Global National: Jan. 12, 2022 | Quebec's tax for the unvaccinated prompts mixed political reactions

  • Publicado el 11 ene 2022
  • Quebec Premier François Legault's proposed tax for people not vaccinated for COVID-19 is generating reaction right across Canada. While other premiers aren't on board, Mike Le Couteur explains how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn't denouncing the idea.

    Meanwhile, the potential fine is already sparking a wide range of reactions beyond the province's borders. From calls to make the tax steep, to concerns of impeding on human rights, Mike Armstrong reports on what everyday Canadians are feeling.

    With Canadian businesses still struggling during the pandemic amid the Omicron variant's rise, the federal government is now giving them more time to repay interest-free loans from the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) program. Abigail Bimman reports on the new deadline and why some business owners say they need more help.

    In the United Kingdom, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sparked more anger after admitting he attended a party during lockdown in 2020. Johnson has apologized, but as Crystal Goomansingh explains, he's being mocked and his job is in jeopardy.

    From major privacy breaches to harmful content driving extremist movements, social media has influenced multiple dangers in the real world. So can the federal government regulate it? Should it? Anne Gaviola looks at the push for Ottawa to do more.

    And a southern Alberta family made the best of the deep freeze temperatures experienced across the Prairies the last few weeks. As Quinn Campbell reports, they built a snow cave mansion.

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Comentarios • 966

  • iamrhondai
    iamrhondai Hace 9 días +67

    Absolutely despicable!!! Let's start putting the blame on our crumbling healthcare system where it belongs! The government and mismanagement for years🤬

    • Salina Vucic
      Salina Vucic Hace 3 días +1

      @Vortex Ca . Yes , you are right ! I totally agree with you ! God Bless

    • Brett Barnes
      Brett Barnes Hace 7 días +4

      _"Let's start putting the blame on"_ the governments that implemented a failed and failing universal mass vaccination strategy on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry rather than taking some advice from the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration.

    • Gregory Nocent
      Gregory Nocent Hace 7 días


    • Vortex CA
      Vortex CA Hace 7 días +8

      @Gregory Nocent just because you say no doesn’t mean anything. There’s a reason thousands of doctors and nurses were willing to lose there job to not get the jab 🤡

    • Vortex CA
      Vortex CA Hace 7 días +6

      @Gregory Nocent well thousands of unvaccinated doctors and truckers are coming back to work because they don’t have enough 🤣🤣 there goes your immunity and they’re making a new vaccine for the new variant because the one you have isn’t seeming to work 🤓

  • Vapez
    Vapez Hace 8 días +40

    WE ARE AGAINST THE TAX. I speak for the 5 people I live with who are vaxed.

    • T Ratzz
      T Ratzz Hace 7 días +6

      It's good to know there are still great citizens of this country that stand up when they see wrong no matter what side they take.
      Thank you!
      We all need to stay united. This is part of the governments plan to sow division.

  • R.I.P Québec
    R.I.P Québec Hace 8 días +35

    Legault on systemic discrimination:

    “The point is not who is right,” Legault said. “The goal is that we all work together to fight prejudice, discrimination and racism.”

    Bravo good sir, your government has effectively introduced systemic discrimination in Québec.

    • dsmtsi
      dsmtsi Hace 5 días

      All liberal leftists are hypocrites, they are exactly what they claim to be against.

      Stop voting for leftist who hate Canada, hate you and want to destroy the country.

    • OugaBoogaShockwave
      OugaBoogaShockwave Hace 6 días +3

      Legault is a A$$ 🤡

  • Henry lhd
    Henry lhd Hace 9 días +101

    When will we have leaders that lead by firstly holding in highest regard the ideals, rights and charter that make Canada a great country instead of those that divide, disparage and mislead ?

    • Beef Supreme
      Beef Supreme Hace 6 días +1

      @michael hatch Real losers. So what.

    • michael hatch
      michael hatch Hace 6 días

      @Beef Supreme Nice try....but it doesn't change fact. The threat of losing their liquor and pot was enough to increase vaccination registrations to six times the level. Real people real numbers.

    • Beef Supreme
      Beef Supreme Hace 7 días +1

      @michael hatch I can read fine. It's Jan 14. Your comment still makes zero sense when read after the original comment. You should learn comprehension. You are a fool.

    • michael hatch
      michael hatch Hace 7 días

      @Brett Barnes So my response still stands, you have a problem with people who point out reality. Sure, I got that.

    • Brett Barnes
      Brett Barnes Hace 7 días +2

      @michael hatch No. I just enjoyed trolling a troll. Got it?

  • Rigo
    Rigo Hace 9 días +99

    Why are Sikhs allowed to ride motorcycles without helmets with a religious exemption, simply because it is too much effort to unwrap their heads and put the helmet underneath, and consequently increase their chances of going to the ER and needing an ICU bed after an accident? No tax penalties for them, no fines for them, no discrimination for them. I wonder why?

    • And Cam
      And Cam Hace un día

      @Ashraf Ahmad if you're a Christian Jesus is God. The holy trinity all you're arguing is a separate beliefs.

    • أبو عيسى
      أبو عيسى Hace 6 días

      Beautiful words, but Jesus is the son of Holy Maryam and God's Word and His prophet. 🌴🕋🏴☝🏼

    • crazycatlady68
      crazycatlady68 Hace 7 días

      @Ashraf Ahmad welcome to the 21st Century. There is no invisible sky fairy up there. 🙄

    • Sharon Rogowski
      Sharon Rogowski Hace 7 días

      @Brian Hale
      Amen 🙏
      Our Lord and Saviour DEFEATED death and FULFILLED the covenant between God and Man.

    • Brett Barnes
      Brett Barnes Hace 7 días +1

      @Britney Alyssa _"woke hypocrisy?"_ Now now, don't be so crass. It's called Social Justice. Equity.

  • Cuthbert Bracegirdle
    Cuthbert Bracegirdle Hace 9 días +54

    This is disgusting. For a case of the sniffles.

  • tom snake
    tom snake Hace 8 días +17

    Just wondering and how far the people of Canada can be pushed by Governments before
    someone becomes etc. etc.

    • AllRequired
      AllRequired Hace 7 días +1

      @Stephen Philpitt I can. Take a look at their detail.

    • Stephen Philpitt
      Stephen Philpitt Hace 8 días +2

      I honestly can’t believe some politician or health official hasn’t been found in the trunk of a car yet .

  • John Bastien
    John Bastien Hace 9 días +106

    I have been vacinated. But a tax on medical I find may cross a line we may regret. When do we add this type of policy to other health issues. Will this cause violence? Be careful.

    • OugaBoogaShockwave
      OugaBoogaShockwave Hace 6 días

      @Paultemps it WILL HAPPEN, don't push SANE people to the edge, Demons & fallen are controlling it.
      THEY Know what will happen cause they been around LONGER then me & you can live

    • Paultemps
      Paultemps Hace 6 días +1

      @OugaBoogaShockwave Would be a good time to get a ''Denis Lortie'' event

    • OugaBoogaShockwave
      OugaBoogaShockwave Hace 6 días

      @juanio 💯✔

    • OugaBoogaShockwave
      OugaBoogaShockwave Hace 6 días

      Someone is looking to get murdered, DON'T be surprised when it happens.

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días

      @caloreen1992 N is an atheist. I already tried to tell them the gospel and they didn't listen. Pray for them.

  • Alicia Alexander
    Alicia Alexander Hace 8 días +41

    I love how they make it sound like authoritarian measures are ok

  • V Tech
    V Tech Hace 8 días +63

    I'm fully vaccinated, but I do not agree to this madness. If we are going to taxe the unvaccinated, then we need to tax the smokers, obese people, drug users etc... Can't just discriminate on the Unvaccinated only!

    • V Tech
      V Tech Hace 3 días

      @Real All d Way - RAW it's about putting burden in our health care system.

    • Real All d Way - RAW
      Real All d Way - RAW Hace 3 días

      Well obese people are not contagious.
      Drunk are not contagious either.
      The smokers they are paying tax when they buy their cigarettes.
      The unvaccinated, when infected can spread the virus therefore is contributing to the system of Shutting down and the healthcare employees exhaustion.

      I understand why they are doing this.If you are vaccinated because you want this pandemic to end.
      Don't you want others to think about the same thing?

      It is not right to tax people this way.
      But can you think of other ways to convince them otherwise.

      If the unvaccinated really believed in their stubbornness.
      Then they will just pay the fine.
      But knowing they will pay now they have no problem on getting vaccinated.
      So what is their real reason for not getting it in the first place?

      We should Also look at the governments side.
      They have been working for millions of people.
      We only have to worry about ourselves an yet people still want to be babysitted by the government.

      It is not fair on both sides.
      We should stop the blame and just work together.

    • R.I.P Québec
      R.I.P Québec Hace 6 días +6

      We need to all stand together against these massive overreaches of power.

    • T Ratzz
      T Ratzz Hace 7 días +9

      It's good to know there are still great citizens of this country that stand up when they see wrong no matter what side they take.
      Thank you!
      We all need to stay united. This is part of the governments plan to sow division.

  • Jordan Ross
    Jordan Ross Hace 8 días +46

    I wish the canadian government would do something to actually help the health of canadians. The canadian government should stop subsidising chemical farming so that farmers look to more regenerative practices so canadians have greater access to nutrient dense and toxin free food that actually supports your immune system to help us through covid.

    • OugaBoogaShockwave
      OugaBoogaShockwave Hace 5 días

      @Travis Holte for me in sasquatch land it "might" help me find a mate 😁
      My back hair can warm up the cockles of her heart, Oh so tasty the experience.👍

    • Travis Holte
      Travis Holte Hace 5 días +1

      Yah that’ll fix everything 😝

    • OugaBoogaShockwave
      OugaBoogaShockwave Hace 6 días

      @AllRequired YES please, will my back hair be 20 feet long ? 😆

    • AllRequired
      AllRequired Hace 7 días

      Your beard will be 200 miles long.

  • Maya F
    Maya F Hace 9 días +47

    Maybe you should tax obese people cause they tend to be sicker...? Maybe tax the smokers? or the alcoholics?

    • Henry lhd
      Henry lhd Hace 3 días

      @Vaccines Save Lives You very well know that the obese and others with co-morbidities are the largest stain on the hospital system by far, whether they are vaxed or not. Their lack of physical health is often their own doing and they know full well the consequences of their choices. Why would you target just the unvaxed ? Is that because you're on the pharma payroll ?

    • Vaccines Save Lives
      Vaccines Save Lives Hace 4 días

      @Henry lhd Consumption is but the tax is not. Not everyone who drinks and smokes gets cancer but everyone is taxed at the point of sale. A COVID-19 infection has health consequences as well. An ICU stay is very costly. Plan B is the Singapore approach where you get a bill if you become infected and need hospital care.

    • Henry lhd
      Henry lhd Hace 4 días

      @Vaccines Save Lives Zero comparison. Consumption of alcohol and cigs is voluntary.

    • Cris Ford
      Cris Ford Hace 8 días +2

      Overweight people become "disable" too. Obesity is the #1 disease in North America for decades. This is the campaign that this government should be motivating !!!!! But no...they close the GYMS too!

    • C M
      C M Hace 8 días +2

      @Vaccines Save Lives NO!

  • Johnny K
    Johnny K Hace 9 días +30

    Global News FYI: "We Failed": Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them. "For ALMOST two years, we - the press and the population - have been almost hypnotically preoccupied with the authorities' daily coronavirus figures.

    • DeanoBravo996
      DeanoBravo996 Hace 8 días +6

      Its called Mass Formation Psychosis and you can get in a lot of trouble for talking about it on the internet

  • Mike Veledian
    Mike Veledian Hace 9 días +86

    Time for quebec to SEPARATE , they have always wanted to seperate now is the perfect time

    • darren moran
      darren moran Hace 7 días

      @T Ratzz we talking about vaccines makin it mandatory not quebec seperating

    • T Ratzz
      T Ratzz Hace 7 días

      @darren moran I understand the truth hurts

    • darren moran
      darren moran Hace 7 días

      @T Ratzz shut up plz

    • T Ratzz
      T Ratzz Hace 7 días

      @DeanoBravo996 problem is Newfoundland has gone crazy with the whole Covid thing too. Mostly a liberal province. I would not want to live there now, and my parents are from there, they wouldn't go back either. The Premier is a joke!

    • T Ratzz
      T Ratzz Hace 7 días

      Yes will the true Canadians please get out and the rest can seperate and take their share of the debt!

  • Bob Doe
    Bob Doe Hace 8 días +12

    If you are of a discriminated minority, and you look at unvaccinated people in a certain way, you undue years and years of human rights history and work that people before you worked so hard to put in place, some have their lives.

    • Bob Doe
      Bob Doe Hace 8 días

      Given up their lives*

  • Deep Thoughts
    Deep Thoughts Hace 9 días +71


    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días

      @Stew Stubbs We've been wearing masks for 2 years.......

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días +1

      No. They will gladly turn in their neighbors for a nice pat on the head. .

    • AllRequired
      AllRequired Hace 7 días

      @Deep Thoughts Can you start up your own Solidarnosc chapter?

    • Stephen Philpitt
      Stephen Philpitt Hace 8 días

      @James Cross Well said ! I say the same things all the time , some people listen , the rest watch cnn and cbc .

    • dy persaud
      dy persaud Hace 8 días

      Lady, let’s have a beer. Totally agree!

  • Annie Couillard
    Annie Couillard Hace 9 días +26

    Donna... why is it so hard to say the truth about hospitalization... 1/2 in ICU are fully vacillated and 3/4 not in ICU are fully vaccinated.

  • monsieur patate
    monsieur patate Hace 9 días +14

    I live in quebec and i am unvaccinated i got covid from a friend about a week ago and now i am fully healed my friend who is fully vaccinated by the way

  • Kay La
    Kay La Hace 9 días +18

    Trudeau: says "encouraging and incentivizing" ... more like social, psychological and economic warfare. ...potato potahto.

    • James Cross
      James Cross Hace 8 días +1

      @Paultemps it’s all filtering down from the top in different ways. In every country. But one thing remains the same. You WILL get this vaccine or else…. This is only the beginning

    • Paultemps
      Paultemps Hace 9 días

      But its not Trudeau who is applying those insane mendate, its François Legault dude

  • Justin Longley
    Justin Longley Hace 9 días +12

    Can we turn away the “vaccinated” from hospitals since they are overwhelming them?

    • Shaun
      Shaun Hace 8 días

      250 in icu in Quebec out of 8 million is over whelming? Most people in the hospital are full vaxed

    • Justin Longley
      Justin Longley Hace 8 días

      @Cris Ford tests are their main tool now. They will use them to keep the “case” count high and the sheep in line. Fortunately when a sheep wakes up, they don’t go back to sleep so their numbers are dwindling.

    • Cris Ford
      Cris Ford Hace 8 días +2

      What about "100% feeling ok" people testing POSITIVE ...what a joke. I know a few.

  • Vera V
    Vera V Hace 8 días +13

    Waiting for the government to act, is like expecting it to snow in hell.

    • AllRequired
      AllRequired Hace 7 días +1

      It will act... just in whatever way is a benefit to them.

  • Henry lhd
    Henry lhd Hace 9 días +50

    Have we lost sight of the exemplar ideal of "informed consent with coercion" to all personal medical procedures ? It is an highly regarded ingredient in any civil democracy imho.

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones Hace 8 días +2

      @N Hamilton It never was. The only difference is that the s never hit the fan. They brainwashed the majority to be consumer sheep and bend over and voluntarily take it up to now. But if ever people actually exercised their so called freedoms and rights, they would shut them down immediately, which is what they are doing now.

    • N Hamilton
      N Hamilton Hace 9 días +4

      We are no longer a Country and we no longer have a Democracy, further, the Rule of Law is no longer in effect.

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones Hace 9 días +10

      We don't live in a democracy. Rights and freedoms are only for show and only allowed if they don't threaten the profit of the neoliberal capitalists who run the executive, legislative, and judiciary in practice. These branches are only separate on paper. That is why you see these bizarre inconsistencies, like certain demographics being protected, while others are not, and certain laws being upheld, some not, some laws being upheld for certain situations, but not others.

      Male? Get ready to pay more car insurance based on your sex buddy. This is not discrimination it is logic they say. Yet if its another demographic that is "protected" logic will be thrown out the door and they will never be held to the same standards if it goes against the subjective politically correct zeitgeist for example.

  • Icosiom AL
    Icosiom AL Hace 9 días +41

    What s the point of this tax ? They are less than 10 % of the popilation. Is it to invest in the health system ? The fine will need tp 10 millions dollars per person. Is it a fine ? What crime did they commit? Which law did they break ?

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días +3

      We broke the law of not worshiping humans that hate us.

    • T Ratzz
      T Ratzz Hace 7 días +2

      It's the governments way of saying they are wrong but don't want to admit it. The hole they dug is so dip they need to blame it on someone else. Why not the vaccinated since they are not part of the game...

    • Stephen Philpitt
      Stephen Philpitt Hace 8 días +2

      @James Cross Oh yes just like all commies , full of big ideas that don’t ever work .

    • James Cross
      James Cross Hace 8 días +3

      @BigCitySocialist so you’re like 14 right…

    • James Cross
      James Cross Hace 8 días +1

      Less than 10% of the population are unvaccinated. And less than 1% of that 10% are needing healthcare

  • Clem Thompson
    Clem Thompson Hace 9 días +11

    Next impact is to leave Quebec forever, this province is the worst province in their politic.

  • Tracy P
    Tracy P Hace 9 días +30

    I thought incentivizing meant a reluctant party in a negotiation gains something they otherwise wouldn’t if they’d agreed from the inception, not take something away. this is more like a punishment/ coercion!

    • Patriotic Canadian
      Patriotic Canadian Hace 8 días +6

      Sounds pretty ignorant considering you people have no faith in the vaccine you have chosen to get yet you want to force others to get it.

    • Hace 9 días +2

      Here's an incentive for you...maybe they should add a bounty to the unvaccinated like your fellow rightwingers do out in Florida or Texas...😘

  • Maya
    Maya Hace 9 días +23

    Lol next they’ll tax you if you talk or move. What a circus this all is and people think it’s about health lol 😂

    • john smith
      john smith Hace 8 días +1

      @jus win suing a propaganda network government wont allow that

    • jus win
      jus win Hace 9 días +2

      wait untill truth about these vaccines come out i hope all these news stations get sued

  • Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson Hace 9 días +32

    We should have had a non-confidence vote here in Canada 7 years ago. Ha Ha.

    • Sharon Rogowski
      Sharon Rogowski Hace 7 días

      @Jeffrey Sweet
      I think the majority did NOT vote for Castro, I mean Trudy and he still won?!😉

    • James Cross
      James Cross Hace 8 días

      @BigCitySocialist provincial to a point. With heavy federal pressure coming in..

    • Jeffrey Sweet
      Jeffrey Sweet Hace 9 días +1

      We just had an election you know. That would have been the time to vote "non-confidence" against the person you didn't want to be in government.

  • Verrecchia23
    Verrecchia23 Hace 9 días +19

    whoever says yes to vax tax just remember youve eaten at mcdonalds so lets tax you for that too. hey if you have heart problems and smoke or drink lets tax that twice as much. such hypocrisy

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días

      @T H Also smokes and booze are a product that is taxed on use. This is a tax for existing, that's it.

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días

      @T H I'm poor tho. Why steal more of my money? I'll just give everything away and go homeless to spite the system. Have fun cleaning up my feces when I crap in the streets.

    • T H
      T H Hace 9 días

      Lol they are literally taxed already. A pack a day smoker pays $3650 a year in sin tax. Drink a gallon a week in alcoholic beverages you're paying $13.50 a week in sin tax. UK has a sugar tax. Penalties for high risk behaviors have been in place for a long time. Because those people can cause a higher burden on the healthcare system. This is nothing new. Non-vaccinated are 20x more likely to be hospitalized.

  • Britney
    Britney Hace 9 días +9

    This is pure wickedness and very much prejudices against the unvacinated

  • kush king
    kush king Hace 9 días +14

    The unvaccinated may just move to the east coast or ontario if the tax would be placed. Would they tax people who can't get vaccinated because their doctor said it would put them at risk to certain health conditions or medications they must take? I know this is still all talk but it's something to think about.

    • bergil210
      bergil210 Hace 2 días

      @OugaBoogaShockwave damn straight

    • OugaBoogaShockwave
      OugaBoogaShockwave Hace 6 días +1

      @bergil210 i had a flu a few decades ago, No flu shot that i can remember but maybe got 1 before 13yrs old.
      Got something this christmas & felt like a flu so not sure if it was delta or omicron.
      Survived it so NO THX i don't need a fook'n 💉

    • bergil210
      bergil210 Hace 8 días +3

      @Rokaya Mane I never get the flu though and never had a flu shot🤔

    • Kswitch265
      Kswitch265 Hace 8 días +3

      All that's left is a wall to separate the vaxxed and unvaxxed from say east to west. Free world in one side stasi and Justin on the other. Worked out great for Germany before 👍

    • mr machinist
      mr machinist Hace 8 días

      @Rokaya Mane well said

  • weszillich
    weszillich Hace 9 días +37


    • Stephen Philpitt
      Stephen Philpitt Hace 8 días

      @jus win I think it’s starting to happen now , just not here with our bought and paid for media and officials .

    • jus win
      jus win Hace 9 días +1

      truth will come out on these vaccines and everyone getting paid off right now will back pedal real quick

  • Drifter
    Drifter Hace 9 días +14

    Slippery slope for those of you that think because your vaxxed won't happen to you maybe you should go read a few history books this never has ended well for people

  • XxWolF-_-PicKxX
    XxWolF-_-PicKxX Hace 8 días +7

    Numbers of cases already starting to go down (using positivity rates), so I expect ICU and the like will be going down soon too. In Ontario, the TOTAL (+ve and -ve tetsing altogether) has only gone up 65 cases - in contrast to the fear mongered number of 343 additional in ICU testing positive.
    Also, case rates among vaccinated are 30% higher than among unvaccinated so this will do nothing to prevent the spread and only has a minor dampening effect on hospitalizations. Unfortunately, we don't know which demographics of unvaccinated are in the ICU and if these people can even be vaccinated at all since they are probably more likely to be on exemptions list given the fact they are in ICU. Let's not forget that hospitalizations are only 1.5x per person higher in unvaccinated in Ontario - a relative rate which seems to have stabilized with Omicron.
    In short, there is no reason to suggest such a tax on moral, practical, legal, or ethical grounds.

    • T Ratzz
      T Ratzz Hace 7 días

      Will they tell us though the numbers are going down in hospitals?

  • patrick cowan
    patrick cowan Hace 9 días +10

    So if your vaccinated and you end up in the hospital with covid should you pay also ,asking for 30 million Canadian friends.

    • Canadian Bakin
      Canadian Bakin Hace 6 días

      Pfizer should have to give all our tax money back

    • Martin Krol
      Martin Krol Hace 8 días +1

      That's what I was saying the other day. If they manage to tax the unvaccinated then it will be worded in a way to say if we don't follow mandates. At which point Vax or no Vax , it won't matter. It'll be, here take this poison, or do as we say, or you be fined. If you don't pay then jail time+lose job. Then it'll morph to something more sinister. It might be slow, but people cant allow this concensus. Because its got nothing to do with the vaccine. Just think, 10 years ago China didn't have a social credit system. Now people with bad credit pay more for using a bus, can't enter certain facilities, etc. And it takes a long time to dig your way out. You lose points for crossing the street on a red. You gain points for following exactly what the party tells you. All it takes is for us to pass a few laws, and some sweeping changes will happen much faster than people think.

  • Terra Freeman
    Terra Freeman Hace 8 días +11

    Exposure at work, multiple people with both vaccines tested positive and reported having “a bad cold.” Closed the business. I, unvaccinated, working throughout the entire pandemic have yet to test positive. No symptoms. Yet, I am supposed to pay for the extra strain I am putting on the health care system? I haven’t been to a hospital in a decade.. do I get refunded for those years?

    This is insane.

    • T Ratzz
      T Ratzz Hace 7 días +4

      Exactly same here! What strain am I putting on the hospital. I'm healthly. Now there is more people apparently vaccinted and there are more in hospitals? Wonder why???

  • Rod1892
    Rod1892 Hace 7 días +1

    To the Canadian Government, the efficacy rates of medicines, are always efficient, given that active ingredients are disclosed per consumer protection applicable to both private and public sectors. As for budget, this is also taxed, eversince and allocations are distributed accordingly to both private and public sectors that reports their respective tax filings, codes, since it is always allocations for them to be budget self sufficient as well and per reports obtained on a yearly basis. Taxes does not increase since inventories in taxation, protection, growth and maintenance of GDP are always upheld and implemented worldwide. Taxes are good, it prevents counterfeit, fake, fraud, as well as laundering in any types of funds, as well as BAIL OUTS, since this is Bribery as well, subsidies are taxes, tax, and all allocations and protection from any uncertain. SMEs. General Practices, standards.........GM.

  • Rose
    Rose Hace 9 días +37

    Our health minister says it’s the same like we get tax credits when we donate to a charity or when we contribute to retirement
    but this isn’t this more like being forced to pay additional tax if you don’t contribute to your retirement or don’t choose to donate??
    How is this the same??? Is he on crack?

  • zederish
    zederish Hace 9 días +35

    Please tax us into extinction daddy.

  • Justin Drummond
    Justin Drummond Hace 9 días +6

    How about open up businesses with limited covid precautions and funnel the business subsidy funds into the dilapidated health care system? The current approach is causing widespread economic suppression, the defaults on the business loans, and unemployment resulting from failing businesses will likely bite the government in the foot come tax time and when reconciling the debt.... Pretty sure a revamped healthcare system with more resources and better pay to incentivize employment would be a cheaper long-term route, while able to cope with the immediate ICU demand?

    • jus win
      jus win Hace 9 días

      lol government really wants to make sure everyone is sleepin on the streets 😆

  • Eben Pajanconi
    Eben Pajanconi Hace 8 días +7

    How about we tax the drug addicts? Obese? Alcoholics? Etc?

  • apimania Canada
    apimania Canada Hace 9 días +20

    We will remind The Premiers who is the real boss in the next election!

    • C M
      C M Hace 6 días

      @john smith 100%

    • Canadian Bakin
      Canadian Bakin Hace 6 días +1

      They’re indistinguishable at this point may as well keep the card for a firestarter

    • john smith
      john smith Hace 8 días +3

      all the political party are leftist and working together

    • C M
      C M Hace 8 días +5

      Yeah. Voting is done in Canada. Good luck.

  • W M
    W M Hace 9 días +6

    We're going to correct historic wrongs, but we'll find some new scapegoats? Two years ago, the PM stated "we don't have a constitutional crisis...YET"; I think we do now, unless the definitions of human, humane and human rights "quietly" changed, when everyone was locked up in their homes for two years?

    • T Ratzz
      T Ratzz Hace 7 días

      Yeap passing secret laws behind closed doors while everyone is distracted while watching the gov funded propaganda on the news

  • Johnny B.better
    Johnny B.better Hace 9 días +39

    No this is not Canada anymore,the human are not humans anymore,it’s Orwell’s 1984

  • R.I.P Québec
    R.I.P Québec Hace 6 días +2

    "We Failed": Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them.

  • Ismael Bauman
    Ismael Bauman Hace 9 días +9

    It is clear that there are two extremes in the pandemic, the first is selfishly imposing no measures at all, the second is selfishly imposing extreme measures and using force as a first resort instead of as a last. Both validate each other, and hence the centre gets accused of being an enemy both sides. I have said this countless times and I’ll say it once more, yes people should be willing to endure inconveniences to preserve the lives of others. But measures like these are not inconveniences it’s illiberal and disingenuous to minorities.

    • N
      N Hace 8 días +2


    • K
      K Hace 8 días

      @AnubisPatron The adaptive immune system takes a couple days to eliminate a virus it recognizes. It doesn't stop the initial infection. It doesn't matter if immunity is from infection or vaccine. That's just how it works. People are still infected. The death rate increase matches the increased infections in unvaccinated people but not in vaccinated people. The exemption from liability is to encourage the creation of vaccines, and decrease insurance costs to companies so vaccines are affordable. You haven't used your head in many years, except maybe as a paperweight.

    • AnubisPatron
      AnubisPatron Hace 8 días +2

      @Ismael Bauman That doesn't make it any more or less effective. Its just not doing what we hoped for. Its not even stifeling the numbers, they've grown relentlessly regardless of vax/unvax populace. Places like Gibraltar with 100% vax rate are still case climbing. Its ineffective trash, it was a cute attempt, but we need an actual vaccine that works like all our previous traditional vaccines.

    • Ismael Bauman
      Ismael Bauman Hace 8 días

      @AnubisPatron I have, I did the research, while the immunity from liability is suspect there have been many frivolous lawsuits over the pettiest of things. Just think there without legal immunity there would be tens of thousands of people suing companies just to make money. Also while cases are high yes, death rates are low, finally the vaccines we are using were created with the original version in mind not this offshoot. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of Big Pharma this is not one of them.

    • AnubisPatron
      AnubisPatron Hace 8 días +3

      The vaccine, so effective, we have record cases. So safe, its exempt from any liability. Just use your head and think for a moment.

  • SET intheJar
    SET intheJar Hace 8 días +3

    Before covid-19, Canada was such an wonderful country ever. I loved Canada, but I disappointed. Any country ideal with, no more. The world collapse something really important. That makes me soooo sad...The exaxtly same thing procedurally happen in Korea as well. The government in the world doing same act and it seems very very weird 🤔
    Anyways I decide to fight for my freedom. This phenomena right now in the world definitely goes insane. PLEASE STOP DOING ALL THIS INSANE SITUATION ✋

    • T Ratzz
      T Ratzz Hace 7 días +1

      Bad Government screws things up! We saw this coming before Covid with Trudeau in charge. If he was corrupt before and people have him a free pass why should we be surprised now??

  • pamela merfeld
    pamela merfeld Hace 9 días +4


  • hakuna matata
    hakuna matata Hace 9 días +44

    Doesnt matter what politicians think about it. With these kinds of overstepping of authority its the people and their guillotines you need to worry about.

    • Ken Tillotson
      Ken Tillotson Hace 9 días +3

      NUREMBERG 2023

    • Hace 9 días

      maybe they should add a bounty to the unvaccinated like your fellow rightwingers do in Florida or Texas...😘

  • Ital
    Ital Hace 9 días +21

    Social credit score system. Be a good little slave and obey without question or else be punished.

  • cassyadams123
    cassyadams123 Hace 9 días +31

    This is punishment not incentives.

    • Canadian Bakin
      Canadian Bakin Hace 5 días +1

      @N Or that

    • N
      N Hace 6 días

      @Canadian Bakin It's called Narcissism! 👍👍

    • Canadian Bakin
      Canadian Bakin Hace 6 días +1

      @N I think guys like K are trained to be bull headed and pull you into an endless loop of arguments where they’ll never acknowledge any valid points, they insult and talk in circles just to frustrate and annoy you into responding In anger.

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días +1

      @K All liars will have their place in the lake of fire.

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días +1

      I will endure. I hope those who have endured this far will endure further.

  • Rick Carroll
    Rick Carroll Hace 9 días +23

    When are they are going to impose the "Fat" tax? Overweight people and smokers ( which I am one of them ) are as much or more responsible for the hospitalizations.

    • Canadian Bakin
      Canadian Bakin Hace 6 días +1

      Now we have unhealthy vs healthy divides? Along with all the others….never gonna learn are we?

    • Rick Carroll
      Rick Carroll Hace 8 días

      @crazywaffleking I agree but it's ok to be obese and then diabetic because of it.

    • Rick Carroll
      Rick Carroll Hace 8 días +1

      @Cris Ford Smokers pay an insane amount of tax on their cigarettes unlike obese people.

    • john smith
      john smith Hace 8 días +1

      @crazywaffleking most smoker buy for indian reserve to avoid tax , and what about taxing people who got the vax since they cost money to vaccinate them and cost money to heal them from the side effect

    • Cris Ford
      Cris Ford Hace 8 días

      Smokers know that they will ended in a hospital bed , yes they pay the tax now , but WE are paying their hospitalizations!!!

  • double down
    double down Hace 9 días +9

    20,000 fans each game watching leafs on road trips....this is insane

  • SSdragon666
    SSdragon666 Hace 9 días +3

    Being fined for not bowing to the wanton desires of those in self appointed authority? Great. A desperate man is a dangerous man… we all need to prop each other up instead. Shift our goal to acceptance and forgiveness rather than force and fear

  • zederish
    zederish Hace 9 días +23

    We don't pay enough taxes. We need more taxes.

    • Stephen Philpitt
      Stephen Philpitt Hace 8 días


    • jus win
      jus win Hace 9 días +1

      most are on brink of beeing homeless because of trudeau lol lets bring out another tax 😆 government has forgottan who they work for

    • Ken Tillotson
      Ken Tillotson Hace 9 días

      @Bartons Inc. did
      and east


    • Bartons Inc.
      Bartons Inc. Hace 9 días +4

      Time to move south!

  • Veronica Fermino
    Veronica Fermino Hace 8 días +24

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    • Rebecca Guidos
      Rebecca Guidos Hace 8 días

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    • Jeffrey Bell
      Jeffrey Bell Hace 8 días

      @Svein Mathisen I've never heard or seen any of his client complain of lost, I think he's just too perfect.

    • Svein Mathisen
      Svein Mathisen Hace 8 días

      Trading crypto now is really profitable, but trading without a professional is really risky. I'm a victim of that. I lost a total of $15,000 between january and march, but I've recovered $7k with help from Mr. Garry Hartmann

    • Carlos Ben
      Carlos Ben Hace 8 días

      @Gerald Ford 👍 Thanks for his contact info, I'll get to him right away

    • Gerald Ford
      Gerald Ford Hace 8 días

      十𝟏𝟖𝟔𝟒𝟗𝟎𝟐𝟒𝟔𝟖𝟎▆ ▇ ▆ ▇ █

  • Lukasz Chelminiak
    Lukasz Chelminiak Hace 9 días +11

    Give us real news. How to feed family of four. Lockdown benefits pasy $270. There is high inflaction skyrocket real estate prices. Our business has been shout down 3 time in 2 years.
    How to survive????

  • ᾰ̓νώνῠμος
    ᾰ̓νώνῠμος Hace 9 días +47

    Imagine trying to ruin people's livelihoods just because they refused to take a drug that is still undergoing trial. You'd have to be a psychopath to even consider such a thing and then act all virtuous about it. Oh my days 😔

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días +1

      @Vaccines Save Lives If you want to see a zombie, look in the mirror.

    • AnubisPatron
      AnubisPatron Hace 8 días

      @Vaccines Save Lives Not only that they could, I'm saying, they SHOULD.

    • Vaccines Save Lives
      Vaccines Save Lives Hace 8 días

      @AnubisPatron24 countries have no-fault vaccine-injury compensation systems for routine immunizations.

      Although these systems generally aren’t designed to cover injuries related to vaccine administration during public health emergencies, they could quickly be adapted to do so. Changes could be made to policies related to funding, proving injury, and distributing compensation. These systems tend to exist in wealthier countries, but Nepal and Vietnam also have such systems.

      Countries with existing no-fault vaccine-injury compensation systems could incorporate Covid-19 vaccines into these programs." New England Journal of Medicine

    • Stephen Philpitt
      Stephen Philpitt Hace 8 días +1

      The zombies won’t get it .

    • Vaccines Save Lives
      Vaccines Save Lives Hace 8 días

      @ᾰ̓νώνῠμος A Dozen Misguided Influencers Spread Most of the Anti-Vaccination Content on Social Media. The Disinformation Dozen generates two thirds of anti-vaccination content on Facebook and Twitter. This Disinformation Dozen includes well-known anti-vaccination activists such as Joe Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, as well as influencers like Rizza Islam and Kevin Jenkins who deliver anti-vaccine falsehoods to the African-American population.

  • TM26
    TM26 Hace 9 días +56

    This won't hold up in court, and it does, it will set a precedent to tax anyone who acts "unhealthy"

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días

      @Gregory Nocent I'm not afraid of the needle. If I was someone who was scared I would get jabbed to avoid the consequences. I won't get jabbed no matter the consequences. Absolutely nothing can force me.

    • Stephen Philpitt
      Stephen Philpitt Hace 8 días +2

      @R C So many of them now spouting their garbage..

    • R C
      R C Hace 8 días +3

      @Stephen Philpitt its a bot account dude.

    • Vaccines Save Lives
      Vaccines Save Lives Hace 8 días +1

      @Stephen Philpitt Don’t Fall for the ‘VAERS Scare’ Tactic. Anti-vaxxers show how a precious vaccine adverse event reporting database can be used to scare the public.

      The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or VAERS is being misused by anti-vaxxers to terrify the public. It’s a shame because VAERS plays a vital role in detecting important but rare reactions caused by vaccines. The weaponization of VAERS by anti-vaccine activists serves as a reminder that having access to more information does not always lead to better decisions. Information needs to be correctly interpreted to guide us in the right direction.

      VAERS is an American reporting system to keep track of unfavourable or unintended events that take place after vaccination, like a fever or a rash, and that may (or may not) have been caused by the vaccine.

      -Anti-vaxxers routinely publicize reports from VAERS as if they are proof that a vaccine is causing clear harm

      -On its own, VAERS cannot be used to conclude anything, but it can tip off experts that a particular safety signal might be real and deserves to be further studied." McGill University website.

    • Vaccines Save Lives
      Vaccines Save Lives Hace 8 días

      @Stephen Philpitt These numbers say it all. In the U.S, over 843,000 people have died of COVID-19. The World Health Organization estimates that 290,000 to 650,000 people die of flu-related causes every year worldwide.

  • Saac
    Saac Hace 7 días +2

    Tell us why the Dr. leading the covid response in Quebec resigned!!

  • Real All d Way - RAW
    Real All d Way - RAW Hace 3 días

    It's sad that people value their money more than their health and other people's health.
    Tsk tsk.

  • Zoe Mikhchi
    Zoe Mikhchi Hace 9 días +1

    It’s ok to pay for private health care system.
    That makes sense.

  • Icosiom AL
    Icosiom AL Hace 9 días +14

    There is a tale in the african culture related to this situation: there were three bulls in the wood always moving around toghather. One black, one brown and one white bull. One time, the lion knowing that he couldn 't attack the three of them at the same time, took the black and the brown bulls apart and told them, you know, as a lion I have to eat, and when I am hunting, because of the white color of the white bull i can find you easily in the wood , if you let me eat it, you wlll be free and I won t be able to find you in the wood. The two bulls accepted the deal and let the lion eat the white bull. Few weeks later the lion cameback and told the same stroy to the black bull about the brown bull. The black bull accpeted the deal and let the lion eat the brown bull, few weeks later, the lion came for the black bull and told him, sorry I am a lion, I have to eat and now that there is no one else, I am sorry but I have to eat you, after a short silence the black bull turned to the lion and told him, you know what, I was actually eaten the day you ate the white bull.

  • Dominic S
    Dominic S Hace 8 días +4

    how did Omicron arrived in Canada since there were no unvaccinated travelers allowed to enter Canada some time before the Omicron arrived?

    • T Ratzz
      T Ratzz Hace 7 días

      Exactly but it's their fault.. Yeah right!

  • tw yeoman
    tw yeoman Hace 8 días +5

    Remember when 70% was all we needed to reach herd immunity? Anyone?

    • AllRequired
      AllRequired Hace 7 días +2

      Watch out for ever-shifting goalposts.

  • Greg Schmidt
    Greg Schmidt Hace 9 días +9

    And what happens when the vaccinated get immunodeficiency disorders and overwhelm the health care system? Will we tax them then? They will be in long term

    • john smith
      john smith Hace 8 días

      we open Champaign bottle if that happen that what we do

    • Vaccines Save Lives
      Vaccines Save Lives Hace 9 días

      Long term COVID-19 complications? You're on your own...

    • First Last
      First Last Hace 9 días +4

      I got GBS from covid before the vaccine even came out. GBS also can originate from the vaccine. Not a single Healthcare professional including two neurologists were able to tell me if taking the vaccine was safe due to the fact that my immune system was already at elevated levels because of covid. If you want to start taxing based on vaccination, you better have a liability agreement if your vaccination causes serious health issues, which it has. Do the research and you'll find plenty of evidence to support what I'm talking about.

  • Independence Fitness
    Independence Fitness Hace 8 días

    "Mixed political reactions" ,

    More like HELL NO.

  • Dean Somers
    Dean Somers Hace 9 días +20

    What about an obesity tax. The obese place a "heavy burden" on our health care system each year. We could add a line item into the tax forms entitled "pounds over 200" for men, and pounds over 150 for women. A tax exemption could be made for those who identify as thin.

    • darren moran
      darren moran Hace 7 días

      @Tribulation is upon us obese ppl.dont spread covid does just get the vaccine

    • Tribulation is upon us
      Tribulation is upon us Hace 7 días

      @darren moran McDonald's spreads obesity. Tax them they have billions. Why tax poor people that have nothing?

    • john smith
      john smith Hace 8 días +1

      @Vaccines Save Lives keep copy pasting same comment like a stupid npc

    • C M
      C M Hace 8 días +1

      @Vaccines Save Lives NO!

    • darren moran
      darren moran Hace 8 días

      @BigCitySocialist haha 1 thing about bein obese u cant give it to someone else like covid

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith Hace 9 días +1

    We need traditional vaccines not vaccine taxes

  • Tom Haggerty
    Tom Haggerty Hace 7 días +2

    South Park is right, "It's not a real country , anyway"

  • Tyler Dalling
    Tyler Dalling Hace 9 días +3

    Our forefathers fought for our rights only for the government to throw them all of the window how disrespectful can you be to are ancestors why did these people even fight for us pretty bad when you need an army of your own to stand up to your own government

    • Sharon Rogowski
      Sharon Rogowski Hace 7 días

      I have hope!
      “ the true North, Strong and Free!”🇨🇦
      It’s about time Canada! ✝️🍁🇨🇦❤️

  • Giga Chad
    Giga Chad Hace 9 días +2

    Absolutely abhorrent. Bring on the military tribunals

  • Hace 7 días +1

    Unjustified, unconstitutional, unreal.

  • fish` sticks
    fish` sticks Hace 9 días +3

    Near publicly paid news station. On the way out like the other heavyweights over next years.

  • Bill K
    Bill K Hace 8 días

    Women always love suppression and taxation by the government whereas men think it's disgusting.

  • Fern Goncalves
    Fern Goncalves Hace 8 días +1

    That's such a wrong approach! I am fully vaccinated and do not condone this whatsoever!

  • Celia D
    Celia D Hace 6 días

    Give them a refund with interest if they don’t need hospital treatment!

  • Frank Vinti
    Frank Vinti Hace 9 días +2

    Even if Legault decided to do it tomorrow he could not do it, there's to many variables to figure out before even taking action, it's impossible to charge the same amount to 10% of the population for example $400 can prevent someone to eat for two months he will have to study his action plan very carefully otherwise it will be total chaos there may be more people in the hospital at the end.

  • Saladfingers
    Saladfingers Hace 8 días +1

    Until people really push back negative changes are inevitable.

  • PLekco M
    PLekco M Hace 8 días +1

    If they have Covid text refuse to pay your taxes that is what I will do

  • Thomas Gardner
    Thomas Gardner Hace 8 días

    Should we tax those who are obese ? Smokers ? Those who have pre-existing conditions? “Those who strain the health system”

  • pamela rouse
    pamela rouse Hace 9 días +2

    Did you see the number more vaccinated in hospital 55% and 45% unvaccinated.....and we have to pay!!!! What the hell is going on Canada!!!

  • Gregg
    Gregg Hace 6 días +1

    Dear Comrade Trudeau. I am unjabbed but have gone through COVID during the holidays and am back to normal. My question is, am I still a racist misogynist? Knowing how you roll, I'm pretty sure I still am but just wanted to check in with you because there is no clarity in how you have handled any of this.

  • Greg's Game Review
    Greg's Game Review Hace 9 días +7

    First they add moral equivalency to vaccinations, now a tax/fine. How long is it going to take before illegal imprisonment becomes normalized?
    Wish you guys would give relative numbers to that 7,000 number. How many people, on average, were getting vaccinated on the days before that?

  • Oodles of Noodles
    Oodles of Noodles Hace 8 días

    I can cause more damage (in cost) in one day than you could by taxing my entire income for my whole life. Think about that before you start doing things like this. You WILL lose money on me if you start to push this stuff.

  • Britney Alyssa
    Britney Alyssa Hace 9 días +11

    I always immediately dislike the video put out by mainstream Canadian news media because I know they’re not serving the public with their constant propaganda

    • Drifter
      Drifter Hace 9 días +1

      What you expect Trudeau gave the 200 million dollars this is not real news its gaslighting

  • Waterfelon🌚
    Waterfelon🌚 Hace 9 días +2

    So let's say I pay this fine, will you leave me alone then?

    • C M
      C M Hace 8 días

      not a chance. You need a booster every month. So your passport will be invalid most of the time.

  • Kennys Boat
    Kennys Boat Hace 7 días +2

    Uhh isn't this segregation and also unconstitutional?

  • Christopher Balmer
    Christopher Balmer Hace 9 días +1

    Watch what happens when you infringe on the freedom and God given rights of the people.

    • john smith
      john smith Hace 8 días

      they already did whit gun control and nothing happen

  • Canadian Bakin
    Canadian Bakin Hace 6 días

    🎶🎼🎵 “Living on the debt farm, don’t know why I pay tax again”

  • Sturgeon85
    Sturgeon85 Hace 7 días

    Not getting vaccinated and not getting taxinated either. I see no way for them to enforce this.

  • amanda jones
    amanda jones Hace 9 días

    To pay tax. People are getting nuts by the day 😯

  • tom snake
    tom snake Hace 8 días

    The best path forward is for Trudeau to resign,
    It's a fine red line, and Obama doesn't live in Canada.

  • Monkey Time
    Monkey Time Hace 9 días +8

    World wide rally Jan 22 2022 go for a walk help end the madness FREEDOM

  • Waterfelon🌚
    Waterfelon🌚 Hace 9 días +2

    declare $0.00 in tax where you can.... Then what?

  • Lolita Mallari
    Lolita Mallari Hace 9 días

    How about the other provinces?

  • Brendan Mahrt
    Brendan Mahrt Hace 9 días +5


  • canadian
    canadian Hace 8 días +2

    People in the hospital for covid or with covid??

  • Beef Supreme
    Beef Supreme Hace 8 días +1

    Turns out there still is no cure for the common cold

  • Marc Leclair
    Marc Leclair Hace 8 días +2

    Why are they testing vax teacher ? Vax is not working or the mask or both ?

  • Wojak
    Wojak Hace 8 días +1

    The Tax money is going to nurses that post tictok videos instead of doing their job.