McGregor was probably being too cocky and had a lot of adrenaline that he gassed out sooner than Mayweather. Mayweather knew Conor would tire out, so he saved his energy till the last few rounds which Conor was already gassed and just TKO him. Although Conor is a really good fighter, Mayweather played it smart.

  • Cesar Yaluk
    Cesar Yaluk Hace 5 años +596

    You gotta give Floyd that respect for actually going up to Conor and not fighting like his past few fights (defensively)... my hat goes off to Floyd great fighter!!! And hats off to Conor for a hell of a fight

    • Perfect Gaming
      Perfect Gaming Hace 5 años

      Pete C You mad?

    • Tom Traynor
      Tom Traynor Hace 5 años

      Smartest boxer on the planet. Proved it by this strategy.

    • Rookei. MM
      Rookei. MM Hace 5 años

      RiPshoT he did until Conor got tired. Still they were both good fighters

    • Rookei. MM
      Rookei. MM Hace 5 años

      Cesar Yaluk he went after him once he was tired and before that played defensively. But still yea hell of a fight and really good fighters

    • Clark Meyer
      Clark Meyer Hace 5 años

      RiPshoT actually you are wrong

  • Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell Hace 5 años

    He was playing dirty. McGregor hit hitting from behind on so many occasions. He had one instance where Mayweather called a blow the belt shot and he was sloppy. Definitely a good fight but the man was not exceptional by any means. He landed a few very clean shots but all of his jabs were lunging jabs with no force. Had hit from behind more than 10 times. The scoring should have been far more distanced. Conor only received 2 point deductions but he should've had more. Sloppy fighting. Stay humble. Stay in your own sport.

  • Ha Vu
    Ha Vu Hace 5 años

    46:58 "Congratulation on a great performance." Just remember that everyone it was a performance and not a fight.

  • robert marcos loera
    robert marcos loera Hace 5 años

    Respect to both fighters

  • Sham Neo
    Sham Neo Hace 5 años

    i've never been much of a boxing fan, but Mayweather's a stand up guy. really down to earth. hope he has a good retirement.

  • Magnus Stevnebø
    Magnus Stevnebø Hace 5 años +13

    I love how humble Mcgregor is after the match

    • Larson
      Larson Hace 5 años +5

      Teagan Wittmaack Do you honestly think he meant all that trash talking? It was obviously for publicity and it sure as hell worked

    • Teagan Wittmaack
      Teagan Wittmaack Hace 5 años +1

      Magnus Stevnebø not before tho lol

  • Scrub V
    Scrub V Hace 5 años

    The best part of this fight is that everyone wins. Flyd goes 50-0 Mcgregor Quadruples his networth in one fight, MMA fans may gain an interest in boxing and vice versa. I respect both combat sports and tip my hat off to mayweather, mcgregor, and thier teams,promoters, partners.

  • fatboyRAY24
    fatboyRAY24 Hace 5 años +319

    Gotta love Mcgregor man. I was rooting for Floyd, but this guy Mcgregor is CLEARLY a student of the game who has an eagerness to learn and improve and just wants to have a good time in and out of the ring/octagon.

    • Alberto diniro
      Alberto diniro Hace 5 años +1

      So much hype on Mac, He is 29yrs. old , he should have performed the way he did. Floyd is 40 years old. And he performed like a true champion even with age going against him.

    • KarlWBA
      KarlWBA Hace 5 años +5

      Yeah but he lost, never looked like winning, was always being walked backwards and all that pre fight gobbing off means fck all ....that twice now (Nate) lets see if he changes tack...for me he was blowing from middle of the 4th always looking up at the clock

      YouINCORPORATED Hace 5 años

      fatboyRAY24 unióii

    • Derrick knighton
      Derrick knighton Hace 5 años

      Richard Stapleton. All the dicksuckers haters know this 😊😊😊

    • Cody Lima
      Cody Lima Hace 5 años +1

      You're the man

  • kehinde Dada
    kehinde Dada Hace 5 años

    great fighters, great fight!

  • Rebel Revolver
    Rebel Revolver Hace 5 años

    Huge Conor fan, nothing but respect for Floyd

  • TrapNimbus
    TrapNimbus Hace 5 años +293

    who else tried smiling as long as they did, to see how it feels like? lol

    • Tanisha Salmon-Williams
      Tanisha Salmon-Williams Hace 5 años +1

      Ha ha ha they must be well trained

      SPENCER SHARP Hace 5 años +1

      it probably aint that hard to do when your lips are fake lol

    • Tiffany La
      Tiffany La Hace 5 años

      Kek Sai a

    • bobsutube
      bobsutube Hace 5 años

      Yung Hapa
      I was thinking the same thing last night when I was watching this. The woman on the right - amazing how long she looked like she was genuinely smiling and so absolutely gorgeous the whole time. I think they may have had a coach in the audience because they both would change positions regularly and symmetrically like they're being coached

    • Nico Ross
      Nico Ross Hace 5 años

      hahahaha yeah I tried it

  • GigiH
    GigiH Hace 5 años

    McGregor is always dapper and sharp looking! No wonder he's on GQ magazine. Both guys showing maturity and respect for each other. True sportsmanship.

  • scott bashaw
    scott bashaw Hace 5 años

    Conor did great for first pro boxing match, He hit Mayweather more times than any Boxer has

  • Ashton Grey
    Ashton Grey Hace 5 años

    Beautiful way to end his era of boxing made a little history truly fought his last fight in class fashion standing tow to toe with Connor and taking punishment but still outsmarting the opponent made a pretty penny out of this and surpassed rocky marcianos record and ended undeafeated at 50-0 way to go Floyd

  • rodney borsh
    rodney borsh Hace 5 años

    Great fight honestly, they both selled the fight bigger than it was with the trash talk, its all apart of making people pay for the PPV to see something entertaining more than anything else, it was all for the money which is why McGregor isnt upset at this loss, it would have been different if Conner was a boxer, because that would have eneded his career just like most of the people that lose to Mayweather, they are in the shadow of him. Its all good though, great job to both of them

  • Doe John
    Doe John Hace 5 años

    Floyd is a class act. And I’m a McGregor fan

  • MrToupsClassroom
    MrToupsClassroom Hace 5 años

    watched the interview and was pleasantly happy to see the big guy to the left he seemed to really enjoy conor that was a nice thing to see good sport i would have him in my camp

  • Bruno Pinheiro
    Bruno Pinheiro Hace 5 años +3

    "Let's give a round of applause to Dana White!"
    (Awkward silence )

  • wsuptrick
    wsuptrick Hace 5 años +60

    Damn I thought Connor truly hated Floyd. Them hugging and smiling disappointed me. I think us fans took this more serious then they did. They're both winners. Connor didn't get layed out and Floyd won.

    • Planet ace!
      Planet ace! Hace 5 años

      Remember this is a sport and these guys are professional athletes.

    • Summer On Io
      Summer On Io Hace 5 años

      Finessed the world outta 400milly. Id be smiling too

    • Charlie Chan
      Charlie Chan Hace 5 años

      Jim Reilly yea, too bad they don't really hate eachother, tf is wrong with people these days, getting along and what not.

    • Chris B.
      Chris B. Hace 5 años

      knightmire he did not ever look dazed and confused McGregor only looked tired.

    • knightmire
      knightmire Hace 5 años +1

      wsuptrick The only reason conor didnt get layed out is because the ref called the fight. Mayweather had broken conor mentally and physically so the ref had to stop the fight to prevent unnecessary damage.

  • Life Is Good
    Life Is Good Hace 5 años +340

    McGregor is a Master of winding up his opponents and creating media buzz before a fight and is always a gentleman at post fight conferences. Hats off to McGregor for providing top notch entertainment despite landing in second place for the night.

    • Life Is Good
      Life Is Good Hace 5 años

      E Murtaza How many people do you know who earn $100 million for 19 minutes work? That is not last place in my books. That's totally Gangster!

    • Christopher Telesford
      Christopher Telesford Hace 5 años +2

      Life Is Good Floyd and Conor are both masters with winding up his opponents and creating buzz but it's all business it's nothing serious, after the fight both always show respect to their opponents not cockiness or arrogance but great esteem despite the results.

    • scott bashaw
      scott bashaw Hace 5 años

      nmessai215 Conor took the swagger to next level

    • Eman M
      Eman M Hace 5 años

      Life Is Good second place is last place in this case

    • nmessai215
      nmessai215 Hace 5 años +6

      He just copied floyd's blueprint

  • isaiah williams
    isaiah williams Hace 5 años

    he only hit Floyd like that because Floyd didn't move around he hardly really boxed him

    CRAIG MADDOCKS 85 Hace 5 años

    Love the fight glad they have respect for each other 😎😎😎