COVID-19: Anxiety rises before more Canadian students resume in-person learning

  • Publicado el 10 ene 2022
  • As Omicron rages, anxiety is rising before students in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia resume in-person learning on January 17.

    British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan schools returned to in-class learning this week or last. Meanwhile, New Brunswick students will stay online until at least January 24, and Newfoundland and Labrador is still assessing.

    Eric Sorensen looks at the risks and rewards of kids returning to the classroom.

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  • curtis herbert
    curtis herbert Hace 10 días +37

    Schools should have never closed to begin with kids are not at risk.

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones Hace 7 días +1

      @B You are in for a surprise if you think that is tough. The neoliberal system will put a lot more pressure on you. There are far greater issues, such as how you will be a wave slave for life as a result of criminal trudeau and his buddies denying you and everyone your age the opportunity to buy a residence to live in, and how cost of living will go up even if you are a professional and make relatively good money you will live like a McDonalds worker while those born earlier/luckier than you will have hundreds of properties getting rich doing nothing. There is also climate change that will affect you and your kids. There are far greater and bigger issues coming than spending some time online. This will build resilience if anything. Neoliberal capitalism is a mental disorder.

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días

      @Jon Jones Cancer patients will die regardless. They have cancer.

    • leadnsteel
      leadnsteel Hace 7 días +1

      Nothing should be closed. Lockdowns don't work

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones Hace 8 días +1

      @Nick I know the feeling. Sometimes I have to edit my posts for 10 minutes trrying to find out which harmless keyword is causing the 1984 youtube censor. Even though I may potentially disagree with you I am still interested in what you have to say. I think that is how we get to the truth. Not through censorship. It is rather pathetic. Then these clowns wonder why people are hesitant to get the V.

    • Nick
      Nick Hace 8 días

      @Jon Jones I can't reply anymore because I'm being censored.

  • Jonathan Gould
    Jonathan Gould Hace 10 días +71

    Constant fear mongering by politicians, mainstream media, and medical "experts" created that anxiety.

    • Matthew Johnson
      Matthew Johnson Hace 8 días +3

      Teacher's in Canada get paid way to much & their union are corrupt!

    • Bow Bender
      Bow Bender Hace 9 días +5

      @Political Foolishness totally agree. And the teachers back then didn't need all their little helpers

    • Political Foolishness
      Political Foolishness Hace 10 días +8

      She is right - she shouldn't have 30 kids in her classroom. Perhaps 38-39 would be better like when I went to school. Today's teachers are lazy @sses.

  • Jay Beaton
    Jay Beaton Hace 10 días +21

    I remember this reporter from when he did journalism. His soul must be furious inside, castigating his new career as a government talking head.

      JOEL WALKER Hace 10 días +2

      Global trains it's young interns within the guidelines of the CIA manual and adheres to standards never before witnessed in news reporting history.

  • Corey Cleasby
    Corey Cleasby Hace 10 días +18

    so schools are closed and the number are up. so what your saying is it doesn't matter if there open or closed, therefore the schools should be open as your imposing more health risks by keeping them closed.

    • Robin Keating
      Robin Keating Hace 8 días +1

      Is this not the same for all the lockdowns, distancing, masking, and Quebec curfew?

  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker Hace 10 días +17

    She's a teacher and a mom? Poor kid

    • Matthew Johnson
      Matthew Johnson Hace 8 días +2

      Teacher's are useless today, they push leftwing agendas!

    • John Titor II
      John Titor II Hace 10 días +2

      Kid prolly will switch it's gender muplitle times before age 19

    • John Titor II
      John Titor II Hace 10 días +3

      And a liberal, femminist, Marxist, SJW.

  • Jay Beaton
    Jay Beaton Hace 10 días +10

    Hysteria creates hysteria creates mental illness.

  • Tard Vargus
    Tard Vargus Hace 10 días +8

    There were 2 places of business that never closed a single day due to covid, the airports and the liquor stores. Couldn't close the liquor stores because the domestic violence would go through the roof and couldn't close the airports because people need vacations. Nothing to see here, but it sounds like a money people thing since they're the only ones that can afford to stay sauced up and travel to their sauced up vacation spots.

    • Tard Vargus
      Tard Vargus Hace 7 días +1

      @B I like the bars are safe until 11 p.m. and church choirs can't do their singing. Singing spreads covid, but drunk & slobbering on each other is fine until 11 p.m.

    • Tard Vargus
      Tard Vargus Hace 8 días +2

      @Matthew Johnson it's sad when they'll leave the liquor store open for fear of violence and won't let family go to a funeral or hospital to see a sick relative because of a vaccine status.

    • Matthew Johnson
      Matthew Johnson Hace 8 días +3

      The beer, liquor & pot stores are open! Can't close those because society is so dependent on them! Not me!

    • Tard Vargus
      Tard Vargus Hace 9 días +3

      @Pe Vo there's no flaw in my logic, you might want to look deeper into maybe the other interests in those businesses.
      I'll help you out - government/unions/ big business.

    • Pe Vo
      Pe Vo Hace 9 días

      One flaw in your logic. The liquor stores are not for-profit private businesses. Also, I had a convo with a guy in line at an LCBO last lockdown and he was saying he was laid off and wasn’t sure how he was going to pay his rent. (And yet he’s in line at the LCBO?). Liquor stores are open for the middle class and the poor. Not the rich

  • Radeo
    Radeo Hace 9 días +2

    1:23 he's left out some key details when he says, "hospital system" --- what he really means is: "monopolized, rationed, hospital system".
    One that won't allow for any competition and thus condemns everyone to follow these measures, as to avoid a self-implosion that otherwise would not occur.

  • Rob Metalhead
    Rob Metalhead Hace 10 días +3

    Of course they are anxious not necessarily from Covid but by the fact that they will probably close again eventually once they reopen this report already is kind of giving the hint beforehand

  • J L
    J L Hace 9 días +3

    "We will own everything, and you will be happy".

  • Bts Y
    Bts Y Hace 10 días +23

    For a cold we dont close schools and the country

  • Fizon Idea
    Fizon Idea Hace 9 días +3

    For a cold we dont close schools and the country

  • Lezlie O'Brien
    Lezlie O'Brien Hace 10 días +9

    If teachers do t have the mental fortitude to withstand being in school with kids they should do something else. BTW, why don’t we have psychological evaluations for teachers like other professions?

    • Floating Leaf
      Floating Leaf Hace 9 días +2

      @Benny Blanco I dropped many more truth bombs that day;) I have been homeschooling since March 2020. He went for a few weeks at the start of this school year while they were allowed to choose not to wear face coverings.

    • Benny Blanco
      Benny Blanco Hace 9 días +2

      @Floating Leaf these teachers are abusing their powers. I hope you've considered homeschooling or learning pods. Your son or any other child doesn't deserve this. 🙏

    • Radeo
      Radeo Hace 9 días +4

      It's much safer to be around kids who are a much lesser vector for spread than it is to work in an office of adults.
      If I were a teacher, I'd be looking on the bright side of my job being one of the less riskier ones, all things considered.

    • Floating Leaf
      Floating Leaf Hace 10 días +2

      I asked the teachers at my kids school if they ever thought they would be turning kids away from school? My son brought up the fact that Malala got shot just to go to school. I got a call later that day and was told I wasn't allowed back on school grounds, my son would be though, if he wore a face covering...

    • Jack Sprat
      Jack Sprat Hace 10 días

      Psychology is a social science and should be taken with a grain of salt...

  • Raven Ferguson
    Raven Ferguson Hace 10 días +2

    Yeah that's what they're aiming for. Everyone be VERY AFRAID

  • Britney Alyssa
    Britney Alyssa Hace 9 días +2

    I really don’t care about the teachers concerns. It’s the child’s development that matters the most not the teachers petty whining over having to do their job.

  • Don Donnerson
    Don Donnerson Hace 10 días +23

    You guys sound like you harbor an unhealthy fear of germs, you really, really shouldn't cripple children with a lifetime with an irrational fear of germs.

  • kanank13
    kanank13 Hace 10 días +2

    Why dont they allow limited number of kids in schools everyday or make it voluntary and give parents the option to let their kids attend online? Allow teachers to teach online on somedays or if they are coivd positve.

    • Nick
      Nick Hace 8 días

      Or perhaps we can admit that kids getting the sniffles isn't that big of a deal and carry on as normal?

  • Oh No Get Out!
    Oh No Get Out! Hace 10 días +12

    KlausSchwab let my people GO!

  • John Alexir
    John Alexir Hace 9 días

    The fear-pushing machine never rests.

  • blass
    blass Hace 9 días +2

    You are the primary cause of all our current problems.

  • Laura Vettoretti
    Laura Vettoretti Hace 9 días

    That was the plan all afraid, be very afraid. And the government will "save" you.

    JOEL WALKER Hace 9 días +4

    Christine Elliott the health minister in Ontario will be facing a criminal complaint as was filed recently in the Superior Court of Justice by a consortium of 1k lawyers and 10k doctors led by Dr. Reiner Füellmich of Germany this case will revolve on the roll out of mandates and certain abnormalities surrounding it's safety.

    • Nick
      Nick Hace 9 días

      Link? EDIT: N/M found it.

  • Mohammed Abdul Khader
    Mohammed Abdul Khader Hace 10 días +3

    Forcing kids to wear masks?

  • Putanna
    Putanna Hace 7 días

    I think this time we have it right?

  • Mel Stiller
    Mel Stiller Hace 10 días +4

    Politics and Science don't create fear and panic; ignorance does!

    • Floating Leaf
      Floating Leaf Hace 10 días +2

      Everyone I have personally talked to about this says they don't have time to look things up. But because I have time and curiosity I should be discriminated against??

    • Jack Sprat
      Jack Sprat Hace 10 días +3

      Malpractice ends more people in Canada than covid-19, an "approval" from health Canada means nothing, WHO has a pharmaceutical listed as essential that is being banned etc in different countries around the world due to how dangerous it is; is this the science you're referring to?

    • Leroi LaPue
      Leroi LaPue Hace 10 días +1

      all politics and "science" does these days is create fear and panic...with a little help from the mockingbird media!

  • Nick
    Nick Hace 9 días +1

    "Anxiety rises" every time you produce another garbage "news" piece.

  • HeyBubbs
    HeyBubbs Hace 6 días

    As a Custodian,were all gonna die!

  • bfdi
    bfdi Hace 7 días +1

    Krakistan coming to a city near me!!!!🤬

  • Putanna
    Putanna Hace 7 días

    Corporate media driving people to podcasts for news. 11 million listeners of JRs podcast is not a surprise

  • Rogue Raven
    Rogue Raven Hace 10 días +18

    If the teachers don’t want to do their job then replace them. There’s a lot of essential workers that have been working through the whole pandemic and we’re sick of their whining.

  • Annie Couillard
    Annie Couillard Hace 9 días

    No mention at all ... it's not lying but it's not truthful... the status of hospitals please!.... I wonder why it's so hard to say?

  • Fizon Idea
    Fizon Idea Hace 9 días +3

    You guys sound like you harbor an unhealthy fear of germs, you really, really shouldn't cripple children with a lifetime with an irrational fear of germs.

  • Radeo
    Radeo Hace 9 días +2

    Whose anxiety?
    All I've heard are complaints from kids that they've missed school.
    The anxiety of kids rise when they AREN'T in school.
    It's the anxiety of members of this new religion of hygiene that increases --- whenever any "sinner" isn't following their dogma.

  • Calvin Chen
    Calvin Chen Hace 10 días

    What about restaurants?

  • Steve Chapman
    Steve Chapman Hace 9 días

    She looks scary the health Minister

  • Public Commentor
    Public Commentor Hace 10 días +10


  • Richard changed.
    Richard changed. Hace 10 días +6


  • LiplessEagle
    LiplessEagle Hace 10 días

    Kids = 0 risk says science

  • Peter Cook
    Peter Cook Hace 10 días +2


  • Enson Avenson
    Enson Avenson Hace 10 días +5

    Beeeh Beeeh 🐏🐑🐑🐑

  • Arkout Arkout
    Arkout Arkout Hace 10 días +12

    Yellow journalism at it best

  • James Teej
    James Teej Hace 10 días +2

    Bahhhhhh bahhhhhhhhhh bahhhh

  • Locked in with Lovebirds
    Locked in with Lovebirds Hace 10 días +4

    What a generation of powder puff adults in charge. Im embarassed.

  • jas
    jas Hace 10 días +10


  • Blain Clatworthy
    Blain Clatworthy Hace 9 días

    Lazy teachers have been whining about wanting smaller class sizes for yrs. Give them smaller classes with
    a lower Salary!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry Virdi
    Harry Virdi Hace 8 días +1


  • Poodle Lover
    Poodle Lover Hace 10 días +4


  • D Mcg
    D Mcg Hace 9 días +1

    99% of parents want to see their kids in svhool